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Turkish news for week ending 29 August 1998

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Carol Dean Gumustel

      * President Suleyman Demirel has invited Armenian President Robert
      Kocharian to attend celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the
      proclamation of the Turkish Republic. Armenia is looking positively at the
      invitation, however no official response has been received as yet. It is
      not known whether Kocharian himself will attend the celebrations or send a
      representative for the occasion. Demirel met with Kocharian for the first
      time in Yalta, Ukraine, where a Black Sea Economic Cooperation meeting was
      recently held.

      * President Suleyman Demirel laid the foundations of the Turkish
      Foundation for the Support and Education of Autistic People Center in
      Istanbul this week. He also attended the second anniversary meeting of
      the World Eye Hospital held in Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel in Istanbul.
      Later on Thursday, the president opened the newly restored historic
      Akaretler houses on the main road between Besiktas and Macka in Istanbul.

      * Margarita Papandreu, the first wife of former Greek Prime Minister
      Andreas Papandreu, has brought peaceful messages to Istanbul. Papandreu,
      who is the founder of the Peace Committee consisting of Turkish and Greek
      women, proposed that investments made in arms purchases by Greece and
      Turkey should be channeled to meet social need, and that the two countries
      should stand by each other in the European Union to find common solutions
      to current problems. Attending a tourism congress jointly organized by
      Bogazici University and the Turkish Economic and Social History
      Foundation, Papandreu delivered a speech on "Effects of Peace on Tourism".
      She also suggested that Turkey and Greece should conduct joint programs
      adding that tours starting from Athens, through the Greek islands and then
      to the Aegean coasts and ending in Istanbul could be organized by tourism

      * Leader of the outlawed Kurdish Workers Party, Adbullah Ocalan, is
      reportedly ready to announce a cease-fire to take effect on September 1.
      Ocalan made the announcement at a press conference on the outlawed MED-TV
      station Friday evening.

      * Afghan leader General Rashid Dostum came to Ankara Wednesday after
      attending meetings in Iran to establish an opposition front against
      Taleban forces in Afghanistan. It is reported that another Afghan leader,
      Malik Khan came to Ankara 20 days ago. Turkish officials are trying to
      establish peace between the two leaders. Dostum had meetings with
      technical level officials in the National Intelligence Service yesterday
      and later in the week he is expected to meet with deputy Prime Minister
      Bulent Ecevit, Foreign Minister Ismail Cem and State Minister Ahad

      * A Greek tanker loaded with crude oil ran aground on Tuesday in Uskudar,
      Istanbul. According to officials, the tanker was transporting 140
      thousand tons of crude oil from Russia to Italy, and ran aground while
      passing through the Bosphorus. A rescue operation has begun which
      includes the pumping of oil onto another ship. Officials said that
      traffic through the straits could be affected during these rescue

      * Turks living in Kosovo are asking for equal rights in education along
      with Albanians. Albanians who have refused the education program imposed
      by the Serbian administration have been applying their own education
      program for seven years. However, Turkish children are forced to continue
      their education in government-run official schools.

      * Turkey has rejected demands from Syria that a joint Turco-Syrian-Iraqi
      technical committee dealing with water issues be revived in 1998. Citing
      'adverse developments' in bilateral relations as the reason, the Turkish
      Foreign Ministry said "it is too early to revive the water committee
      process". The last committee convened in 1992.

      * Vural Savas, the chief prosecutor of Turkey's High Court of Appeals, has
      submitted a report to the Ankara chief prosecutor's office to enable
      former officials of the now-defunct Welfare Party to be put on trial and
      face sentences of up to three years for their involvement in trying to
      conceal a total of TL 1 trillion from Ministry of Finance auditors. Savas
      stated that it was mandatory by law to transfer all of a party's assets to
      the Treasury upon its closure.

      * According to Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Necati Utkan,
      Turkey has until September 25 to request the extradition of underground
      figure Alaattin Cakici, wanted in Turkey on charges of murder. Belgian
      officials have also requested France to hand over Cakici on murder

      * Michael Lake, the former European Union Ambassador to Turkey, said in
      his term report in February that Turkey would be a very valuable member
      and even an "attractive prize" to the European Union. The report said that
      Turkey was the only "real Muslim democratic" country in the world and
      Turkey's membership to the European Union would bring mutual advantages.

      * Turkish officials in Turkish Embassy in the Republic of Congo left this
      country last week after internal clashes threatened their security, the
      Foreign Ministry said. Rebels and the military units under the command of
      the Head of State, Laurent Desire Kabila, have been severely clashing in

      * The town of Hasankeyf, located on the historical route that linked
      Mesopotamia to the southeast, will be under water in two years time after
      the Ilisu and Karkamis dams are completed as part of the Southeast
      Anatolia Project . As part of a preservation project, the Ministry of
      Culture has decided to exhibit movable artifacts from the town in museums,
      and to document the areas which will be inundated. The Ministry has
      signed a protocol for "Rescuing the Cultural Heritage of Hasankeyf" with
      the Middle East Technical University and the State Water Works. Culture
      Minister, Istemihan Talay said that excavations to map the archeological
      structure, and document the cultural heritage of the region started last
      week and would end on 15 September.


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * With an increase in agricultural production due to the Southeast
      Anatolian Project, industrial sectors based on agricultural products also
      started to improve. The most attractive sector for investors, who want to
      make investments in the region, is textile.

      * Between 1990-97, 25,531 certificates for investment incentives were
      given to various sectors in Turkey. During the same period, Turkey's
      manufacturing sector received the highest incentives with 16,435
      certificates, while the service sector ranked second with 6,649
      certificates and agriculture sector came third with 1,915 certificates.
      Meanwhile, 24 certificates for investment incentives with foreign capital
      worth $180.744 million were given in July.

      * Deputy General Director of the Turkish Petroleum Board Akif Guneri said:
      "Turkey will be an oil center". Noting that Turkey was at the center of a
      region, where there are the greatest oil reserves of the world, Guneri
      stated that Turkey was the symbol of stability and confidence in the
      region. Stressing that the most important way of Middle East and Asian
      oils was the Persian Gulf and pipelines opened from Russia to the West,
      Guneri said that the world could not ignore such a stable country in the
      region. Guneri added that the Turkish Petroleum Board should gain the
      structure of leading oil companies in the world as soon as possible and
      have the opportunity of marketing.

      * French Grouppe Schneider, one of the world's leading companies in
      electric distribution, industrial control and automobile spare-part
      production, is going to increase its market share in Turkey. General
      Director of the company, Dominique Bellot said that Turkey was a rapidly
      developing giant market adding that Turkey had been the biggest market of
      the Middle East. Bellot noted that French-Turkish trade relations had been
      developing without being affected by some political issues.

      * Turkey's exports, measured by quantity, increased by 22.4 % in May
      compared to April, while imports rose by 18.1 %. According to the State
      Institute of Statistics, the value of Turkey's exports and imports fell by
      0.9 and 3.5 %, respectively in the same period, the Anatolia news agency

      * In Turkey, deposits in bank accounts and bank loans increased greatly
      over the first seven months of 1998. The volume of both deposits and loans
      increased by 23.7 in real terms. Bank deposits accounts, which brought in
      a more stable income when compared to other instruments, reached 8
      quadrillion and 256.1 trillion Turkish Liras, increasing by 60.3 %.

      * One of the world's leading investment banks, Deutsche Bank has completed
      a study on comparing the Russian and Turkish economies within the
      framework of the Asian economic crisis. The study, called "Story of Two
      Countries", says that foreign investors evaluated Turkey and Russia
      according to the same investment areas and notes that both countries have
      same economic characteristics. However, the report says that after June
      1998, Turkey and Russia applied different economic measures to avoid the
      negative effects of the Asian crisis. "Turkey followed an economic policy
      in line with market conditions that protected the stable structure of the
      Turkish lira. However, the Russian ruble lost value because of the
      negative effects of the Asian crisis. Although Russia and Turkey have
      similar economic characteristics, there are differences in the application
      of economic measures. Russia could not prevent its economy from entering
      into a serious crisis, whereas Turkey successfully continued on its way,"
      says the study.

      * Turkey's Board of the Potable Water and Sewerage Department of the
      General Directorate of the State Water Works, put out international
      tenders for the construction of a sewage system using the "pre-selection
      method", the Anatolia news agency reports. An announcement related to the
      tender has been published in the Official Gazette. It says that the
      majority of the project will be financed by a loan obtained from the
      Japanese Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund. Implementation projects will
      be prepared by the Consultant Melen Engineering and Counseling Services
      Joint Initiative Group and the tender will be opened according to these
      implementation projects.

      * Because of the instability prevailing in international markets, Turkey
      is going to join foreign borrowing markets in September. Treasury
      officials announced that Turkey together with Poland and the Czech
      Republic have the chance to join international markets following the
      Russian economic crisis. Despite the economic crisis in Asia, Turkey has
      succeeded in obtaining the support of the International Monetary Fund and
      international rating institutions. The Treasury will give authority to
      international broker institutions for selling securities.

      * Due to an economic crisis in Russia, Turkey's loss in official export
      figures will total $700 million. It is estimated that the loss in trade
      from Russian tourists visiting Turkey will amount to $1.1 billion.
      Turkey's exports to Russia stand at $2.1 billion within the registered
      foreign trade volume worth $4 billion between Turkey and Russia.

      * A sharp drop in Istanbul Stock Exchange trading, high interest rates
      which reached 130 %, and high demand for foreign exchange, have prompted
      the Turkish government to take measures to limit the negative effects of
      the Russian economic crisis, which has caused downward trends in stock
      exchanges the world over. Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz and Minister of
      Finance are expected to announce "measures to relieve the economy"
      including easing some articles of the new tax package. Meanwhile, Chairman
      of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, Osman Birsen said that the recent drop in
      the stock exchange was the result of the economic crisis that Russia has
      been suffering. He added that also the early election decision of the
      government had affected transactions in the stock exchange.

      * Visiting Russia at a time when the country has fallen into a deep
      monetary crisis, State Minister Gunes Taner said that Turkey was concerned
      over the latest developments in Russia, but added that there was no cause
      to panic in Turkey. In his statement Taner said that a devaluation of the
      Turkish Lira similar to that of the Russian ruble was not in question.
      Adding that it is not coincidental that he was the first minister
      responsible for the economy to visit Russia, Taner said that Turkey was a
      friend of Russia and that it would do everything in its power to help
      Russia in these hard days. He added that Turkey would prove its friendship
      by holding higher level contacts in the near future. Prime Minister Mesut
      Yilmaz will visit Moscow in October.

      * The United Garanti Bank International in Holland, affiliated to the
      Turkish Garanti Bank, has signed a syndication credit worth $75 million.
      According to a statement made by the United Garanti Bank International, an
      agreement regarding the credit was signed in Amsterdam. A total of 19
      banks participated in the credit.

      * Head of the Privatization Administration Ugur Bayar said that 80-90 % of
      their privatization income target, which they announced earlier as $4.5
      billion for 1998, has been achieved. Bayar noted that the fourth quarter
      of the year would be full of privatization initiatives. Bayar made a
      speech at a meeting of Ankara Chambers of Industry and stated that
      political stability was essential for the achievement of privatization

      * According to an evaluation released by Institutional Investor, a noted
      finance and investment magazine, Akbank, a private Turkish bank, places
      42nd in profit-making and 178th in equity capital among the largest 500
      banks of the world.


      Edited by Aydin Koc


      Selling Rate Buying Rate
      One Dollar 276,040 277,370


      * In the 3rd week of the premier Turkish Soceer League :

      Adanaspor - Fenerbahce 0-3
      Ankaragucu - Antalyaspor 0-0
      Besiktas - Gaziantepspor 1-1
      Dardanelspor - Genclerbirligi 1-2
      Sakaryaspor - Altay 1-2
      Galatasaray - Kocaelispor 3-1
      Istanbulspor - Karabukspor 3-0
      Samsunspor - Erzurumspor 2-4
      Trabzonspor - Bursaspor 2-0

      The top five standings are :

      1. Galatasaray
      2. Istanbulspor
      3. Besiktas
      4. Fenerbahce
      5. Gaziantepspor

      * In the European Champions League, Galatasaray beat
      Grasshoppers of Zurich also in the second leg 3-2 and
      advanced to the second round. For the second round,
      Galatasaray will be in the same group as Juventus of
      Italy(finalist for the last 3 years), Rosenborg of Norvay
      and Atletico Bilbao of Spain. First match will be with
      Juventus in Turin on Sep 16th.

      * In the Cup Winner's Cup, Besiktas will meet with FC
      Spartak of Slovakia and in the UEFA Cup, Fenerbahce will
      meet with AC Parma of Italy.

      * The Eighth Oxford-Cambridge-Bosphorus University Boat
      Race will take place on Saturday, August 29 in Istanbul.
      Athletes from three university teams will compete in the
      rowing races which will take place on the Golden Horn and
      which have been jointly organized by the Istanbul
      Metropolitan Municipality and the Bosphorus University.



      ANKARA : 29/16 Sunny

      iSTANBUL : 29/18 Sunny

      iZMiR : 32/20 Sunny


      * The Whirling Dervishes of Turkey will be touring
      eighteen North American cities during September and October.
      For seven hundred years the Mevlevi, or whirling dervishes,
      have performed one of the world's most beautiful
      spiritual ceremonies. They will be performing at the Marin
      Center in San Raphael on October 10th; for tickets, call
      (415)472-3500, and at the Dinkelspiel Auditorium at Stanford
      University on October 11th. Tickets Box Office is

      * The world renowned art director of the St. Petersburg
      Ballet, Boris Eifman, will present "Red Giselle: The Story
      of a Ballerina" on Sept. 1-15 as part of this year's Young
      Pamukbank Art Activities.

      * First Istanbul Dance and Techno Festival. On Sept. 12,
      the day of the First Istanbul Techno Festival, Park Orman
      (Maslak) will turn into a ravers' wonderland, and raver
      wonderacts are going to strut their stuff for 24 hours.
      There will be two stages in Park Orman. The first is the
      amphitheater, which is going to be a full-charging,
      power-dance club at all times. For your hip-shaking
      pleasure, DJs from Wax and the legendary London clubs
      Freedom and Sublime are going to do two-hour sets each in
      the amphitheater. Performers will be chock full of top names
      such as DJ Cam, Aphex Twin, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Emperor Sly
      and more.

      * The Second International Leather, Ready-Made Leather
      Clothes and Leather Processing Systems Fair (Leather
      Turkey'98) opened in Istanbul World Trade Center on Friday.
      A total of 150 firms, 30 of them foreigners, take part in
      the fair in order to present their collections for autumn
      and winter. Nearly 30 thousand people are expected to visit
      the fair.

      * The First Ankara Culture and Art Festival organized
      jointly by the Culture Ministry and Office of the Governor
      of Ankara on the occasion of celebrations for the 75th
      anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic and
      making Ankara the capital, will be held between
      15 September and 30 October 1998.

      * Ayse Nur Zarakolu, the owner of the Belge
      Publishing House, was awarded by the International
      Publishers' Union with the ''Human Rights Prize'', it was
      reported on Monday. The German Publishers' Union based in
      Frankfurt, stated that Zarakolu has deserved the prize worth
      10 thousand German Mark for her struggle for the freedom of


      *** Turkish American Association of California has partially
      underwritten today's program. TAAC is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      give them a call:


      or e-mail them at
      taac at geocities.com

      *** First California Turkish Arts & Culture Festival

      Turkish American Association of California
      proudly presents
      First California Turkish Arts & Culture Festival

      August 29-30, 1998

      11:00am - 7:00pm

      Monterey, California

      Custom House Plaza next to the Fisherman's Wharf


      Turkish Music Concert and Dance Party
      August 29, 1998
      Monterey Conference Center, Serra Ball Room
      next to the Double Tree Hotel

      For more information for both events please contact
      Yavuz V. Atila
      yatila at miis.edu

      *** Monterey - Sufi Concert 8/28

      Portofino Presents...

      in association with
      The Turkish American Association of California

      An Evening of Sufi Music

      With two of the foremost Turkish musicians in the World

      Necati Celik & Omer Faruk Tekbilek

      Friday, August 28, 8:00 PM

      Carleton Hall-Monterey Religious Science Church

      400 W Franklin (at Pacific) Monterey
      Call 373-7379 for reservations

      Arkadas * Filoi

      AEGEAN FRIENDS is a social-cultural group of Greeks,
      Turks, Cypriots, and other peoples of good will, coming
      together to celebrate their rich heritage, explore common
      roots, and promote peace in the Aegean region.

      Share music, food, and conversation. Dance. Create art.
      Discover the generosity of the heart.

      For more information contact
      Box 14022
      San Francisco, CA 94114-0022
      e-mail: aegfriends at aol.com

      *** Turkish Folkdancing in Northern California:

      *** Horon
      Every Thursday at the Monterey Senior Center
      For more
      information on Turkish Folkdancing with
      Horon call Yavuz Atila:

      *** Art for Peace
      A group that teaches various dances
      around the globe including
      ** Turkey **
      For more information contact
      ArtforPeace at mailexcite.com
      650-497-9470 Cuneyt Yuksel or 408-971-1376 Carol Leitner

      *** Group Anadolum

      For folk, pop and sufi music of Turkey,
      directed by:

      Sahin Gunsel
      also playing oud and saz

      Group Anadolum is now moving its rehearsals to:

      Stanford University
      Bechtel International Center
      Assembly Room

      (every other Sunday during the summer season)

      Group Anadolum is composed of about 25 musicians and
      singers. It includes members of the Tosun Family,
      coming from seven centuries of ashik music tradition.

      Ashik music tradition has been a symbol of individual
      and religious freedom and at times persecuted by the
      Ottoman Palace in the past.

      Art for Peace International supports this activity and
      will work with Group Anadolum on collaboration of music
      and dance.


      *** Tune in to the following broadcasts in the Bay Area:

      - Every Saturday at 5 P.M. to the
      Turkish Cultural Program on KUSF FM 90.3
      - Every third Saturday at 6 P.M.
      KKUP FM 91.5 to the Orient Express
      - Tune in to KPFA FM 94.1 every Monday at 10 A.M. for
      Music from Africa-Asia, hosted by Kutay Kugay.
      - Mondays 7:00 - 10:00 P.M. 89.5 FM
      International Program KBES
      (covers Stanislaus County all the way to Manteca),
      hosted by George Geevargis.

      *** Yayinlarimiz siz dinleyicilerimizin katkilari ile
      surebilecektir. Studyomuza telefon acarak nasil katkida
      bulunabileceginizi ogrenebilirsiniz.
      Telefonumuz 415-751-KUSF
      e-posta adresimiz: trh at aimnet.com

      A service of the TURKISH RADIO HOUR
      On the airways since 1982

      *** NEW CD ** NEW CD ** NEW CD ** NEW CD ** NEW CD **

      CEMALI "The First Alternative Music Group from Turkey" have
      released their first US CD "Whirl" and it is available
      through the Turkish Radio Hour. Cemali's recording and
      performing career took them from San Francisco to around
      the world and back to San Francisco. A shorter version of
      their CD sold 300 thousand copies in Turkey.

      *************** JUST RELEASED ****************

      Music of world-class pianist from Azerbaijan, Chingiz
      Sadykhov. "Songs of Azerbaijan" is a new CD release
      from 7/8 Music. Maestro Chingiz Sadykhov has been
      playing piano as a concert pianist and accompanist to
      the greatest singers of Azerbaijan and Soviet Union for
      over 50 years. He has garnered the coveted title of
      "Peoples' Artist of Azerbaijan". He has performed and
      taught music around the world.


      Both CDs are available through the Turkish Radio Hour:

      * From US and Canada you can order the CD by sending
      * US$ 18 for Songs of Azerbaijan
      * US$ 15 for Whirl
      * Make checks payable to 7/8 Music
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      Turkish Radio Hour
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      For more information about both CDs please contact us here at
      the studio or e-mail trh at aimnet.com
      If you have e-mail, we can also send you a brief
      description of the CDs.
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