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    x0x Datca Come&See...Turkey Zafer Gulec / TDN ONLINE God, to whom will give a long life, leaves him at Datça peninsula Famous Ionian Geographer Starbon said
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2002
      x0x Datca


      Zafer Gulec / TDN ONLINE

      "God, to whom will give a long life, leaves him at Datça peninsula"

      Famous Ionian Geographer Starbon said about Datça

      Datca (Cnidos), home of the Cnidian Aphrodite, is one of those rare
      places where nature and history are in harmony.

      "God, to whom will give a long life, leaves him at Knidia-Datça
      peninsula"Famous Ionian Geographer Starbon said about Datça

      Situated between the well-known holiday centres Marmaris, Bodrum and
      the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kos, the Peninsula has retained its
      own charmingly original characteristics.

      The pleasant climate of this idyllic Peninsula will fascinate you. The
      low humidity in conjunction with constant cooling sea breezes
      diminishes the effects of the intense heat.

      The extremely oxygen-rich air makes Datca (Cnidus) a very healthy
      place to live in. Could this be, why the most ancient medical schools
      known to man were established in this region? The afflicted came here
      to find a cure. This "Magic Climate" is ideal for people with heart,
      circulatory, nervous and rheumatic diseases.

      Datca (Cnidus) is an ideal place for active holiday-makers with a
      choice of water sports, including wind surfing, sailing and scuba
      diving to occupy most enthusiasts.

      The varied nature and richness of the
      beautiful undiscovered parts of the Datca Peninsula will surprise
      those who enjoy exploring and hiking.

      And if you get tired, close by the beach in Datca-Centre is a
      freshwater spring, which is slightly warmer than the sea. The spring
      is reputed for its natural healing powers. Here you can relax.

      Off the main tourist routes Datca appears to be more like an oasis, a
      beautiful, quiet haven of peace and tranquillity. But sun, sea and
      beach aren't the only attractions here.

      Around the lively yacht harbour you will find plenty of restaurants, a
      good selection of cafes, bars and shops (carpets, jewellery,

      In weekly bazaar (Saturdays) you can happily wave good-bye to your
      liras. There are also banks, pharmacies and doctors in the town.

      Old Datca

      Old Datca (Dadya, Eski Datca) with beautiful old stone houses, holiday
      and permanent residences of many Europeans and Turks, is showing
      typical architecture of the area.

      Old Datca is 4 km away from Datca-Centre. Regular bus services are


      Mesudiye is a typical turkish village. On the coast of the village,
      there are two bays. The larger one is called Ova Bükü and the smaller
      is Hayit Bükü. The bays have pleasant beaches, restaurants and

      Mesudiye is 20 km away from Datca-Centre. Regular mini bus services
      are available.

      Palamut Buku

      Palamut Bükü is a fishing village with its fishermen's pretty
      sheltered bay and pebble beach. Ideal places to just "hang out" and
      take things easy.

      At the beach there are pensions and restaurants.

      Palamut Bükü has a safe sea port for yachts.

      The village is 25 km away from Datca-Centre. Regular mini bus services
      are available.

      Aktur.....( Blue Flag Beach )

      Datca-Aktur Holiday-Centre is situated in a jealously conserved pine
      forest with the limpid sea before and the reddish mountains behind.

      Aktur has three times been awarded the European Blue Flag (last 1999).
      The Blue Flag is an environmental award, given to communities that
      make special effort to keep their beaches and marinas clean and manage
      them with consideration for the local environment.

      Aktur is 30 km away from Datca-Centre. Regular mini bus services are

      Beaches in Datca-Center


      Direct in Datca-Center with fresh sprig water.


      Direct in Datca-Center with sandy beach.


      Closed by Datca-Center, fantastic view!


      Güllük (Perili Kösk) is a picturesque cove, favored spot for wind
      surfing. Güllük is 10 km away from Datca-Center.


      Kara Incir is a holiday center with sandy beach. Kara Incir is 11 km
      away from Datca-Center. Regular mini bus services are available.


      Kargi Bay is one of the guests favoured places, The bay is 4 km away
      from Datca-Center. Regular bus services are available


      Beautiful bays with pleasant beaches. A wide range of restaurants
      inviting you to stay and sample the delicious local food. The bays are
      20 km away from Datca-Center. Regular mini bus services are available.


      CNIDOS (Knidos)

      This ancient city was one of the six Dorian cities. Cnidus was famous
      for its naked statue of Aphrodite. Get more info.


      The mosque in Hizirsah village was inherited from the Seljukides
      period. It has been restored and is well worth seeing

      OLD DATCA (Eski Datca)

      Old Datca with beautiful old stone houses. Get more info.


      There are the remains of some ceramic manufactures between Old Datca
      and Hizirsah village thought to have been worked during the 4th
      century BC.


      Kizlan and its windmills, which have become a symbol for Datca, is
      worth visiting.



      Daily trips to unbelievable coves and beaches.


      Bodrum, known in ancient times as Halicarnassus, is today a
      cosmopolitan city. With its lively, friendly and Bohemian atmosphere
      Bodrum is the "Heart of Turkish nightlife".


      is one of the ritziest, glitziest, liveliest places in Turkey with
      discos, bars, pubs and clubs. There are many good buys in Marmaris's
      boutiques, colourful bazaars and markets. Regular bus services from
      Datca are available.


      Turgut-Orhaniye with the waterfalls is worth seeing.


      An area at the entrance to Bozburun cove, where there are some
      remains, believed to be those of old churches. It has also been
      declared a protected site.


      An old settlement near Orhaniye which has been declared a "first
      degree" archaelogical protected site.


      To the south of Turunç ( Marmaris), where there are ruins of an
      antique theater.


      Visit the ancient site of Caunos, magnificent Lycian rock tombs and
      the famous Dalyan beach ("Turtles Beach") or wallow in the mud baths


      Daily trip from Datca is available.

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