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x0x Turkish news for week ending 30 December 2000

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 30 December 2000

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      * Turkey's Anatolian news agency reports that the Turkish ministry of
      justice denied allegations that Turkish security forces caused most of the
      deaths during recent operations in the prisons.
      Various human rights organizations in and outside Turkey, especially
      organizations aligned with the radicals in the jails, blamed the deaths on
      the Turkish government. Some of these organizations claim that the
      security forces burned the prisoners themselves.
      Turkish security forces have completed a major sweep of the country's
      major prisons in what they claim was an effort to regain control from the
      armed militants that were running them. They also intended to put an end
      to the "death fasts." Some of the prisoners who have been transferred to
      new prisons continue their fasts.
      The Turkish minister of justice criticized Belgium for letting the
      radical leaders organize protest fasts and actions from within its
      territory. The minister of justice stated that he requested Belgian
      authorities to shut down the radicals' offices.
      Turkish officials have also criticized Belgium for some months for not
      allowing a murder suspect to be extradited to Turkey.

      * Daily Milliyet, quoting Turkish officials, says that natural gas imports
      from Iran and increased amounts from Russia will start arriving in Turkey
      in 2001.
      With rapid development of the economy and lack of major oil deposits to
      meet the energy needs, Turkey has been looking to its neighbors to meet
      the needs.
      Although not seeing eye-to-eye on many issues with Iran and Russia,
      Turkish officials have no other alternatives since the much-awaited
      Caspian oil pipelines are still being constructed.
      Turkey's main ally the United States is opposed to these pipelines,
      especially the one from Iran.

      * According to the daily Hurriyet, Mrs. Cag Akyol, the wife of Nihat
      Akyol, Turkey's Permanent Representative to the European Union, was chosen
      as "the Ambassadress of 2000."
      The Diplomatic News, the most influential magazine in the European Union
      circles and Europe, chose Mrs. Cag Akyol to receive the honor.

      * The Turkish Office of the General Staff made a statement on
      Friday: "High ranking officials of the Turkish Armed Forces wish to
      reiterate the fact that our Armed Forces are not against Turkey's
      integration into the European Union."
      The statement was made in an attempt to put an end to rumors that the
      Turkish military is opposed Turkey's entry into the European Union.
      Analysts are speculating that the military is against the increased
      levels of civilian oversight that may come about as part of Turkey's entry
      into the European Union.

      * Most Turks took a 10-day holiday this week, combining the religious
      holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan with New Year's Eve.
      Turkish papers and TV media report that most of the people who live in
      large cities opted for going out of town. Traditionally, Turks stay home
      with relatives and friends during the Ramadan holiday.
      According to the daily Milliyet increased traffic on the roads caused
      many unfortunate accidents. So far, the death toll from these accidents
      stands at 109.

      * The daily Radikal reports that 12,921 illegal immigrants were arrested
      in Istanbul during the first ten months of 2000.
      This week, the New York Times claimed that the total number of illegal
      immigrants arrested throughout Turkey was nearly 50,000, an increase of
      20,000 as compared to last year.
      Most of these illegal immigrants attempted to reach Europe. The European
      countries say that last year they arrested about 500,000 people as
      compared to only 40,000 in 1993.


      * The daily Sabah reports that improved relations between Syria And Turkey
      enabled 3000 Syrian citizens to visit their relatives in Turkey for the
      Ramadan celebration.
      Even the military from the both sides joined in the festive
      mood. Turkish soldiers and Syrian commanders danced together at the

      * The daily Radikal reports that the historical artifacts in Anatolia are
      being unearthed by a record number of excavations.
      Anatolia, the main Asiatic part of the Turkish territory, was the cradle
      of multiple civilizations and cultures, including the Assyrian, Hittite,
      Lydian, Urartian, Seljuk, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations.
      Turkey's Ministry of Culture and universities are working together on 48
      archeological excavations, with an additional 33 run by foreign experts.
      Officials of the Ministry of Culture said that nine excavations are in
      process in the Mediterranean province of Antalya, six in and around the
      Aegean province of Izmir, five in Mugla, three in Bursa, three in
      Canakkale, two each in Aydin, Corum, Eskisehir, Icel, Van and Aksaray.
      The foreign scholars who work on excavations in Turkey are mostly
      comprised of Americans. German, Italian, Belgian, Austrian, French,
      Australian, and Japanese scholars also participate in excavations
      throughout Turkey.

      * According to the Anatolian news agency, the Harran township of the
      southeastern Sanliurfa province in Turkey attracts the tourists with its
      conical domed houses and the remains of the first university in the world.
      Officials of the Provincial Tourism Directorate state that the number of
      tourists visiting Harran increased 50 percent this year when compared with
      last year.
      Harran, which is 44 kilometers from Sanliurfa, attracts tourists with
      the collection of written documents dating back centuries, and with the
      ruins of the first university in the world.
      Among those scholars educated at Harran University were mathematician
      Sabit Bin Kurra, astronomy scholar Battani, Cabir Ibn-I Hayyan who was
      considered as the discoverer of atom, and religious scholar Ibn-i
      Officials say that, once completed, the excavations launched in Harran
      in 1983 will bring to light the history of the township.
      The Han-el Bar'rur Caravanserai, which is 20 kilometers away from the
      township, Suayb, which is 30 kilometers away, and Sogmatar, which is 45
      kilometers away, are the choice sites to visit.
      Ulu Mosque is another historical place in the area that must be seen.


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 15/8 (59/46) Rainy
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 15/10 (59/50) Partially Cloudy
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 16/8 (61/46) Rainy
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 9/2 (48/36) Partially Cloudy


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras:

      Buying Selling


      * Turkish Premier soccer league

      Antalyaspor - Galatasaray 0 - 1

      Trabzonspor - Erzurumspor 3 - 0
      Rizespor - G.Birligi 2 - 0
      Adanaspor - Istanbulspor 2 - 2
      Fenerbahce - Kocaelispor 4 - 0
      Ankaragucu - Samsunspor 2 - 0
      Yozgatspor - Besiktas 1 - 1
      G.Antep - Bursaspor 2 - 1
      Galatasaray - Denizlispor 1 - 2
      Antalyaspor - Jetpaspor 1 - 3

      Standings in the league as of Dec 23, 2000

      1. Galatasaray 39
      2. Fenerbahce 39
      3. Besiktas 37
      4. G.Antep 35
      5. Trabzonspor 32
      6. G.Birligi 30
      7. Samsunspor 28
      8. Istanbulspor 26
      9. Ankaragucu 25
      10. Yozgatspor 24
      11. Denizlispor 24
      12. Antalyaspor 23
      13. Rizespor 19
      14. Bursaspor 15
      15. Adanaspor 14
      16. Erzurumspor 12
      17. Kocaelispor 10
      18. Jetpaspor 9


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