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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 17 September 2011

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      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 17 September 2011
      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 17 September 2011]

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      * According to the newswires, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
      on Thursday repeated his controversial call for uprising-hit Arab
      countries to adopt "secular states," following Turkey?s model.
      He delivered the same message earlier in the week when he was visitin
      Egypt, and some of the pro-islamic groups did not like it.
      "Turkey is a democratic, secular and social state of law. As for
      secularism, a secular state has an equal distance to all religious groups,
      including Muslim, Christian, Jewish and atheist people," Erdogan said
      during a visit to Tunis, the place where the wave of pro-democracy revolts
      sweeping the Middle East and North Africa began late last year.
      When he arrived in Tunis, Mr. Erdogan was met by a crowd of 4000 people
      waiving Turkish and Palestinian flags.
      The Turkish prime minister went to Libya on Friday as part of the final
      leg of his "Arab spring" tour.

      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey has warned that it will
      sign a continental shelf delimitation accord with Turkish Cyprus if Greek
      Cyprus proceeds with plans to start offshore drilling for oil and gas next
      Such an agreement would designate areas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
      where Turkey and northern Cyprus could launch their own oil and gas
      exploration projects.
      Meanwhile, Greece on Thursday said Turkey should drop threats to Cyprus
      over the latter?s gas exploration plans. "Turkey is trying to escalate the
      tone... this is dangerous and it needs to stop," foreign ministry
      spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras said.

      * A Turkish court ruled that the Turkish capital Ankara's symbol is the
      Hittite sun. The symbol was first adopted in 1970s, but Mr. Gokcek who got
      elected in 1994 as the new mayor and who is still the mayor, tried the
      change the symbol to a drawing which included the silhouette of a mosque,
      a crescent and three stars. At the time Mr. Gokcek was a member of the
      ultranationalist Nationalist Action Party, and it is said that he was
      trying to appease his party's base.
      16 years after the controversy started, the Hurriyet Daily News reports
      that the issue is still on the table. Mr. Gokcek now says he does not
      recognize the ruling of the court. Mr. Gokcek is now a member of the
      ruling Justice and Development Party, and it is said that he is still
      promoting a symbol that includes the silhouette of a mosque, which this
      time around would appease the religiously oriented party members.

      * A prominent Turkish politician who held the posts of interior minister
      and justice minister in the mid-1990s has been sentenced to five years in
      prison on charges of establishing an armed organization to commit crime,
      reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
      The Ankara 11th Court for Serious Crimes on Thursday sentenced Mehmet
      Agar as a part of the Susurluk trial, which deals with a scandal involving
      the close relationship between the government, the security forces and
      organized crime.
      Mr. Agar, who was convicted for his actions when he held the post of
      chief of police, from July 1993 to 1995. Since he was elected to the
      Turkish parliament from the True Path Party right after this period,
      Turkish courts could not try him until he lost his immunity after losing
      his parliamentary seat. He was the latest suspect on trial in the Susurluk
      case. His trial began in 2007.
      The Susurluk scandal exposed links between the police, mafia and
      politicians and emerged after a car accident in the town of Susurluk, in
      the northwestern province of Balikesir, on Oct. 3, 1996. Huseyin Kocadag,
      a former police chief, high-profile criminal Abdullah Catli and Sedat
      Bucak, a Kurdish landlord and deputy from the True Path Party, were all
      found in the crashed car, along with several weapons and fake identity

      * Trials and detentions that take years are the norm in Turkey, says the
      experts. People feel that justice delayed is justice denied. There is a
      new initiative to solve this problem. According to the Hurriyet Daily
      News, the main task facing the Turkish judiciary is to speed up lengthy
      trials, Turkey's Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin has said, announcing a
      comprehensive strategy to make the country?s judicial system more
      efficient and effective.
      Turkey currently has around 12,000 judges and prosecutors but needs at
      least 10,000 more to deal with the heavy caseload, Mr. Ergin said. "In
      addition we need between 1,300 and 1,500 judges and prosecutors for
      appeals courts. We are trying to take some measures to increase these
      numbers. For example, we are easing procedures for lawyers to become
      judges or prosecutors," he added.

      * Goksel Bozkurt of Hurriyet Daily News reports that Turkey?s leading
      pro-Kurdish party could end its parliamentary boycott and return to the
      legislature if the government agrees to two key pre-conditions related to
      its fight against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party.
      The Peace and Democracy Party is expected to demand that the government
      halt cross-border operations against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party
      in northern Iraq and "end the isolation" of its convicted leader Abdullah
      Ocalan. That demands are expected to be announced when the party meets
      this weekend with a number of groups for the Kurdish Conference in the
      southeastern province of Diyarbakir.
      The Peace and Democracy deputies have been boycotting the new parliament
      and demanding that their candidates elected to the parliament while they
      were incarcerated should be released and take their seats in the

      * Speaking of Kurds, there are allegations that Turkey's intelligence
      chief met with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party senior members, and
      the Turkish government is not quite denying it.
      In fact, one of the leaders of the ruling Justice and Development Party,
      Mr. Cemil Cicek, who is also the Turkish Parliament Speaker, said that
      Turkey is doing the same as what Britain, Spain and other countries that
      suffered from terror have done in the past. Mr. Cicek's remarks are seen
      as an indirect confirmation of the meetings.
      The meetings allegedly took place in Oslo Norway in 2009 and 2010.
      Kurdistan Workers Party is on a list of terrorist organizations both in
      the U.S. and the European Union.

      * Goksel Bozkurt of Hurriyet Daily News reports that Turkey's main
      opposition Republican Peoples Party is trying to lure the young Turks with
      new bylaws.
      A minimum 15 percent of all deputy candidates, Party Assembly members,
      convention delegates and officials in the provincial administrations must
      be under the age of 35, according to quotas laid out in the party?s new

      * Five prisoners have died due to a fire that occurred in a prisoner
      transportation vehicle on Friday, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
      While Turkey's Justice Minister says that they will launch
      investigations, NGO?s say the case is an abuse of Human Rights.


      * Anatolia News agency reports that Turkish TV series, which are already
      noted for their popularity in the Arab world, are now making inroads into
      Israel after private channels Viva and Viva Platina decided to begin
      airing "Menekse and Halil".
      Starring heartthrob Kivanc Tatlitug and Sedef Avci, the show is aired in
      prime time five days a week with Hebrew subtitles and has gained a lot of
      fans since it began broadcasting two weeks ago.
      Speaking to Anatolia news agency, Leora Nir, an official with Viva?s
      parent company, the Dori Media Group, said they decided to purchase the
      show from Turkey after watching the series.
      She also said they aired all TV series in their original language since
      Israel was a society of immigrants.

      * UNICEF Turkey and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality have teamed up to
      create the biggest and most diverse outdoor arts event in Istanbul history
      with the aim of giving young school dropouts an education, reports the
      Hurriyet Daily News.
      "Stars of Istanbul" opened in early September and will continue until
      November with the aim of creating funds for a crash-course school program
      for 90,000 dropouts aged 9 to 14 so that they can attain the same
      educational level as their peers.
      The exhibition includes several star-shaped installations by various
      artists that are displayed at prominent locations in select neighborhoods
      in districts like Beyoglu, Besiktas, Bakirkoy, Kadikoy, Fatih and Sisli.
      The installations will be sold at an international auction scheduled for


      * The seventh Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, organized in the
      capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, ended with a red carpet and award
      The closing ceremony started with the red carpet event at the Pyramid
      Culture Center. The festival hosted 80 movies from 20 countries. Lots of
      Tatar representatives and Turkey's Council General Ahmet Akinti in Kazan
      attended the ceremony.
      The event started with traditional dance shows from Tataristan, while a
      catwalk show also took place. Famous artists and singers from Tataristan
      also performed during the night.
      Chinese director Lu Yang?s movie titled "My Spectacular Theater"
      received the Best Picture Award, while "Belvedere," directed by Bosnia and
      Herzegovinian director Ahmet Imamovic, received the Best Script and Best
      Actor awards. Turkish director Belma Bas?s first feature film "Zefir"
      (Zephyr) received the Best Screen Award and the TURKSOY Exclusive Award.
      The film tells the story of 11-year-old Zefir, who lives with her
      grandmother and grandfather but misses her mother too much. Her mother
      comes one day but not to take her; to tell her goodbye.
      Actress Sibel Kekili received the Best Actress Award in Feo Aladag?s
      feature "Separation".
      Best Director went to Denis Rodimin for his feature "Strange Mother."
      The movie tells the story of a mother who searches for her lost child in
      Greek documentary "Shooting vs. Shooting" received Best Documentary
      Award, while Best Short Film went to "Ambitious" from Russia.
      Organized within the same festival, this year?s animation movie award
      went to Syria.

      * Danish artist Morten Andersen started painting walls 20 years ago. "I
      have been painting for whole my life," he said. According to the Hurriyet
      Daily News, Andersen was in Istanbul attending an exhibition at the Art On
      the Gallery. Andersen also painted a wall in the gallery.
      He started as a graffiti artist. "For ten years I have painted walls,
      but later on, painting walls might be boring."
      Andersen aimed to develop his technique and his material. "That?s why I
      have moved to canvas paintings."

      * Hurriyet Daily News reports that a jury has announced the belated
      winners of the 1979 and 1980 winners of the International Antalya Golden
      Orange Film Festival, over 30 years after the award shows were canceled to
      due to censorship and the 1980 military coup, respectively.
      The Best Film Award in the 1979 competition was shared by Yavuz Okan?s
      "Highway" and Omer Avur?s "Yusuf and Kenan" while Zeki Okten?s "The Herd"
      was selected as the best film of 1980.
      The winners of the competition were announced Monday at a press
      conference held at the Turker Inanoglu Foundation Film Theater Museum in
      the southern province of Antalya.
      The awards were chosen by a jury consisting of Professor Ozdemir Nutku,
      Hale Soygazi, Selahattin Tonguc, Vecdi Sayar, Atilla Dorsay, Tunca Yonder,
      Dogan Hizlan, Ahmet Keskin, Nurettin Tekindor, Kenan Deger and Tonguc

      * Niki Gamm of Hurriyet Daily News, for the first time, the Saladin Days
      project has come to Istanbul to present "Desertstorms," a play about how
      history and myths have created a stereotype of the conflict between the
      East and West.
      "The story in the play underlines the common cultural history we share,
      rather than emphasizing differences. This is important to remember today,"
      the play?s director Deniz Hellberg said.
      "Desertstorms" is based on the book "Camel Clouds" (translated into
      Turkish and published as "Tozkoparan") by Norwegian author Thorvald Steen.
      The play juxtaposes views of fundamentalism and moderation in the story
      of Saladin Ayyubi, the Muslim leader, who conquered Christian-ruled
      Jerusalem in 1187. Saladin did not allow his soldiers to kill any
      Christian civilians, despite the numerous raids on Muslims under Christian
      rule, Steen said.
      The play will continue until Sept. 30.


      * Istanbul?s first International Crime and Punishment Film Festival is
      preparing to examine the relationship between justice and cinema through a
      series of film screenings, panel discussions and workshops, reports the
      Hurriyet Daily News.
      The festival will be held between Sept. 23 and 30 and is being organized
      by the Istanbul University Faculty of Law in collaboration with Basaksehir
      Municipality. The festival will provide an opportunity to compare justice
      systems and social structures of different countries and aspects of crime
      and punishment with those in Turkey.
      The Crime and Punishment Film Festival will screen more than 100 films
      from 40 countries.


      * Tuba Parlak of Hurriyet Daily News reports that young contemporary
      artist Ardan Ozmenoglu is questioning the concept of "biennial artist" in
      her exhibition that opened Monday at the Ekav Art Gallery just a few days
      before the launch of the 12th Istanbul Biennial.
      Ozmenoglu said art should not be about conceptualizations that exclude
      routine and seemingly non-aesthetic daily life. On the contrary, the young
      female artist said, "It should be able to communicate with ordinary people
      about the ordinariness of their daily lives."
      The works currently on display are the output of the artist?s last six
      months of labor. Ms. Ozmenoglu employs a special technique based on paint,
      spray paint and print patterns on sheets of sticky notes. She explained
      why she prefers sticky notes by saying, "Because it is a very contemporary
      medium. It is both a very contemporary thing and also it is about daily
      life. What I wanted to do is to transform a very daily, a very mundane
      item into a medium of art that focuses on the daily life in its complete
      All the works in the exhibition represent details from daily Turkish
      life that have become almost symbolic of Turkish culture like evil eye,
      Turkish oil wrestlers, and yellow or blue-colored minibuses.


      * According to the Anatolia News Agency a new cultural center has opened
      in Turgutreis in the Aegean town of Bodrum following prominent businessman
      Sevket Sabanci?s donation of the facility to the local municipality.
      The Sevket Sabanci Culture Center covers an area of 1,200 square meters
      and includes two art galleries; a culture and art library; an artisan
      workshop for painting, design, traditional arts and visual arts; a
      computer and photography laboratory; three music rooms and the
      Mediterranean Maritime History Archive.
      The building was originally purchased to establish a hotel but
      construction was later abandoned, Mr. Sabanci said at the recent opening
      ceremony. "My friend Vedat Turkmen later purchased the building and handed
      over to me. I have now handed it over to the municipality to establish as
      an art center."
      Mr. Sabanci said an additional part of the center would be constructed
      on a 2,200-square-meter site in a forested area next to the culture
      center. "When it is completed, both parts will complement each other."

      * Hatice Utkan of Hurriyet Daily News reports that Istanbul?s art scene
      welcomed a new style of museum on Tuesday with the opening of the first
      dual purpose "office museum."
      The Borusan contemporary art collection has been gathered in Borusan?s
      offices in the 100-year-old Yusuf Ziya Pasa mansion, also known as the
      "Perili" (Haunted) Mansion, in the Baltalimani neighborhood in the Sariyer
      district on the European coast of the Bosphorus Strait. The public opening
      of the museum will be on Saturday.
      Speaking during the press conference, Borusan Holding managing director
      Ahmet Kocabiyik said: "Borusan contemporary has two main missions. One is
      to share its contemporary art collection with the public and the other is
      to increase interest in contemporary art in Turkey."
      The most important part of the collection is that all of these works
      belong to new media art, he said.
      The collection comprises works in diverse techniques ranging from video
      to photography, from painting to installation, and from light sculpture
      and canvas painting, he said.
      Functioning as an exhibition space with creative artworks during the
      weekends and as an active office space during the weekdays, the Borusan
      Contemporary Office Museum is an extraordinary model and a laboratory for
      experiencing a lifestyle symbiotic with contemporary art.


      * Organized by the Cankaya Municipality, 4th Anki Rock Fest will take
      place from Sept. 23-25 at the Ahlatlibel Social Club, reports the Anatolia
      News Agency.
      The press conference for the festival took place at the Contemporary
      Arts and Culture Center with the participation of Cankaya Mayor Bulent
      This year?s festival will host local and international groups including
      Orphaned Land, Hayko Cepkin, Kurban, Ogun Sanlisoy, Aylin Aslim, Babazula,
      Black Tooth, and Deja vu.
      Noting that between Sept. 23 and 25, Abkara will make its mark on
      Turkey?s music scene, Tanik said lots of rock musicians have came out of
      Ankara. The festival started in 2006, he added.
      Tanik said they were working on creating a concert area at Cankaya
      University. "In the future we are planning to establish a large venue for
      the festival," he said.
      Speaking during the press conference, Turkish rock musician Ogun
      Sanlisoy said events organized by municipalities were always more fun than
      others. "People who will attend the festival will have the best experience
      of their lives," he said.
      The festival will also host handicapped musician Utku Sener.

      * The autumn art gallery season opens at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski this
      week with an exhibition of works by Semiha Berksoy, the first Turkish
      female opera singer, artist and film and theater actress, reports the
      Hurriyet Daily News.
      The exhibition, which is being put on by the hotel?s art gallery in
      cooperation with the Semiha Berksoy Opera Foundation, opens Sept. 15 and
      will continue until Oct. 25. Visitors will see nearly 30 of the artist?s
      oil paintings, scarf paintings and videos. Some of her important works
      like "Eternity?s Love-based Union," "Mother Painter Fatma Saime,"
      "Salome," "Moonlight Love," and "Carnation Girl" are among those on
      The Ciragan Conversations series will feature an evening on Berksoy on
      Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. Speakers will include her famous thespian daughter
      Zeliha Berksoy; the artist?s grandson Ogul Aktuna; artist Bedri Baykam;
      theater critic and academic writer Professor Dikmen Gurun; famous
      historian Professor Ilber Ortayli; and opera singer Mesut Iktu.
      Ms. Berksoy was born in Istanbul in 1910 and studied painting and
      singing in Istanbul. She sang in the first Turkish opera in 1934 and went
      on to sing in Germany and Portugal the same year. She became known as a
      Wagnerian opera singer and performed in some of Wagner?s better known
      works. She retired from the Istanbul Opera in 1972 but remained active in
      the theater until her death in 2004.

      * Dogan News Agency reports that the World?s largest mosaic museum opened
      late last week in the southeastern Turkish province of Gaziantep made
      possible by investment of $55 million. It was visited by more than 3,000
      people by the next day.
      The Zeugma Mosaic Museum was visited by almost 1300 people paying about
      $3.00 in local currency to enter on its first day while some 1,800 people,
      including children under 18 and those above 65, visited the museum for
      free. Museum officials said this number of visitors on a single day was a
      record, adding that they expected some 100,000 visitors monthly with
      growing interest from local and foreign tourists.
      The Zeugma Mosaic Museum?s enclosed area of 30,000 square meters
      displays a total of 1,700 square meters of mosaics in more than 7,000
      square meters of exhibition halls. Museum officials said the dimensions
      are greater than Tunisia?s Bardo Museum, which is known as the world?s
      largest mosaic museum.
      See more at


      * Tuba Parlak of Hurriyet Daily News reports that Art Beat, Istanbul?s new
      contemporary art fair, kicked off Wednesday with a focus on bringing
      prominent Turkish galleries closer to local and international art buyers.
      Project Coordinator Arhan Kayar said the galleries and the organizers
      were already happy with the demand from the buyers and that some
      collectors almost busted into the venue during the preparations to buy the
      best pieces before the event kicked off.
      Art Beat continues with participation from 29 galleries through Sept. 18
      at the Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center in the Harbiye neighborhood. Art
      Beat is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
      The organizers announced at a press conference that they planned to
      change the event into a larger art platform in the coming years. Under the
      title of Art Week, the event seeks to expand its reach in collaboration
      with Middle Eastern, Asian, European and even American art organizations
      in order to help bring Istanbul galleries and Turkish artists together
      with their international peers. The organizers want to have a sustainable
      event that takes place every September from this year on.

      * The Hurriyet Daily News writes that a joint projct is exploring the tale
      of two cities. Siemens Sanat?s first joint project with Germany?s
      Bayerische Staatskanzlei, Cityscale, is inviting viewers to think
      critically about the urban texture of Munich and Istanbul through the
      works of arts on display.
      The exhibition opened Wednesday and aims to help establish sustainable
      collaboration between the contemporary art circles of Istanbul and Munich.
      Curated by Germany?s Francoise Heitsch and Turkey?s Deniz Erbas, the
      exhibition?s consultant curators are Cornelia Osswald Hoffmann and Beral
      The artists participating in the exhibition include Gulcin Aksoy,
      AtilKunst, Annegret Bleisteiner, Klaus vom Bruch, Carlotta Brunetti, the
      Department fur offentliche Erscheinungen, Deniz Gul, Julia Lohmann, Suat
      Ogut, Hulya Ozdemir, Susanne Pittroff, Michaela Rotsch, Ferhat Satici,
      Robert Stumpf and Yeni Anit.
      Cityscale is an effort to keep the relations and cultural exchange
      established as early as the 1990s between the contemporary artists of both
      cities alive. The event, which is a first of its kind, is the result of a
      three-year-long collaboration between the artists.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.77


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey: 64/57 Mostly Sunny

      Antalya, on the Mediterranean: 88/77 Mostly Sunny

      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey: 86/68 Mostly Sunny

      Izmir, on the Aegean: 90/72 Mostly Sunny

      Trabzon, on the Black Sea: 77/66 Thunderstorms

      Van, in Eastern Turkey 77/46 Mostly Sunny

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 75

      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 73

      Aegean Sea measured at Izmir 77

      Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 82


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      that took key elements of Turkish and Kurdish outlaw folklore and merged
      them into a hypnotic blend of Italian and Hollywood Westerns, Third World
      cinema, and social realism. This series features eight of his films,
      including the 1982 winner of the Palme d.Or at Cannes, Yol.

      For more information: http://bampfa.berkeley.edu/filmseries/guney

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