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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 28 August 2011

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      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 28 August 2011
      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 28 August 2011]

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      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * Turkish daily Cumhuriyet reported that Turkey's National Education
      Ministry appointed teachers to 11,475 vacant positions.
      Yet there were thousands of teachers' college graduates who did not get
      a teaching position. Thousands of these gathered at the Turkish capital
      Ankara's Guvenpark, and protested the ministry.
      Security forces put barricades to prevent protestors marching to the
      building of National Education Ministry.
      Teacher candidates reacted to the security forces with applause and

      * Last week we told you about the Turkish government's and some
      nongovernmental organizations' efforts to help Somalia.
      This week the Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that the Turkish prime
      minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to help famine-stricken
      Somalia in rebuilding its almost non-existing infrastructure, saying,
      "Turkey will leave its mark on Somalia."
      Mr. Erdogan said Turkey would open an embassy in the country in the
      shortest possible time.
      "We are no more a country that needs help but a country that extends a
      helping hand to those in need.
      "We will set an example for other nations in helping Africa," he said.

      * The Turkish aid, which has been collected to help Somalia, exceeded $210
      million, reported the Turkish daily Sabah.
      Turk Telekom and its personnel donated $900,000. Meanwhile, Askon
      (Anatolian Lions Businessman Association) sent 13 trucks of assistance to

      * Turkish daily Hurriyet also reported that Turkey's Supreme Board of
      Judges and Prosecutors, dismissed three prosecutors investigating fraud in
      Deniz Feneri e.V., a Germany-based Turkish charity organization charged of
      syphoning millions of euros.
      The Supreme Board and Judges removed prosecutors Nadi Turkaslan, Mehmet
      Tamoz and Abdulvahap Yaren from the case on an appeal by lawyers of the

      * In related news, the Turkish daily Radikal reported that the Supreme
      Board of Judges and Prosecutors launched a new investigation and appointed
      two new prosecutors.
      As we reported to you in the past, several Deniz Feneri e.V. officials
      were convicted in Germany almost three years ago and the German
      prosecutors implicated several Turks in Turkey.

      * We reported to you last week that the Turkish armed forces bombed the
      targets of the rebel Turkish Kurds in Northern Iraq.
      Turkish armed forces General Staff announced that approximately 90
      terrorists were killed during the air offensive on the rebel camps between
      August 17 and 22.
      General Staff said in a statement posted on its web-site that Turkish
      Air Forces jets hit 132 targets while artillery units shelled 349 targets.
      It also said 73 hiding places, 6 shelters, 18 caves, 8 depots, 14
      buildings, 1 arsenal, 9 anti-aircraft positions and 3 control points were
      destroyed, reported the Turkish daily Milliyet.

      * In related news, Turkish daily Vatan reported that Turkey has lashed out
      at Iraqi government over allegations that Turkish warplanes had killed
      civilians in the air offensive last week.
      Iraq's ambassador to Turkey was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Affairs
      Ministry headquarters, and he was given a diplomatic note.
      Turkish military staff released satellite footage Friday of an area
      where Iraqi authorities who had claimed that Turkish warplanes hit a car
      and killed seven civilians. The Turkish military said an impact crater
      with a diameter of eight meters would have been occurred had the car been
      hit by a guided missile.
      The footage shows no such impact crater but only a burnt down car near
      the concrete walls on road side which remains intact.

      * Turkish daily Vatan also reported that a prosecutor asked for prison
      terms up to 15 years for journalists Ahmet Sik and Nedim Sener, who were
      detained in an investigation into an alleged clandestine network with
      links to the military and security forces.
      The two journalists are charged of aiding a terrorist organization.
      Messrs. Sener and Sik are behind bars since February.
      One of the journalists wrote a book against Fethullah Gulen, the leader
      of a cult-like religious group that wields considerable power on the
      Turkish government. Fethullah Gulen is in self imposed exile in the U.S.

      * Turkish daily Sabah also reported that French President Nicolas Sarkozy,
      who did not invite Turkey to a meeting in March ---during which leaders
      decided to launch an operation on Libya-, changed his attitude and invited
      Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the leaders' summit which
      will take place in Paris on September 1.
      However, the daily Sabah says Erdogan was not "deceived" this time, and
      he rejected the invitation.
      Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will represent Turkey
      In the summit.

      * Turkish daily Turkiye reported that a first will happen during the
      ceremonies to celebrate August 30 Victory Day this year.
      Turkish President Abdullah Gul, with the title of commander-in-chief,
      will accept the greetings instead of Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet
      It was claimed that this change was offered by Gen. Ozel.

      * Turkish Airlines cancelled its joint flights with American Airlines to
      New York, while Delta Airlines also cancelled its Istanbul flights to New
      York due to Hurricane Irene, the first hurricane of the 2011 Atlantic
      The hurricane has caused as much as $1.1 billion in losses, reports the
      Anatolia News Agency.

      * Insurgents entered capital Tripoli and took control of Gadhafi's
      headquarters in Libya.
      Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoglu became the first
      foreign official visiting the country after opposition took control of
      Turkey released $200 million of financial aid which had been promised to
      the new administration in Libya.
      Following his meeting with Mr. Davutoglu, Libyan Interim Transitional
      Council Chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil said, "Turkish officials overcame the
      bureaucratic obstacles and delivered the financial aid," and he thanked
      the Turkish authorities, reported the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet on

      * Turkish daily Hurriyet reported on Thursday that Union of European
      Football Associations has sent a letter to the Turkish Football Federation
      before excluding Fenerbahce from the Champions League in 2011-2012 season.
      In the letter, federation said that it and the international football
      world could not accept participation of a soccer club which was accused of
      match-fixing, in the Champions League.


      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, first trailer of "Ghost Rider:
      Spirit of Vengence" was released on the Internet.
      Parts of the film, starring Nicolas Cage as the Ghost Rider, was filmed
      in the historical Cappadocia region in central Turkey.
      The film will hit the theaters in Feb. 2012.

      * Turkey's southern city of Adana, which is known for being the hometown
      of a great many prominent names in Turkish movies, is preparing to host a
      new film museum, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
      People in Adana believe the move to host a film museum is really a show
      of loyalty to Adana artists.
      The film museum will officially be opened during the 18th Golden Boll
      Film Festival to be held between Sept. 17 and 25 at the historic mansion
      on Seyhan Street that was recently restored.
      See more at

      * Dogan News Agency reports that the 6th Film and Culture Festival, which
      will be organized for the first time this year with the name "Golden
      Almond" in the Aegean province of Mugla's Datca town, will take place
      between Sept. 4 and 6. The guest of honor of the festival will be renowned
      actress of Turkish movies Fatma Girik.
      The festival, which has been organized with the title "Respect to
      Masters" for the last five years, will also feature a documentary film
      competition for the first time.
      The festival will open with a mini concert by Yesim Salkim and one of
      Girik's unforgettable films, "The Legend of Mount Agri", will be shown
      during the night. Girik will also receive the Honorary Award while
      Necmettin Cobanoglu will receive the Labor Award.
      On the second day the festival will commemorate Turkish actor Kemal
      Sunal on the 11th anniversary of his death. The event will be attended by
      Sunal's family, friends and relatives. His film "Davaro" will be
      screened as part of the festival.
      Also, a night will be organized in the memory of director Yavuz Ozkan.
      Before this special night, the winners of documentary films competition
      will be announced and presented their awards.
      Participants of the festival will be given books featuring the life of
      Girik and Sunal.

      * We have told you about an exhibit in Istanbul that featured artifacts
      from both sides of the Aegean several weeks ago. Artifacts came from Greek
      and Turkish institutions, and this time through collaboration was touted
      as the first of its kind.
      According to the Hurriyet Daily News residents of Istanbul like the
      exhibit "Across - The Cylades and Western Anatolia During the 3rd
      Millennium BC, " so much that Istanbul's Sakip Sabanci Museum has
      extended it until Oct. 30.
      Within the scope of the exhibition, which aims to reach more students
      with the opening of schools next month, workshops and educational work
      carried out by the Sabanci Museum Education Department will also continue
      until Oct. 30. Also, tours of the exhibition with the curator, which have
      been previously organized and drew big interest, will be repeated. Guests
      will be able to visit the exhibition with its curator Associate Professor
      Vasif Sahoglu on Sept. 17 at 4 p.m.
      The exhibition is composed of artifacts from various Turkish museums as
      well as the National Archaeological Museum of Athens and the N. P.
      Goulandris Foundation Museum of Cycladic Art. It examines the relations
      between Anatolia, where the first steps toward civilization took place,
      and the nearby Cyclades Islands in the Aegean that gave rise to reciprocal
      influence that created two cultures which while similar in many respects,
      nonetheless maintained distinctive regional characteristics.
      A 14-meter-long exact replica of a Cyladic ship stands out as one of the
      most interesting pieces of the exhibition. The replica shows the impact of
      the Cycladic ships on the interaction between the two cultures, as the
      ships were the only way of transportation between the two sides of the
      Aegean for a long time.

      * According to the Turkish daily Radikal Turkish soap opera "Binbir
      Gece" (A Thousand and One Nights), which attracted keen interest in
      Balkan and Middle Eastern countries after its success in Turkish
      television, has proved to be a phenomenal success in Slovakia, where it is
      currently being broadcast under the title "Tisic A Jedna Noc."
      Slovakia's Markiza TV, which is the broadcaster of the show, invited the
      female and male lead to the capital Bratislava as honorary guests of an
      open-air festival it organized.
      The fans showed a huge interest in the show's female lead, Berguzar
      Korel, and the male lead, Halit Ergenc, upon their arrival. Making a
      speech during the festival, Ergenc expressed his gratitude for the love
      and interest of the Slovakian people.
      Korel also spoke at the festival opening and said the audience response
      was surprising for her. She thanked the audience for their love.
      The TV show has been broadcast in Slovakia for almost a year now, and
      its final episode will be broadcasted in October.
      See more at

      * The 18th Golden Boll Film Festival, which is to be held between Sept. 17
      and 25 in Turkey's Southern Mediterranean Province of Adana, is giving
      room for a selection of Arab movies in the festival program in
      collaboration with International Federation of Film Critics, reports the
      Hurriyet Daily News.
      The festival program was announced Tuesday in Istanbul with
      participation of Adana Metropolitan Acting Mayor Zihni Aldirmaz.
      The movies to be displayed in the Arab films section include Tunisian
      Moufida Tlatli's "The Silences of the Palace," Lebanese Behij
      Hojeij's "Ring of Fire," Moroccan Yasmine Kassari's "The
      Sleeping Child," and Algerian Merzak Allouache's "Harragas"
      This year's festival is also making room for a selection of world
      movies. The Turkish premier of Woody Allen's 2011 movie "Midnight in
      Paris" will be taking place within the scope of the festival. German
      director's Jan Schomburg's "Above us Only Sky" and Albanian
      director Bujar Alimani's "Amnesty" will be screened in the same
      Renowned Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan's "Once Upon a Time in
      Anatolia," which took the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, is
      also scheduled for its Turkey premier in the festival.
      A section of the festival program is also allocated for screenings of
      films by national competition jury Chairman Dervis Zaim. The festival
      program also includes a film symposium titled "Turkish Film: A Look from
      Turkey and Abroad." The symposium will run Sept. 21 through 24.

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, the Istanbul Modern Dance Company
      is preparing its own special commemoration for the 400th anniversary of
      the birth of famous Ottoman traveler Evliya Celebi by adapting his
      signature work, "Seyahatname" (Book of Travels), for the 2011-2012 art
      During UNESCO's 35th General Conference in 2009, participants decided
      to add include the anniversary in its 2011 list of commemorations and
      celebrations, said Mahmut Evkuran, the Culture and Tourism Ministry's
      research and education general director. "Various events for the
      traveler Evliya Celebi have been organized in Turkey and other parts of
      the world," he added.
      The play, which will be called "Seyahatname 2," will bring together
      modern dance, design and texts and video production while also featuring
      humans" inner journey simultaneously with Evliya Celebi's travels.
      Gozleme, a Turkish hand-rolled pastry, will be cooked in a floor table
      on the stage and will be distributed to viewers during intermissions.
      The work, designed as a mobile production to be performed at open-air
      stages and sports halls, will last 70 minutes and feature 15 dancers.
      Born in Istanbul's Unkapani in 1611, Evliya Celebi came from a wealthy
      family; his father was the chief jeweler at the Ottoman court. He had an
      excellent education but preferred to travel, beginning his journey at age
      He has been named by UNESCO as one of the 20 people to have shaped
      See more at

      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, "Disney On Ice " Princesses
      and Heroes" will start its European tour from Istanbul.
      The show, which has been performed 1,280 times in more than 18 countries
      and viewed by more than 5 million people.

      Halil Altindere, "My Mother Likes Pop-Art, Because Pop-Art is Colorful",

      * Hatice Utkan of Hurriyet Daily News reports that in parallel with this
      September's Biennale, Istanbul will witness Turkish contemporary artist
      Halil Altindere's exhibition titled "If I can't dance, it's not my
      Altindere uses a motto of the libertarian left wing and makes reference
      to anarcho-feminist theoretician and activist Goldman. In doing so,
      Altindere opens a new area for dialogue. Three golden bracelets Altindere
      produced in putting Goldman's words into gold are not only jewelry but
      also mobile art works. The photographs of young women carrying written
      aphorisms such as "If I can't dance, it's not my revolution," and
      "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck" are
      also powerful and appropriate for Goldman.
      The show will be curated by Rene Block of Germany and will focus on
      sub-cultures, marginalized minorities, outsiders, pop icons and cult

      * Turkey has restated its demanded for the return of historical Iznik
      ceramic art from France as part of a recent campaign to press harder for
      the repatriation of artifacts that are now found abroad, reports the
      Hurriyet Daily News.
      The tiles were probably taken to France in the late 1800s by a French
      restoration expert who had been fixing the works of art in Istanbul.
      Turkey has repeatedly demanded the return of the historical artifacts from
      the French government but has yet to find any success.
      Turkey's campaign has yielded success recently with other countries,
      as Germany agreed in May to return a Hittite sphinx that had been
      displayed at a museum in Berlin.
      In this year alone, 1,883 historical artifacts have been returned to
      Iznik pottery, named after the town in western Turkey where it was made,
      is highly decorated ceramics whose heyday was the late sixteenth century.
      The largest collection of vessels is in the British Museum and Iznik
      tiles may be seen in quantity in the imperial and religious buildings of

      * The first Turkish gallery will open In New York's Chelsea, where some
      of the Big Apple's most respectable galleries are located, on Sept. 8,
      reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
      Founded by Emre and Maide Kurttepeli, Erkut and Asli Soyak and Mel
      Dogan, C24, dedicated to presenting outstanding contemporary art from
      beyond the usual circle of U.S. and European cities, will be opened on a
      bi-level, 9,000-square-foot space at 514 West 24th Street, between Tenth
      and Eleventh Avenues in New York City.
      The first exhibition at the gallery, "Double Crescent: Art from
      Istanbul and New Orleans," will feature recent works by artists from New
      Orleans and Istanbul, both emerging and established, who are recognized
      locally for their originality and perseverance.
      See more at

      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, The famous Oscar-winning filmmaker
      of Azerbaijani and Soviet movies, Rustam Ibragimbekov, will visit the
      Mediterranean province of Antalya to attend the 48th International Golden
      Orange Film Festival to be held there from Oct. 8 to 14.
      Ibragimbekov will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award during
      a special ceremony during the festival.
      Born in Baku, Ibragimbekov, a screenwriter, dramatist and producer, is
      the one and only filmmaker from the Turkish-speaking world to win an
      Oscar, picking up the award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1994 for the
      film "Burnt by the Sun," which he directed with Nikita Mikhalkov. He
      also received the Grand Prize from the Jury at the 47th Cannes
      International Film Festival for the film "The Barber of Siberia" which
      was the most expensive European production in 1997.
      See more at

      * The Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum of Istanbul is preparing to celebrate
      the 10th anniversary of their corporate contemporary art initiative with
      an exhibition titled "Elgiz 10 Istanbul," and a women art collectors
      panel that will take place on Sept. 16.
      The exhibition, curated by Necmi Sonmez, opens Sept. 17 and will
      continue through March 16, 2012.
      It will offer a selection from the Elgiz family collection featuring
      works of many prominent local and foreign artists like Darren Almond, Doug
      Aitken, Louis Bourgeois, Adnan Coker, Ergin Cavusoglu, Loris Cecchini,
      Burhan Dogancay, Nejad Devrim, Tracey Emin, Eric Fischl, Jan Fabre,
      Gilbert & George, Murat Germen, Atilla Galatali, Gunter Forg, Nan Goldin,
      Nilbar Gures, Gulsun Karamustafa, Barbara Kruger, Elke Krystufek, Azade
      Koker, Mustafa Kunt, Kurucu Kocanoglu, Sol Lewitt, Bjarne Melgaard,
      Jonathan Meese, Paul Mccharty, Sarah Morris, Mateo Mate, Frank Nitsche,
      Abdurrahman Oztoprak, Marcus Oehlen, Ferhat Ozgur, Jorge Pardo, Robert
      Rauschenberg, Gerhard Richter, Lisa Ruyter, Thomas Struth, Asli Torcu,
      David Tremblett, Omer Uluc, Johannes Wohnseifer, Tim White Sobiesky,
      Iskender Yediler and Fahr-el-Nissa Zeid.
      See more at

      * An exhibition titled "Climate Change," which opened in 2009 in New
      York and has been visited by nearly a quarter of a million people, will go
      on display at santralistanbul in October, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
      The event will run from Oct. 4, 2011 to Jan. 15, 2012.
      See more at

      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, ten important fashion designers
      from Berlin will present their colorful spring/summer 2012 collections and
      establish new industry contacts as part of the Istanbul Fashion Week to be
      held from Sept. 6 to 18.
      Representatives from fashion, business, trade and media as well as
      Istanbul's young opinion leaders will attend as invited guests. Berlin
      DJs will bring the German capital's spirit and club culture on the
      Bosphorus for a final party at one of Istanbul's best known fashion
      venues. An opening party will be thrown Sept. 7 to celebrate the
      presentation of the collections.
      A reciprocal visit will be paid to next year's Berlin Fashion Week by
      acclaimed Turkish fashion designers in conjunction with the Turkish
      Embassy. The project is sponsored by the European Union's European
      Regional Development Fund and the Federal State of Berlin. Other partners
      are Efre and Berlin Partner.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.75


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey: 86/57 Mostly Sunny
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean: 91/81 Mostly Sunny
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey: 84/72 Mostly Sunny
      Izmir, on the Aegean: 84/72 Mostly Sunny
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea: 81/70 Thunderstorms
      Van, in Eastern Turkey 75/52 Thunderstorms

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 79
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 79
      Aegean Sea measured at Izmir 82
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 82


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