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x0x Turkish news for week ending 28 April 2001

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      * The daily Turkiye reported that the summit of the Turkish-speaking
      countries heads of state began in Istanbul on Thursday.
      The heads of state of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan
      and the Uzbek parliament speaker are attending the summit.
      In his speech at the beginning of the summit, the Turkish president Mr.
      Ahmet Necdet Sezer said that peace and instability is still away from the
      region that the Turkish speaking countries are located.

      * The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank agreed to land an
      extra $10 billion to Turkey on Friday.
      The news of the new loan coupled with the resignation of the minister of
      energy Mr. Cumhur Ersumer started a rally in the Turkish markets.
      The daily Milliyet reported that the rally the Turkish markets was
      primarily caused by the return of the foreign investors.
      Turkish lira also gained against the U.S. dollar.
      Meanwhile, the Turkish News wrote on Friday that the Turkish treasury
      has unveiled a $73 billion domestic borrowing program.

      * The daily Hurriyet reports that a delegation from the World Bank is
      visiting turkey to investigate the magnitude of the damage to the private
      sector caused by the recent economic crisis.
      The experts are saying that the manufacturing sector of the Turkish
      economy was the one that was most affected.

      * The Voice of America says that the resignation of Mr. Cumhur Ersumer,
      Turkey's minister of energy, comes amid a concerted effort by Turkey's
      three-party coalition to crack down on corruption.
      Turkey's state prosecutors accuse Mr. Cumhur Ersumer and 15 other senior
      Energy Ministry officials of impropriety in the awarding of several
      lucrative energy contracts. Mr. Ersumer denies any wrongdoing.
      As we have reported last week, many think that corruption has been a
      major factor in preventing Turkish economy from developing at a higher

      * The death toll in the five-month hunger strike carried out by some
      Turkish prisoners and their sympathizers has reached 20.
      The prisoners are members of and extreme-left outlawed organization that
      is linked to many assassinations and violence.
      The hunger strikers say they will not end their fast until the
      government puts an end to the isolation of prisoners being held in
      maximum-security penitentiaries.
      Meanwhile, on Monday the Chairman of the Council of Europe
      Parliamentarians Assembly British Deputy Russel Johnson accused the
      leftist leaders of forcing inmates to go on hunger strikes

      * Turkey's former president Mr. Suleyman Demirel was in New York as part
      of the international commission looking into a solution to the conflict
      between Israelis and Palestinians.
      The commission headed by former US senator George Mitchell met yesterday
      and today.
      The commission will prepare a report for President George Bush.

      * Turkey's foreign affairs Minister Mr. Ismail Cem is in Moscow for a
      meeting of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation organization.
      The organization is made up of countries surrounding the Black Sea.
      According to the daily Cumhuriyet Turkey is trying to revitalize the
      project of a Black Sea transportation corridor aiming to connect the
      member countries via highways, railways and airways.
      Turkey will also assume the presidency from the Russian Federation.

      * A group of armed men attacked the Swiss hotel in Istanbul and took
      hostage a number of visitors on Sunday.
      The group later surrendered to police.
      The group's leader, who was recently released from prison after a
      general amnesty, was involved in the hijacking of a Russian ship in 1996.
      The group was protesting Russian actions in Chechnya.
      Many Turks are sympathetic to the Chechen cause, and the Turkish
      government criticizes Russia quite often. However, the Turkish authorities
      and the public did not approve of the armed group's hostage taking in
      Many say that actions like this could be detrimental to the tourism
      industry, which seems to be very critical in helping the ailing Turkish

      * The Turkish News reports that the gendarmerie, the rural military
      police, is conducting seminars to train its forces in human rights.
      Major General Ibrahim Acikmese of the forces says 4500 gendarmeries
      received training so far.

      * A lady MP from the Democratic Left Party, Ms. Sema Piskinsut, is
      challenging the Turkish prime minister Mr. Bulent Ecevit for the party
      leadership in tomorrow's general meeting.
      If elected she can be the next prime minister.
      However, since the party is in a coalition government, it very much
      depends on the two other parties to agree on this.

      * Nearly 10,000 tourists from New Zealand and Australia came to the
      Turkish province of Canakkale for the 86th anniversary of the Gallipoli
      Wars and commemorated their dead, reported the Turkish daily Sabah.
      During the ceremony organized at dawn, a priest said prayers for those
      who died during the wars, and wreaths were laid at the Anzacs Monument.
      Anzac stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.
      The national anthems of Australia and Turkey were played, a minute of
      silence was observed and these countries' ministers of foreign affairs
      made speeches.
      According to the BBC the battles involved one million men. The losses of
      the invading forces is estimated to the 55,000 and the defending Turks'
      250,000. There were also 10,000 missing, and 21,000 killed by disease.
      Australia and New Zealand volunteers formed the backbone of a
      200,000-man British led force that landed at Gallipoli in an unsuccessful
      attempt to capture Istanbul, 180 miles away.

      * The United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan's wife Mrs. Nane Annan
      visited the earthquake zone in Turkey. Mrs. Annan received information
      about the Psychosocial School Project carried out jointly by UNICEF and
      the Turkish Ministry of National Education.

      * The Turkish Daily News reports that the Turkish-Greek Joint Women's
      Peace Initiative is calling on the governments of Greece and Turkey to
      make the recently announced postponements in military spending a permanent
      The group is advocating to use the funds for education, health, social
      security and to eradicate the inequality between women and men.
      The group formed in 1998 had a meeting in Istanbul this week. The
      speaker from the Greek side was the American-born mother of the Greek
      foreign affairs Minister Mr. Papandreou.


      * Cumhuriyet: Turkish automotive sector overcomes crisis by exporting

      * Cumhuriyet: The leading durable goods makers are planning to increase
      their investments despite economic crises.

      * Hurriyet: The Second Valuable Mines Conference organized by the London
      Golden stock exchange will take place in Istanbul May 21st -- 22nd.

      * Hurriyet: Former minister Caglar arrested in U.S. is being returned to
      Turkey to face embezzlement charges.

      * Turkish News: the European Union head office proposes plans to
      streamline the delivery of more than 1 billion Euros in aid to Turkey. The
      proposal would regroup three existing financial aid programs into one.

      * Turkish News: Turkish court postpones television frequency allocation
      bid. Millions of dollars of revenue from the bid delayed.

      * Sabah: Turkish businessmen support the new minister responsible for
      economy and his program.

      * Turkish Daily News: Turkey to export 410,000 tons of grain.

      * Turkiye: Exports increased by 11 percent during January 1st-April 19.

      * Milliyet: The Turkish association of travel agencies says 1.5 million
      Russian tourists expected. Russians are the highest spending tourists
      visiting Turkey.

      * Sabah: Greek Islanders start petition drive to abolish visa requirements
      for Turks wishing to visit their islands.


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras:



      * A local working group was established in Mugla province to protect the
      Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles, one of the most endangered species in the
      world, wrote the daily Cumhuriyet on Friday.
      For though the 17 nesting sites of the endangered turtles our and the
      Mugla province.
      See http://www.bio.metu.edu.tr/~e072213/project.html for more on these

      * The daily Cumhuriyet reports that the Bilkent University Symphony
      Orchestra performed concerts in Belgium as part of the musical festival.

      * Turkish ballerina Almula Ozen is invited to Finland international ballet
      contest to be held on May 26, in Helsinki.

      * The Financial Times wrote on Monday that Turkey is a heaven for
      The papers said that especially in the southern province of Antalya
      there are quality hotels with competitive rates.
      According to the paper, the association of British travel agencies named
      Turkey "best value" for the 2001 holiday season.

      * The 18th Ankara International Music festival has begun today. The
      renowned Viennese Singverein chorus, Dimitris Sgouros and cello player
      Mischa Maisky are among the performers at the festival.
      The festival's web pages are at: http://www.ankarafestival.com/


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 22/12 (72/54) Scattered Clouds
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 26/9 (79/48) Scattered Clouds
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 32/15 (90/59) Scattered Clouds
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 26/9 (79/48) Scattered Clouds


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Premier Soccer League

      * Week 29 results

      Besiktas 0-0 Samsunspor
      Adanaspor 1-7 Trabzonspor
      Denizli 2-0 MKE Ankaragücü
      Fenerbahçe 4-3 Gaziantepspor
      Siirt Jet-PA 4-3 Kocaelispor
      Yimpas Yozgatspor 1-0 Bursaspor
      Gençlerbirligi 3-0 Istanbulspor
      Antalyaspor 1-0 Erzurumspor
      Çaykur Rizespor 2-4 Galatasaray

      Week 30 matches

      Gaziantepspor 2- MKE Ankaragücü 1
      Erzurumspor 0 - Çaykur Rizespor 0
      Kocaelispor 1 - Besiktas 1
      Istanbulspor 2 - Siirt Jet-PA 1
      Galatasaray 4 - Adanaspor 1
      Samsunspor - Yimpas Yozgatspor
      Gençlerbirligi - Denizli
      Bursaspor - Antalyaspor
      Trabzonspor - Fenerbahçe

      TEAM Pts
      1 Fenerbahçe 64
      2 Galatasaray 64
      3 Gaziantepspor 58
      4 Besiktas 56
      5 Trabzonspor 48
      6 MKE Ankaragücü 47
      7 Samsunspor 43
      8 Denizli 41
      9 Gençlerbirligi 39
      10 Çaykur Rizespor 38
      11 Istanbulspor 37
      12 Yimpas Yozgatspor 36
      13 Bursaspor 34
      14 Kocaelispor 34
      15 Antalyaspor 34
      16 Erzurumspor 19
      17 Siirt Jet-PA 18
      18 Adanaspor 15

      * In the third day of the European Weightlifting hampionship in Trencin,
      Slovakia, the golden medals found their owners. Reyhan Arabacioglu, won
      the golden medal in Snatch and Ekrem Celil was fourth in this field. Celil
      also won the gold medal in the Clean and Jerk. Turkey won a total of 8
      gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in the Championship. Turkey is first in
      terms of medals awarded.

      * The Union of European Football Associations, UEFA. have banned
      Galatasaray from using their Ali Sami Yen Stadium for European club
      competition games "due to a serious lack of overall security."
      The Turkish club were also fined 120,000 Swiss francs (US $70,050) for
      the behavior of their supporters and the "serious lack of organization" in
      and around the stadium during the Champions League quarter-final against
      Real Madrid on April 3, UEFA said in a statement


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