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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 24 August 2013

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    20130824trh {20130824trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 24 August 2013 [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 24 August 2013] Courtesy of
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      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 24 August 2013

      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 24 August 2013]

      Courtesy of Turkish Radio Hour, producer of the

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      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * Dogan News Agency reported today that Mustafa Ali Tonbul, a young protester injured by a police tear gas canister during the Gezi demonstrations in Istanbul has returned to his home in Izmir after having survived two operations and spending 22 days in intensive care.
        The 17-year-old student fought back after falling into a coma, however, damage from the surgery is visible as doctors have temporarily removed a bone from his skull to accelerate his recovery. The bone will be replaced back on his skull with another operation in three weeks.
        Tonbul came to Istanbul for a visit at the beginning of July. On July 8, he and his friends decided to visit the park that has become the symbol of nationwide protests when they heard that police had reopened access. When they approached the Taksim Square area, the group found itself in the middle of a police crackdown on protesters.
        A gas canister fired by a riot police officer hit Tonbul's head, however the teenager says he has no recollection of the moment when the incident happened.
        The attack on Tonbul also affected his family's life. His father Mehmet Tonbul said that he lost his job for having to spend time at the hospital at the bedside of his son.
        "We have filed a complaint. We wish for the perpetrator to be found as soon as possible and punished for his crime," he added.
        Meanwhile, Mustafa Tonbul is preparing to get back to school and prepare for university exams next year. He told reporters that he wanted to study history.
        Another teenager, 14-year-old Berkin Elvan, is still in coma after more than two months, also due to a gas canister that hit his head.
        Elvan was not a protester but a bystander who was attacked after stepping out to buy bread during a police intervention in Istanbul's Okmeydani neighborhood on June 16.
        Amnesty International had issued on Aug. 21 a call to Turkish authorities to launch a fair investigation to find the police officer responsible for firing a tear gas capsule that struck Elvan's head.
        Five people have died and thousands have been injured since the Gezi protests erupted in late May, when Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality attempted to cut down trees in Taksim's iconic park, sparking anger in Istanbul and other provinces around the country.

      * Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the operations against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party will not end unless they all lay down their arms, speaking in a televised interview late Aug. 22, reported the Anadolu Agency.
        Erdogan also said that around 15 percent of the Kurdistan Workers' Party militants had withdrawn from the Turkish soil and the Peace and Democracy Party also agreed with the accuracy of this number. The Peace and Democracy Party is considered to be the political arm of the rebel Kurds. Earlier in the year Erdogan administration and the rebels agreed on a course of action to bring peace to the thirty-year-old conflict. The agreement calls for the withdrawal of the rebel militia to their mountain hide outs in northern Iraq, and reforms by the Turkish authorities to bring more liberties to the Kurds.
        Erdogan said that the government has shown tolerance and took risks by allowing the meetings with Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party imprisoned for life. He said the Justice Minister had authorized the Peace and Democracy Party deputies to meet with Ocalan, showing a humanitarian attitude on the issue, despite receiving much criticism.

      * The Anatolia News Agency reported that Republican People's Party Deputy Mustafa Balbay, who was sentenced to 34 years and eight months in prison over charges related to an alleged coup dubbed the "Ergenekon", was transferred to Ankara's Sincan Prison on Aug. 22.
        Mr. Balbay had requested the transfer about 10 days ago, stating that this would make it easier for his family and children, who all live in the capital, to visit him.
        The Ergenekon coup plot trial, considered the most important legal battle in recent Turkish history, reached a verdict on Aug. 5, with Istanbul's 13th High Criminal Court handing down severe punishments, including a life sentence for former Chief of General Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug.
        There were a total of 275 suspects, and the trials took five-year. Among the convicted are also other high-ranking armed forces members, journalists and academics.
        Some see the suspects as mere opponents of the Justice and Development Party administration that Mr. Erdogan wanted to silence.

      * The head of Turkey's National Intelligence Organization met with Egypt's toppled President Mohamed Morsi around 10 days before the military takeover, Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Aug. 21, reported the Anatolia News Agency.
        He said that intelligence chief Hakan Fidan had been tasked by the Turkish prime minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and also met with security officials as Turkey considered the developments in Egypt as "critical."
        "I'm making it public for the first time: We are carrying out a secret diplomacy even at this moment [to meet with Morsi]," Mr. Davutoglu told the private broadcaster Kanal 24.
        The Foreign Affairs Minister rejected accusations that Turkey has taken sides with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, saying "what matters is not the Muslim Brotherhood for us, but rather the existence of a legitimate administration in Egypt."
        About a possible Turkish mediation to resolve the crisis in Egypt, Davutoglu said "in the absence of contact between the sides, mediation is not possible."
        He added Turkey had been working day and night to convince all Foreign Affairs Ministers in the world to step into action. "If we do not stop it now, Egypt will witness more deaths than Syria," he said.
        Mr. Davutoglu also criticized the court ruling on former strongman Hosni Mubarak's release.
        "The release of Mubarak while Morsi is still detained will reverse the whole process," he said, adding that Turkey would not meet the current administration without being authorized to hold talks with Morsi.
        Turkey maintained a harsh rhetoric against the Egypt military coup, calling repeatedly for Morsi's immediate release. The ousted president has been held in custody in an undisclosed location since July 3.

      * Police intervened with tear gas and water cannon against a rally organized by members of Turkey's Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions on Aug. 20. The rally consisted of four separate groups who had started walking towards Ankara on Aug. 16 to protest a collective agreement between the government and the Civil Servants' Trade Union.
        After reading a press statement in front of the Labor Ministry on Aug. 20, the group wanted to march to Kizilay through Celal Bayar Avenue, where the police intervention began.
        The crowd then dispersed, vowing to meet again later the same evening in Guvenpark, Kizilay, reported the Hurriyet Daily News.

      * The Hurriyet Daily News reported that the family of a gendarme accused of leaking secret documents on the Reyhanli bombings-linked terrorist activities in Turkey's southern province of Hatay, will be tried at a special authority court as a terror suspect, according to his lawyer.
        Ceren Kali, sister and lawyer of Utku Kali, said that they hoped that her brother would to be tried without arrest by the court. He is under arrest on charges of "escaping" "obfuscating the evidences" and "breaking the military order," said Ceren Kali, adding that if he was tried in a civilian court "breaking the military order" would not be an excuse for arresting him.
        Ceren Kali said she issued criminal complaints against the prison officials about the maltreatment he was facing, such as being searched naked after every meeting with his lawyers or family. She also said her brother was suffering from serious depression because of the cruel treatment and he did not have access to fair treatment.
        Kali was arrested on May 24 for leaking the documents, belonging to the Gendarmerie Intelligence Department, claiming that an anti-government group in Syria, al-Nusra Front, with links to Al-Qaeda, was planning a car bomb attack that might occur in Turkey. An indictment approved by the military court demanded a 25-year-sentence for Utku Kali.
        Subsequently some 53 civilians were killed in Turkey's Reyhanli township on the border with Syria on May 11.


      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, organizers of the upcoming 13th Istanbul Biennial have been forced by the recent unrest to abandon their plans to stage art exhibitions in public areas like Gezi Park, Taksim Square and elsewhere, according to the main curator of the show.
        Earlier the biennial teams had announced that it would use public buildings that were temporarily left vacant by urban transformation as exhibition venues.
        Following a change in the dates of the event, Erdemci said the biennial, whose title this year is "Mom, am I barbarian?" could be visited between Sept. 14 Oct. 20 at:
      • Antrepo No.3,
      • Galata Greek Primary School,
      • ARTER,
      • SALT Beyoglu and
      • 5533.

        The 13th Istanbul Biennial will focus on the theme of public space as a political forum, according to the press release sent by the biennial team.
        Entrance to the event will be free of charge.


      * The Akbank Jazz Festival, one of the longest running festivals in Turkey, will once again offer a full program in its 23rd year, complete with genre-bending music sure to delight music-lovers, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        The festival will provide jazz-lovers with an acoustic experience in a wide range of sounds from classic jazz to avant-garde tunes and world music to the edges of electronic, said Akbank Sanat Director Derya Bigali.
        "The program of the 23rd Akbank Jazz Festival includes many colors of jazz from the rising talents of the European jazz scene to the masters of jazz.
        "As part of the festival, we will be honoring the musicians we lost recently with tributes. The documentary 'Black February,' filmed in tribute to the famous American artist Butch Morris who was in Turkey in 1992 for the second Akbank Jazz Festival, will be shown at the Akbank Sanat venue.
        "Butch Morris will also be remembered throughout the festival with several events. We have also planned a tribute event for musician Behsat Uvez, the founder of the band 'Barana' that gave a number of concerts during last year's 'Jazz on Campus' tour," she said.
        The festival will also feature events touching on the relationship between music and cinema, Bigali said.
        "The festival continues to present jazz fans new discoveries and this year, they will have the opportunity to bring out their artistic spirit and creativity. As an important part of the Festival, 'Jazz on Campus' has become a festival tradition and this year the tour continues with the addition of new cities and new names. From Nov. 4 to 19, Jazz on Campus will be visiting 11 different cities in addition to Istanbul and bringing the vibe and joy of jazz to the students of 19 universities," she said.
        Some of the names that stand out in the program of the 23rd Akbank Jazz Festival are
      • Cassandra Wilson,
      • Harriet Tubman,
      • Enrico Rava,
      • Mare Nostrum and Nicholas Payton,
      • Mos Def,
      • Mulatu Astatke,
      • Sex Mob,
      • Lost Fingers,
      • Jehan Barbur featuring Ilhan Ersahin and Jim Rotondi.

        The festival will take place between September 25 and October 12.
        A total of 45 venues will host 280 musicians in 50 concerts, three panel sessions and six workshops.
        Read more at >> here <<


      * 50 Cent will perform in Kucukciftlik Park as part of the first Velvet Villains Vestival on Aug 30, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        The urban festival will offer many different genres of music from hip-hop to R&B, from dubstep to house. There will be six live performances and more than 10 DJs from all around the world at the festival.
        The Velvet Villains Vestival is a new movement, the first urban festival in the history of Istanbul. Sky Blue of LMFO, Inna, Akon, and the Far Est Movement are among the artists at the festival.
        NE-YO, a Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, composer, and producer, will also be on stage. In less than five years, he's produced three No. 1 albums, sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, and collaborated with artists from Michael Jackson to Tim McGraw.
        Rapper and producer 50 Cent is famous for his albums "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" and "The Massacre."
        Ahead of the festival 50 Cent will be in the DR store at the Trump Shopping Mall on Aug. 29, signing the headphones and music accessories that he has created.


      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, World-famous violinist Andre Rieu, who is also the founder of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, will be in Istanbul on Nov. 29 at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall.
        The event, which is being organized by MAP, Piu Music and CEO Event, will also provide an opportunity for 25 lucky fans who purchase tickets before Sept. 3 to meet the prominent musician.
        The Johann Strauss Orchestra began in 1987 with 12 members and the first concert was given on New Year's Day 1988. It now performs with Rieu with between 80 and 150 musicians.

      * Two of the leading names of classical music, pianist Martha Argerich and violinist Gidon Kramer will perform together for the first time in Istanbul, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        The concert will take place on Nov. 26 at the Lutfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition Hall and the program will be announced later. The concert is organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
        Argentinean pianist Argerich is the president of the International Piano Academy Lake Como. She also created and has been General Director of the Argerich Music Festival and Encounter in Beppu, Japan, since 1996.
        Latvian violinist Kramer has been performing with the world's most famous orchestras and artists for more than 40 years.
        He came to Istanbul for the first time in 1975 as the guest of the 3rd Istanbul Music Festival and then visited the city as a guest of the same festival for many times. He was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 39th Istanbul Music festival in 2011.


      * The D-Marin Turgutreis International Classical Music Festival, which won a prize last year as the "Year's Best Classical Music Event" at the Donizetti Classical Music awards, is once again reviving Turkey's Aegean town of Bodrum.
        The festival started today and will end August 28. Over the course of the four days, the festival is presenting seven concerts.
        The first day hosted one of the world's most famous sopranos, Angela Gheorghiu, and tenor Teodor Ilincai, with a program of arias by Verdi to celebrate the bicentennial of his birth. Gheorghiu, who has performed at New York's Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Opera in London, and La Scala in Milan, were accompanied by Turkey's Presidential Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of the Spanish maestro, Ramon Tebar, currently the music director of the Florida Opera.
        On the second day of the festival, recognized for many years as the "wizard of the violin," Maxim Vengerov will present one of the major works that Tchaikovsky composed in the Swiss Alps, "Violin Concerto in D Major." Turkey's oldest orchestra, the Presidential Symphony, conducted by Maestro Rengim Gokmen will accompany Vengerov.
        A legend for his matchless fingering technique and golden tones, the German cellist, Daniel Muller-Schott, and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, one of the favorite ensembles of international festivals, will also seek to cast a spell over Bodrum. The Amsterdam Sinfonietta, headed by lead violinist Candida Thompson, is made up of 22 musicians who play without a conductor.
        The closing concert of the festival will present a performance by Fazil Say, accompanied by the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Gurer Aykal. The musician's Ney Concerto "Hezarfen" and Third Symphony "Universe" will make its premiere in Bodrum, featuring Fazil Say (piano), Carolina Eyck (Theremin), Burcu Karadag (Ney) and Aykut Koselerli (percussion instruments) in solo performances, together producing a finale that music lovers will never forget.
        As the only classical music festival organized at a marina, the festival is being highlighted this year with Sunset Recitals and Evening Concerts, in a series of a total of seven concerts. Some of these will be free of charge.
        This year, the revenue to be obtained from the concerts will be donated to the Tohum Autism Foundation and the Bodrum Health Foundation.


      * Twelve Turkish films have been selected to compete in the National Feature Film Competition of the 20th Adana International Golden Boll Film Festival, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
        The films include:
      • Director Mustafa Kemal Uzun's "Canakkale End of the Road",
      • Atil Inanc's "Circle",
      • Alphan Eseli's "Long Way Home",
      • Asli Ozge's "Lifelong",
      • Reha Erdem's "Jin" and
      • Mustafa Fazil Coskun's "Yozgat Blues."

        The 12 films were chosen out of a pool of 47 titles that were originally submitted to the committee. The results of the competition will be announced at the closing ceremony of the festival on Sept. 22.
        The winner of the competition will win $175,000 in local currency.


      * The Hurriyet Daily News reports that the producers of a Turkish comedy series titled "Leyla and Mecnun" have said Turkey's state-run TV channel TRT will cease broadcasting the show after the production's actors joined the Gezi Park protests.
        The show gained a large following over the past three years, and fans of the series hit social media after the announcement, starting several hashtags about the decision that began trending in Turkey.
        The lead actors of the series, Ali Atay, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan, Cengiz Bozkurt, Atilla Sendil, Cihan Ercan and Safak Pekdemir also shared a video in early spring in which they made fun of the government's decision to rebuild the Artillery Barracks in Taksim Gezi Park. The actors supported the Gezi Park protesters and were exposed to tear gas during the demonstrations.
        TRT officials claim that the series has been recently getting poor ratings.
        The Gezi Park protests started May 31 when Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality bulldozers attempted to demolish central Istanbul's unique green area. The Turkish police's heavy-handed intervention caused the protests to spread to 79 of 81 provinces.
        Four protesters were killed by police and some "anti-protest civilians," while a police officer died after falling off a bridge as he was chasing protesters. More than 10 protesters have lost their sight, and nearly 7,000 protesters were injured in almost 40 days of unrest, according to the Turkish Medical Association.


      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, Turkish director Yesim Ustaoglu was one of the guests at the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival where her latest movie "Somewhere in Between" was screened.
        Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Ustaoglu said that this movie was already screened internationally, and well received by the audience.
        It is a story about the world that is changing quickly and people who are trying to understand and follow these changes.
        The director announced that her new project will be with producers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but was not ready to give more details "and the only reason is not to jinx the entire project."
        Sarajevo film festival ended today (August 24).
        Read more at >> here <<


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: 1.99


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather
       Ankara, in central Turkey:         88/64 Clear	   
       Antalya, on the Mediterranean:     88/77 Clear	   
       Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey:  88/73 Clear	   
       Izmir, on the Aegean:              90/73 Clear	   
       Trabzon, on the Black Sea:         82/72 Showers	   
       Van, in Eastern Turkey:            81/54 Mostly Sunny
      Seawater temperatures:
      Black Sea measured at Trabzon         79	   
       Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag      81	   
       Aegean Sea measured at Izmir          79	   
       Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 84	 



      * Premiere Soccer League

      * Results for week: 1

      Antalya Sp 	-	Erciyes Sp	0 - 0
      Karabuk Sp	-	Kasimpa$a	2 - 0
      Rize Sp 	-	G. Birligi	1 - 0
      Konya Sp	-	Fenerbahce	3 - 2
      Akhisar Sp	-	Elazig Sp	3 - 1
      Eski$ehir Sp	-	Bursa Sp	2 - 0
      Be$iKta$ 	-	Trabzon Sp	2 - 0
      Kayseri Sp	-	Sivas Sp	1 - 0
      G. Saray	-	G. Antep Sp	2 - 1

      * In games played so far this weekend: 2

      G. Birligi	-	Akhisar Sp	3 - 0
      Kasimpa$a	-	Kayseri Sp	3 - 1
      G. Antep Sp	-	Antalya Sp 	0 - 0
      Fenerbahce	-	Eski$ehir Sp	1 - 0

      * Standing in the league as of week ending 1

      1 - 	Akhisar Sp	3
      2 - 	Be$iKta$ 	3
      3 - 	Eski$ehir Sp	3
      4 - 	Karabuk Sp	3
      5 - 	Konya Sp	3
      6 - 	G. Saray	3
      7 - 	Rize Sp 	3
      8 - 	Kayseri Sp	3
      9 - 	Erciyes Sp	1
      10 - 	Antalya Sp 	1
      11 - 	Fenerbahce	0
      12 - 	G. Antep Sp	0
      13 - 	G. Birligi	0
      14 - 	Sivas Sp	0
      15 - 	Elazig Sp	0
      16 - 	Bursa Sp	0
      17 - 	Kasimpa$a	0
      18 - 	Trabzon Sp	0	 


      [Saat 18:30 and 19:30 'da iki kez okuyun]

      *** The 16th Annual Turkish Art and Culture Festival in Monterey

      Aug 24-25, Sat & Sun, 11 AM - 7 PM

      Free admission

      Monterey Depot Lot

      290 Figueroa St.

      Del Monte Ave & Figueroa St.
      Next to Municipality Wharf 2

      http://www.turkfesca.org, http://www.monterey.com


      The two-day festival will include:

      • Live Turkish music and folk dance performances
      • Turkish art, crafts exhibits and vendor booths
      • Food (Doner kebap, Adana kofte, and more)
      • Drinks (Turkish coffee/tea, soft drinks, Turkish Raki, beer, wine)
      • Many activities for children

      *** Businesses offering discounts to our listeners:

      New Kapadokia Restaurant, Burlingame, 15% off. Phone 650.368.5500
      Five Star Falafel & Kebab, Santa Clara, 10% off. Phone 408.241.1900
      Aspendos Restaurant, San Mateo, 10%  off.  Phone 650.344.3595

      *** On line Turkish classes:


      *** Turkish American Association of California

      is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      e-mail them at taac@...

      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to

      International Cultural Program with host George Geevargis.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M.

      *** Yore dance invites you to:

      Free Turkish Folkdance Classes.

      Please contact with Yore Folk Ensemble for the details.

      TELL YOUR FRIENDS who might be interested joining our group.

      Yore Folk Ensemble

      *** Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Northern California

      The local Azeri community organizes many events throughout the year. Follow their activities through their web pages, or subscribed to their e-mail list:



      Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Northern California
      16400 Lark Ave., Suite 260
      Los Gatos, CA 95032

      *** Azerbaijan Cultural Society invites you to their 2013 Annual Picnic

      Sunday, September 1, 2013

      11:00 AM to Dusk

      Music, dance, games and matches for adults and children

      Food (grilled chicken sandwiches),
      Drinks, deserts, and snacks will be available

      Vasona County Park
      Lakeview Group Area
      333 Blossom Hill Road
      Los Gatos CA 95032

      *** Imamyar Hasanov and Pezhham Akhavass

      in Concert

      Friday, August 30, 2013

      Mugam Meets Eegha

      Traditional Music of Azerbaijan
      Ancient Rhythmic Patterns of Persia

      Berkeley City College Auditorium
      2050 Center Street
      Berkeley, CA 94704

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