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x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 July 2000

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    Tune to our program live on http://www.kusf.org x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 July 2000 (29jul00.txt} [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      Tune to our program live on http://www.kusf.org

      x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 July 2000


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      Edited by Arzu Ozkan

      * The European Union has given Turkey two years to settle the Cyprus
      problem according to Daily Milliyet's report. The European Union will
      otherwise commence the membership process of the Greek Cypriot Sector of
      Setting a deadline for the first-time, the European Union has thus
      advised Turkey not to waste time in settling the Cyprus problem. Although
      European Union diplomatic sources say this is not an attempt to exert
      pressure on Turkey, Turkish officials believe otherwise. Turkish officials
      also say that the European Union should stay away from the Cyprus issue.

      * According to daily Cumhuriyet's report on Friday, Turkish President
      Ahmet Necdet Sezer approved the appointment of 43 governors recommended by
      the Interior Affairs Minister Sadettin Tantan.
      Balikesir governor Alaaddin Yuksel was appointed to Izmir governorship,
      Deputy Director General of the Public Security Turan Genc to Elazig,
      Director of the Public Security in Istanbul Hasan Ozdemir to Ardahan,
      Administrative Inspector general Muzaffer Dilek to Sanliurfa.

      * Hurriyet reported that a 105-meter tunnel dug at Bergama Prison by 34
      Revolutionary Peoples Salvation Front-C militants, found by the gardener
      of the prison, was only 10 meters away from completion.
      The militants tried to stop the security forces and set the wards on
      fire when the security forces attempted to search the prison after the
      discovery of the tunnel.
      The gardener noticed the tunnel while watering the prison yard and
      warned the prison authorities.

      * Officials announced on Thursday the results of the Turkey's Examination
      for Student Selection. Scoring at least 105 marks, about 954 thousand out
      of the 1.4 million students passed the exam.
      Statistical data shows that female students were more successful in the
      exam than their male counterparts: While 74.6% of female students
      succeeding in the exam, the percentage for male students reached only
      According to the results of the exam published in daily Cumhuriyet,
      Buket Avci, a female student, also got the highest score in the test. The
      rate is 66.5 percent in male students. Officials declared 55 candidates
      papers as invalid for cheating or violating the examination rules.
      One of the requirements of enrollment in college or university in Turkey
      is to be successful in the Examination for Student Selection. This event,
      therefore, is watched by keen interest by all Turkish families.

      * Turkey's Higher Education Board presented a new list for candidates to
      lead the Turkish universities to the Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer,
      daily Turkiye reported on Thursday.
      Mr. Sezer had vetoed the Higher Education Board's list of candidates for
      Dokuz Eylul University again after two professors withdrew their
      candidacies on Tuesday.
      As we reported last week, Turkish president vetoed an earlier list for
      not taking into consideration the election results at the universities.
      After President Ahmet Necdet Sezer's veto, the partners of the Turkey's
      government coalition also started to discuss the mandate of Higher
      Education Board.
      Motherland Party prepared a proposal on limiting the Higher Education
      Board's authorities according to a report by daily Cumhuriyet.
      Nationalist Movement Party Istanbul deputy Mr. Yasar Ozturk stated that
      the Motherland Party's proposal brought minor changes that were not enough
      and added that certain radical changes should be made about the Higher
      Education Board.
      Both Mr. Ozturk and Democratic Left Party Istanbul deputy Mr. Masum
      Turker argued that the Higher Education Board should be turned into a
      coordination council.
      It is expected that when the Turkish Grand National Assembly opens, the
      discussions on the Higher Education Board's restructuring will begin and
      different views on the issue among the coalition partners will lead to new

      * The Fourth Eurasia Islam Council meeting in the Bosnian capital of
      Sarajevo ended on Friday.
      Islamic leaders from Turkey, Bosnia, republics and communities in the
      Russian federations such as Tatarstan, and the newly independent republics
      of the Former Soviet Union attended the meeting.
      Among the resolution adopted by the council are:
      - Making Turkish the common language of the Eurasia Islam Council
      and establishing a "Turkish Language Teaching Center" in Ankara, the
      center of the Organization.
      - Assisting member communities in converting their alphabets to
      the Roman alphabet. Most of the communities in the territories of the
      former Soviet Union are currently using Cyrillic based alphabets.
      - Establishing a web site to disseminate information about the
      activities and goals of the organization.
      There were also non-Moslem leaders attending the meeting.
      Bosnia-Herzegovina cardinal Linka Polic said their biggest goal is to
      increase dialogue among different religions, and maintain peace and
      stability in Bosnia-Herzegovina. "In this geography, many Muslims and
      Christians have lived together for years and they respected each other's
      The cardinal also said that Islam should be adjusted according to the
      time, and claimed that Islam cannot meet today's needs with its structure
      dating back to ancient times.

      * Daily Milliyet reported on Friday that The European Commission decided
      to extend 450 million euro credit to Turkey to strengthen and consolidate
      the Customs Union agreement.
      Turkey and the European Union signed a Customs union agreement that went
      into effect in January 1997, eliminating most tariffs. The European Union
      promised to assist Turkey economically to alleviate any adverse effects of
      the agreement.

      * Daily Sabah says that George Soros, "the money magician", and the
      Overseas Private Investment Corporation formed 150 million U.S. dollar
      fund to support private initiatives in nine Balkan and Southeast European
      countries, including Turkey.

      * Turkish officials announced earlier this week that Bell Helicopter
      Textron won the contract to supply 145 attack helicopters to Turkey. The
      deal is worth $4.5 billion.

      * According to daily Zaman, Turkey's population increased by 29,8 percent
      over the past 15 years. However, the number of taxpayers remained about
      the same. Turkey's Finance Ministry and State Statistics Institute figures
      shows how extensive the unregistered economy is in the country.


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Gamze Seckin

      * Turkish TV personality and program host Mr. Cenk Koray, 56, died
      suddenly of a heart attack on Sunday July 23rd. He was born in Adana, a
      beautiful city in southern Turkey.
      As an entertainment show host, Mr. Koray amused Turkish TV audiences
      with his wit and humor during much of the 1970s and 1980s. Fully trained
      as an attorney, Mr. Koray chose a career of journalism over law. His lucky
      break came when he was invited to stand in for another popular TV
      presenter who was on vacation. For several years, Mr. Koray wrote a column
      for the daily newspaper Aksam. Until last season, he was spokesman for his
      favorite soccer team, Istanbul's Besiktas.
      Mr. Cenk Koray's funeral ceremony was held at Karacaahmet Cemetery.
      Koray was buried by the side of his son Nihat, whom he had lost 4 years

      * Already broadcasting in Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia, Turkish
      Radio Television International (TRT-INT) has spread its reach to include
      Northern America and Canada. As of September 1st, TRT-INT will be
      available in Brazil, and this will include broadcasts from TRT-FM and
      Voice of Turkey.

      * According to daily Hurriyet Turkish architect, Mustafa K. Abadan,
      designed the most recent twin skyscrapers of New York. Scheduled to be
      completed towards the end of 2002, the Columbus Center of Manhattan will
      be anchored by Time Warner, AOL and CNN. The new Columbus Center will
      highlight a jazz concert hall named in honor of Mr. Ahmet Ertegun, owner
      of Atlantic Records Co. Mr. Ahmet Ertegun is also from Turkey.

      * Daily Milliyet reports that world famous Turkish fashion designer Faruk
      Sarac, who had carried Mr. Kemal Ataturk's clothing to the podiums, is now
      bringing Ottoman Sultans to the catwalk. Mr. Sarac will present 577 items
      of extraordinary clothing worn by 36 Ottoman Sultans.
      The fashion show will be held at the Saint Irene Museum in Istanbul on
      September 5th.

      * Daily Hurriyet reports that the strength and durability of the Turkish
      ceramics will be tested at the peak of Mt. Everest. The tests will
      demonstrate how well the ceramics hold up against the freezing cold of Mt.
      Everest and the burning hot weather conditions of Central Africa's Sahara
      desert. Produced by Seranit J.S. Corp, the ceramics will be taken to Mt.
      Everest by the renowned Turkish mountaineer, Mr. Nasuh Mahruki. Known by
      his nickname Snow Leopard, Mr. Mahruki heads the Rescue and First Aid
      Organization of Turkey, AKUT.

      * Kazantzakis' unforgettable work Zorba the Greek, which was performed for
      the first time by the Hungarian State Ballet, will be on stage in Istanbul
      September 5th through 9th.
      The performance will be held at Istanbul's Cemil Topuzlu Open Air
      Theater with 55 Hungarian dancers. Accompanying the dancers will be the
      Sirtos Bouzouki Orchestra and the 45-member Hungarian State Chorus,
      featuring soprano Bernadett Wiedemann.

      * Daily Hurriyet reports that the world famous Turkish pianist Fazil Say
      gave a magnificent recital in Bochum during the Ruhr 2000 Piano Festival.
      The predominantly German audience enthusiastically applauded Mr. Say for
      his brilliant performance.
      The first segment of his recital included the compositions of Domenico
      Scarlatti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Maurice
      Ravel. During the second half, he performed his own work titled Kara

      * Daily Cumhuriyet reported that "Nemrut: Throne of the Gods," a film
      about the Anatolian civilization of the Kommagene Empire, will premiere
      August 20th and run for 20 days.
      Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Turkish Is Bank and the Istanbul
      Stock Exchange, the film will be distributed internationally.

      * According to daily Cumhuriyet, Turkey's Association for the Support for
      Modern Life is offering theater seminars to the earthquake victims in
      Yalova. When the seminars are completed, plays will be staged on a truck
      that has been transformed into a stage.
      Under the guidance of Stephan Fischer-Fels of the Berlin Orips Theatre,
      Kerstin Hess of the Dresden New Generation Theatre, Turkish students,
      teachers and children are participating in the seminars.
      The seminars will continue through August 1st.

      * According to daily Milliyet, Turkish businesses, Turkish Foundation for
      Combating Soil Erosion and scientists began a new initiative to save the
      ancient city of Zeugma, which is being slowly submerged by the waters of
      the Birecik Dam.
      The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion aims to transport the
      second terrace of Zeugma to higher ground.
      Representatives of the group working to save Zeugma said the initiative
      offered a highly positive approach to save the remains of the ancient
      Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer received the 15-member delegation
      from the Zeugma Initiative Group. Delegates included Turkey's Minister of
      Tourism Erkan Mumcu. During the meeting,
      President Sezer pledged to extend support for the completion of work
      aimed toward salvaging and preserving Zeugma's historical artifacts.

      * Gaziantep Director of Culture Hasan Eliacik said that a mosaic piece
      from the historical site at Zeugma would be returned to its original
      Stolen from Turkey in 1968, the mosaic was brought back to Turkey on
      June 19th.
      Mr. Eliacik said that experts have reassembled the mosaic illustrating
      the love between Partenope and Metiox.
      The lovely mosaic will be placed on public display at a ceremony
      attended by Turkey's Minister of Culture Istemihan Talay.
      The missing mosaic was found in the U.S. in 1993 through the joint
      efforts of the Gaziantep Museum and Prof. David Kennedy from Western
      Australia University.


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 39/21 (102/70) Sunny
      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 33/23 (91/73) Sunny
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 39/23 (102/73) Sunny
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 34/24 (93/75) Sunny


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: Buying Selling
      One U.S. dollar would get you 630,456 Turkish Liras,
      while 633,496 Turkish Liras would get you one U.S. dollar.


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * The first leg matches of the second qualifying round in the European
      Champions League were finalized.

      Results of the first leg matches of the second qualifying round area as

      BESIKTAS (Turkey) v PFC Levski Sofia (Bulgaria): 1-0

      * Ms. Ayse Kil has become the champion of 25 meter military rapid shooting
      competition second time after coming first in rapid and slow shooting
      competition. Kil with her success got the 'best shooter' title.

      * The first leg of Friendship Cups Sailing Races organized by Turkey High
      Seas Races Club and Greek Nautical Club of Salonica started in Istanbul.
      The races which were organized to enhance the Turkish-Greek friendship.
      The sails will compete in both Turkish and Greek territorial waters.

      * Yasemin Dalkilic, dive 120 meters underwater, breaking the world record
      on "Limitless variable weight free diving". Dalkilic dived to 120 meters,
      breaking the ''limitless variable weight free-diving'' record, which was
      115 meters by Cuban Deborah Andorra. Her record was approved by Free
      Diving Rules and Training Union (FREE), established by her coach Rudy


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      1st Annual San Francisco Bay Turkish Festival
      Saturday & Sunday, July 29-30, 2000
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      Saturday, July 29, 8pm
      San Mateo Central Park Recreation Center

      3rd Annual Monterey Bay Turkish Festival
      Saturday & Sunday, August 5-6, 2000
      (11am - 6pm)
      Monterey Custom House Plaza
      (next to the Fisherman's Wharf)


      Art Exhibits (Tapestry, Gilding, Carpet weaving, Photography)
      Live music entertainment, Folk dancing, Belly dancing
      Food and drinks (Doner Kebap, Adana kofte kebap, borek, baklava,
      Turkish Coffee, ...) Many activities for Children (coloring, story
      telling, folk dancing, games,...)
      Information: (415) 646-0946, www.taaca.org

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      *** Horon, Monterey
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      Practices: Sundays, 1-4pm

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