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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 12 February 2011

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    {20110212trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 12 February 2011 [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 12 February 2011] [To read this news
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      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 12 February 2011

      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 12 February 2011]
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      Edited by Bilgin Atalay

      * "Turkey's early reaction to the developments in Egypt could be in Turkey�s interest; the regime change in Egypt would undoubtedly raise Turkey�s growing prestige on the Arab streets," Professor Mensur Akg�n told the H�rriyet Daily News earlier on Friday.
      Mubarak resigned as president and handed control to the military Friday evening after 29 years in power, bowing to a historic 18-day wave of pro-democracy demonstrations by hundreds of thousands, the Associated Press reported.

      * Search and rescue work continues for nine people missing as hopes fade after a collapse at the ��llolar Coal Basin, a coal production area near the Afşin-Elbistan Coal Power Plant in Turkey's southern province of Kahramanmaraş.
      While helicopter-based search teams continue to look for any sign of the missing, the relatives of those people still unaccounted for await their loved ones� rescue in diminishing hope as the hours pass, reported the Doğan news agency on Friday.
      An electricity firm manager said 50 million square meters of land slid and filled half of the 100-meter area where coal is excavated. The landslide is ongoing, he said, and the risk of further landslide makes search teams anxious.
      The search is being aided by four Sikorsky helicopters from the Turkish General Staff, a helicopter from the Ministry of Health, the Province Gendarme Command Association, teams from the Kahramanmaraş Province Disaster and Emergency Situations Directorate and search teams from Adana, Gaziantep, Malatya and Diyarbakır.
      After the collapse, which occurred at 10 a.m. Thursday, 13 people were rescued. The body of Ruşen Demir, 24, was found in the open pit.
      Turkey Coal Miners Workers Union General Manager İsmail Aslan said he did not believe earlier explanations that the pit collapse occurred because of an earthquake. �Why didn�t a landslide occur at the similar facility run by the state a kilometer away then? There are engineering mistakes and large-scale negligence here when two collapses occur within a gap of four days," he said.

      * Turkey�s current-account deficit widened in December from a year earlier, posting a record shortfall for the second month in a row, the Central Bank said.
      The deficit rose to $7.5 billion from $3.2 billion in the same month of 2009, the Central Bank in Ankara said on its website Friday.
      It was the widest gap since 1984 when the bank�s data series began and exceeded the median estimate of $7 billion in a Bloomberg survey of nine economists.
      The shortfall is expanding as a growing economy pulls in imported goods, fuel and raw materials. At the same time, European demand for Turkish-made goods such as cars and washing machines is weak.
      The Central Bank has increased the money banks must set aside against consumer loans in the past two months to rein in demand and slow the widening of the deficit.

      * Turkish President Abdullah G�l will travel to Iran this weekend for a three-day visit, expected to focus on economic cooperation, a government official said Thursday.
      G�l would arrive on Sunday and meet his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in Tehran on Monday, the official told Agence France-Presse on condition of anonymity.
      Mr. G�l will be accompanied by several ministers, including Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, lawmakers, businessmen and academics, said the source, adding that the president was expected to also visit the cities of Tabriz and Isfahan.
      Turkey's ties with its eastern neighbor have markedly improved since the current government came to power in 2002, with Turkey pushing for a diplomatic resolution to the row over Tehran's nuclear program.
      In June, Turkey � then a non-permanent member of the U.N. Security Council � irked the United States when it voted against fresh sanctions the body approved against Iran, arguing that a nuclear fuel swap deal it had negotiated with Brazil the previous month should be given a chance. Turkey has also sought closer commercial links with Iran, one of its main suppliers of natural gas.

      * A new draft law increasing punishments for sexual crimes has sparked debate on whether chemical castration for repeat rape offenders is a violation of human rights or an appropriate treatment for the mentally ill.
      The issue, which is much debated in Europe and the United States as well, has been the most controversial part of the draft law announced Wednesday by a group of deputies with the ruling Justice and Development Party. Most of the discussion has centered on whether the measure should be offered as an option to offenders instead of prison time or carried out without their consent.
      Under the draft law, a first rape offense would be punished with a prison term, as is the case under the current law. If the offense were repeated a second time, the chemical castration process would be started.
      When the word �castration," is mentioned, people think of physically removing all or part of the genitals, but the measure for sex offenders would be a medical one consisting of hormone treatments.

      * The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has begun tracking 400 of its contract workers with Global Positioning System units, reported the daily Haber T�rk on Friday. The devices cost 415 Turkish Liras each.
      The municipality placed GPS gadgets in the pockets of workers to track their whereabouts during the day. The devices were first given to 400 pest control workers. In the upcoming days, the devices will also be given to cleaners and gardeners.
      The Municipality labor union�s Antalya branch head Murat Barış said the practice is against human rights and said he would raise the issue in the next committee meeting. �This is such a wrong practice. This is like watching somebody 24 hours a day from cameras. What kind of a freedom is that? Tracing them with a chip system is disrespectful to these people."

      * Turkey came in first in gold production in Europe with a total of 17 tons as producers eye increasing the capacity to 30 tons in 2011, reports the Turkish daily Turkiye.
      In Turkey, five companies currently produce gold, and two others are set to launch soon as recent hikes in gold prices present a lucrative business.
      Turkey has an estimated 6,500 tons of gold reserves waiting to be explored.

      * The Turkish Coalition of America, an educational, charitable organization based in Washington DC, announced on February 8 that it donated $50,000 to Operation Helping Hands to help victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.
      Turkish Coalition of America had previously donated $50,000 to Operation Helping Hands and to Cross International, another relief organization, bringing the total Turkish Coalition of America donation for the Haiti relief efforts to $100,000.
      Last month the Turkish Coalition of America also has awarded a multi-year major grant to American Friends of Turkey (AFOT) to support the institutional development of the organization and advance the its programs.
      American Friends of Turkey was founded in the mid-1970s by Col. Ralph Ropp with the support of U.S. military and State Department personnel who had served in Turkey and who wished to strengthen relations between America and Turkey, says the organization's web site. Since then, American Friends of Turkey has sought through various programs and projects to build bridges between the American and Turkish peoples.
      See more at: http://www.tc-america.org/index.html


      Edited by Serkan Hatipoglu

      * The Anatolia News Agency reports that the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC is preparing to host jazz concerts as part of a tradition initiated by former Ambassador M�nir Erteg�n, who opened the residence of the embassy to African-American jazz musicians in the 1930s and 1940s.
      During his time as Turkey�s second ambassador to Washington, Erteg�n, and his sons Ahmet and Nesuhi, turned the embassy into a venue for the rhythms of the likes of the saxophone, piano and bass echoed. In 1940 the Erteg�n brothers organized one of the first concerts performed by white and African-American jazz musicians. Ahmet Erteg�n went on to found one of America�s most famous record labels, Atlantic Records.
      This year this jazz concert tradition will continue with an event titled "The Erteg�n Jazz Series" at the residence of Turkey�s Embassy in Washington with the partnership of Jazz at the Lincoln Center under the sponsorship of Boeing. The event, dedicated to the Erteg�n family, will give prominence to young and promising musicians and consist of six songs.
      The first concert will take place March 1, the first day after African-American History Month. The Grammy-nominated Orrin Evans Trio will take the stage and Congressman John Conyers, the founder of the African-American group in the U.S. Congress, will attend the show.
      Current Turkish Ambassador to Washington Namık Tan said the residence of the embassy has played a special role in the development of jazz and American folk music. "Music that was made here 70 years ago has made significant contributions to the culture of this country."
      He said the Erteg�n brothers opened the doors of the embassy to black jazz musicians during a time of deep racism in the U.S. Tan said the goal was to revive the spirit of cultural understanding through concerts at the embassy residence.
      He said the late Ahmet Erteg�n, founder of Atlantic Records, felt strong sympathy for victims of inhumane segregation in the U.S. He said Ahmet Erteg�n discovered many legendary musicians including Ruth Brown, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin.

      * The 2010 Culture and Arts Grand Prizes, given annually by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, were presented in the field of archaeology Wednesday to professors Halet �ambel and Nimet �zg��.
      Both Ms. �ambel and Ms. �zg�� are 94 years old.
      The two honorees received their prizes from President Abdullah G�l in a ceremony at the Ankara Cer Modern Art Center that was attended by many guests, including public officials and archaeologists.
      Following a mini-concert by the Ankara Wind Instruments Quartet, Professor Fahri Işık delivered a speech on behalf of archaeologists. Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul G�nay later presented a plaque of appreciation to Limantepe excavation head Hayat Erkanal, Sagalassos excavation head Marc Waelkens and Kaleh�y�k excavation head Dr. Sachihiro Omura for their contributions to the field of archaeology.
      To study archaeology is "to love the world and the land we live in the most," G�nay said. "This is why I want to congratulate our friends, who work in the field of archaeology to protect our land in the best way."
      According to G�nay, 56 local excavations were carried out in Turkey in 2003, a number that has now reached 111. "We are working with Turkish and foreign experts in all areas of archaeology. The budget for archaeological excavations was about 1.5 million Turkish Liras in 2003; it is now more than 30 million liras," he said.
      The ministry is continuing to develop special projects and restore museums and ruins in order to promote Turkish archaeology to the country and the world, G�nay said, adding that some 150 ruins have been restored so far.
      The field of archaeology is very important in Turkey�s culture and tourism sector, the minister said: "This land is one of the richest and most valuable lands in the world in the field of archaeology. We try to do our best in this field with the help of our professors and young archaeology students. Here I express my gratitude to them."
      Following G�nay�s speech, a presentation was made on the lives of �ambel and �zg��, and the minister presented them with replicas of Hittite cuneiforms that represent the oldest love story in human history. "This is the story of a young girl who fell in love with a Sumerian king 21 centuries ago. I think this love story befits these two beautiful ladies," he said.
      The ministry has presented its Culture and Arts Grand Prizes since 1979.

      * Renowned jewelry master Viktor �cal is the creator of special ring designs using the signatures of the Ottoman sultans, which were used on money, stamps, official buildings, and palaces as symbol of the empire�s ruler, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
      Fulfilling the niche demand for Ottoman-themed jewelry from those who want to honor the empire�s sultans, master Viktor �cal is one of the few craftsmen in Turkey who make their living engraving sultans� signatures onto golden rings.
      The sultans� signatures, which represent the culture, art and sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire, were created to formalize official documents like imperial orders. Later on, they were used on money, flags, stamps, official buildings, mosques and palaces as symbols of the sovereign. Symbols of power, the sultans� signatures now decorate fingers with designs from �cal.
      �cal said the most popular rings were those engraved with the signature of Mehmed the Conqueror, who took Constantinople from the Byzantines in 1453.
      "The reason is his conquest of Istanbul as well as his different characteristics, such as being determined, speaking Greek very well and his success in human relations," he said.
      �cal said those who sought Mehmed the Conqueror�s signature adopted the policies he followed in wars.
      The artist said he needed to be convinced by the potential customer before agreeing to engrave a sultan�s signature.
      Before starting a design, he said he collects documents about the issue, taking advantage of all resources in order to improve his imagination.
      In addition to his work with sultans� signatures and rings, �cal said he also focused on organizing workshops on creating miniature jewelry sculptures.

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, almost 7 million tourists visited Istanbul, which had been the capital of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires for centuries.
      11.7 million people visited Istanbul's museums and historical attractions in 2010, and left an income of 56.2 million USD.
      Topkapi Palace was the mostly-visited museum in Istanbul in 2010. 3.6 million tourists visited Topkapi Palace Museum in 2010 and Istanbul earned 19.1 million USD of income from this museum's fees.
      Hagia Sophia Museum was the second most-visited museum in Istanbul with 3 million visitors and income worth 16.6 million USD.
      Other most-visited museums were Turkish and Islamic Artifacts Museum, Hisarlar Museum, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Yildiz Palace Museum, Yerebatan Cistern.
      1.1 million people visited Istanbul's palaces and mansions in 2010 and they left 7.25 million USD of income.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.59


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey: 43/32 Sleet

      Antalya, on the Mediterranean: 63/46 Partly Cloudy

      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey: 46/37 Mostly Cloudy

      Izmir, on the Aegean: 57/45 Mostly Cloudy

      Van, in Eastern Turkey 32/18 Snow

      Trabzon, on the Black Sea: 57/45 Mostly Cloudy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey 44 inches

      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey 20 inches

      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey 43 inches

      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 16 inches

      SaklIkent, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 18 inches

      SarIkamI$, in Antalya, Southern Turkey 10 inches

      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey 19 inches



      Premiere League

      * Results for week: 21
      Buca Sp. - Konya Sp. 3 - 2
      Sivas Sp - Trabzon Sp 2 - 3
      B. $ehir Bld. Sp - G. Birligi 0 - 1
      G. Antep Sp - G. Saray 1 - 0
      Karabuk Sp. - Kasimpa$a 1 - 3
      Eski$ehir Sp - Bursa Sp 1 - 1
      Antalya Sp. - Manisa Sp 1 - 4
      Ankaragucu - Be$iKta$ 1 - 0
      Fenerbahce - Kayseri Sp 2 - 0
      Standing in the league as of week ending 21

      1 - Trabzon Sp 47
      2 - Fenerbahce 45
      3 - Bursa Sp 45
      4 - Kayseri Sp 39
      5 - G. Antep Sp 34
      6 - Be$iKta$ 32
      7 - Manisa Sp 31
      8 - B. $ehir Bld. Sp 29
      9 - Eski$ehir Sp 29
      10 - G. Saray 29
      11 - Karabuk Sp. 26
      12 - Ankaragucu 25
      13 - Antalya Sp. 25
      14 - G. Birligi 24
      15 - Buca Sp. 18
      16 - Sivas Sp 16
      17 - Konya Sp. 15
      18 - Kasimpa$a 11


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      A discussion session with
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      Soli Ozel
      (Professor of International Relations & Political Science, Kadir Has University, Istanbul )

      The session will focus on the social, political and economic changes that have been taking place in Turkey , and its implications for the U.S.-Turkey relations. Panelist will discuss Turkey �s European Union process, shift in current Turkish foreign policy, the recent flotilla incident, and increasing trade and investment relations with neighboring countries.

      Thursday, February 17, noon to 1:30 pm
      Stanford University
      Encina Hall Central, CISAC Conference Room (2nd Floor)
      ( 616 Serra Street , Stanford , CA 94305 )

      RSVP required: http://www.stanford.edu/group/mediterranean/feb_rsvp.fb
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