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      * Turkey celebrated the 75th anniversary of the foundation of its
      republic with major ceremonies at home and abroad. Many countries
      sent their heads of states and high-ranking officials to the
      ceremony held in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.
      Five of these heads of states and officials later signed a
      declaration supporting the transportation of the Caspian oil
      through a pipeline from Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, to the
      Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean.
      Although Russian officials were there to participate in the
      anniversary celebrations, they did not put the Russian endorsement
      on the declaration. Russia has been opposing the Turkish pipeline
      idea, and has been promoting a route through its territory to a
      Black Sea port, and then shipping the oil through the Turkish
      straits. Turkey says that with 4000 a-year tanker traffic, the
      straits are congested, with a major accident to happen any time
      in one of the most crowded urban areas of the world.
      On Wednesday the Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Ismail Cem
      issued a warning while having talks with Richard Morningstar, the
      US President Bill Clinton's Special Adviser on the Caspian Basin
      energy diplomacy, and said that Turkey would fulfill its energy
      needs from elsewhere if the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline is not built.
      US is supporting Turkey in the pipeline issue.

      * In a related news, daily Cumhuriyet reports that the bidding
      for a fully-automatic computerized marine traffic control system
      that will provide safety of passage through the Istanbul and
      Canakkale Straits will take place in November. The construction,
      due to start in the first months of 1999, will cost $40 million
      and the control system is to begin operating by the end of 2000.
      The system will balance, direct and control traffic, organize flow
      and decrease the risk of accidents in the Turkish Straits.

      * Russia and Turkey are also at odds over other issues. Most of
      these are stemming from Russia trying to re-assert its influence
      over the former Soviet territory, and countries that were friendly
      with the Soviets where Turkey and other western states have been
      gaining influence. Russia, for example, is to sell missiles to the
      Greek Cypriots who are at odds with the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey
      over the creation of a separate territory on the north of the island
      24 years ago after a military intervention by Turkey. The Turkish
      military intervention was to counter a Greek Cypriot coup which
      the Turkish Cypriots feared would eventually result in mainland
      Greece taking over the island, and further deterioration in
      Cypriot Turks' already compromised civil and economic
      Recent reports are also claiming that the rebel Turkish Kurds'
      leader Abdullah Ocalan took refuge in Russia after Syria's
      deportation after a Turkish military threat.
      Russia and Turkey are also at the opposing ends in the conflict
      between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenian forces along with the
      separatists from Mountainous Karabakh region of Azerbaijan have had
      occupied 1/5th of Azeri territory with what Azeris say maj or Russian
      help. In turn Turkey and Azerbaijcan have been blockading
      transportation to land-locked Armenia.

      * On Wednesday, Turkey's National Security Council members decided
      to monitor Syria's compliance with the recent agreement with Turkey.
      With the agreement Damascus promised to stop providing support to the
      rebel Kurdish organization.
      Turkish officials say that Syria has in the past also promised to
      stop the support, but then went back on its word.
      In a related news, journalist Chris Morris claimed in the British
      newspaper The Guardian that rebel Kurdish Worker's party leader
      Abdullah Ocalan might go to Armenia and that Turkey and Armenia would
      run into an unexpected crisis due to this. In his report, Morris said
      that the tension between Turkey and Syria had been eased with the
      determined position of Turkey.

      * According to the daily Hurriyet, Russian Liberal Democratic Party
      Leader Vladimir Jirinovski came to Istanbul to attend Turkish-Russian
      Business Council meetings last week. After the meeting Jirinovski
      said in a press meeting that "Turkey and Russia are neighbors and
      their future relations are very important. Neither Russia nor Turkey
      support terrorist activities. We should improve our trade relations
      to overcome such problems." Jirinovski went to Antalya, a province on
      the Turkish Mediterranean coast, for a vacation following the meeting.
      In the past, controversial Jirinovski was banned entry to Turkey,
      after his derogatory remarks about Turks, Turkey and moslems.

      * According to the Turkish daily Sabah, Turkey, Israel and the United
      States of America have agreed to hold tripartite exercises in Eastern

      * Turkish daily Sabah says that the Greek Foreign Minister Theodoros
      Pangalos, in a report he submitted to the European Union Foreign
      Ministers' Council meeting in Brussels, said: "Greece believes that
      Turkey has a future in the European family. We do not unconditionally
      object to Turkey's membership in the European Union." In the report
      Greece claimed that the reason why Turkey was left outside the union was
      that Turkey could not meet the criteria set by the European Union on
      democracy, economy and
      human rights.

      * According to the Paris Tourism Office, the number of French tourists
      who visited Turkey in the first nine months of this year increased by 32
      % when compared to the corresponding period last year and reached
      362 thousand.
      The total number of tourists visiting Turkey from all countries in the
      first nine months of this year reached 7.8 million.

      * Fikri Saglar, a deputy from the Republican Peoples Party said that
      politicians wanted to cover up a scandal involving Alattin CakIcI, a
      notorious mafia boss who was captured in Nice, France, allegedly
      interfering with the privatization of state owned enterprises in Turkey.

      * Daily Milliyet reports that Bulent Ecevit, the leader of the
      Democratic Left Party, who had opened to debate the issue of "early
      elections in December 1998" but later agreed to "February 1999", has now
      chosen "18 April 1999" which was determined by the Parliament.
      "Unfortunately, the opportunity for having early general elections
      in December 1998 was missed as an "hesitation period" was
      experienced except the Democratic Left Party," he said.

      * A Turkish Airlines jet was hijacked on Thursday in an internal
      flight. The hijacker was killed by the Turkish security forces when
      the plane landed in Ankara and passengers were freed unharmed.
      The hijacking was planned to coincide with the celebrations for
      the 75th anniversary of the Turkish Republic by the rebel
      organization Kurdish Workers Party.

      * Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Mayor of Istanbul, resigned on Monday
      from the Virtue Party.
      Erdogan was convicted for provoking hatred in one of his
      speeches and sentenced to 10 months in prison by the State
      Security Court in the eastern province of DiyarbakIr.

      * Many houses and businesses were flooded in Istanbul by torrential
      rains. The rains also affected the European part of Turkey.

      * Bulgaria has started clearing the landmines it had place along its
      border with Turkey during the Cold War period The operation is
      expected to cost some DM 130,000.


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * The presidents of Turkmenistan and Turkey signed a framework
      agreement under which Turkey will buy gas for 30 years from the
      gas-rich Caspian nation through a trans-Caspian pipeline to be built.

      * The US Trade and Development Agency provided a $823,000 grant to
      the Turkish state petroleum pipeline corporation, BOTAS, to
      encourage construction of the Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline

      * Speaking at a meeting of the Turkish-S. Korean Business Council in
      Istanbul, South Korean Minister responsible for foreign trade, Dr.
      Ducksoo Han said that the potential was very high but it had to be
      evaluated well. Representatives of 20 South Korean companies and
      organizations are accompanying the minister on his trip.

      * International Monetary Fund Turkey Bureau Chief Martin Hardy
      said that deep-rooted reforms, especially in the areas of financing,
      agricultural and social security are in urgent need of legislation
      by the Turkish Parliament.
      Four months after the staff monitoring agreement between Turkey and
      International Monetary Fund, the government's 1998 economic program is
      in harmony with financial targets, Hardy said.
      He said that in spite of foreign factors like the Russian economic
      crisis, which affected the balance of payments, Turkey would meet its
      1998's economic targets if it keeps government expenditures at the
      proposed levels.
      Referring to the privatization issue, Hardy said: "Privatization
      should be continued. Privatization is the way to develop in today's
      world". Meanwhile, Taner reminded reporters that the International
      Monetary Fund delegation is in Turkey to observe the fruits of the staff
      monitoring agreement. A report being prepared by the International
      Monetary Fund delegation is expected to be released in a few days.


      Edited by Aydin Koc


      Selling Rate Buying Rate
      One Dollar 284,790 283,420


      * Results from the 9th week of the Premier Turkish Soccer
      League are as follows :


      Top ten rankings after the first 9 weeks are as follows :

      1. Besiktas 21 6. Kocaelispor 17
      2. Galatasaray 20 7. Istanbulspor 16
      3. Trabzonspor 18 8. Gaziantepspor 14
      4. Genclerbirligi 18 9. Ankaragucu 13
      5. Fenerbahce 17 10. Antalyaspor 12

      * In the European Taekwondo Championships held in
      Eindhoven, Holland Turkish Men's team captured first place
      while the Turkish Women's Team captured third place. The
      teams won a total of 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals.


      ANKARA : 50/63 Rainy
      iSTANBUL : 57/63 Rainy
      iZMiR : 64/70 Rainy


      * Club Alda in Beldibi County of Antalya, was awarded
      with the environment prize of the International Union of
      Hotel Keepers and Restaurateurs. Dr. Ibrahim Birkan, the
      Director of the Club Alda, received the prize in a ceremony
      held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

      * Three American scientists will be given the
      medals of merit on behalf of Turkey. Prof. Justin McCarthy,
      Prof. Bernard Lewis and Prof. Stanford Shaw have been
      awarded with medals of Merit because of their contribution
      to the promotion of Turkey.

      * October 29 was an extraordinary day in Ankara. The
      number of people who visited the Mausoleum of Ataturk, the
      founder of modern and secular Turkey, exceeded one million.
      Celik, a famous pop singer gave a concert at the Mausoleum
      and everybody was very enthusiastic about it.

      * A desk named after the Suleiman the Magnificent was officially
      inaugurated at the Chicago University this week. Officials from Turkey's
      Chicago consulate and Turks who contributed to the opening of the
      department attended the ceremony. At the Suleiman the Magnificent desk
      in the Middle Eastern Sciences Department of the University, courses on
      modern Turkey, Ottoman history, Turkish and Ottoman languages are given.

      * The famous French pianist Richard Clayderman gave on
      Sunday a concert within the framework of the "Long Live the
      Republic" activities organized by the Istanbul Municipality.
      Clayderman performed the pieces from his new album, namely
      "Turquie...Mon Amour" (Turkey...My Love) including Classical Turkish
      Music, arabesque, folk and pop pieces.


      *** Turkish American Association of California has partially
      underwritten today's program. TAAC is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      give them a call:


      or e-mail them at
      taac at taaca.org

      Arkadas * Filoi

      AEGEAN FRIENDS is a social-cultural group of Greeks,
      Turks, Cypriots, and other peoples of good will, coming
      together to celebrate their rich heritage, explore common
      roots, and promote peace in the Aegean region.

      Share music, food, and conversation. Dance. Create art.
      Discover the generosity of the heart.

      For more information contact
      Box 14022
      San Francisco, CA 94114-0022
      e-mail: aegfriends at aol.com

      *** Turkish Folkdancing in Northern California:

      *** Arkadash Turkish Folk Dance Ensemble, San Jose
      Free classes, all ages are welcome
      Call Omer Uyuklu at (408) 374-5066
      e-mail: ccc at calcc.com

      *** Horon, Monterey
      For more information call Yavuz Atila:

      Horon is a Turkish American Association of California
      associate organization

      *** Art for Peace, Stanford
      For more information contact
      artforpeace-intnl at lists.stanford.edu
      408-971-1376 Carol Leitner

      *** Group Anadolum. For folk, pop and sufi music of Turkey,
      also for playing oud and saz.

      Group Anadolum is composed of about 25 musicians and

      Group Anadolum is a Turkish American Association of
      California associate organization.

      Contact Sahin Gunsel at (415) 387-3399
      e-mail: sgunsel at hotmail.com


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      *************** JUST RELEASED ****************

      *** Yusif Savalan

      "Heydar Baba" features Yusif Savalan's silken voice and
      Azerbaijan's Ahmet Bakikhanov Music Ensemble. Mr. Savalan's
      interpretation of great Azeri poet Shehriyari's
      masterpiece Heydar Baba is the title song. Mr. Savalan
      was heard live on the Turkish Cultural Program in
      September 1998 and later gave a concert at a Turkish
      American Association of California gathering where the
      Audience fell in love with his singing.
      Among the songs featured: Kor Arab, Ana Kur, Ana,
      Azerbaycan Ogluyam, Heydar Baba, Dine Bilmedim, Intizar,
      Zerif Gulushlu

      *** CEMALI
      CEMALI "The First Alternative Music Group from Turkey" have
      released their first US CD "Whirl" and it is available
      through the Turkish Radio Hour. Cemali's recording and
      performing career took them from San Francisco to around
      the world and back to San Francisco. A shorter version of
      their CD sold 300 thousand copies in Turkey.

      *** Chingiz Sadykhov
      Music of world-class pianist from Azerbaijan, Chingiz
      Sadykhov. "Songs of Azerbaijan" is a new CD release
      from 7/8 Music. Maestro Chingiz Sadykhov has been
      playing piano as a concert pianist and accompanist to
      the greatest singers of Azerbaijan and Soviet Union for
      over 50 years. He has garnered the coveted title of
      "Peoples' Artist of Azerbaijan". He has performed and
      taught music around the world.

      *** Necati Celik
      7/8 Music Productions is proud to release new CD "YASEMIN"
      from oud master NECATI CELIK.

      Necati Celik belongs to a group of musicians that are a rare
      breed Indeed. He is considered one of the great oud players
      in Turkey now. His command of this ancient instrument is so
      remarkable that even the uninitiated audiences are thrilled
      to listen to the stately classical Turkish music presented
      by this relatively young master. Necati Celik has a vigorous
      style full of sensitivity for the composition or the
      improvisation. His knowledge of the Turkish makams (maqamat)
      is so vast and thorough that he plays this infinite ocean of
      music without much repetition at each of his concerts. Yet
      his interpretation is always fresh and full of surprises.
      This CD includes one astonishing vocal track from the

      Both CDs are available through the Turkish Radio Hour:

      * From US and Canada you can order the CD by sending
      * Yasemin by Necati Celik: US$ 18
      * Songs of Azerbaijan by C Sadykov: US$ 18
      * Whirl by Cemali: US$ 15
      * Make checks payable to 7/8 Music

      * Make check payable to TRH for Mr. Savalan's CD!
      * US$ 18 for Heyder Baba by Yusif Savalan.
      * Mail your payment along with your address to:

      Turkish Radio Hour
      P.O. Box 1332
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      For more information about both CDs please contact us here at
      the studio or e-mail trh at aimnet.com
      If you have e-mail, we can also send you a brief
      description of the Cds.

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