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x0x Turkish news for week ending 25 November 2000

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 25 November 2000


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      * Turkish officials are upset that Turkey is excluded from the European
      Security and Defense Identity, the new united European Armed Forces.
      The European Security and Defense Identity is being formed mainly by the
      European Union countries to complement their integration in the economic
      and political areas.
      Turkey, an applicant for the European Union membership, has said that it
      is very much interested in contributing to the European Security and
      Defense Identity. In fact, at the beginning of the week news reports said
      that Turkey doubled up the number of troops that it wants to contribute to
      6000, a number much higher than any other European country.
      The pronouncements of the European Union leaders about Turkey's
      membership to the union and linking Turkey's membership to the settlement
      of the Aegean and the Cyprus issues also upset the Turks. The Turkish
      officials are saying that the European Union is coming up with negotiated
      new conditions for Turkey's membership.
      Last week, leaders of the two Turkish political parties who are also
      deputy prime ministers in the coalition government came out against
      European Union membership for Turkey.
      Turkey's prime minister Mr. Ecevit also criticized the European Union
      and said that the European Union "deceived Turkey".
      Most Turkish newspapers also carried out articles questioning the value
      of joining European Union under what they termed unfair conditions.

      * According to daily Aksam, former Turkish President Mr. Suleyman Demirel
      is on his way to New York today to participate in the international
      committee meeting that is trying to mediate peace between Israelis and
      Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Ismail Cem was in Israel and Egypt
      to meet with the Israeli and Palestinian officials to get the both sides
      stop the violence.
      Mr. Cem says that Turkey has important historic responsibilities in the
      Middle East and will try to end the clashes.
      Meanwhile Turkey brought 47 injured Palestinians to Turkey for treatment
      in the Turkish hospitals.

      * The president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Mr. Rauf
      Denktash broke off with the Greek Cypriots talks on the unification of the
      Mr. Denktash says that it's no use negotiating with the Greeks. Mr.
      Denktash says that if presence of two separate states on the island is not
      recognized, the process will not come to a conclusion.
      Mr. Denktash was in Ankara Turkey on Friday meeting with the Turkish
      officials. The Turkish officials are saying that they support Mr. Denktash
      in his decision.
      At the end of the talks with the Turkish officials the Anatolian News
      Agency quoted Mr. Rauf Denktash was as saying the following:
      ''We are a nation having equal status and equal sovereignty with the
      Greek Cypriots and right of independence as we were in the past. We were
      forced to found our own state because we were left without a state. We
      have maintained the peace negotiations with good will after we had founded
      our state. In every phase of the proximity talks, the Greek Cypriot side
      has never given up its policy to claim whole Cyprus. The Greek Cypriots
      think that they are successful in their trick aiming at claiming whole
      Cyprus through the European Union."

      * Turkish daily Aksam reports that the Greek Culture Minister Theodoros
      Pangalos was dismissed from office for criticizing the Turkey policies of
      the ruling Greek PASOK party and foreign Minister George Papandreou.
      In 1999, Pangalos was once again removed from his position as the Greek
      Foreign Affairs Minister for giving shelter to rebel Turkish Kurd leader
      Abdullah Ocalan in the Greek Embassy in Kenya.
      Greek Prime Minister Kostas Simitis announced that he replaced Pangalos
      with Evangelos Venizelos as Culture Minister.

      * Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma visited Turkey last week. During his
      visit Mr. Kuchma signed nine cooperation protocols dealing from military
      to nuclear issues.
      Daily Cumhuriyet reports that Mr. Kuchma denied that Ukraine was
      responsible for the shortage of natural gas in Turkey. Some are claiming
      that Ukraine is diverting for its use a large portion of the natural gas
      Russia is sending to Turkey via a pipeline through the Ukrainian
      While in Turkey Mr. Kuchma also made at pitch to sell Ukrainian tanks to
      Turkey. Turkey is in the market for new tanks for his Armed Forces.

      * The Voice of America reports that the European Court has started hearing
      the case of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan.
      Mr. Ocalan is the leader of the rebel Kurdish Workers Party who Turks
      view as being responsible for the deaths of 30,000 people. Turkey captured
      Mr. Ocalan in 1999 in Kenya. After his trial Mr. Ocalan was sentenced to
      death by Turkish authorities.
      However, Turkish authorities are saying that Turkey will wait until the
      European Court hears the case.
      The Voice of America is saying that it is Turkey not Mr. Ocalan that is
      on trial in the European Court.
      5000 Turks and about 15,000 Kurds have congregated in Strasburg where
      the European court is, and are rallying with opposing views.


      * Daily Hurriyet says that the Turkish government has rolled up its
      sleeves to put and you package of reforms in the implementation.
      The Turkish Parliament approved a new tax proposed by the government.
      The new tax is not the "standard of living tax."

      * Turkish Daily News reports that Turkey's Central Bank will lower its
      reserve requirement ratios for banks to four percent from six percent on
      January 12, 2001 to improve sect oral liquidity.

      * According to the Turkish Daily News a senior spec Turkish government
      official said earlier this week that Turkey has budgeted $2.4 billion in
      proceeds from the planned telecom block sale in 2001.

      * Turkey's biggest lender Is Bank has launched a $250 million syndicated
      loan for export financing purposes.


      Edited for the Turkish radio hour by Gamze Seckin

      * According to daily Cumhuriyet the play entitled 'Can', staged by Genco
      Erkal and based on the poems and life of renowned Turkish poet Can Yucel,
      has been performed in New York on 19 November.
      The play, won the "Honorary Award" during the International Istanbul
      Theatre Festival last year and the "Most Successful Actor" Award of Afife
      Jale, Muhsin Ertugrul and Sadri Alisik. Can Yucel's daughter Su Yucel
      designed the set.

      * Daily Cumhuriyet reported that a film titled "Clouds of May" directed by
      Nuri Bilge Ceylan received Grand Prize in the Brussels Mediterranean Films
      Festival. Meanwhile, it was also awarded with Don Quichotte Award in Forum
      de Cinema European Festival in France.

      * The Alternative Nobel prizes were awarded to personalities from
      Ethiopia, Indonesia, Turkey and the United States, it was announced in
      Indonesian human rights activist Munir, Turkish environmentalist Birsel
      Hemke and Ethiopian scientist Tewold Egzhiaber will share a prize of
      The US plant geneticist Wes Jackson receives the honorary prize.
      German-Swede Jakob Von Uexhuell initiated the alternative Nobel prizes in
      1980. They are awarded independent of the official Nobel prize for
      outstanding achievements in the fields of combating poverty, environmental
      destruction and social injustice.


      * Last weekends results in the Turkish Premier Soccer League:

      Fenerbahce 5- Trabzonspor 2
      Antalyaspor 2- Bursaspor 1
      Denizlispor 0- Gençlerbirligi 0
      Yimpas$ Yozgatspor 0- Samsunspor 0
      Adanaspor 1- Galatasaray 2
      Çaykur Rizespor 4- Erzurumspor 1
      Siirt Jet-pa Spor 0- Istanbulspor 2
      Ankaragucu 1- Gaziantep 1
      Besiktas$ 3- Kocaelispor 2

      Standing in the Premier soccer league:

      Besiktas$ 31
      Galatasaray 28
      Fenerbahce 28
      Gaziantep 28
      Trabzonspor 24

      * In this week to gains so far the following results were reported:

      Trabzonspor 2-Ankaragucu 2
      Istanbulspor 2-Besiktas 3
      Samsunspor 4-Antalyaspor 2
      Erzurumspor 2-Adanaspor 0

      * In the European champions league the Turkish team Galatasaray had a 2-2
      draw against its Italian rival Milan in Milan's own turf.

      * Turkey's national basketball team beat its French rival 71 to 69 and
      scored its 1st victory in the International Nation's Cup Tournaments.
      And in the European women's basketball championships, Turkey beat so-far
      undefeated Yugoslavia 75 to 6 9.


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 17/8 (63/46) Partially Cloudy
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 22/11 (72/52) Partially cloudy
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 22/9 (72/48) Partially Cloudy
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 12/-2 (54/28) Foggy


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