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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 25 February 2012

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    20120225trh {20120225trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 25 February 2012 [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 25 February 2012] Courtesy
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      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 25 February 2012

      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 25 February 2012]

      Courtesy of Turkish Radio Hour, producer of the

      TURKISH CULTURAL PROGRAM, every Saturday from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

      on KUSF-in-Exile: http://wfmu.org/kusf.pls

      Also tune to KKUP FM 91.5, Cupertino to hear the
      ORIENT EXPRESS every Tuesday at 10 P.M.

      Audio archives of our radio broadcasts are at: http://www.TurkRadio.us/ar/

      Also available as podcasts for your MP3 players at: http://turkradio.podomatic.com/

      Ahmet Toprak is the editor-in-chief. Your broadcast host is Fuad Tokad.

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      [Uzun İnternet adreslerini radyoda okumayın, Şu duyuruyu yapın: "Look at the news section of our website for more details. www.Turkradio.us".]


      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * Turkish daily newspapers covered on Tuesday an instruction sent to Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office by the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office with Special Authority to withdraw a demand made earlier to testify the undersecretary of National Intelligence Organization Hakan Fidan.
        As we reported to you last week, the Turkish parliament quiclkly passed an new amendment to State Intelligence Services and National Intelligence Organization Law, and prevented the courts from asking the intelligence staff to appear at court.

      * Turkish dailies drew attention to Turkey's Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew's meeting with lawmakers in the Turkish capital Ankara on the new Turkish Constitution. Bartholomew gathered with members of a Parliamentary constitutional sub-committee to convey his proposals for a new constitution.
        "For the first time in the Republican history minorities in Turkey receive such a formal invitation to express their mind for the drafting a new constitution. Unfortunately, injustices have been made to minorities in Turkey but they are being fixed now and a new Turkey is being born," Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew told reporters after his meeting with Turkish lawmakers in capital Ankara.

      * Covering the race for the presidency of the Turkish Football Federation, dailies wrote that 21 individuals had nominated themselves for the presidency of the Federation by February 20.
        Among the candidates are Besiktas's President Yildirim Demiroren and former Turkish state minister Kursad Tuzmen.
        The Turkish Football Federationwill elect its new president on February 27.

      * Turkish dailies mostly covered in their Wednesday editions Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's visit to Turkey on occasion of 40th anniversary of Turkish-Chinese relations.
        Sabah daily newspaper wrote that Xi Jinping was welcomed as a 40-year friend and quoted the Chinese vice president as saying that the number of Chinese tourists visiting Turkey would increase after his visit.
        Yeni Safak had a different perspective on the same topic, and headlined the story as "Syria reproach to China". The paper wrote that Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Erdogan expressed his reproach to China due to Chinese veto in a vote on Syria at the UN Security Council meeting.
        Turkiye daily handled the same topic in a different way and used the headline "Uyghur rage in Ankara". It wrote that a group of Uyghur Turks protested Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's visit due to massacre of Turks in East Turkistan and set a Chinese flag ablaze.

      * On Thursday, all dailies wrote about Antalya's Konyaalti district Chief of Police Ugur Gokcan's death by a man at a gas station.
        Dailies said Police Chief Gokcan and his team answered a call reporting an unidentified man indiscriminately shooting near a gas station close to Konyaalti Municipality, stating that after arriving at the scene, Gokcan came closer to the man and tried to convince him to turn himself in, but the man refused and tried to take the police chief hostage.
        The man then fired at the police officer. Gokcan, who was seriously injured, was taken to hospital by air ambulance, but died later.
        The assailant was arrested by the police.

      * Turkish dailies mostly covered in their Friday's edition President Abdullah Gul's participation in a military exercise of Turkish Armed Forces for the first time since he became president. The military exercise took place in the northeastern province of Kars.
        Mr. Gul, deputy prime ministers Bulent Arinc and Besir Atalay, and National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz wore camouflage smocks during the "Winter 2012 Military Exercise".
        Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Ozel as well as commanders of forces were also present at the exercise which aimed to test combat capabilities and increase fire and maneuver synchronization. Gul watched the exercise as the "commander in chief".

      * Another topic in the newspapers is German Chancellor Angela Merkel's apology to Turks for Neo-Nazi murders. A memorial took place in German capital of Berlin to remember the 10 people including eight Turks who were killed by right-wing extremist group in Germany.
        Delivering a speech at the memorial, German Chancellor Merkel said that they considered those murders a disgrace for Germany and appealed to victims' families for forgiveness.
        The chancellor apologized to the families for the fact that suspicion for the murders had fallen, in some cases, on the victims' relatives themselves. Merkel promised to do everything possible to prevent a repeat of the "cold-blooded" murders.

      * All newspapers wrote the game of Turkey's Besiktas team in Union of European Football Associations' UEFA Europa League. Braga soccer team of Portugal defeated Besiktas 0-1 in the second game of the second round at UEFA Europa League in Istanbul.
        Despite Braga's victory, Besiktas advanced to the next round as they had won the first game in Portugal 2-0.


      Edited by  Lutfi Marasli of Izmir, Turkey

      * "Modern art boom exposes Turkey's tensions" said Mrs Rosie Goldsmith of BBC news in İstanbul.
        The arts scene in Istanbul has seen a boom in the past decade, going from a handful of galleries to more than 200, but there may be a price to pay for this rapid change she added.
        The district of Tophane in Istanbul is famously diverse - Bohemian but also ultra-modern.
        Tophane nobly bears the burden of all those cliches about Istanbul - one foot in the liberal, secular West, another in traditional, conservative Islam.
        In the 1980s, these narrow streets and crumbling 19th Century buildings were occupied by immigrants from Asian Turkey - just across the Bosphorus. It also became a magnet for artists because of the cheap rents.
        About a decade ago, Istanbul - and Tophane - started to change dramatically. Business boomed, the arts scene exploded and the old buildings were bought up and gentrified.
        Several were converted into art galleries, and today there are 10 major galleries in Tophane.
        Read the full article at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/9138192.stm

      www.TurkRadio.us www.TurkRadio.us

      * Speaking of art, an exhibition dubbed ''After Yesterday'' at Istanbul Modern arts museum in Tophane is bringing together modern and contemporary examples of photography in Turkey, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        Featuring 179 works by 53 artists, the show is being held between Feb. 16 and June 3. A further 66 works by 213 artists will also be on display in digital format.
        The exhibition displays the technical and conceptual development of photography from the Ottoman Era to the present day. It aims to show the adventure of photography in reverse chronology, starting at the point reached by present day photography and moving back to the Pera of the 1800s.
        After Yesterday is curated by Engin Özendes, who has been the director of the Photography Gallery at the museum since the day it opened and has thus shaped the collection's identity. While presenting viewers with the photographic story of the past and the present, the show also sheds light on how the collection developed over the years.

      * Discovery Networks is set to increase its distribution in Turkey and embark upon a partnership with a big media sales company, Sales House, according to the channel.
        Sales House will be responsible for the promotion and sponsorship of Discovery Channel.
        Thanks to this collaboration, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Discovery Science will be broadcast via the Digiturk, Teledünya and DSmart platforms, allowing them to reach their widest Turkish audiences ever, according to company officials

      * The Toronto-based Turkey-inspired group Minor Empire, which is the brainchild of Turkish guitarist, composer and producer Ozan Boz and vocalist Özgü Özman, has been nominated for Independent Music Awards in the World Group category.
        We have been playing the group's music for you for the past several months.
        The group is known for its unique blend of traditional Turkish music with psychedelic rock, electronic and jazz.
        Minor Empire was launched in 2010 and released its debut recording "Second Nature" in early 2011. The album has been called "deeply exotic, bold, expertly worked and voluptuous."
        The bulk of the compositions on "Second Nature" are based on traditional Turkish folk tunes.
        The album has received impressive airplay on CBC and college radio and reached the No. 1 spot on world music radio charts earlier this year. Performances at such notable festivals as Luminato in Toronto, Sunfest in London and the Markham Jazz Festival have shown the group to be a simply dazzling ensemble onstage.
        The band's first album garnered glowing reviews from international publications such as Songlines Magazine (United Kingdom) and World Music Central (United States). Last December the band received the World Group Award from Canadian Folk Music Awards. Minor Empire will tour Canada this summer.


      * We told you last week about a new movie on the conquest of Istanbul by the Turks in 1453. The Turkish daily Milliyet reports that Germany has prohibited the presentation the film "Conquest 1453" to viewers under the age of 16.
        Turkish immigrants in Germany, more than 104,000 of whom went to see the film during the first three days of its release, have complained that they were unable to bring their children along.
        The movie which premiered Feb. 16 in Turkey, garnered an estimated record-breaking six million dollars at the box office in just four days, according to daily Milliyet. The film was shown in 850 theaters around the country, reportedly drawing over 1 million people.

      * Some short film news:
        The Lebanese capital of Beirut will host a Turkish film festival organized by the İzmir Cinema Association next month. This is the second year a Turkish film festival is taking place in Beirut, organizer Kayhan Kırmızıgül says. Last year's festival drew in 7000 Lebanese to the Turkish movies.
        Turkish filmmaker Emin Alper's "Tepenin Ardı" has won the Caligari Prize at the 62nd Berlin Film Festival, considered one of the world's leading film festivals.
        World-renowned Turkish pianist Fazıl Say has expressed anger at being incorrectly named as the musical producer for "Conquest 1453". Mr. Say says he backed out of producing the music for the film because he thinks that the film lacked artistic value and, most importantly, varied philosophical perspectives. He adds that the film's nationalistic idolization would cause problems with viewers of different cultural backgrounds.
        If Istanbul Independent Film Festival opened last Friday with the gala screening of "If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front." Directed by Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman, the film is a rare behind-the-scenes look at the radical environmental group the FBI called America's "No. 1 domestic terrorist threat."
        According to the Anatolia News Agency, Popular Turkish TV series are now available on the Internet in the Bulgarian language, with "Magnificent Century" taking the lead. The series is translated into Bulgarian by volunteer translators a few hours after the episodes premier in Turkey.

      * The first Antalya International Guitar Festival, organized under the art directorship of Associate Professor Ahmet Kanneci, one of the most important names of Turkish guitar, kicked off on February 21, reports the Dogan News Agency of Turkey.
        The festival will host guitarists from Spain, Germany and Japan until Feb. 25. Nora Buschmann, Takeshi Tezuka, Jose Manuel and Francisco Cuenca Morales duo and Eren Sualp will be among the artists in the festival.


      * According to the Dogan News Agency, the municipality of İzmit has removed all promotional posters of the Turkish rock band Grup Yorum ahead of the group's Feb. 26 concert, saying the posters cause "environmental pollution" in the city.
        In related news, Turkey's biggest online ticket company Biletix, has said it will continue to offer tickets for musicians Grup Yorum, denying recent reports that it was dropping the legendary left-wing band after students were detained for selling the group's tickets, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.


      * Turkey's entry at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest will be an English-language song titled "Love Me Back," Can Bonomo, the artist who was previously named as Turkey's representative at the event, announced Feb. 22, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        "The song tells the story of a sailor," Bonomo told reporters after he introduced his song at state-run TRT's studio in Istanbul. "We are very excited. We are very happy, and we believe it is a beautiful song."
        Bonomo said their song did not have a certain type of melody and that they defined their music as "Istanbul music" since the song would feature all ethnic instruments, as well as an East-West synthesis.
         See more at http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkey-launches-eurovision-song-love-me-back.aspx?pageID=238&nID=14508&NewsCatID=383


      * A Greek festival is making a comeback in Istanbul, reports the Hurriyet Daily News reporter Vercihan Ziflioğlu.
        This year, like last year, Greeks originally from Şişli's neighborhood of Kurtuluş (which is known as Tatavla in Greek) will descend upon Istanbul from Greece for the carnival, which is held just before Christians enter the 40-day Lenten period before Easter, despite the major economic crisis there.
        This year a dance group from Greece will participate in the carnival.
        Another historic carnival, the Pera Baklahorani Carnival, will also take place Feb. 26 at 8 p.m.


      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, Istanbul Toy Museum's application for the 2012 Best European Children's Museum Award has been accepted.
        The museum's founder, poet and writer Sunay Akın, said they believed the toy museum was one of the best examples in the world.
        Read more at http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/istanbul-toy-museum-chosen--as-a-nominee-for-ema-awards.aspx?pageID=238&nID=14427&NewsCatID=385


      * The work of world famous Turkish artist Burhan Doğançay, titled "Ribbon Mania," has been included in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
        Doğançay's works are displayed in 70 museums around the world, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum in London, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
        Read more about the artist at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burhan_Do%C4%9Fan%C3%A7ay .
        His personal web pages are at http://www.burhandogancay.com/ .

      * According to the Anatolia News agency, the China edition of National Geographic Traveler, one of the biggest culture and travel magazines in the world, published a supplement that promoted Istanbul.
        The 21-page supplement included observations of a Chinese citizen living in the Turkish metropolis and spoke about traditional Ottoman and Turkish cultures. Chinese teacher Ging Yang has been living in Istanbul since 2007.
        The supplement wrote about Turks' affection for tea and promoted Istanbul's history, mosques, culture and Turkish food, particularly döner kebab.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.76


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey:46/32 Foggy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean:64/50 Mostly Cloudy
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey:48/39 Mostly Cloudy
      Izmir, on the Aegean:63/45 Mostly Cloudy
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea:52/41 Rainy
      Van, in Eastern Turkey:36/12 Foggy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey:
      102 inches
      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey:
      106 inches
      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey:
      118 inches
      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey:
      55 inches
      SaklIkent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey:
      47 inches
      SarIkamI$, in Kars, Eastern Turkey:
      69 inches
      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey:
      100 inches


      * Soccer

      * Results for week: 27

      Mersin I Y-G. Saray1 - 3
      Ankaragucu-Samsun Sp0 - 3
      Antalya Sp-Manisa Sp2 - 1
      Fenerbahce-Sivas Sp4 - 2
      G. Antep Sp-Ordu Sp1 - 0
      Kayseri Sp-Trabzon Sp3 - 3
      Eski$ehir Sp-Karabuk Sp1 - 2
      Be$iKta$-G. Birligi3 - 2
      Bursa Sp-Istanbul BBSK2 - 1

      In games played so far this weekend: 28

      Ordu Sp-Kayseri Sp1 - 0
      Karabuk Sp-Ankaragucu3 - 2
      Samsun Sp-Bursa Sp0 - 3
      Manisa Sp-G. Antep Sp0 - 2
      Eski$ehir Sp-Fenerbahce2 - 1

      Standing in the league as of week ending 27

      1 -G. Saray60
      2 -Fenerbahce54
      3 -Be$iKta$49
      4 -Trabzon Sp46
      5 -G. Birligi43
      6 -Sivas Sp42
      7 -Eski$ehir Sp38
      8 -Istanbul BBSK37
      9 -Bursa Sp36
      10 -Antalya Sp35
      11 -Ordu Sp35
      12 -Kayseri Sp34
      13 -Mersin I Y33
      14 -Karabuk Sp31
      15 -Manisa Sp29
      16 -G. Antep Sp29
      17 -Samsun Sp26
      18 -Ankaragucu11


      [Saat 18:30 and 19:30 'da iki kez okuyun]

      *** Cemal Kafadar

      (Vehbi Koç Professor of Turkish Studies, Harvard University)

      “How Dark is the History of the Night, How Black the Story of Coffee, How Bitter the Tale of Love:

      The Changing Measure of Leisure and Pleasure in Early Modern Istanbul”

      Monday, February 27, 2012, 4:15 pm

      Lane History Corner, Room 307

      (Building 200, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford)

      *** February 28, 6:00 pm, Stanford Humanities Center (424 Santa Teresa)

      Cemal Kafadar (Harvard University), “Is There A New Ottoman History? A New Ottoman Politics? Are They Partners?


      *** Stanford University Turkish Student Association's Winter '12 Film Series

      Nefes: Vatan Sagolsun (Breath: Long Live the Homeland)

      (Dir. Levent Semerci, 2009, 128 min.)

      Nefes tells the story of 40 soldiers -mostly conscripts- who were assigned

      to defend a relay station in the Iraqi -Turkish border.

      Tuesday, February 28th, 6:00

      pm, Bechtel I-Center, Assembly Room

      *** On line Turkish classes:


      *** Turkish American Association of California

      is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      e-mail them at taac@...

      *** Planning to go to Turkey?

      Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
      travelers like yourselves:


      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to

      International Cultural Program.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M.

      *** Yore dance invites you to:

      Free Turkish Folkdance Classes.

      Please contact with Yore Folk Ensemble for the details.

      TELL YOUR FRIENDS who might be interested joining our group.

      Yore Folk Ensemble

      *** Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Northern California

      Check with the ACSNC center web pages for dates and times of activities: http://acsnc.org/

      16400 Lark Ave. Ste # 260
      Los Gatos, CA 95032

      *** Turkish Classical Music Chorus started practices again.
      They are looking for singers and players of instruments

      Join them on Friday evenings in San Jose

      Please contact with Sema Oktay for the details.

      Sema_Aksu_Oktay [at] yahoo [dot] com

      TELL YOUR FRIENDS who might be interested joining the chorus.


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