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x0x Turkish news for week ending 19 August 2000

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 19 August 2000


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      Ahmet Toprak and Anita Donahoe edited today's news.
      Today's host on the air is Qasim Zehni

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      * That of Turks marked the anniversary of last year's Aug. 17 killer
      earthquake with vigils and rallies throughout Turkey.
      Official figures give the death toll as 17,000, however, many believe
      that it is much higher than that. There were 285,000 people left homeless,
      many still living in tents.
      World press also gave wide coverage to the anniversary of the quake and
      accompanying events with news reports and commentaries.

      * The tension between the Turkish President Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer and the
      coalition government administration led by Mr. Bulent Ecevit is still
      continuing on the the issue of a decree.
      As we have reported last week, Mr. Sezer is refusing to sign a decree
      that will give Mr. Ecevit's administration the power to fire civil
      servants deemed to be the supporters of Islamic fundamentalism and Kurdish
      Mr. Sezer is saying that the parliament has to discuss the issue and
      enact a law, a government decree without a parliamentary debate and vote
      is undemocratic and against the Turkish constitution.
      There is speculation that Mr. Sezer's confrontation with the
      administration may ultimately lead to a clampdown by the powerful Turkish
      military, which some news reports see as being behind the decree.

      * According to wire reports, the president of the Turkish Republic of
      Northern Cyprus Rauf Denktash urged the Greek Cypriot leader Glafkos
      Klerides to join him in solving the Cyprus issue before the end of their
      The 76-year-old Denktash was addressing and 81-year-old Klerides during
      his speech commemorating the 1974 Turkish intervention.
      In 1974, Turkish troops intervened in Cyprus to save the Turkish
      Cypriots from hard-line Greeks who seized power with a coup.
      The two communities then moved to two different parts of the island, and
      since then they have been living apart.
      However, the Turks of Cyprus have been under economic and political
      embargo since then due to effective Greek lobbying and propaganda. Turkey
      is the only country that recognizes the Turkish Republic of Northern
      Cyprus, the all-Greek Cyprus republic is recognized as the legitimate
      government of the island.
      In the past 25 years, many efforts by the United Nations, and major
      world powers to reunite the island have not yielded results. However,
      there has been peace on the island ever since.

      * Turkey signed two international agreements on cultural and political
      rights that includes the right for all people to speak in their language.
      Turkey has been avoiding to sign to the agreement for the past 34 years.
      Analysts are saying that Turkey was holding out in fear of the
      agreement's implications on the rights of the Kurdish people in Turkey.
      Turkey's Kurds do speak their language in private life and publish books
      and recordings, however, there are no radio and TV broadcasts, and no
      education in Kurdish.

      * Turkey denied yesterday that it has signed a defense pack with Nigeria,
      saying that the two countries were only planning to have a military
      training and cooperation agreement.

      * According to daily Cumhuriyet, speaking to reporters after a meeting
      with Turkey's minister of foreign affairs Mr. Ismail Cem, the US Assistant
      Secretary of State Edward Walker said that Turkey has ideas which will
      contribute to the Middle East peace process and added that it has been
      historically helpful in the issue.
      Mr. Walker was visiting the Turkish capital Ankara.
      Walker says he is optimistic that a Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement
      can be reached in the near future.

      * Turkish police on Saturday arrested up to 30 people protesting
      government plans to transfer thousands of inmates from large
      dormitory-style jails to new prisons with small cells.

      * Iraq's Kurdistan Democratic Party claimed on Thursday that Turkish jets
      attacked an area inside Iraq and killed at least 38 civilians. In an
      interview with the BBC, a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party
      blamed the rebel Turkish Kurds' underground organization Kurdish Workers
      Party. The representative says that Kurdish Workers Party operates in
      Northern Iraq against the wishes of the Iraqi Kurds, and drawing Turkish
      attacks to the area.
      On Friday Turkish authorities announced that they will investigate the

      * Reuter reports that the Turkish shares closed 1.82 percent higher on
      Friday as gains in telecom equipment stocks helped fuel a rebound.

      * The head of the Institute of International Finance, Mr. Charles H.
      Dallara, met with the governor of Turkey's Central Bank Mr. Gazi Ercel
      this week.
      At a press conference afterwards, Mr. Dallara said that Turkish economy
      is on the right path. "Turkey's economic program is both ingenious and
      strong." Mr. Dallara added.
      Mr. Dallara predicted that "If the Central Bank, the Turkish people, the
      business world and the Turkish government cooperate, Turkey will have a
      single digit inflation rate."
      Turkish inflation rate has been hovering around 70 percent since
      mid-1980s, shooting up to three digits in some years. In the recent months
      there has been a modest decrease. The Turkish government's goal is to
      lower the inflation rate to about 25 percent by the end of the year.

      ARTS and CULTURE

      Edited for the Turkish radio hour by Gamze Seckin


      * Hurriyet reports that the World Cultural Heritage Center organized an
      internet poll to determine today's Seven Wonders of the World. The World
      Cultural Heritage Center is a UNESCO affiliate.

      Istanbul's Hagia Sofia is a candidate.

      The others are as follows:
      The Great Wall of China
      Taj Mahal in India
      Potala Place in Tibet
      Timbuktu in Mali
      The Coliseum of Rome
      Moscow's Kremlin and Red Square
      Mexico's Mayan Pyramids
      The Eiffel Tower in Paris and
      Italy's leaning Tower of Pisa.

      The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were the Great Pyramid of Egypt,
      the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple
      of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassos, the Colossus of
      Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

      The Temple of Artemis is in the Turkish Aegean town of Efes. The
      Mausoleum at Halicarnossus is in Bodrum, also on the Turkish Aegean coast.

      You can visit http://www.new7wonders.com to participate in the survey.

      * Daily Cumhuriyet reported that internationally famous jazz musician Mr.
      Ray Charles recently arrived in Istanbul for the Rumeli Concert.
      Mr. Abdullah Nebioglu, a director of the sponsoring Rumeli Holding
      Company, gave Mr. Charles a warm welcome at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.
      Mr. Ray Charles performed for appreciative audiences on August 15 and 16
      during concerts sponsored by Rumeli Holding Company.

      * Istanbul will host the 34th World Chess Olympics from October 28 through
      November 12, 2000. Participants will compete at Lutfi Kirdar Conference
      and Exhibition Center.
      200 chess masters from 120 countries were welcomed during a reception at
      the Olympics House in Atakoy, Istanbul. Present to welcome the contestants
      were Mr. Fikret Unlu, Minister of Sports, Mr. Sinan Erdem, Chairman of the
      Turkish Olympics Committee, Mr. Emrehan Halici, Chairman of the
      International Chess Federation and Mrs. Betul Ceren Yildiz of Turkey's
      national chess team.

      * The 37th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival will be held October 1st
      through 5th.
      Mr. Bekir Kumbul, Mayor of Antalya and Chairman of Golden Orange Arts
      and Culture Foundation declared that this year's theme of "Peace" would be
      reflected in "Turkish-Greek Friendship".

      * The 20th World Poets Conference will be held in Greece from August 15th
      through the 25th. A thousand poets and artists from 40 countries will
      participate. The sponsor, World Culture Arts Academy, is based in the U.S.
      The director is Tsigaridas International Relations and Press Union.
      Mr. Husamettin Olgun will give a talk entitled, "Friendship and Peace In
      Turkish and Greek Poems." Mr. Olgun is a specialist at Bursa's Social
      Security Agency Hospital. He has published four books of poetry and is a
      member of the World Culture Arts Academy
      The conference will provide excursions for the participants to Istanbul,
      Izmir, the Home of Virgin Mary, ancient Ephesus, and Bodrum.

      * Actress Guzin Ozipek died in Marmara University Hospital of
      complications caused by lymphoma. Ms. Ozipek, 75, played the grandmother
      in the Turkish serial ''Bizimkiler'' (Our Family).

      * Seven German university students visited Agiosproskeopios Church and the
      underground city in Agirnas. Agirnas hamlet is where Sinan, was born.
      Sinan was a famous architect during the 16th century Ottoman Empire.
      He built Selimiye Mosque, plus several other mosques, bridges, masjids
      and "kulliyes."

      * Archaeological excavations of the Panaztepe ruins continue. The site is
      located in Menemen, a town in the western province of Izmir.
      Begun in 1985, the excavations will be completed at the end of
      September. Dr. Hayat Erkanal, director of the excavations in Panaztepe,
      said that this year's excavations will concentrate on the graveyards.
      The team expects to discover important information about burial customs.

      * Catalhoyuk, the oldest and largest neolithic center in the world, gives
      us clues about people who thrived there 9,000 years ago. Catalhoyuk is in
      Cumra, a town in the province of Konya.
      The site sheds light on a culture dating back to 7000 B.C. Prof. Dr. Ian
      Hodder, who heads the excavations, said that significant information has
      been revealed about the ancient people since the excavations in Catalhoyuk
      began in 1993.
      Dr. Hodder currently teaches at the Stanford University. We have
      interviewed him on the Orient Express, and he has lectured at two Turkish
      American Association of California events about the Catalhoyuk
      See http://www.turkradio.org/catal/ for a page Dr. Hodder prepared for
      the Turkish Radio Hour.
      See also http://www.smm.org/catal/top.html

      * Turkey was admitted to the European Association of Ancient Cities,
      formed during the 25th anniversary of the Common Heritage Campaign. This
      was also the 50th anniversary of the European Council.
      After Turkey was admitted to the European Association, a meeting
      attended by 70 Mayors was held in Bursa.
      The Association of the European Ancient Cities' Regulations was adopted,
      and the Turkish Association of Ancient Cities was established.

      * On August 17, police in the southeastern Turkish city of Sanliurfa
      seized a painting by Pablo Picasso.
      This is the third of Picasso's works to surface in Turkey in the past
      three months.
      Picasso's painting, Portrait of a Young Woman, was stolen from the
      Kuwait Museum during the Iraqi military occupation.
      The painting is currently being examined by experts at Harran


      Edited for the Turkish radio hour by Mark Nowak

      * Premier soccer league results for Week #1

      Kocaelispor 0 Fenerbahce 4
      Besiktas 3 Yimpas Yozgatspor 0
      Genclerbirligi 0 Caykur Rizespor 0
      Bursaspor 3 Gaziantepspor 3
      Erzurumspor 1 Trabzonspor 3
      Istanbulspor 1 Adanaspor 6
      Siirt Jet-Pa Spor 1 Antalyaspor 2
      Samsunspor 3 Ankaragucu 0
      Denizlispor 0 Galatasaray 1

      Team Pts
      1 Adanaspor 3
      2 Fenerbahçe 3
      3 Besiktas 3
      3 Samsunspor 3
      5 Trabzonspor 3
      6 Antalyaspor 3
      7 Galatasaray 3
      8 Gaziantepspor 1
      8 Bursaspor 1
      10 Çaykur Rizespor 1
      10 Gençlerbirligi 1
      12 Siirt Jet-PA 0
      13 Denizlispor 0
      14 Erzurumspor 0
      15 MKE Ankaragücü 0
      15 Yimpas Yozgatspor 0
      17 Kocaelispor 0
      18 Istanbulspor 0

      Week 2 matches

      Antalyaspor 1-2 Besiktas
      MKE Ankaragücü - Kocaelispor
      Siirt Jet-PA - Çaykur Rizespor
      Yimpas Yozgatspor - Denizlispor
      Galatasaray - Erzurumspor
      Gençlerbirligi - Adanaspor
      Gaziantepspor - Samsunspor
      Trabzonspor - Bursaspor
      Fenerbahçe - Istanbulspor


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