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x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 November 2001

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 November 2001

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mathilde Agoustari and Ahmet Toprak

      * President George. Bush expressed his gratitude to Turkish prime minister
      Mr. Bulent Ecevit on Tuesday, saying that Turkey is one of the countries
      that "understand us better."
      Bush said that Turkey's support in the fight against terrorism was very
      important for the United States.
      This is the third time that Mr. Bush has taken the time to single out
      Turkey for praise since the September 11 attacks.
      Additionally, Mr. Bush gave a dinner on Tuesday for Muslim ambassadors
      in Washington in honor of Ramadan.
      Turkish Ambassador Faruk Logoglu attended the occasion.
      Addressing the state dinner, Mr. Bush remarked, "terrorists do not
      belong to any religion."
      Bush also said that he was very pleased with the support shown by Muslim
      countries in the fight against terrorism.

      * Turkey has been hosting the allied air force planes patrolling the
      northern Iraq since the Gulf War. It has been also observing the UN
      embargo on Iraq and keeping the pipeline from Iraqi oil fields shut.
      However, the daily Hurriyet reports that Turkey's new ambassador to
      Washington Mr. Faruk Logoglu told Defense News on Thursday that Turkey
      would not be happy to see a war waged against its neighbor Iraq by the
      Ambassador Logoglu said that Turkey may review its position if there is
      strong evidence about Iraq's involvement in the September 11 terrorist
      "Turkey is on the side of the US in the international coalition against
      terrorism and will continue to do whatever is needed," he stressed.
      In related news, the Turkish News reports that the Iraqi foreign affairs
      minister asked Turkey to keep opposing the "smart sanctions" against its
      country. The UN will review the sanctions soon with an eye towards
      extending them.
      Turkey is saying that sanctions are harming it and other neighboring

      * As we reported in the previous weeks, Turkish government announced its
      intent to send troops to Afghanistan as part of a United Nations
      deployment of peacekeeping forces.
      There were two new developments on this week: The daily Hurriyet says
      that Turkey will send troops to Afghanistan only if it is involved in the
      military decision-making process. The Turkish foreign affairs minister Mr.
      Ismail Cem reported this in a meeting in New York with the U.S. and other
      governments' representatives concerned with the situation in Afghanistan.
      Also, in reviewing an appeal to prevent the deployment of Turkish troops
      in Afghanistan, Turkey's constitutional court backed the Turkish
      government's decision.
      The Islamist Felicity Party was opposing the deployment.

      * In addition to sending troops in Afghanistan, Turkey is also preparing
      to assist the Central Asian nations in bringing their air forces to the
      NATO standards.
      The daily Hurriyet reported this week that a Turkish Air Force general
      visited Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan and prepared a report for
      the work ahead.
      Turkey has already played a major role in upgrading neighboring
      Georgia's air bases, and is preparing to renovate bases vacated by the
      leaving Russian army.
      Although the U.S. is behind Turkey's efforts, some of Turkey's
      neighbors, especially Russia and Iran, are seeing this as an encroachment
      on their spheres of influence.

      * The news reports are saying that the Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders
      will be meeting on December 4 to sort out their differences, and look for
      ways to reunite the island.
      The Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash has sent a letter to the UN
      secretary-general Kofi Annan and outlined his model for a united Cyprus,
      reports the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet.
      Mr. Denktash envisions two sovereign and equal states on the island,
      represented by one internationally recognized identity.
      The proposal foresees the protection of territorial integrity, security,
      national, cultural, religious, economic and social values of the two
      Mr. Denktash's letter says, "each party shall represent itself, not the
      other party."
      Some elements of Mr. Denktash's proposal are similar to some of his
      arguments he had been making for the past few decades.
      The leader of the Greek Cyprus Mr. Glafkos Klerides countered Mr.
      Denktash in the press. In an interview with the Turkish Cypriot daily
      Kibris, Mr. Klerides said that Mr. Rauf Denktash should abandon his old
      views and get ready to bargain for a settlement.
      The island of Cyprus is made up of Greek and Turkish communities. The
      two communities have been living in their separate territories since 1974
      after a Turkish intervention.
      The intervention came as a response to a coup by hard-line Greeks.
      After the restoration of the government in the Greek Cypriot part of the
      island, with successful international lobbying, the Greek government had
      itself accepted as the legitimate government of the island.
      See http://www.trncwashdc.org/ for more.

      * Turks were shocked to see early this week an argument develop between
      the deputy chairman of the Motherland Party and the prime minister.
      The fear of the public was that this argument may lead to the collapse
      of the coalition government and deal another blow to the already-battered
      Turkish economy.
      The deputy chairman of the Motherland Party Mr. Erkan Mumcu was
      criticizing Prime Minister Ecevit for promoting the idea of "village
      cities" for development of the rural agrarian life.
      Mr. Mumcu says that this is not where development should start, and that
      the prime minister's ideas are very archaic.
      The daily Turkiye reported on November 20 that the chairman of the
      Motherland Party and the deputy Prime Minister Mr. Mesut Yilmaz met with
      Mr. Erdogan. Mr. Yilmaz reportedly asked Mr. Erdogan to refrain from
      criticizing their coalition partners.
      The Turkiye also reported that a number of Motherland Party deputies
      also distanced themselves from Mr. Mumcu by saying that Mr. Mumcu's
      remarks are his own and does not reflect the views of their party.
      By the end of the week, the situation calmed down and the jittery public
      took a sigh of relief.

      * Turkey's environment minister Mr. Fevzi Akkaya attended a conference on
      the environmental issues of the Mediterranean in Monaco, reported the
      Turkish Daily News.
      While at the conference, Mr. Akkaya convinced the participants to put an
      action item on eradicating pollution in the Bosphorus.
      The Bosphorus is one of the straits that connect the Black Sea to the
      Mediterranean Sea. Its once pristine waters has been polluted in the
      recent decades by both Istanbul's waste and the waste coming all the way
      from Central and Eastern Europe via rivers such as the Danube.
      In related news, Mr. Akkaya told reporters on Thursday that he would
      like to see investments in Turkey to be environmentally friendly.
      He pointed out that the European Union and the UN are both willing to
      help Turkey in protecting the environment with special loans.

      * Turkey's Coast Guard Command has now established "Coast Guard and
      Security Teams" for the Bosphorus Straits to beef up the area's security.
      The teams will accompany tankers carrying LNG, LPG and ammonia during
      their passage through the Bosphorus and will guard the foreign military

      * On Thursday the Turkish Parliament finished the complete overhaul of the
      civil code and set the stage for a brand new relationship between men and
      women in Turkey. The changes will take effect on January 1, 2002.
      The 75-year-old civil code, which was revolutionary for its times and
      gave the upper hand to men, was scrapped. Women are now given equal rights
      and responsibilities with men.
      However, married men still hold the upper hand at least until January
      2003 in holding on to the wealth of the family acquired during marriage.
      Men married before next year will still hold onto the family assets while
      women and men married after January 1, 2002 will have equal rights on the
      wealth acquired during marriage.
      Women's associations vehemently oppose special privileges for men
      married before 2002 and say either President Ahmet Necdet Sezer should
      veto the article or the Constitutional Court should annul it.
      Among the 1030 articles, the most-debated article of the code was its
      clause on how married couples would share the wealth of the family.
      Couples married before 2002 will have a year to decide which form of
      family wealth sharing they will opt for. But the men will still own the
      family wealth for any assets acquired before 2002.
      Couples will be free to take up any jobs or professions they want.
      However, they will be required to take into account any job's benefit for
      the family and ensure that it does not bring discomfort or complications
      to either of the spouses. The earlier code required until 1994 the
      husband's approval for the wife to work.
      Children born out of marriage will have the same rights as those born
      in marriages. They will have equal rights regarding inheritance. The
      minimum age for a couple adopting a child has been lowered from 35 to 30
      and couples that do not have children will also be allowed to adopt.
      Divorce cases will be held behind closed doors when one of the spouses
      requested it. If couples separate for six months, one of the parties can
      automatically apply to the court for a divorce. Man will also be eligible
      for alimony. If divorcing couples cannot agree on how to split their
      wealth or who will have custody of the children, the judge will make the
      Surgical sex changes will be subject to court approval. Those who are
      over the age of 18, single, who obtain a special health report, who have
      transsexual tendencies and whose reproductive system is deficient may be
      allowed to have a sex changed. Even then the approval of a doctor will be

      * Turkish businessman Mr. Aydin Dogan met with the Bulgarian prime
      minister and the former king Simeon Sakskoburggotski in Sofia. The
      Bulgarian prime minister asked for more Turkish investments in his
      There are thousands of small to medium scale Turkish enterprises already
      in Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries.

      * Turkey's tourism industry is in a major turnaround phase and headed for
      a better future, says Oger Tours Chairman Mr. Vural Oger.
      Mr. Oger characterized this year as a "golden era" for Turkish tourism,
      calling it a "real miracle." Turkey comes right behind Spain, the leading
      tourism nation. He added that rivals Italy and Greece lagged behind Turkey
      this year.
      Although the September 11 terrorist attacks had an impact on tourism
      throughout the World, Turkey overcame this crisis with minimal damage.
      In related news, after meeting with the Turkish minister of tourism, the
      US ambassador to Turkey Mr. Robert Pearson said that the US would continue
      to support Turkey in the field of tourism as in others.
      "I wish that more American people would visit Turkey. The US government
      hasn't issued any warnings about visiting Turkey for tourism purposes,"
      Ambassador Pearson said.
      Turkish minister added that there had been no decrease in the number of
      American tourists visiting Turkey this year.


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Cuneyt Capanoglu

      * Turkiye is promoting Turkish Culture in Paris through Turkish Cuisine.
      Along with the publication of Editions Consulaires Publishing House's
      encyclopedia on Mediterranean Cuisine, in which Turkish Cuisine is
      presented, the Turkish embassy hosted an event that brought together
      prominent Turkish and French cooks who prepared their best dishes.
      Turkiye's Culture Minister Istemihan Talay spoke to the attending
      journalists and stated that he was pleased with the publication of the
      encyclopedia and promotion of Turkish Cuisine to the citizens of France.

      * Istanbul will host a symposium entitled: "Cultural Rapprochement with
      the European Union."
      The two-day symposium is organized by the Cultural Initiative and will
      focus on Turkiye's cultural interaction with the European Union including
      the cultural problems.

      * Ankara Film Festival will start on November 26th with Italian director
      Nanni Moretti film, "Son's Room," which received the "Best Film Award" at
      the Cannes Film Festival this year.
      This international film festival, postponed twice before for economic
      reasons, will continue through December 9th and more than 350 films will
      be shown during this period.
      Films to be shown will be competing in several categories and some of
      the films in each category are listed as follows:

      (1) Short-Feature Film Contest

      *Paul Lee's "Gift"

      *Lawrence Brose's "De Profundis"

      *Lisa Hammer's "Crawley" and "Empire of Ache"

      *Paul Cotgrove's "Green Fingers"

      *Urban Chillers' "Dormitory"

      *Ted Mills' "Nowhereland"

      *Adalberto Leibovich's "44"

      *David Tarde and Clement Subileau's "Bom" and

      *Omar Hassam's "Nebulous Dawn."

      (2) International Long-Feature Film Contest

      A total of 48 films from 22 countries will be
      shown in this category. In addition to Nanni
      Moretti's "Son's Room"

      Some of the other films to be shown are:

      *Robert Bresson's "Ladies of the Bois de
      Boulogne," "Balthazar," "Mouchette," "Money,"
      "Trial of Joan of Arc" and "Lancelot of the Lake"

      *Andres Wajda's "Mr. Tadeusz," "Ashes," "A
      Generation" and "A Chronicle of Amorous Accidents" and

      * Ken Loach's "Bread and Roses."

      (3) National Long-Feature Film Contest

      Awards will be presented in 16 categories. Some
      of the films to be shown in this category are:

      *Omer Kavur's "Melekler Evi" - (House of Angels)

      *Ayse Polat's "Yurtdisi Turnesi" - (Tour Abroad)

      *Serdar Akar's "Dar Alanda Kisa Paslasmalar" -
      (Short Passes in the Narrow Zone - i.e.,
      "Offsite" in Soccer)

      *Zeki Demirkubuz's "Yazgi" -(Destiny) and
      "Itiraf" - (Confession)

      *Nihat Seven's "Golge Asklar" - (Shadow Loves)

      *Zeki Okten's "Gule Gule" - (Goodbye)

      *Ahmet Cadirci's "Renkli Turkce" - (Colorful

      *Kazim Oz's "Fotograf" - (Photograph)

      *Baris Pirhasan's "O Da Beni Seviyor" - (He/She
      Loves Me Too)

      *Ersin Pertan's "Aci Gonul" - (Bitter Soul)"

      *Gani Savata's "Dava" - (Trial)

      *Handan Ipekci's "Buyuk Adam Kucuk Ask" - (Big
      Man Little Love)

      *Savas Ay's "Dansoz" - (Dancer) and

      *Semih Kaplanoglu's "Herkes Kendi Evinde" -
      (Everyone in His/Her Own Home)

      *Tunc Basaran's "Abuzer Kadayif"

      *Omer Ugur's "Hemso" and

      *Ali Ozgenturk's "Balalayka"


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer Premier League:

      Week 12 match results:

      Malatyaspor 3-1 Göztepe
      Rizespor 1-1 Trabzonspor
      Yozgatspor 2-0 Samsunspor
      Galatasaray 5-1 Diyarbakirspor
      Kocaelispor 2-0 Istanbulspor
      Ankaragucu 1-1 G.Antep
      Fenerbahce 2-0 G.Birligi
      Antalyaspor 1-4 Besiktas
      Denizlispor 0-0 Bursaspor

      Week 13 matches:

      Ankaragucu 2 - Kocaelispor 0
      Besiktas 3 - Malatyaspor 1
      Bursaspor 1 - Rizespor
      Diyarbakirspor 3 - Denizlispor 0
      G.Antep 5 - G.Birligi 0
      Göztepe 0 - Fenerbahce 5
      Istanbulspor 2 - Yozgatspor 0
      Galatasaray 2 - Samsunspor 0
      Trabzonspor 2 - Antalyaspor 0

      Team Pts
      1. Galatasaray 29
      2. Fenerbahce 28
      3. Istanbulspor 22
      4. Besiktas 21
      5. Kocaelispor 21
      6. Bursaspor 20
      7. G.Antep 18
      8. Göztepe 17
      9. Trabzonspor 15
      10. Denizlispor 14
      11. Ankaragucu 14
      12. Samsunspor 14
      13. Antalyaspor 13
      14. Yozgatspor 12
      15. G.Birligi 11
      16. Rizespor 11
      17. Diyarbakirspor 9
      18. Malatyaspor 9

      * UEFA Champion's League - Second phase

      A last minute goal from AS Roma's Emerson secured a 1-1 draw for the
      Italians against home side Galatasaray in a gritty Champions League
      second phase Group B match.
      Emerson swiveled to score from a first time strike into an unguarded net
      in the 90th minute after Galatasaray keeper Faryd Mondragon failed to
      return to his line when his wayward punched clearance fell to waiting Roma
      players outside the box.
      The goal was the first Galatasaray have conceded at their Ali Sami Yen
      home ground in Champions League group stages this season.
      They remain unbeaten at home in the competition.
      The result leaves Galatasaray and Roma equal on points in Group B behind
      Barcelona, who won 3-1 at Liverpool.


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