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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 13 April 2013

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    20130413trh {20130413trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 13 April 2013 [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 13 April 2013] Courtesy of
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      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 13 April 2013

      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 13 April 2013]

      Courtesy of Turkish Radio Hour, producer of the

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      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * The Dogan News Agency reports that the leader of the Turkish main opposition has slammed the Wise Persons Commission members, who recently kicked off their nationwide meetings by conducting their first visits since being assigned the beginning of the month.
        The commission was set up to discuss the recent agreement with the rebel Kurds to bring the decades-old fighting to an end.
        "A wise person is someone who does not rent his mind, someone who does not enter into the service of the government," Republican People's Party's leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu said April 13 at the inauguration of a thermal power plant in Turkey's coal mining capital Zonguldak.
        Kilicdaroglu argued that the Wise Persons are not transmitting any different message than the government's own stance.
        "A wise person does not do what a parrot does. He does not visit the whole country to repeat what someone else says," he added.
        Republican People's Party's leader also criticized the fourth judicial reform package enacted April 11 by the Turkish Parliament following long public debates, emphasizing that it fell short of expectations.
        "I told [European commissioner] Stefan Fule when he visited me that after each judicial reform package, the number of jailed journalist had increased [in Turkey]. Does the number of journalists in jail with this new judicial package decrease? No. Are the obstacles in front of the prisoners of thought removed? No," Kilicdaroglu said, adding that Republican People's Party's Zonguldak deputy Mehmet Haberal was still in prison for his alleged role in an alleged coup-plot case.
        "If a ruling party does not respect the people's will by keeping the deputies elected by their vote in prison, it means that there is not a healthy democracy in this country," Kilicdaroglu said.

      * In related news, members of the government-formed Wise Persons' Commission have begun their activities through the sub-groups that represent the seven geographical regions of the country, conducting their first official visits since being formed earlier this month.
        Peace was the main topic of discussion in nearly all the meetings, which served as the introductory phase of the group's interactions with the broader public following an initial meeting with the prime minister. While some regions' groups conducted visits in their assigned cities, other groups announced future events that were set to kick off attempts in the regions.

      * Dogan News Agency reported that an alleged coup plot trial continued in silence Thursday, three days after major protests inside and outside the courtroom that had prevented suspects from delivering their final defenses.
        However the controversy between the ruling party and the main opposition over clashes continued.
        Fifteen main opposition Republican People's Party deputies attended the trial, including party vice chairmen Bulent Tezcan and Umut Oran and deputies Birgul Ayaman Guler, Melda Onur, Ali Ozgunduz.
        Oran said the cause of the clashes was the "provocative statements" by the ruling Justice and Development Party officials before the trial.
        "The Republican People's Party prevented much bigger clashes," he said. Military and police forces used pepper spray to disperse thousands of protestors, led by the Republican People's and Workers' Parties and Turkish Youth Union, who protested the trial in front of the 13th High Criminal Court in Istanbul's Silivri district April 8.
        On the other hand, the vice president of the Justice and Development Party, Huseyin Celik, said that the courthouse had been terrorized by the Republican People's Party April 8.
        "They used many revilements I cannot repeat. On one side [the Republican People's Party's] group chairman was directing their deputies by chanting slogans, stomping and hitting the chairs on the floor," Celik said. Celik also said the Republican People's Party had raided the courthouse and tried to affect the court board's judicial authority.
        Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had harshly criticized the Republican People's Party for "attacking independent courts," and "provoking people to engage in illegal meetings and marches."
        In Istanbul, the Silivri Chief Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into the incidents that took place in front of Silivri Prison regarding the deputies and some protesters.
        Main opposition Republican People's Party Vice Chairman Tezcan also said the verdict in the case is fait accompli ; only procedures were being completed.
        "It emerged that the evidence is fake, the witnesses secret, the court specially authorized and the verdict was given before," Tezcan told reporters.
        Tezcan also said the chief judge did not let the suspects complete their final defenses by interrupting their words unlawfully.
        Suspect Mustafa Balbay, who is a Republican People's Party deputy, complained about the prosecutor for violating Court of Appeals' practices.
        The road to the court in Silivri, which had been overflowing with people along a 1.5-mile stretch the previous day, remained empty, but during the trial inside, the court board faced lawyers' and suspects' criticism over the prosecutor's opinion. All the suspects given the floor demanded the rejection of the prosecutors' opinion.

      * In related news Turks in the Bay Area gathered in Palo alto last Sunday at 11:00 AM to protest the ongoing trials of intellectuals, academics, journalists and military in Turkey.
        The crowds gathered at the intersection of Emerson and University avenues and asked for justice to prevail.
        Some of the people on trial have been in jail for more than four years. They are being accused of organizing various plots to overthrow the government. Some analysts are saying that with these trials the ruling Justice and Development Party is simply trying to silence the opposition.
        Read more at >> here <<

      * Public Prosecutor Murat Gok was found dead in his home on April 12, Dogan news agency reported.
        Gok was dubbed the "Super Prosecutor" due to the successful operations that were conducted under his guidance, and had been in office in since 2009. His reputation had been mostly built up through his time as a special prosecutor in Izmir's courthouse.
        Gok had been undergoing treatment for liver failure, the report said.
        Operations with Gok's involvement ranged from corruption to child abuse. He oversaw the arrest of over 20 suspects in what was named the Barbaros Operation, which followed a series of rape and abuse allegations in Barbaros Children's Village. Gok's operations also brought about the end to the organization.
        Another operation oversaw the arrest of seven suspects, including politicians and businessmen, in a corruption case in Urla Municipality. Similar corruption cases also took place in Buca, Guzelbahce, Degirmen, Alacati and other towns which resulted in scores of arrests.
        An operation which resulted in the arrest of 14 suspects and the taking down of a gang in Izmir was also guided by Gok.


      * The Anatolia News Agency reports that according to the latest data taken from the Box Office, Turkish movie goers generally preferred to watch domestic movies during the first quarter of the year, with eight out of the top 10 being Turkish productions.
        When compared to last year, the number of movie goers in the first quarter this year rose by 743,350 to become 18 million.

      * A four part documentary is being shown on the Turkish Radio and Televiosn marking the 50th anniversary of the beginnings of Turkish immigration to Germany, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
        The documentary features topics such as immigration through the perspective of Turkish-origin and German journalists and the managers of significant German media companies; Islamophobia; the story of Radio Cologne, one of the Turkish radios that was founded in 1964 before becoming a phenomenon; Radio Multikulti; and the effect of Turkish publications on learning German.


      * The International Choir Festival took place for the fifth time this year in Antalya, with the top awards going to a choir from Belarus and Germany, reports the Anatolia News Agency.



      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, the Prague Philharmonia was on stage in Turkey at Issanat with Jakub Hrusa and Lise de la Salle on April 12.
        The Prague Philharmonia is considered one of the top orchestras of the world.
        Winner of the First Prize in both the 2004 Young Concert Artists International Auditions in New York and the 2003 European Young Concert Artists Auditions in Paris, Lise de la Salle plays recitals and is regularly invited by major orchestras.
        Read more at >> here <<

      * The Turkish beer company Efes Pilsen will be bringing Tanita Tikaram to Istanbul for a concert on April 19 at Ghetto, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        The German-born British pop folk singer and writer will be singing her Turkish audience new songs from her new album released in 2012.
        Read more at >> here <<

      The photo shows work by Taner Alakus that will be at the fair.

      * Istanbul will welcome a landmark art event next week with the arrival of All Arts, a four-day celebration of traditional and classical Turkish, Islamic and Ottoman arts and antiques, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        Visitors will have a chance to become involved as numerous artists and local artisan workers will be onsite during the event to demonstrate traditional artistic techniques such as calligraphy, marble painting and block printing.
        The event will start April 18 and run through April 22.
        Read more at >> here <<


      * Dogan News Agency reports that the Taksiyarhis Church, a significant historical structure in Turkey's Aegean town of Ayvalik which has been plundered for years by treasure hunters, will soon be restored as a museum by the Rahmi Koc Foundation for Museology and Culture.
        The 140-year-old church is one of the leading structures of its period thanks to its marble details, ceiling decoration and icons made on fish skin.
        After the restoration, the church will host cultural and artistic events.


      * With more to peruse than any of its predecessors, Turkey's fourth toy museum opened in Turkey's southeastern province of Gaziantep on April 6, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
        The museum is a more-developed version of the toy museum found in Istanbul's Goztepe neighborhood.
        The Gaziantep Toy Museum will not only display old toys but will also exhibit how the development of civilization is reflected through toys. It also includes a rich collection of rag dolls and wooden toys.


      * April 23, 1920 when the first Turkish parliament convened, is celebrated in Turkey as a national day.
        The day is dedicated to the Turkish children, the future of the republic.
        According to the Hurriyet Daily News, this year Istanbul Modern is to host the 8th Children's Festival, beginning on April 22.
        The museum will be celebrating with the program "Lanterns for the Future" on April 23. Through this program, children convey their visions of, and expectations for, the future through art.
        In an exhibition tour guided by Istanbul Modern instructors, children will first be introduced to the different art forms, after which, based on the relationship between art and the concept of time, they will get the chance to design lanterns which they can then take home as a souvenir of the day.
        Read more at >> here <<


      * Istanbul's Bogazici University hosted Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk and Italian novelist Umberto Eco at a seminar entitled "A Dialogue on Facts, Fiction, History," on April 9, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
        Both authors explained to students how they became writers and joked about their personal fixations and obsessions. Pamuk explained that he wanted to be a novelist first of all to be alone.
        Eco, on the other hand, confessed that when he was young he gave up writing fiction, thinking that he wasn't talented enough, until the day he submitted his thesis. "My supervisor told me that I had written my thesis as if it was a detective novel. He was wrong to think this was a mistake. All my life I have written essays posing as detective novels, until the day I decided to write a detective novel," he said.
        Read more at >> here <<


      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, Turkey's Presidency Ataturk Research Center is preparing a new encyclopedia outlining the story of modern Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the early Republican years, officials have said.
        The encyclopedia will cover every detail of Ataturk's life and his activities, according to reports.
        Read more at >> here <<


      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, a Turkish entrepreneur who decided to make model copies of archeological artifacts is now selling these art works abroad.
        Aziz Suner said he had a great interest in the ancient coins that are preserved in archaeological museums, which led him to produce copies of these coins.
        He began making these model coins with his brothers and, as time passed, they improved the models.
        After his coins aroused interest in the souvenir shops, they decided to begin exporting them. Currently, the brothers are sending these coins to Tunisia, the U.S., Canada and Germany.

      * The Kaya Valley near the Aegean province of Mugla's Fethiye district is to host Louis de Bernières, Victoria Hislop, Sofka Zinovieff and Jeremy Seal during the Cultural Connections Festival, from April 27 to May 3, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        Several events will be organized during the six-day event, including the chance to watch acclaimed film "My Grandfather's People" and to discuss it with its writer and director, Cagan Irmak and its producer, Mustafa Oguz. At the event, Hislop will be discussing "The Thread," her novel set in Thessaloniki. Seal will be talking about his latest book, "Meander: East to West along a Turkish River," and his journey along the historic river now known as the Buyuk Menderes. Sofka Zinovieff is a British writer of Russian heritage. Her novel "The House on Paradise Street" is set in Athens and covers a time period spanning from before the Second World War up to the present day.
        A free concert will also showcase an eclectic range of musical entertainment: Turkish folkloric musical instrument "baglama" player Hasan Kal, "saz" player Ahmet Eraslan, British and German duo Mazaj, who play Middle Eastern music, a popular Greek band, French swing and Rebetika from Café Aman, and dance and theater performances by Fethiye students.
        A craft and produce fair will give Kayakoy and local residents the chance to display and promote their handicrafts and skills. Later in the week there will be photography and art exhibitions by Dutch artist Isabelle Cordes and the Fethiye Photography Club. For further information, please visit: www.culturalconnectionsfestival.com

      * The Anatolia News Agency reports that Southern Turkey's biggest metropolis, Adana, is preparing to brighten up its city with a "Carnival of Orange Flowers" this month, according to the local governor.
        The carnival, which will be centered on the city's iconic Tas Kopru (Stone Bridge), will start on April 12 with concerts on the city's streets. On April 13, there will be street festivals in different areas of the city featuring parades and people dressed in costumes. The carnival will also host a number of artists, painters and musicians. The events will last until April 23.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: 1.79


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather
       Ankara, in central Turkey:         66/48 Showers	   
       Antalya, on the Mediterranean:     72/59 Partly Cloudy	   
       Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey:  63/52 Showers	   
       Izmir, on the Aegean:              75/55 Mostly Cloudy	   
       Trabzon, on the Black Sea:         61/46 Partly Cloudy	   
       Van, in Eastern Turkey:            57/37 Mostly Sunny	 
      Snow depths at skiing locations:
       Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey:            6 inches	   
       Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey:      - inches	   
       Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey:            - inches	   
       Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey:         21 inches	   
       SarIkamI$, in Kars, Eastern Turkey:             43 inches	   
       Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey:               28 inches	 



      * Premiere Soccer League

      * Results for week: 28

      Antalya Sp 	-	Kasimpa$a	3 - 2	   
      Istanbul BBSK	-	Karabuk Sp	2 - 2	   
      Kayseri Sp	-	Elazig Sp	4 - 1	   
      G. Saray	-	Mersin I Y	3 - 1	   
      G. Birligi	-	G. Antep Sp	2 - 2	   
      Akhisar Sp	-	Trabzon Sp	1 - 0	   
      Ordu   Sp	-	Fenerbahce	0 - 2	   
      Eski$ehir Sp	-	Sivas Sp	2 - 1	   
      Bursa Sp	-	Be$iKta$ 	3 - 0	 

      * In games played so far this weekend: 29

      Sivas Sp	-	G. Birligi	1 - 1	   
      Trabzon Sp	-	Ordu   Sp	1 - 0	   
      Mersin I Y	-	Bursa Sp	0 - 1	   
      Karabuk Sp	-	G. Saray	0 - 1	 

      * Standing in the league as of week ending 28

      	1 - 	G. Saray	56	   
      	2 - 	Fenerbahce	52	   
      	3 - 	Be$iKta$ 	46	   
      	4 - 	Kasimpa$a	43	   
      	5 - 	Bursa Sp	43	   
      	6 - 	Antalya Sp 	40	   
      	7 - 	Eski$ehir Sp	39	   
      	8 - 	G. Birligi	39	   
      	9 - 	Kayseri Sp	39	   
      	10 - 	G. Antep Sp	36	   
      	11 - 	Sivas Sp	35	   
      	12 - 	Trabzon Sp	34	   
      	13 - 	Karabuk Sp	34	   
      	14 - 	Istanbul BBSK	33	   
      	15 - 	Elazig Sp	32	   
      	16 - 	Ordu   Sp	29	   
      	17 - 	Akhisar Sp	29	   
      	18 - 	Mersin I Y	21	 
      * The Turkish soccer team Fenerbahce dominated its Europa League quarterfinal first leg tie against Italian rivals Lazio on April 4, winning 2-0 in front of its home fans at the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium in Istanbul.

      * Turkey's soccer team Galatasaray fell just short of achieving a football miracle in Istanbul’s Turk Telekom Arena on April 9, beating Real Madrid 3-2 in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal, which was not quite enough to overturn a 3-0 deficit from the first game.


      * On April 10. Turkey's Anadolu Efes fell just short in their effort to knock off defending Euroleague champions Olympiakos in the first game of their best-of-five playoff series in Piraeus, dropping a 67-62 decision to the Greek team.
        Read more at >> here <<


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