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x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 May. 2000

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  • Ahmet Toprak
    Tune to our program live on http://www.kusf.org x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 May. 2000 {27may00.trh} [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      Tune to our program live on http://www.kusf.org

      x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 May. 2000


      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      Ahmet Toprak edited today's news.
      Today's host on the air is Fuad Tokad

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      * Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Nationalist Action
      Party Dr. Devlet Bahceli voiced his concerns about recent developments in
      Russia without mentioning the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin at
      his party's group meeting in Parliament.
      "It is not possible to maintain peace and cooperation with the
      expansionist policies and intentions which can be viewed as an effort to
      revive the spirit of the Soviet Union" Bahceli said.
      He stated that it was not possible for Turkey to accept efforts aiming
      to destabilize the Caucasus and Central Asia.
      Mr. Putin and an entourage of high-level Russian officials made a tour
      of the Central Asian countries last week. During his visit to the area
      Mr. Putin coaxed the area leaders to join Russia in military and economic
      Turkey and the West see Mr. Putin's efforts as an attempt to counter the
      increasing influence of U.S. and Turkey in the region.

      * While Turkey is playing rivals in the Caucasus and the Central Asia with
      Russia, a special visiting envoy from Turkey invited Russian President Mr.
      Putin to Turkey.
      Turkish papers report that Mr. Putin accepted the invitation.

      * Turkish armed forces entered Northern Iraq in pursuit of the rebel
      Turkish Kurds. An army report said that they killed 10 rebels.
      During their operation in Northern Iraq, Turkish armed forces are
      receiving assistance from a faction of the Iraqi Kurds.
      According to the army sources there are only 500 rebels left in Turkey,
      5000 of them have sought refuge in neighboring countries.
      Another army report said that the level of rebel activity decreased to
      pre-insurgency levels of 1984.
      The leader of the rebels Mr. Abdullah Ocalan is currently in jail in
      Turkey. Although Turkish judges sentenced him to death, the Turkish
      authorities are saying that they will wait the European Court decision on
      his fate.

      * Turkish papers say that the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has sent a
      letter to Turkey's Prime Minister Mr. Bulent Ecevit and asked help over
      Syria. Mr. Barak asked Mr. Ecevit to warn Syria not to support terrorist
      attacks against Israel after its withdrawal from Lebanon.

      * Daily Sabah says that Mina Weizmann, sister of Haim Weizmann, the first
      President of Israel, and the aunt of current Israeli President Ezer
      Weizmann was a spy for the Turks. Mina, who was born in Russia in 1890,
      and who migrated to Palestine in 1914, carried espionage activities for
      the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. The aunt, who died at the
      age of 35, could not see independence of Israel.

      * Anatolian News Agency says that the Turkish Greek friendship is
      extending into sports.
      The employees of the municipalities of Athens and Sariyer, Istanbul,
      were to hold a "friendship match" in Istanbul today.

      * Turkish armed forces Office of the Chief Of General Staff denied reports
      that it is in favor of abolishing the Aegean Army.
      A retired Turkish admiral suggested that Turkey could abolish the Aegean
      army to further normalize relations with Greece.
      Turkey says that it established the Aegean Army to counter the Greek
      attempts to increase its territorial waters in the Aegean Sea, and the
      Greek deployment of arms and military personnel to the demilitarized Greek
      islands off the Turkish coast.

      * And a first in Greece: an ethnic Turk started teaching at the Athens
      Technical University.
      The Greek daily Eksusia, while reporting the achievements of Mr. Kemal
      Peskesci, pointed out that there are currently only 240 ethnic Turks
      attending college in Greece.
      Ethnic Turks number around 130,000 in Greece.

      * A prosecutor in the South Eastern province of Diyarbakir asked for the
      death sentence for 13 Party of God suspects. The 13 suspects and others
      indicted are being accused of killing 156 people in politically motivated
      murders. Turkish officials and media are branding the Party of God as
      Islamic fundamentalists.

      * Associated Press says that it has obtained a copy of a Turkish
      parliamentary report documenting systemic torture by Turkish security
      Associated Press points out that the Turkish government officials
      concede that torture occurs but it is illegal.
      The six-volume report includes photographs of torture cells with expose
      electrical wires and bars for suspending prisoners.


      * While still arguing about the alleged involvement of the Iranian agents
      in political killings and arrests of Iranians in Turkey, Turks and
      Iranians are still going ahead with plans to bolster their economic ties:
      A delegation of Turkish officials and businessmen are visiting Iran today.
      The current volume of trade between the two countries stood around $1
      billion last year. Most of the trade is made up of Iranian exports of oil
      to Turkey.

      * The chairman of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn is visiting Turkey.
      Mr. Wolfensohn is the first in director of the World Bank to visit Turkey
      in more than ten years.
      The World Bank's Turkey director Mr. Ajay Chhibber who announced the
      visit says that this will bring about foreign capital influx to Turkey.
      Mr. Wolfensohn, in addition to meeting government officials and business
      leaders, traveled to the earthquake-stricken region of Turkey and met with
      the survivors of the earthquake.
      While addressing a group of Turkish bankers in Istanbul, Mr. Wolfensohn
      said that the success of the Turkish economy is not only vital for the
      Turkish people, but also for the global geopolitical balance, peace and

      * According to the Anatolian News Agency Turkey has repaid $4.3 billion of
      debt and interest since the beginning of the year.

      * Turkish officials are reporting that that there was a 69 percent jump in
      the number of tourists visiting Turkey in April as compared to the same
      month last year.

      * According to the Anatolian News Agency, U.S. officials warned on
      Wednesday that Turkmenistan could choose to sell its natural gas to other
      markets if the Trans-Caspian natural gas pipeline project is postponed.
      The pipeline is supposed to cross the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan, and
      then through Georgia to Turkey.
      Turkish press has been reporting that the Turkmens may not be going
      along with the project, possibly under Russian pressure. Turkmens signed a
      deal to sell gas to Russia last week while the President of Russia Mr.
      Putin was visiting there.
      However, on Wednesday the Turkmenistan's ambassador to Ankara said that
      his government is planning to go ahead with the project.

      * Turkey's state owned railroad company has started a new bidding process
      for new tracks between Istanbul and the capital Ankara.
      According to the officials, the new lines will cost around $400 million
      and shorten the travel time to four hours.

      * "AIREX 2000" Third International Civilian Aviation and Airport
      Equipments Fair has started in Istanbul.
      200 foreign and Turkish companies are attending the fair, which will
      remain open until May 28th.

      * Turkey's Vestel company says that they will start production in the U.S.
      Vestel produces TVs, computer monitors and other electronic goods and it
      is the only company that maintains a research office here in the Silicon

      * Turkey's agricultural minister Mr. Husnu Yusuf Gokalp offered to train
      Cuban farmers to increase the yield on cotton farming. His offer was made
      to the visiting Cuban agriculture minister Alfredo Morales.

      * Turkey's Minister of State responsible for maritime affairs, Ramazan
      Mirzaoglu and Cuba's fishing and maritime trade minister, Orlando
      Rodriquez, signed a goodwill protocol in Istanbul for the 13 ships planned
      to be built in Turkey for Cuba.

      * Turkey's e-commerce volume may reach $15 to $20 million this year. The
      Economist magazine says that Turkey ranks 39th among 60 countries in terms
      of the commerce volume. The number of Internet users in Turkey increased
      60 percent in the first five months of this year to 75,000.

      * Daily Sabah says that there are attempts to establish a mortgage company
      in Turkey similar to the ones here in the U.S.
      Long-term home loans are unknown in Turkey. Many potential buyers in
      Turkey save for decades before being able to afford to buy a home.

      Edited by Aydin Koc


      Selling Rate Buying Rate
      One U.S. Dollar 620,560 623,555


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 17/9 (63/48) Rainy
      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 19/14 (66/57) Rainy
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 24/14 (75/57) Cloudy
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 22/14 (72/57) Cloudy

      * The American Gastrointerological Union's General Council is viewing the
      drug "Aptosyn" developed by Turkish scientist Dr. Rifat Pamukcu as a major
      achievement. Aptosyn will be used to treat the colon and prostate cancers.
      Dr. Pamukcu developed the drug at the Cell Pathway firm's laboratories in
      For more information about the drug see:
      http://www.forbes.com/forbes/99/0531/6311238a.htm and

      * One of Turkey's biggest projects, Izmir metro, opened on Monday. The
      project which will be a "transportation reform" in Izmir cost a total of
      $745 million. The metro will provide transportation to Izmir's inhabitants
      between Bornova and Ucyol districts.
      Officials are saying that the Izmir metro cost less than metro systems
      in Ankara and Istanbul.
      See http://www.izmir-bld.gov.tr/index.asp for a picture of the metro

      * Antalya is preparing to be the host of one of the biggest projects in
      Turkey. The meetings between Ata Holding Company and Walt Disney
      Corporation to build one of the biggest entertainment centre in Europe,
      reached the final stage.
      A member of the Executive Board of Ata Holding Company, Erhan Kurdoglu,
      said, "We made an agreement in principle for the implementation of the
      Disneyland project, which we expect to cost nearly $1.6 billion. During
      the meeting that we held with the officials from Walt Disney
      administration, they told us that they would meet half of the investment

      * May Boredom was presented with the Best National Film Award at the 12th International Ankara Film Festival.
      Other award-winners are as follows:
      Best Director : Kutlug Ataman with Lola and Bilidikid
      Best Female Performance : Meltem Cumbul, Trial
      Best Male Performance : Kamran Usluer, Lady Salkim's Grains
      Best Supporting Actress : Guzin Coragan, Trial
      Best Supporting Actor : Burak Sergen, Bean (Fasulye) and Elevator
      Best Original Screenplay: Etyen Mahcupyan and Taner Baran, Lady Salkim's Grains
      Best Film Editor : Chris Squires, Lola and Bilidikid
      Best Art Director : Mustafa Ziya Ulkenciler, Lady Salkim's Grains
      Best Original Music : Tamer Ciray, Lady Salkim's Grains
      Best Fiction : Sedat Karadeniz, Children of Dark City
      Best Promising Actor : Selim Erdogan, Bean
      Mahmut Tali Ongoren Special Award: Lady Salkim's Grains


      Edited for Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Premier Soccer League

      Results of the games played last week:

      Samsunspor Genclerbirligi 1-2
      Bursaspor Kocaelispor 2-0
      Erzurumspor Besiktas 1-4
      Adanaspor Gaziantepspor 3-0
      Galatasaray Istanbulspor 1-1
      Antalyaspor Altay 3-1
      Goztepe Vanspor 2-1
      Fenerbahce Denizlispor 2-1
      Ankaragucu Trabzonspor 1-1

      Standings in the Premier League:

      Team Pts
      1. Galatasaray 79
      2. Besiktas 75
      3. Gaziantepspor 62
      4. Fenerbahce 61
      5. Genclerbirligi 56
      6. Trabzonspor 53
      7. Samsunspor 52
      8. Denizlispor 47
      9. Adanaspor 45
      10. Bursaspor 42
      11. Antalyaspor 41
      10. Kocaelispor 40
      12. Ankaragucu 39
      14. Erzurumspor 38
      15. Isrtanbulspor 37

      16. Altay 37
      17. Goztepe 26
      18. Vanspor 18

      * UEFA Cup champion Galatasaray may receive a multi-million dollar grant
      from a state fund, club officials said. Galatasaray's spokesman said the
      proposed grant, reported in the Turkish press to be worth as much as $35
      million, awaited discussion in Turkey's parliament.
      The proposed payment from Turkey's Promotion Fund, which supports
      activities that boost the country's image, drew harsh criticism in the
      Turkish press. The paper said a draft law proposed by government MPs
      would reward Turkish success in any sport with cash but reserves the
      biggest hand-outs for soccer sides. The bill, not yet scheduled for
      parliamentary debate, would be retroactive to include Galatasaray's UEFA
      Cup victory over Arsenal. Rumours that the Istanbul club's finances are
      strained have fuelled doubts about Galatasaray's ability to retain its
      multi-national squad and coach Fatih Terim.


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