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Turkish News for week ending 29 Apr. 2000

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    Tune to our program live on http://www.kusf.org x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 Apr. 2000 {29apr00.trh} [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      Tune to our program live on http://www.kusf.org

      x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 Apr. 2000


      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Arzu Ozkan

      * According to a report dispatched by Milliyet on Friday, presidential
      candidate Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer received most of the votes at the Turkish
      Grand National Assembly meeting to elect the 10th president of the
      Republic of Turkey.
      The candidates and their votes are as follows:
      Ahmet Necdet Sezer, 281
      Nevzat Yalcintas, 61
      Sadi Somuncuoglu 58
      Yildirim Akbulut, 56
      Dogan Gures, 35
      Ahmet Iyimaya, 10
      Rasim Zaimoglu, 7
      A. Oktay Guner, 5
      Oguz Aygun, 4
      Mail Buyukerman, 3 votes.
      As Sezer couldn't get the 367 votes in the first vote, the Turkish Grand
      National Assembly will hold a second round of balloting on Monday, May 1.
      While evaluating the result of the ballot, Premier Bulent Ecevit stated
      that the result was as expected and he was hopeful that the second ballot
      would benefit Sezer.
      Meanwhile, in regards to the ballot, Ahmet Necdet Sezer stated, "It is
      up to the Parliament's discretion." Sezer's candidacy has been widely
      covered in the foreign press also and viewed as a positive
      development. The European press emphasizes especially his secure and
      democratic stance.
      Earlier, Turkey's major opposition political parties have agreed to
      support Mr. Sezer, the government's nominee. Mr. Sezer is a high ranking
      secular judge. A Voice of America report characterized this as "a rare
      show unity".
      Mr. Sezer, who is 59-years old, first gained public prominence with a
      speech last year in which he called for easing bans on free expression
      contained in the constitution. The judge is untainted by corruption
      scandals like so many of Turkey's political leaders, and many commentators
      say Mr. Sezer's nomination -- although unexpected --is hugely welcome.

      * All Turkish papers reported last week that 29 members of US House of
      Representatives, who Turks say are influenced by ethnic groups against
      Turkey, have written a letter to President Bill Clinton asking him to stop
      the sale of Bell-Textron King Cobra attack helicopters to Turkey should
      the contract be awarded to a U.S. firm.
      The letter was written on the initiative of Republican Senator for
      Florida Michael Bilirakis and states that refusing to supply the
      helicopters to Turkey will increase stability in the Balkans, the Caucasus
      and the Middle East, and contribute to an improvement in Turkey's human
      rights record.
      Turkish papers are saying that the anti-Turkish lobbyists are also
      suggesting that Turkey's financial resources should be put to better use
      by repairing the effects of the last year's deadly earthquakes.

      * Turkish authorities have started placing 10 seismographs sent from Japan
      on the Marmara Sea bed to determine the condition of the fault line in the
      According to a report dispatched by Daily Hurriyet, the Dean of the
      Mining Faculty of the Istanbul Technical University, Dr. Naci Gorur, said
      that within three or four months, they will be able to collect information
      concerning the condition of the fault line in the region.
      Istanbul Technical University also published a report on Thursday on the
      magnitude of the earthquake risk Istanbul faces. The report, quoted in
      the Turkish daily Star, states that the probability of an earthquake in
      Istanbul area in 30 years is between 47 to 77 percent.
      The scientists are explaining the increased probability with the theory
      that the 17 August Izmit quake increased the stress on the fault lines in
      the Marmara Sea.

      * According to a daily Star report, Turkey's Minister of Labor and Social
      Welfare, Mr. Yasar Okuyan, announced that insured people would receive
      social security cards.
      During his speech at a meeting in Istanbul Chamber of Trade, Minister
      Okuyan said, "At the first stage, 32 million citizens from Social Security
      Agency, and 14 million from Bag-Kur, the agency that insures self-employed
      Turks, will get these cards. They will be used in all social security and
      health related matters. The project is expected be completed in 20

      * Earlier this week Mr. Gazi Ercel, Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey
      announced that Turkish authorities may removed six zeros from the Turkish
      Lira in early 2001.
      According to Daily Hurriyet's report Mr. Ercel said that technical
      studies were underway. With the implementation out this project, one
      Turkish Lira would be equal to two U.S. dollars. Mr. Ercel said that they
      would thus have removed one of the serious burdens of the high chronic
      inflation on Turkey's economy. On Thursday, however, Mr. Ercel announced
      that this operation would not be undertaken until year 2002.

      * Daily Milliyet reports that the. Forbes magazine listed three Turkish
      companies among the 800 giant companies of the world, excluding the
      U.S. companies.
      Forbes list included the Koc Group, Sabanci Group and the TUPRAS Turkish
      Oil Refineries Inc.
      The Koc Group was in the 338th place with $7-billion revenue,
      Sabanci Group was in the 446th place with $5.2 billions, and
      TUPRAS was in the 714th place with $3.2 billion.


      Selling Rate Buying Rate
      One U.S. Dollar 602,000 598,000



      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 18/10 (64/50)Rain
      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 17/12 (63/54)Rain
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 19/12 (66/54)Cloudy
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 20/14 (68/57)Rain


      * Turkey's Ministry of Tourism continues its promotion campaign in various
      countries. This time, posters advertising Turkey's natural beauties and
      historic riches will appear on the busses and billboards of Paris and
      various other French cities. Advertisements will also appear on 19 major
      French magazines, and broadcast by the leading four television channels.


      Edited for Turkish Radio our by Mark Nowak

      Turkish Premier Soccer League

      Week 30 results:

      Bursaspor Genclerbirligi 2-5
      Adanaspor Vanspor 2-0
      Galatasaray Denizlispor 2-2
      Goztepe Erzurumspor 1-4
      Gaziantepspor Istanbulspor 1-0
      Trabzonspor Altay 2-1
      Kocaelispor Ankaragucu 4-1
      Antalyaspor Besiktas 2-2
      Fenerbahce Samsunspor 1-0

      Week 31 games:

      Erzurumspor Fenerbahce
      Genclerbirligi Goztepe
      Istanbulspor Trabzonspor
      Altay Ankaragucu
      Samsunspor Gaziantepspor
      Besiktas 5-1 Bursaspor
      Denizlispor Antalyaspor
      Vanspor Galatasaray
      Kocaelispor Adanaspor


      Teams Pts
      1. Galatasaray 72
      2. Besiktas 69
      3. Gaziantepspor 55
      4. Fenerbahce 52
      5. Samsunspor 49
      6. Trabzonspor 49
      7. Genclerbirligi 44
      8. Denizlispor 41
      9. Adanaspor 38
      10.Kocaelispor 38
      11. Erzurumspor 38
      12. Bursaspor 36
      13. Ankaragucu 35
      14. Antalyaspor 34
      15. Altay 33

      16. Istanbulspor 29
      17. Goztepe 23
      18. Vanspor 15

      * Turkish weight-lifter Halil Mutlu broke one more world record with his
      166.5-kilo lift in clean and jerk at the 79th European Adults Championship
      in Bulgaria. Halil Mutlu, competing in the 56-kilogram weight to class,
      won three gold medals in snatch, clean and jerk and total categories with
      135, 166.5 and 300 kilos respectively.

      * Another Turkish weight lifter, Naim Suleymanoglu, received two bronze
      medals in the same competitions in the 64-kilogram category. Naim
      Suleymanoglu managed to become third in the snatch with 140 kilos and
      fourth in the clean and jerk with 170 kilos. He ranked third in total
      Naim Suleymanoglu, dubbed "the pocket Hercules", once was the top
      athlete in his category, holding several gold medals both in the Olympics
      and other competitions.

      * Turkey became the first in the team standings in the Third International
      Antalya Youth Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling Tournaments.
      Turkey won 7 gold, 8 silver and five bronze medals in freestyle while it
      won three gold, three silver and five bronze medals in Greco-Roman style
      in the tournament.
      Thus, Turkey became the first in team standings. Iran and South Africa
      followed Turkey in freestyle team standings.
      Georgia became the second and Azerbaijan became the third in Greco-Roman
      team standings.


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