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x0x Explore Yesilhisar with its spectacular views

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    x0x Explore Yesilhisar with its spectacular views Watch the dance of the birds in Sultan Sazligi Yesilhisar, which means Green Castle in English, is one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2001
      x0x Explore Yesilhisar with its spectacular views

      Watch 'the dance of the birds' in Sultan Sazligi

      Yesilhisar, which means "Green Castle" in English, is one of the
      sweetest towns on the outskirts of Turkey's central Anatolian city
      Kayseri. With a population of around 10,000, the people of Yesilhisar
      live their lives on agriculture. However they have begun to explore
      the importance of tourism in recent years. The Sultan Sazligi, Soganli
      and Erdemli valleys constitute an important potential for tourism.

      Sultan Sazligi: Hidden paradise for birds

      The Sultan Sazligi (Marsh) and Bird Paradise, located at the lowest
      part of Yesilhisar's plain in Central Anatolia southwest of Erciyes
      Dagi (Mount Aergius), is one of the most important natural beauties in

      The marsh, 70 kilometers from Kayseri, is in a triangular area with
      Yesilhisar, Develi and Yahyali at the points. It has been granted
      protection under the International Ramsar Treaty.

      The Sultan Marsh, which covers an area of 17,200 hectares, is a
      world-famous ecosystem. There are barely noticeable small reed islets
      floating towards the center of the marsh.

      Providing shelter for 301 bird species, the marsh is the second major
      bird paradise in Turkey, after Lake Manyas. An observation tower and
      breeding station have been set up so that the migration routes of
      birds and their living environments can be studied.

      The marsh is fed by streams descending from the Aladag Mountains in
      the south as well as by springs from Erciyes Dagi. But construction of
      several dams across the small rivers that feed the marsh has
      endangered the reed field and caused the shrinkage of the small lakes.

      A large part of the fresh water marsh is covered with reeds, and reed
      communities are encountered growing on the lake floor and floating on
      its surface. Among these extensive beds of reeds and cattails, several
      small ponds of still water of one hectare or less can be seen. Several
      species of underwater plants known as Myrophyllum, a favorite food of
      ducks, are found in these areas of open water. Such species as Carex,
      Typha, Juncus and Scirpus are encountered in the north section of
      Sultan Marsh.

      Freshwater tortoises, water snakes, green frogs, water frogs, and
      night frogs are encountered in the freshwater marsh and reed beds, and
      small fish of the Cyprinidae family are found at the outlets of the

      Sultan Marsh is one of the largest and most important wetlands in
      Turkey as well as in the Middle East and Europe. The number of species
      of birds, both predators and warblers, that visit, winter or breed in
      this area and its environs, where fresh and saltwater ecosystems are
      found side by side, is around 250, with extremely high numbers of
      certain bird communities during the migration season; the flamingo
      population reaches 50,000, shelduck 10,000 and ducks of various
      species 600,000.

      Soganli Valley

      Soganli is one of the villages of Yesilhisar town, located in the
      Cappadocia region. This valley is 25 kilometers from Yesilhisar. It
      collapsed and settled during earthquakes and these dips became deeper
      with the effect of nature and formed valleys and plateaus as the
      consequence of such natural phenomena. Settlement in this area took
      place during the Roman times. The Romans used the stone conies on the
      slopes of the valley as graveyards and the Byzantine as churches.
      There are church frescos in styles dating back to the ninth and 13th
      centuries. There are thousands of carved bird aviaries, caves and
      shelter in addition to a number of churches and monasteries along the
      valley in Soganli and Erdemli. When you have an opportunity to visit
      this small sweet village, you will find authentic hand-made linen
      dolls produced there.

      In addition to Soganli, Erdemli valley is another touristic area in
      Yesilhisar. This valley, like Soganli, has an interesting geographical
      formation and is an old settlement, which is famous for its graves
      from Roman times and churches from the Byzantine period.

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