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Announcements/Duyurular -- Fri, 01 Sep 00

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    * Rumi Festival, 27 Sep. -1 Oct. 00, Chapel Hill, USA * TURANT Folk Dancers in Festival, 01 Sep. 00, Dallas TX, USA * Meeting with the Turkish president, 05
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      * Rumi Festival, 27 Sep. -1 Oct. 00, Chapel Hill, USA
      * TURANT Folk Dancers in Festival, 01 Sep. 00, Dallas TX, USA
      * Meeting with the Turkish president, 05 Sep. 00, Washington D.C., US
      * Information Technology Fair, 06 Sep. 00, Istanbul, Turkey
      * Izmir Fair, 26 Aug. 00, Izmir, Turkey
      * New seven wonders voting
      * Conference on Soil Mechanics, 27-31 Aug. 00, Istanbul, Turkey

      x0x Announcements/Duyurular -- Fri, 01 Sep 00

      * Rumi Festival, 27 Sep. -1 Oct. Chapel Hill, USA

      RUMI FESTIVAL 2000

      September 27- October 1
      Chapel Hill, North Carolina

      A celebration of Love, Peace and Harmony expressed through Music,
      Poetry and Dance honoring the birth of the great mystic poet Mevlana
      Jelaluddin Rumi. This year we celebrate women as spiritual teachers.

      Come and spend 5 wonderful days with incredible sheiks and sheikas from
      around the world all gathered at Camp New Hope, near Chapel Hill, NC.
      There will be evening performances by Mercan Dede, Latif Bolat , Amir
      Koushkani and Thomas Raincrow and the Boat Rockers to name a few.

      For detailed information please go to our web site:
      or call Demir Williford 919-929-2744, 919-274-0433.

      Dear Friends, this year we will be cutting down on our paper use by
      utilizing electonic mail so please forward this page to whom ever that may
      be interested in this event.
      Thank you
      Demir Williford
      Festival Manager

      * TURANT Folk Dancers in Festival, 01 Sep. 00, Dallas TX, USA

      TURANT Folk Dancers will be dancing at Dallas Morning News Dance Festival
      Friday, 1 September and Sunday 3 September 2000. The festival is free and
      program starts at 8:00 PM. TURANT dancers were chosen to perform among many
      other competitors and is the only amateur group dancing. Dallas
      Metropolitan Ballet is among the groups dancing in the festival . We are
      very proud of our folkdancers and thank Mary Kocaturk for all her efforts
      from coaching the group to making their costumes. Please attend and give
      your much appreciated support.

      Nuray E. Fuller

      * Meeting with the Turkish president, 05 Sep. 00, Washington D.C., US

      T.C. Washington Buyukelcisi Sayin Baki Ilkin^Òin himayelerinde
      Turk Amerikan Dernekleri Federasyonu^Ònun (FTAA)
      Turk Amerikan Dernekleri Asamblesi^Ònin (ATAA)
      istirakiyle gerceklestirilecek olan

      T.C.Cumhurbaskani Sayin Ahmet Necdet Sezer^Òin
      Amerika^Òdaki Turk Toplumu^Òna hitap edecekleri
      toplantiya katiliminiz rica olunur.

      Tarih: 5 Eylul 2000 (Sali)
      Saat: 17:45
      Adres: Lincoln Center
      Alice Tully Hall
      1941 Broadway
      New York, NY 10023
      (Broadway uzerinde 65. ve 66.sokaklar arasinda)

      Rezervasyon icin: ftaaoffice@... veya assembly@...

      Turk Toplumu^Òna acik olan bu toplantiya katilmak isteyenlerin yukaridaki
      adreslerden birine elektronik posta ile isim, soyadi ve adres bildirerek
      rezervasyon yaptirmalari ve yer ayirtmalari gerekmektedir.

      * Information Technology Fair, 06 Sep. 00, Istanbul, Turkey

      "Information 2000- A CEBIT Event" the biggest information technology
      fair in Turkey will begin on September 6, 2000. Companies from the
      United States, Singapour and Germany will participate in the fair.
      Office Technologies, Home Information and Communication Technologies
      will be exhibited in the fair.

      See http://www.bilisim2000.com.tr/

      * Izmir Fair, 26 Aug. 00, Izmir, Turkey


      The 69th Izmir Fair is hosting a record number of 870 exhibitors.

      26 Aug. - 10 Sep. 2000

      * New seven wonders voting

      A new Seven Wonders of the World is being selected by voting on the Internet.

      Among the existing Seven Wonders of the World are two from Turkey. Among the candidates for the new Seven Wonders of the World is the St. Sophia.

      If you would like to vote, you can do so by going to the Web address given below.

      Dunyanin Yedi Harikasi otoriteler tarafindan tekrar seciliyor.

      Bilindigi gibi dunyanin su anki Yedi Harikasi icindeTurkiye'den bir
      anit mezar ve bir de tapinak bulunmakta. Dunyanin yeni
      yedi harikasina aday yapilar arasinda ise Turkiye'den yalnizca
      AYASOFYA var. Dunyanin yeni yedi harikasi 30 Eylul
      2000 tarihine kadar


      adresinde acilmis bolumde verilecek oylarla belirlenecek.

      * Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 27-31 Aug. 00, Istanbul, Turkey

      XV.International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.

      Soil Mechanics was founded in Istanbul through the work of Karl Terzaghi who
      between 1916 and 1922 taught in Istanbul Technical University and Robert
      College and developed his ideas before publishing his historical work in
      "Engineering News Record". Terzaghi later become professor of civil
      engineering at Harvard University and in 1936 he has started conference
      series named "International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical
      Engineering". The first conference was held in USA (Harvard University).

      Now Istanbul Technical University plays the leader role in organising the
      XVth Conference. All members of alumnai are welcomed.

      The papers to the Conference will be published. The abstracts accepted for
      publication can be viewed at the web site of the Conference:
      http://www. itu. com /2001/.

      Information concerning the Conference can also be found at the same site. If
      you have any questions please feel free to write to me. My addresses:
      Mail: Prof.Dr. Ergün Togrol, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Istanbul
      Technical University, 80626 Ayazaga, Istanbul,Turkey.
      Phone: 90 212 285 3747, Fax: 90 212 285 3582, E-mail: togrol @ itu.edu.tr.

      With best wishes,
      Yours sincerely,
      Prof.Dr. Ergün Togrol
      Chairman, Organising Committee for XV ICSMGE




      The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), in collaboration with
      the Kennan Institute/East European Studies Program of the Woodrow Wilson
      Center (WWC) will be administering a Symposium to bring together senior and
      junior US scholars to discuss a variety of political, economic, historical,
      and cultural topics related to the Black Sea Region. Junior scholars will be
      chosen based on a national competition. Applications must demonstrate a
      commitment to continued study, research, and work on and with the countries
      of the Black Sea Region. Grants will be awarded to 15-20 junior scholars.
      The Black Sea Regional Symposium is scheduled to take place March 29-April
      2, 2001.

      General Eligibility Requirements:

      * Applicants must either be currently enrolled in an MA, MS, MBA, JD, or PhD
      program, be pretenure or have held a graduate degree for 10 years or less.

      * Applicants must be US Citizens or have permanent residency in the US.

      * Applicants will NOT be considered from those who have not fulfilled all
      requirements for previous IREX and WWC grants.

      Grant Provisions:

      * Round-trip airfare and/or surface transportation (provided by IREX through
      its travel office) to the symposium site.

      * Meals and accommodations for the duration of the symposium.

      Application materials:

      Applicants must submit an original and four (4) complete, collated copies of
      all of the following materials:

      * The 2001 Black Sea Regional Symposium Grant application form;

      * A two to three page personal statement describing the contributions the
      applicant believes he/she can make to the discussion of issues concerning
      the Black Sea Region;

      * For applicants wishing to present their research at the Symposium, please
      include a two to three page executive summary of the research presentation
      including an explanation of its significance, particularly with respect to
      the US academic and policy-making community;

      * Curriculum vitae (please see instructions on web site);

      * One recommendation from an advisor or professor who is qualified to
      discuss the applicant's commitment and interest in the Black Sea region;

      * A transcript showing related coursework the applicant has completed (a
      photocopy of an official transcript is sufficient).

      The deadline for receipt of applications and all supporting documentation
      for this program is December 1, 2000.

      For more information on the Black Sea Regional Symposium please visit our
      web site at:
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