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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 12 March 2011

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    {20110312trh.txt} [To read this news with rich formatting and images, click here: http://www.turkradio.us/subject.html ] x0x Turkish News for the week ending
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      [To read this news with rich formatting and images, click here: http://www.turkradio.us/subject.html ]

      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 12 March 2011
      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 12 March 2011]

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      Edited by Bilgin Atalay

      * The European Parliament?s adoption Wednesday of a report containing
      sharp criticism of Turkey on press freedom issues has further frayed
      already troubled relations between Turkey and the European Union, wrote
      the Hurriyet Daily News on Thursday.
      The report is ?biased? and ?unfair,? the Turkish Foreign Affairs
      Ministry said in a written statement following the European Parliament?s
      decision to adopt the text penned by Turkey rapporteur Ria Oomen-Ruijten,
      a Dutch Christian Democrat politician.
      ?The documents and reports published by the European Parliament bear
      meaning for Turkey only if a serious, constructive and objective approach
      is adopted,? the ministry said.
      The European Parliament meanwhile said it is readying to create a
      delegation to closely follow the trial of some Turkish journalists
      arrested recently on charges of having links to an alleged illegal
      organization accused of plotting to topple the government.
      The European Parliament?s report is the most critical issued in recent
      years and comes after Turkish government officials hit out at the European
      Union for the lack of progress in Turkey?s accession negotiations since
      formal talks began in 2005.
      ?If they do not want Turkey in, they should say this openly ... and then
      we will mind our own business and will not bother them,? Prime Minister
      Recep Tayyip Erdogan said recently.
      See more at:

      * A European court has asked Turkish authorities to explain their use of
      the country?s law to ban websites, responding to applications by two
      complainants who say the bans violate their right to freedom of
      ?Users of different websites are being punished because others infringe
      legal provisions,? said complainant Yaman Akdeniz, a cyber-rights activist
      and a law professor at Istanbul Bilgi University. The decision to consider
      the case is a landmark one, Mr. Akdeniz said, explaining that it was the
      first time the court had taken up a complaint related to Internet bans.
      Responding to the applications by Mr. Akdeniz and another Turkish
      complainant, the European court issued a request last month to Turkish
      authorities, asking them to answer by June 9, three questions of a general
      nature about the use of Turkish law to ban certain websites.
      Fellow complainant Ahmet YIldIrIm, a 28-year-old doctoral student at
      Bogazi?i University in Istanbul, applied to the European court Jan. 12,
      2010, saying his personal website on Google Sites, which he used to
      publish his academic work, had been banned by Turkey. Both Akdeniz and
      YIldIrIm said they appealed to the European court after having exhausted
      all domestic legal avenues.
      In his complaint related to Google Sites, YIldIrIm argued that the ban
      access to the website violates his right to freedom of expression,
      guaranteed by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
      Turkey?s controversial Internet bans have been a subject of much debate
      by experts as well as by millions of Turkish Internet users who have lost
      access to popular sites.
      See more at:

      and http://privacy.cyber-rights.org.tr/

      * Turkey has good laws to protect women, but they are often enforced
      poorly or not at all. The news media is dominated by men in positions of
      power, who need to look themselves in the mirror. And Turkey would do well
      to consider its ancient traditions, in which the oldest Anatolian
      civilization, 8,000 years ago at ?atalh?y?k, worshipped not a God but a
      These were some of the observations shared by panelists in a discussion
      that followed a seminar calling for a global effort to educate men about
      the rights of women, led by Canadian author and educator Michael Kaufman,
      reports the Hurriyet Daily News. ?Violence against women is not a women?s
      issue but a men?s,? he said, adding that perceiving the issue otherwise is
      ?letting men off the hook,? something he defined as ?bizarre.?
      The seminar Thursday in Istanbul was sponsored by the Turkish daily
      H?rriyet under the banner of its seven-year-old campaign against domestic
      The program is best known for its development of shelter networks,
      counseling and support services and its education efforts across the
      country. This year, the campaign has launched a new dimension, ?Men who
      abuse women are not men,? that seeks to challenge men to become a greater
      part of the solution.

      * Turkey?s current-account deficit almost doubled in January from a year
      earlier to $5.9 Billion, the 13th consecutive widening of a measure
      Moody?s Investors Service says is a ?key risk? to the economy, reports
      Bloomberg writes that Turkey imports almost all its energy needs and
      rising oil prices driven by North African unrest is one of the contriutors
      to the increase the current-account deficit.
      The Turkish government is forecasting $39.3 billion of deficit for 2011,
      but the past 12 months' was laready $51.4 billion.
      See more at:

      * Turkish scientists have scored their first success in activating the
      sperm cells of infertile men thanks to a method that uses chemicals and
      electricity, Turkish daily Habert?rk reported Tuesday.
      So far, four ?chemical babies? have been born using the method, the
      daily said. Embriologist Ay?a I$Ik said: ?There are sperm cells that
      cannot enter the ovum even after penetrating its core/crust, and there are
      others that are unable to fertilize the ovum, although they get inside.
      I$Ik said strontium or calcium ionophore was inserted into the sperm
      cells which could then fertilize the egg within 24 hours.

      * A Turkish researcher who was working at the European Organization for
      Nuclear Research atom-smashing facility has said brain drain should be
      reversed, reported the Turkish daily Star on Tuesday.
      ?Even though, Turkey has some difficulties, I am hopeful for Turkey,?
      said Associate Professor Bilge Demirk?z upon her return to Turkey
      ?Turkey is a country flourishing in terms of economics. Twenty years
      later, Turkey could be a powerful force, but investment in education is
      required,? said the academic now doing research at the Middle Eastern
      Technical University?s Physics Department in Turkey?s Ankara province.

      * French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a fierce opponent of Turkey's European
      Union membership, tasted a bitter lesson when Turkey shut out France from
      competing in a Turkish satellite tender, a move that forced the French
      leader to cut short his visit to the Turkish capital Ankara two weeks ago,
      reports the Turkish daily Sabah.
      Sarkozy's visit, as the chairman of the G20, was originally planned to
      last two days. Japanese firm Mitsubishi won the tender to manufacture two
      communications satellites for Turkey in a $571 million project.

      * Musical instruments have for the first time been introduced to students
      of a primary school in Turkey's eastern province of Hakkari after a music
      teacher was appointed for the first time, Turkish daily Radikal reported
      The 21-year-old Hakkari Education Ministry Foundation Primary School has
      appointed a music teacher for the first time. The teacher, Taner ?zdemir,
      introduced students to the mandolin, which they had not seen or known
      "When I first came here, I had [language] problems,? Ozdemir said,
      adding that dialogue with students had been intensified in time and that
      now his classes had become very pleasant.
      ?I bring violins, baglama, mandolins and an electronic guitar to classes
      and try to organize classes with as much [musical] material as possible,?
      ?zdemir said.
      The primary school?s director, Erdal Uysal, said the school had not
      employed any music teacher for so long due to lack of personnel. The
      school has 480 students in 16 classrooms.

      * Comments from the general manager of a business association in which he
      used the relationship between an ?outlet and a plug? to illustrate the
      differences between men and women on March 8 International Women?s Day
      have drawn reactions from women, Turkish daily Milliyet reported Thursday.
      ?The women advocating the nonsense of equality know that this not true
      in reality ? But why do women draw the meaning that they are inferior to
      men when one says that men and women are not equal to each other?? said
      Small and Medium Scale Businesses Association General Manager Nurettin
      ?Saying that two things are not equal to each other does not mean that
      one is superior to the other. An outlet is not equal to plug. But which
      one is superior? Can any one give an answer? Or are both of their duties
      the same?? he said.
      Many women associations condemned Mr. ?zgen??s statements, saying there
      were the product of a primitive mentality.

      * An archaeology museum in central Turkey has been presented with the
      Green Good Design Award by the European Center for Architecture Art Design
      and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum.
      Deniz Erbi$im, secretary-general of the Japanese Institute of Anatolian
      Archaeology, said the Kaleh?y?k Museum of Archaeology in Kaman in the
      Central Anatolian province of KIr$ehir was chosen among more than a
      thousand projects from 46 countries. "The roof of the museum was covered
      with soil and grass to create a green space. The Green Good Design Award
      proved that Kaleh?y?k has the most environmental design in the world," he
      Erbi$im said the museum was also among candidates for the European
      Museum of the Year 2012 Award.
      The museum was built by a Japanese architecture company with a cultural
      grant aid program from the Japanese government to exhibit findings
      unearthed during excavations at a nearby Bronze Age archaeological site. A
      number of precious artifacts have been found as a result of excavation
      efforts by the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology since 1985.
      Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul G?nay and Prince Tomohito
      of Japan inaugurated the museum together on July 10, 2010. The museum has
      been called a symbol of Turkish-Japanese friendship and cooperation.
      The Good Design Award was founded in Chicago in 1950 to promote and
      foster a greater public understanding and acceptance for modern and
      environmental design.
      See the JIAA website at: http://www.jiaa-kaman.org/en/
      A movie about the museum exhibits:

      * Turkey?s largest film event, the Istanbul Film Festival, will mark its
      30th anniversary with a program that includes 230 films when it kicks off
      at the beginning of next month.
      The festival, which will be organized by the Istanbul Foundation for
      Culture and Arts, or IKSV, from April 2 to 17, has made contributions to a
      generation of filmmakers and audiences by presenting the most striking
      examples of Turkish and world cinema, said IKSV Director B?lent
      EczacIba$I. Last year?s festival drew 150,000 people.
      Ziya Akkurt, general director of main festival sponsor Akbank,
      highlighted the importance of the universality of the festival, and said
      they had been sponsoring the festival for seven years. He also added that
      this year, Akbank would organize 10 galas as well as various activities
      and establish a press center.
      Tan said the Human Rights Competition would be organized in
      collaboration with the European Council and added that 10 films would be
      shown in the competition.
      As part of the events, Tan said they restored an old Turkish film every
      year; this year?s restored film will be director Memduh ?n?s "?? Arkada$"
      (Three Friends), dated 1971.
      The festival will also present its Cinema Honorary Awards to four big
      names in Turkish cinema, director Yusuf Kur?enli, director of photography
      Ertun? $enkay, and two unforgettable actors, Zeki Alasya and Metin
      Awards will be presented to the artists at the opening ceremony on April
      1. Kur?en?s film "Karartma Geceleri" (Nights of Blackout) and Zeki ?kten?s
      "G?le G?le" (Good Bye), starring Alasya and AkpInar, will be screened at
      the ceremony.

      * Santralistanbul is hosting one of the largest Turkish contemporary art
      exhibitions starting Thursday.
      The "20 Modern Turkish Artists of the 20th Century-1940-2000"
      exhibition, which will be featured at santralistanbul?s main hall, will
      present over 433 works from a number of acclaimed Turkish artists.
      Show curator Ferit Edg? said the exhibition, which comes from the ?ner
      Kocabeyoglu Collection, would be the largest show to date displaying the
      works of Turkish contemporary artists.
      The exhibition provides visitors with a chance to witness and discover
      the historical development in Turkish art.
      The post-1950s era is viewed as a watershed for Turkish contemporary art
      because it was during that time that Turkish artists began creating modern
      works simultaneously with their Western counterparts, rather than just
      imitating them as many Turks had done before.
      The 1950s provided an awakening for Turkish contemporary art, Edg? said.
      "The impressionist painting movement came to an end and a new art
      movement, cubism, was born."
      The exhibition features the works of luminaries such as Fahrelnisa Zeid,
      Fikret Muall?, HakkI AnlI, Abidin Dino, Komet, Alaettin Aksoy, Ergin Inan
      and Koray Ari$.
      Each floor of santralistanbul provides visitors with a glimpse at a
      different era of Turkish contemporary art."
      All the artists on this floor share a common background of studying,
      working and creating in Paris.
      The first floor of the exhibition is displaying artists under the title
      of "Geometry, Light, Music and Walls."
      The exhibition is also showing 12 works from prominent Turkish sculptors
      such as Koman and Ari$.

      * The world-famous exhibition 'Invisible Musicians,' which displays pieces
      from the collection of the Belgian Automatia Musica Foundation, is now the
      guest of Istanbul's Rahmi Ko? Museum. 'Invisible Musicians' has already
      traveled to four continents, presenting musical automatons that are both
      musician and instrument rolled into one.
      Traveling the world like troubadours from the Middle Ages, a new
      exhibition in Istanbul is telling the story of musical instruments from
      the 18th and 19th centuries through its presentation of priceless musical
      automatons of yesteryear. "Invisible Musicians" features 250 items and
      includes mechanical instruments and music automatons, some of which exist
      nowhere else in the world.
      Many of the pieces belong to a group of European collectors, with the
      oldest dating back to 1750.
      Mechanical music instruments require no musicians, as the instrument
      itself is both the musician and the mechanism. Just by turning a crank,
      pulling a lever or weight, or setting a spring by tipping a switch, one
      can listen to melodies emanating from a real musical instrument.
      Since its first great success at the Bibliotheque Solway in Brussels in
      1995, the collection has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, South America
      and Africa, becoming increasingly well known and acclaimed. Since its
      beginnings 16 years ago, the exhibition has been viewed by 2 million
      Each exhibition is different and tailored to the venue in which it is
      displayed; at each show, a large number of items and appropriate decors
      are chosen so as to offer the best historical, didactic and musical
      experience to visitors.
      The exhibition at the museum on the shores of the Golden Horn in the
      city?s Beyoglu district will run through May 29.

      * Germany is willing to negotiate the return to Turkey of a Hittite sphinx
      that has been in Berlin for almost 100 years, Culture Minister Bernd
      Neumann has said, reports Bloomberg.
      The 3,300-year-old sphinx was part of a gate to the Hittite capital
      Hattu$a in modern-day Anatolia. It was excavated in 1907 and sent to
      Berlin for restoration and study about 10 years later, according to the
      Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. Turkey has been urging Germany to
      return it since 1938, the foundation said in a statement.
      See more at:


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.58


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey: 63/36 Foggy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean: 68/50 Mostly Sunny
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey: 63/46 Showers
      Izmir, on the Aegean: 70/48 Partly Cloudy
      Van, in Eastern Turkey 46/25 Mostly Sunny
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea: 70/48 Partly Cloudy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey 85 inches
      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey 33 inches
      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey 79 inches
      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 30 inches
      SaklIkent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey 18 inches
      SarIkamI$, in Kars, Eastern Turkey 59 inches
      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey 57 inches



      Premiere League

      * Results for week: 25

      Manisa Sp - Be$iKta$ 0 - 0
      Karabuk Sp. - Bursa Sp 1 - 1
      B. $ehir Bld. Sp - Eski$ehir Sp 0 - 2
      Trabzon Sp - Kasimpa$a 1 - 0
      Antalya Sp. - G. Birligi 0 - 0
      Ankaragucu - G. Saray 3 - 2
      Buca Sp. - G. Antep Sp 2 - 1
      Sivas Sp - Kayseri Sp 1 - 0
      Fenerbahce - Konya Sp. 2 - 0

      * Standing in the league as of week ending 25

      1 - Fenerbahce 57
      2 - Trabzon Sp 57
      3 - Bursa Sp 50
      4 - Kayseri Sp 43
      5 - G. Antep Sp 43
      6 - Eski$ehir Sp 38
      7 - Be$iKta$ 36
      8 - Manisa Sp 35
      9 - B. $ehir Bld. Sp 34
      10 - Karabuk Sp. 34
      11 - G. Saray 33
      12 - Ankaragucu 31
      13 - Antalya Sp. 29
      14 - G. Birligi 28
      15 - Sivas Sp 22
      16 - Buca Sp. 21
      17 - Konya Sp. 16
      18 - Kasimpa$a 14


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