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x0x Turkish news for week ending 25 Mar. 2000

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    Tune to our program live on http://www.kusf.org x0x Turkish news for week ending 25 Mar. 2000 {25mar00.trh} [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      Tune to our program live on http://www.kusf.org

      x0x Turkish news for week ending 25 Mar. 2000


      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      3rd Saturdays at 6:00 P.M.

      Ahmet Toprak edited today's news.
      Today's host on the air is Fuad Tokad.

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      Edited for The Turkish Radio Hour by Arzu Ozkan

      * Bay Area Turkish community is mourning the loss of a prominent Turkish
      American. Mr. Attila Kaslan died in motorcycle accident in Napa. Mr.
      Kaslan was 67.
      In addition to being a successful businessman and an engineer, Mr.
      Kaslan was active in community affairs.
      Mr. Kaslan was the husband of Mrs. Bonnie Joy Kaslan, the honorary
      council General of Turkey to San Francisco.
      Attila Kaslan was born in Istanbul. He moved to the United States in
      1956 and he and Bonnie Joy have lived in Sonoma Valley since 1993. They
      were business partners in Kaslan Associates Inc., an engineering company.
      An expert in dealing with earthquake-resistant construction, Attila Kaslan
      immediately left for Turkey to consult with Turkish private and public
      sector groups and to assist in earthquake reconstruction efforts.
      Attila Kaslan's devotion to civic service extended beyond the
      Turkish-American community. He played a leading role in building the
      Valley of Moon Boys and Girls Club in Sonoma Valley and was a
      long-standing member of the Sonoma Valley Rotary Club. He also was a
      California State Pistol champion, a lifelong member of the National Rifle
      Association and a reserve police officer for 21 years, retiring from the
      Alameda County Sheriff's Department as a captain.
      A service in memory of Attila Kaslan life will be held at a later date.
      Instead of flowers, the family requests that friends remember Atilla
      Kaslan by making a donation to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey.
      Donations can be made to:
      TAAC Earthquake Relief Fund, c/o PMB 345, 19229 Sonoma Highway, Sonoma,
      CA 95476-5413.

      * Turkey's private NTV channel reported that the Constitutional Committee
      of the Turkish Parliament has accepted the changes to Article 69 of the
      Turkish constitution.
      The changes to Article 69 will make it difficult to close down political
      parties. This comes after debate over the order of discussion on the three
      articles, 69, 89 and 101, under consideration by the committee.
      The proposed changes to Article 101 will enable President Suleyman
      Demirel to be re-elected for a second term in the upcoming presidential

      * Yenibinyil newspaper reported that the pro-Kurdish People's Democracy
      Party applied to governor's offices in 21 provinces of Turkey to request
      permission for the Newroz celebrations on March 21. The People's Democracy
      Party referred to the holiday as "Newroz" rather than "Nevruz" in its
      applications and invitations and banners. The celebrations were allowed in
      20 provinces.
      The Istanbul Governor's Office remained fixed on the Newroz word, and it
      did not allow celebrations claiming "Newroz" is not a Turkish word, and
      banned the "Newroz-Peace-Freedom" banners.
      The Istanbul Governor's Office said it did not allow celebrations in
      accordance with the Law on Political Parties, which foresees that the
      political parties cannot use any other language except Turkish.
      Celebrations took place without any incidence in all the provinces
      except in Istanbul some people were detained for assembling without a

      * Turkish fishermen, fishing for turbot in the Black Sea, were attacked by
      Ukrainian war planes, according to Anatolian News Agency.
      During the attack, two fishing boats sank and three fishermen were
      killed, while Ukrainian security forces seized 47 other crewmembers.
      According to the fishermen, on the second day of the Feast of Sacrifice,
      10-15 fishing vessels sailed into the Black Sea from Istanbul. While
      fishing in international waters, they accidentally entered Ukrainian
      waters. Ukrainian Coast-guard Security vessels began to follow the fishing
      boats, in the meantime, a jet from the Ukrainian Air Forces dropped bombs
      on them.
      During the attack two vessels, the "Serif Cinar " and the "Yavrum
      Mehmet" sank, Durmus Cinar and two other unidentified fishermen were
      The families of the dead accused the Ukraine of attacking unarmed
      Turkish diplomats have already initiated attempts to ensure the release
      of the detained fishermen.

      * Daily Hurriyet reported that in the traffic accidents during the Eid
      al-Adha holiday claimed the lives of 153 people in Turkey. 382 people were
      also injured. The number of accidents increased this year as compared to
      previous years since the commercial trucks were permitted to travel during
      the Eid al-Adha holiday.
      In previous years, Turkish authorities banned the commercial trucks from
      traffic during the Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha holidays.

      * Daily Turkiye reports that the Turkish pilgrims who fulfilled their
      sacred duty in the holy lands started to return to Turkey. The first group
      of pilgrims was welcomed in Istanbul late on Sunday.

      * Daily Aksam says that Turkish businesses exported $5.6 million worth of
      products from the southeastern Anatolian project region to five countries
      in the American continent. About $2.9 million dollars of the exports were
      Last year during the same period businesses exported only $3.1 million
      worth of products.
      As for Turkish exports to the European Union countries, there was also
      as substantial increase in the first two months of the year. The Turkish
      Exporters Union officials say, according to daily Sabah, exports totaled
      $2.2 billion for this period. According to the Exporters Union,
      ready-to-wear clothes were the most exported goods, followed by automotive
      and industrial products.

      * An Anatolian News Agency dispatch writes that Turkey and the U.S. will
      hold a series of meetings in the following weeks. The two sides will
      discuss bilateral economic, military, and political relations.
      Concurrent with the talks between the two nations' officials, the
      American-Turkish Council will hold its annual conference on U.S.-Turkish
      Relations between March 29 and 31, 2000 in Washington DC. Many of the
      Turkish officials visiting the U.S. for official talks will also attend
      this conference.
      The American-Turkish Council is a private organization
      founded to promote U.S.-Turkish commercial, defense and cultural
      relations. For more information about the Council refer to their Website
      at http://www.americanturkishcouncil.org/

      * Daily Aksam reports that the Turkish Airlines and the American Airlines
      will sign an agreement to carry out common flights. The Turkish Airlines
      currently has flights to New York, Chicago and Miami from Turkey. The
      cooperation between Turkish and American Airlines will enable the
      passengers to go to other U.S. destinations with the American Airlines.

      * Daily Sabah reported that a TED Ankara College student Ustun Ozgur has
      come first in the "International Mathematics Competition" organized by the
      Council for International Schools in Europe. During the competition in
      Geneva between March 17-19, a team from TED College consisting of Ustun
      Ozgur, Engin Yagmur and Mehmet Akyol, came at the top. A total of 120
      students from 23 schools in various countries , including Austria, Italy,
      Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Russia, Norway and Turkey,
      took part in the competition.

      * Turkcell, which is in partnership with the Finnish Sonera Company, will
      be listed in the NASDAQ, according to a Daily Milliyet report. The net
      worth of Turkcell is estimated to be currently between $20 and 25 billion
      and that an agreement had been reached with NASDAQ officials. Turkcell
      will go public in June.

      * Turkey's State Minister Mehmet Ali Irtemcelik has said that Turkey will
      soon be a member of two international pacts concerned with protecting
      human rights, the Anatolia News Agency reports.
      Participating in the annual meeting of the Human Rights Commission held
      in Geneva, Switzerland, Irtemcelik announced that Turkey would sign the
      two pacts in the near future. He stated that the first of the pacts
      concerned civil and political rights while the other dealt with
      socio-economic and cultural rights.
      In his statement, in which he recalled the steps Turkey had taken in the
      field of human rights, Irtemcelik said, "The process of improvements in
      human rights in Turkey cannot be reversed". He also remarked that European
      Union candidacy had given the government the impetus to rapidly implement

      * A court in northwestern Turkey has sentenced a nurse to 22 days jail and
      fined her 185,000 Turkish liras (25 US cents) after an injection she gave
      to a toddler caused gangrene in the child's left forearm, the Turkish
      press reported Thursday. The court had originally imposed a three-month
      prison term and a fine of 80,000 liras (1.5 cents) for the 1995 incident
      at the local state-run hospital, which left three-year-old Aysen needing
      an artificial arm. But the court then reduced the sentence on the grounds
      that the nurse's error was a minor one.
      Aysen's family had sought 60 billion Turkish liras (12,000 dollars) in
      The Turkish legal system is often criticized for the small amounts of
      compensation awarded in negligence cases, awards that are quickly eaten up
      by the country's chronic inflation.

      * The Istanbul Bar association has launched disciplinary action against
      defense lawyers for the Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan, accusing
      them of acting as spokesmen for the rebel chief, the Anatolia news agency
      reported on Friday. The justice ministry had asked the bar in January to
      take disciplinary action against eight lawyers for Ocalan, saying their
      actions exceeded the limits of defense activities and breached
      professional ethics.


      Exchange rate for The Turkish Liras in U.S. dollars:

      Selling Rate Buying Rate
      U.S.Dollar 580,474 583,273


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Daily Sabah reported that Derya Buyukuncu, a Turkish swimmer, won bronze
      medal in men's 100-meter backstroke final of the Fifth FINA World Short
      Course Swimming Championships. Buyukuncu swam 100 meters in 52.88 seconds
      and became the bronze medallist in the championships, which are being held
      in Athens, Greece. Thus, Buyukuncu became the first Turkish swimmer who
      stood on the rostrum.

      * The only sports channel in Europe, Eurosport, has elected Galatasaray as
      the most successful football team for the year 2000. Eurosport has
      prepared a 15-minute documentary on Galatasaray and will broadcast this
      decision when a second match will be played between Galatasaray and Real
      Mallorca. Eurosport will also broadcast in Turkish.

      * Turkish champions Galatasaray swept into the UEFA Cup semifinals in
      style, beating Mallorca 2-1 after trouncing them 4-1 away.
      It was only the second time the Turkish side had progressed so far in a
      European cup competition and thousands of fans poured on to the streets in
      Brazilian striker Capone put the Istanbul side ahead, scoring from a
      cross from Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi. The Mallorcan defense
      watched as the ball bounced off one post, skidded along the line and went
      in at the far corner.
      Driven on by characteristically raucous supporters, prolific scorer
      Hakan Sukur put Galatasaray in the driving seat with a second goal just
      after halftime.
      But the Spaniards were spurred into action in the second half with
      striker Carlos Dominguez lobbing an overhead goal from an Ariel Ibagaza
      cross into the net.
      The entry of Yugoslav winger Jovan Stankovic in the 70th minute did
      little to help Mallorca and the final straw for them came when Italian
      referee Stefano Braschi sent their coach Fernando Vasquez into the stands
      for arguing with an offside decision.
      Thousands of jubilant Turks celebrated the victory on the streets,
      dancing in the main squares and blaring car horns as fireworks exploded
      overhead. Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim put the win down to hard work.
      "The secret of our success is a good team which believes, struggles and
      works together," he said. "We don't believe in magic or luck, we work with
      facts. "Galatasaray has set itself a goal and is working towards this
      goal. No victory in history is a coincidence," he said.
      Terim said he now had his sights set on lifting the cup and would not be
      intimidated by any of the likely opponents.
      "We set our goal a long time ago. We said we want the highest prize -
      the cup," he said. "No matter who we draw, we will prepare in the same way
      and go for it."

      * In the UEFA cup semi-final draw, Leeds were paired with Galatasary.

      * Turkish premier soccer league:

      Results of Week 25 Matches

      Erzurumspor 2-1 Ankaragucu
      Denizlispor 3-1 Istanbulspor
      Fenerbahce 2-4 Adanaspor
      Besiktas 1-0 Gaziantepspor
      Vanspor 1-1 Altay
      Kocaelispor 0-4 Samsunspor
      Bursaspor 4-2 Antalyaspor
      Goztepe 0-2 Galatasaray
      Genclerbirligi 0-1 Trabzonspor

      Week 26 Matches

      Gaziantepspor 0-0 Denizlispor
      Trabzonspor Besiktas
      Bursaspor Samsunspor
      Adanaspor Erzurumspor
      Istanbulspor Vanspor
      Galatasaray Fenerbahce
      Ankaragucu Genclerbirligi
      Kocaelispor Altay
      Antalyaspor Goztepe


      Team Pts
      1 Galatasaray 66
      2 Besiktas 55
      3 Gaziantepspor 43
      4 Fenerbahce 43
      5 Trabzonspor 40
      6 Samsunspor 39
      7 Denizlispor 37
      8 Genlerbirligi 34
      9 Altay 33
      10 Adanaspor 32
      11 Antalyaspor 30
      12 Bursaspor 29
      12 MKE Ankaragucu 28
      13 Erzurumspor 28
      14 Kocaelispor 26
      15 Istanbulspor 25
      17 Goztepe 20
      18 Vanspor 14


      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 12/-2 (54/28)Rain
      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 10/4 (50/39)Snow
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 14/4 (57/39)Rain
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 17/7 (63/45)Rain


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      April 4, 2000, 7pm
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      Admission is $3.

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      Winner, Golden Dolphin, Troia Film Festival

      Director: Yavuz Turgul
      Cast: Sener Sen, Ugur Yucel, Sermin Sen
      121 minutes, 1996

      Directions to the is at Valley Life Sciences Building:

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