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x0x Turkish news for week ending 03 November 2001

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 03 November 2001

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Hulya Koc

      * Turkey, the only Moslem NATO member, has sent its special forces to
      Afghanistan to join the US-led war against terrorism.
      The Turkish government spokesman said the special unit would carry out
      duties such as combating terrorists on the ground, training the
      anti-Taleban forces and securing humanitarian aid.
      The Turkish special forces have long experience in fighting against a
      terrorist organization in the southeast of Turkey, a mountainous region
      similar to Afghanistan.
      Turkey has already opened its airspace to the U.S. aircraft and
      airplanes have been flying out of the Incirlik air base located near the
      southeast of Turkey near its border with Syria. Since Turkey is the sole
      Moslem NATO member, it's active participation in the US operation is
      helping the United States to present its case against the allegations that
      Operation Enduring Freedom is engaging in a war against Islam.
      The Turkish prime minister Mr. Bulent Ecevit said that, the deployment
      decision was carefully evaluated both by the military and the Turkish
      government and was concluded that the operation was in no way against
      Islam and was a commitment to the strong cooperation between the two
      governments. According to a report by the daily Cumhuriyet, Mr. Bulent
      Ecevit added that "People who allege that the operation is against Islam
      are in fact contradicting Islamic values, since Islam is a peaceful
      religion which stands against violence."
      Bolstering Mr. Ecevit's views, foreign affairs minister Mr. Ismail Cem
      asserted on CNN "terrorism has no religion and no geography".
      Regarding Turkey's decision to deploy special troops, President George
      W. Bush stated that the idea to form an international coalition against
      terrorism was inspired by the Turkish Republic's founder the great leader
      Mr. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Bush's message quoted one of Ataturk's
      statements: "The fastest and the most efficient way to win a war is to
      form an international coalition."
      Mr. Bush also remarked that Turkish-American co-operation had been
      initiated during the Korean War and continued with the Gulf War and Kosovo
      conflict. "Today, Turkey and the U.S. are growing closer than ever before
      as part of our efforts to establish a world order based on peace," added
      Bush according to the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet.

      * To allow the passage of a huge vessel, Turkey has temporarily closed the
      Bosporus Straits. Bosporus is one of the World's busiest waterways. It
      links the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.
      Tugboats hauled the giant aircraft carrier Varyag through the narrow and
      treacherous straits, as crowds of sightseers lined the shores.
      The Bosporus dissects Turkey's largest city Istanbul, home to more than
      10 million people. On one side of the straits is the smaller European
      portion of the metropolis, and on the other side the larger Asiatic part.
      Turkey governs the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits under the 1936
      Montreux treaty. The treaty guarantees all commercial ships the right of
      free passage.
      The Turkish authorities had refused to let the 55,000 tonne vessel
      through on safety grounds. They said that since it does not have a rudder
      and an engine it is not a ship.
      Turkey argued that a gigantic aircraft carrier shell like Varyag would
      pose great danger to bridges, palaces and homes along the shores of the
      Finally after lengthy negotiations, Varyag received the go-ahead in
      August after China and Turkey eventually made a deal.
      China said it would minimize the potential security risks and compensate
      Turkey for any possible damage.
      The deal also included a tourism agreement and trade concessions by
      But the decision has angered Turkish environmentalists.
      They say that the Varyag's passage will set a precedent for other
      vessels that are oversized or carrying dangerous cargoes.
      China paid Ukraine $20m for the half-built aircraft carrier.
      China says it wants to convert the ship, Varyag into a pleasure palace
      of casinos, restaurants and hotels.
      However, some experts have expressed doubts about China's intentions.
      They say China wants the technology to build its own aircraft carrier to
      strengthen its navy in the Pacific.
      However, military experts say the rusty Varyag would offer relatively
      little to China for any projects of its own.

      * Recent events have cast a shadow on Turkey's efforts in its fight to
      eradicate corruption within its own government.
      Last week, an appeals court judge dismissed the case of a senior police
      officer and a member of the Turkish Government Intelligence Agency
      together with 12 others for being members of a gang.
      Allegedly, the gang controlled the trafficking of heroin and arms as
      well as laundering the proceeds in casinos in northern Cyprus. The two
      senior men had each been sentenced in February to six years in prison, and
      the case had been seen as a test of Turkish resolve to punish members of
      the security forces and other senior officials and politicians. But the
      appeal court judge said the investigation had not been thorough enough,
      and demanded a re-trial.
      Some Turks, keen to root out corruption in high places, say this would
      be welcome, if it led the accused to reveal the names of higher-ranking
      officials involved. Others fear that the case will die out if not
      re-opened on a timely basis.
      A car crash five years ago in Susurluk, a town south of Istanbul, led to
      the initial investigation and the unraveling of ties between politicians,
      officials and organized crime.
      The driver and two other fatally injured passengers in the car were the
      police chief, a hit man notorious for trafficking weapons and his girl
      friend. The car was later found to be loaded with weapons.

      * According to the daily Milliyet, the chairman of the leading Italian
      investor bank Meliorbanca Mr. Pier Domenico Gallo says Turkey has good
      investment opportunities.
      "Good opportunities for investment are emerging in Turkey. There is no
      longer the fear of Turkey's big financial crises of old. The situation in
      Turkey is very different from the situation in Argentina or Brazil." Mr.
      Gallo thinks writes Milliyet.
      Mr. Gallo said that Meliorbanca was not interested in ailing Turkish
      banks up for sale, but rather in the medium-size companies.

      * The daily Sabah gives us some good news about the battered Turkish
      According to the Turkish Exporters' Center, exports increased by 15%
      over the last ten months. The total exports in the January-October period
      amounted to $26 billion.
      The rate of increase reached 21% in October when compared to the
      previous month.

      * According to the daily Milliyet, the Turkish government is taking new
      steps to revive the countries flagging tourism sector.
      One of the steps involves giving tax breaks and special exchange rates
      to the businesses in the tourism sector. Currently these types of
      incentives are only extended to Turkish exporters.
      Turkey's minister of tourism Mr. Mustafa Tasar announced the steps on
      Some of the other steps are as follows:
      - Government will remove the restrictions on owning real estate by
      foreign nationals.
      - The $50 exit fee charged from the foreign motorists will be waived.
      - Red tape will be reduced at the harbors.
      - Road construction in the regions of Turkey visited by tourists most
      will get priority.
      - A commission made up of members of the three ministries will handle
      investments in these regions.
      - Turkish Airlines will receive incentives bolstering its operations.


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras:



      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 13/10 (55/50) Rainy
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 18/14 (64/57) Showers
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 20/17 (68/63) Showers
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 15/7 (59/45) Rainy

      Seawater temperatures

      Trabzon (Black Sea) 64
      Kumkoy (Marmara Sea) 61
      Bodrum (Aegean Sea) 72
      Alanya (Mediterranean Sea) 75


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Cuneyt Capanoglu

      * Turkish Daily News reports that five large grain storage facilities
      dating back to the Hittite period were uncovered in Kirsehir's Cagirkan
      district during recent excavations.
      Dr. Sachihiro Omura of Tokyo University, who is leading the excavation
      in Kalehoyuk, said the region contains many artifacts from several
      different tribes that lived in these areas since 2000 B.C.
      He added that Kalehoyuk is on the ancient Silk Road trade route. During
      several previous excavations conducted, the excavation team uncovered
      15,000 artifacts and gave then to the Kirsehir Museum for exhibition.
      Dr. Omura said: "Anatolia has a rich cultural background and during
      excavations we uncovered five huge grain storage facilities dating back to
      around 1800 B.C. from the Hittite period. We believe that these grain
      storage facilities are the largest ones ever found."

      * A documentary film entitled "Lost Hours," presenting Turkiye's role in
      assisting the Jewish people escape the Nazis during the Second World War,
      was shown in Rome, Italy. The film, directed by Victoria Barrett of the
      United States, relies on American, Italian and Turkish sources and
      illustrates the role of the Muslim Turks and the Catholic Church in saving
      many people of Jewish faith from becoming Holocaust victims.
      Turkey's State Minister Kemal Dervis, the Turkish Ambassador to Italy
      Necati Utkan, the Turkish Ambassador to Vatican Altan Guven, and the
      Israeli Ambassador to Vatican Yosef Lamdan were among those who attended
      the film presentation.
      Ambassador Lamdan said that they would never forget Turkiye's role in
      helping the Jewish people. He also noted that while Turkiye's role was
      not widely known, historians have shown that Turkiye granted asylum to
      Jewish people fleeing the Nazi atrocities and many of those asylum seekers
      took Turkish citizenship during that period.

      * A young Turkish musician has charmed the world of arts. It was reported
      that Efe Baltacigil, who is twenty-two years old and started playing
      violoncello at the age of seven, gave a concert at New York's Carnegie
      Hall with the most famous and important masters of the classical music on
      October 30, 2001.

      * Academicians and representatives of non?governmental organizations who
      attended an international symposium entitled: "Past, Present and Future
      of Turkish Culture in the Balkans" defended that role of the government of
      the Republic of Turkiye in continuing to support the Turks living in the
      Balkans and asked an increase for this support.
      The final statement of the two?day symposium held in Bursa, Turkiye
      addressed the issues and problems confronting the Turks living in Western
      Thrace, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Gagauz Land, Kosovo, Macedonia and
      The issued statement highlighted the need to protect Turkish cultural
      assets in the Balkans for future generations. Emphasis was also placed on
      reopening of educational institutions still closed in Bulgaria with a
      special consideration for primary and secondary schools. The statement
      concluded with a goal of strengthening the existing ties between the
      Balkan Turks and the Turkish commercial entities to strengthen the Balkan
      Turks economically.


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Premier Soccer League

      Week 10 match results:

      Kocaelispor 3-1 Diyarbakirspor
      Rizespor 0-0 Göztepe
      Yozgatspor 3-4 Bursaspor
      Galatasaray 3-1 Trabzonspor
      Ankaragucu 2-0 Samsunspor
      Istanbulspor 0-1 G.Antep
      Malatyaspor 1-3 Fenerbahce
      Antalyaspor 2-2 G.Birligi
      Denizlispor 3-3 Besiktas

      Week 11 matches:

      Samsunspor - Kocaelispor
      Diyarbakirspor - Yozgatspor
      G.Antep - Fenerbahce
      Besiktas - Rizespor
      Göztepe - Antalyaspor
      G.Birligi - Malatyaspor
      Istanbulspor - Ankaragucu
      Bursaspor - Galatasaray
      Trabzonspor - Denizlispor

      Team Pts
      1. Galatasaray 26
      2. Fenerbahce 22
      3. Istanbulspor 22
      4. Kocaelispor 18
      5. G.Antep 17
      6. Göztepe 16
      7. Bursaspor 16
      8. Besiktas 15
      9. Trabzonspor 13
      10. Denizlispor 12
      11. Antalyaspor 12
      12. G.Birligi 11
      13. Samsunspor 11
      14. Ankaragucu 10
      15. Rizespor 10
      16. Diyarbakirspor 8
      17. Yozgatspor 8
      18. Malatyaspor 3

      * European Champions League

      1. Nantes 11
      2. Galatasaray 10
      3. PSV 7
      4. Lazio 6

      Galatasaray - PSV 2 - 0
      Nantes - Lazio 1 - 0

      Galatasary and Nantes qualified for second phase.

      * Phase Two Draw

      Group A

      Bayern Munich
      Man Utd

      Group B


      Group C

      Real Madrid
      FC Porto
      Sparta Prague

      Group D

      D Coruna
      Bayer Leverkusen

      * Tulay Ozbek of Turkey was ranked third in the World Women's
      Body-Building Championship in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and won the bronze
      Body-Building and Fitness Federation Chairman Eryetis Kurtaral said that
      Ozbek was ranked third in women's 57 kg category.
      See http://www.crosswinds.net/~aftsp/html/pics_ozbek.html


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