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x0x Turkish news for week ending 03 March 2001

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 03 March 2001

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      The Turkish and World press mostly covered the recent economic
      crisis and its effects on Turks this week.
      As we reported to you last Saturday, the Turkish stock market
      took a tale spin last week, and the value of the Turkish Lira
      followed it.
      The downturn in the economic conditions followed a spat between
      the Turkish President and the Prime Minister in a meeting of the
      Turkey's National Security Council.
      The interrupted National Security Council meeting took place in
      a more amicable atmosphere Monday of this week.

      * Turkish press reports that the U.S. administration has assured
      the Turkish officials that the U.S. will support Turkey in
      overcoming the economic crises that it is in.
      According to the daily Turkiye, President Bush sent a letter to
      the Turkish president and emphasized his desire to work closely
      with Turkey. He also encouraged the Turkish president to continue
      carrying out the economic reforms in cooperation with the
      International Monetary Fund.
      The daily Hurriyet, on the other hand, reported that the U.S.
      ambassador to Ankara Mr. Robert Pearson had lunch with the
      Turkish prime minister Mr. Bulent Ecevit and his wife and told
      them the Turkey can count on the U.S. support.

      * Another dispatch by the daily Star reported that the U.S.
      administration held a high-level meeting to discuss the Turkish
      Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell,
      Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the National Security
      Council director Condolezza Rice participated in the meeting that
      took place on Thursday.
      Star says that the meeting focused on evaluating various policy
      options in aiding Turkey.

      * The British daily Guardian reported on Friday that the Turkish
      government brought in Mr. Kemal Dervis, a Turkish expert who
      works for the World Bank, to participate in the team to lead
      Turkey back to economic stability.
      CNN says that Mr. Dervis will head the treasury as well as the
      country's office that regulates the banks.
      The Guardian says that large parts of the Turkish economy have
      ground to a halt, with some companies not paying wages because
      they are short of hard cash, and others laying off staff. Banks
      have frozen loans and many small businesses are stretched to the

      * In an article published this week, the Wall Street Journal
      blamed the malaise of the Turkish economy on the International
      Monetary Fund. The journal says that the policies imposed by the
      Fund dragged Turkey into the crisis.

      * One optimistic observation and prediction on the Turkish
      economy came from a leading banker in Turkey:
      The deputy general manager of the Iktisat Bank Mr. Ayhan
      Feridun said that the economic crisis would be over soon.
      He pointed out that the depositors did not rush to the banks to
      withdraw their money, showing confidence in the Turkish banking
      Mr. Feridun also thinks that the Turkish banks are ahead of the
      European ones in terms of diversification.

      * The daily Aksam reports that Turkey has prepared the "national
      program" for presentation to the European Union.
      The national program is meant to be a road map and a collection
      of milestones Turkey is expected to achieve before becoming a
      European Union member.
      The national program says that the death penalty will be
      completely abolished by the end of year 2004.
      The Turkish officials are still debating one other request that
      the European Union has from Turkey, broadcasts and education in
      the native languages of the minorities.
      The daily Sabah, on the other hand, reported that Turkey's
      foreign affairs minister Mr. Ismail Cem would present the
      national program to the European Union Commissioner Gunther
      Verheugen in the second half of March.

      * The Turkish Daily News reports that Turkish officials are very
      happy with a tough new antiterrorism law Britain enacted
      As part of implementing the law, the British officials are
      planning to ban 21 radical groups, including the Turkish rebel
      Kurdish Workers Party, and the Turkish extreme left underground
      organization Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Front.

      * Turkish papers reported that the US Embassy in Turkey has
      organized a two-day conference in Istanbul on developing business
      opportunities for Turkish and US businesses in the Caucasus.
      The US Ambassador to Turkey Robert Pearson made the opening
      speech at the conference. Drawing attention to Turkey's
      geographical location, Pearson said that being at the crossroads
      of Europe and Asia makes Turkey very attractive for business

      * The daily Cumhuriyet carried a report on the meeting of the
      Turkish foreign affairs Minister Mr. Ismail Cem with the
      Secretary of State Colin Powell.
      Mr. Cem and Mr. Powell met for the first time in Brussels while
      both were attending a NATO meeting.
      Speaking to the press after the meeting, Mr. Cem said he
      thanked to the US Administration for their support after the
      recent economic crisis.
      Stating they discussed Turkey's geographical situation as well
      as common regional interests, Mr. Cem said they also talked about
      the sanctions on Iraq.
      Mr. Cem added that he conveyed the necessity of a fresh policy
      over Iraq as old ones had failed.
      Stating he discussed the Cyprus issue in detail with Mr.
      Powell, Mr. Cem said, " I think the US position on the issue is
      rather different than the unsuccessful and inefficient
      international one."
      Mr. Cem added that his counterpart Powell invited him to the US
      and stated he thought he would visit the US in the second half of

      * The daily Sabah says that the Dutch Queen Beatrix invited
      Turkish President Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer to Holland.
      Mr. Sezer accepted the invitation and will be traveling to
      Holland on April third.
      The Queen accepts guests only twice a year.


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Anita Donohoe

      * The daily Cumhuriyet reports that the five candidate cities for
      the 2008 Olympics are to be inspected by the International
      Olympics Committee.
      The candidate cities are Istanbul, Beijing, Osaka, Paris and
      Toronto. The international Olympic Committee members will visit
      Istanbul between March 20-25. IOC will decide on the host city on
      July 13.

      * The daily Hurriyet announced the opening of a currency museum.
      Currently stored in the archives of the Turkish Mint and
      Directorate General of Stamp Publishing House, 2,571 coins,
      tokens and medals will be on exhibit at the Mint museum in
      The marvelous museum displays nickel, silver and golden coins,
      various tokens and medals from all eras of the Ottoman Empire, as
      well as Lydian coins stamped at the beginning of the 7th century
      The museum and gift shop will be open Tuesday through Thursday
      between 13:30 and 16:30.
      See http://www.adv-energy.com/~jroberts/turkey.htm for examples
      of Ottoman coins.

      * The daily Milliyet reports that the 20th International Film
      Festival will be held in Istanbul on April 14-19.
      Nearly 180 films from five continents will be shown during the
      Festival, turning Istanbul into a World movie capital.
      See http://www.istfest.org/film/tur/filmFrameset.htm

      * According to a report in Cumhuriyet, the Boston Turkish Film
      Festival has begun.
      Seven feature films and two documentaries will be screened
      during the festival, which continues through March 14.

      * Cumhuriyet reports that Turkish artists Yakut Ayverdi, Aysegul
      Kora, Selva Suman and Gulay Sevsevil have their paintings on
      exhibit at the Paris Galerie Herouet through March 15.

      * In an article in the Turkish Daily News, Izmir's Director of
      Tourism Ms. Ayla Karamete said that last year 12 beaches and one
      marina earned blue flags for being free of pollution.
      "This year an additional 17 beaches and one marina will have
      blue flags."
      She added that this year more attention will be focused on
      thermal therapy and faith-based tourism.

      * Cumhuriyet reported the completion of the documentary "Nimrod
      Mountain: God's Throne".
      The documentary is a narrative of the Commagene civilization
      and Nimrod Mountain.
      Mr. Tolga Ornek and Ekip Film shot the movie. Aimed at
      promoting Turkish historical heritage, the movie included
      interviews with foreign and Turkish experts, dramatic scenes and
      3-D animation.
      The Istanbul Stock Exchange, Turkiye Is Bank and Calik Holding
      sponsored the project.
      Director Ornek said his aim was to promote Nimrod as the 8th
      wonder of the World.

      * According to Cumhuriyet, the Turkish Philosophy Institution
      held an exam to select the students who will participate in the
      International Philosophy Olympics.
      Students placing first and second will travel to Philadelphia
      and represent Turkey in the 9th International Philosophy
      A total of 432 students took part in the examination.


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 20/11 (68/52) Scattered Clouds
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 22/11 (72/52) Scattered Clouds
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 21/8 (70/46) Scattered Clouds
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 18/4 (64/39) Scattered Clouds


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras:

      Buying Selling


      * Turkish Premier Soccer League

      Week 22 results

      Gaziantepspor 1-0 Gençlerbirligi
      Çaykur Rizespor 0-2 Antalyaspor
      Adanaspor 3-3 Yimpas Yozgatspor
      MKE Ankaragücü 4-1 Siirt Jet-PA
      Fenerbahçe 3-1 Besiktas
      Erzurumspor 1-2 Samsunspor
      Trabzonspor 1-2 Istanbulspor
      Bursaspor 2-1 Denizlispor
      Galatasaray 2-3 Kocaelispor

      Week 23 matches

      Gençlerbirligi SK 0-2 Trabzonspor K
      Siirt Jet-PA SK - Gaziantepspor K
      Yimpas Yozgatspor K - Fenerbahçe SK
      Antalyaspor AS - Adanaspor AS
      Samsunspor K - Bursaspor K
      Istanbulspor AS - Galatasaray SK
      Çaykur Rizespor K - Denizli SK
      Kocaelispor K - Erzurumspor K
      Besiktas JK - MKE Ankaragücü


      Team Pt
      1 Fenerbahçe SK 51
      2 Galatasaray SK 46
      3 Gaziantepspor K 43
      4 Besiktas JK 43
      5 Trabzonspor K 38
      6 Samsunspor K 33
      7 Gençlerbirligi SK 33
      8 MKE Ankaragücü SK 32
      9 Istanbulspor AS 30
      10 Denizli SK 29
      11 Çaykur Rizespor 28
      12 Antalyaspor AS 28
      13 Yimpas Yozgatspor K 26
      14 Bursaspor K 23
      15 Kocaelispor K 20
      16 Adanaspor AS 15
      17 Erzurumspor K 13
      18 Siirt Jet-PA SK 12

      * National Team:

      Friendly match:

      Netherlands 0-0 Turkey

      * National Under 21 Team:

      Turkey (U-21) 2-1 Belgium (U-21)

      * The renowned Turkish soccer coach Fatih Terim who couldn't
      reach an agreement with the Italian Serie A soccer club
      Fiorentina for the next season, announced his resignation after
      the club management's reaction to the team's losing points.


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