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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 04 December 2010

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    Turkish News for the week ending 04 December 2010 {20101204trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 04 December 2010 [This is a transcript of the news
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      Turkish News for the week ending 04 December 2010


      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 04 December 2010
      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 04 December 2010]

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      * According to the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, there was tension in the meetings between the Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and U.S. congressmen during his visit to Washington, D.C.
        Some members of the U.S. House of Representatives criticized the policies of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party regarding Israel and Iran.
        Mr. Davutoglu expressed his uneasiness that these two issues were continuously being brought up.
        Howevever, William J. Burns, the undersecretary for political affairs at the State Department, said that their partnership with Turkey was not perfect, but they would keep working with Turkey.

      * Speaking of US and Turkey working together, ongoing cooperation between Turkey and the US against terrorism reached a new dimension this week. Officials from both countries met at Turkey's Foreign Affairs Ministry in Ankara to draw up a new action plan, reported the Turkish daily Sabah.
        In addition, in bilateral talks in Washington, both Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed their commitment to continued alliance between the two countries.
        At Turkey's Foreign Affairs Ministry, teams headed by US State Department counterterrorism chief Daniel Benjamin and Ambassador Reha Keskintepe put together the new action plan against the rebel Kurdistan Workers Party and Al-Qaeda. The action plan inclueded economic and security measures.
        During the meeting, the Turkish side said that US contributions are crucial for successfully ending the fight against the Kurdistan Workers Party.
        According to Sabah both sides affirmed their determination to deepen the cooperation.
        Kurdistan Workers Party is among a list of terrorist organizations in the US, the European Union and a number of other countries.

      * Wikileaks were at the top of the headlines everywhere, and we received a fair amount of articles on documents, and other news related to the impact of leaks on Turkey. Here are some of them:

      • Wiki Secret: U.S. Distrusts Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan
      • Erdogan Says Clinton Apology for "Lies" Not Enough for Turkey
      • Turkish parties "blacklist" US diplomats after WikiLeaks reports
      • WikiLeaks: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Furious Over Leaked US documents
      • Justice and Development Party Leader Blames Israel for WikiLeaks, Erdogan Threatens to Resign if Claims Proven
      • Erdogan Vents Fury at Cable Claims

      * Expanding on why the Turkish prime minister was in a fury, news organizations reported that a former US Ambassador dispatched a cable saying that Prime Minister Erdogn and his family had several Swiss bank accounts.
        And Mr. Erdogan wants to sue the ambassador.
        However, according to the Hurriyet Daily News, few legal avenues are likely available for Turkish prime minister Mr.Erdogan’s threat to sue US diplomats over "slanderous" comments in confidential State Department cables released by WikiLeaks.
        The Vienna Convention gives diplomats legal immunity, most experts say, noting that both US consent and evidence of intent would be required to pursue any kind of lawsuit.

      * According to the Turkish daily Vatan, through Wikileak for the first time it was formally confirmed that nuclear weapons which were sent by the U.S. during the Cold War era are still in Europe.
        In a U.S. State Department document the dating back to 2007, the department's Undersecretary Philip Gordon says more than 200 atomic bombs were in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey.

      * In an interview with Euronews, Turkey's president Mr. Gul said that the missile defense system by NATO was only for NATO members, and emphasized that Israel was not a member of NATO.
        "Any cooperation between Israel and NATO is out of question. Israel cannot use NATO's means," he said.

      * However, according to the Anatolia News Agency, there was a cooperative efforts of sorts between Israel and Turkey, a NATO member country.
        Turkey sent two fire fighting planes to Israel to fight with a major forest fire.
        In turn, Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu called Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the phone on Friday, and said that he called to convey his appreciation to Turkey for sending the planes. The assistance of Turkey was very big and meaningful, Mr. Netanyahu told Mr. Erdogan.
        Mr. Erdogan also expressed sorrow over death of 41 Israeli citizens during the fire, and he offered condolences to Israel. Mr. Erdogan said that Turkey was ready to help injured people too.
        In a written statement issued Friday, the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry said that the two CL-215 type airplanes were sent upon a directive from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

      * The 18th International Antalya Conference on Security and Cooperation, organized by the Atlantic Council of Turkey on December 3 and 4, took place in Belek town of south-western province of Antalya on Friday, reported the Anatolia News Agency.
        The traditional conference is organized by the Council since 1990 and serves as a forum for the discussion of current transatlantic issues and related international developments by eminent Turkish and foreign participants.
        The main theme of the 18th Conference was "the New Strategic Concept and NATO towards Year 2020".

      * A Taiwanese electronic components maker, Foxconn, will start producing desktop computers for HP in Corlu town of the northwestern province of Tekirdag with $60 million in 2011, the director general of HP Turkey said on Thursday.
        Director General Serdar Urcar said HP had brought its global supply chain to Turkey, and the factory in Corlu would be a base exporting desktop computers from Turkey to East Europe, Middle East and North Africa.
        The company aimed at producing 250-300 thousand desktop computers for HP in the last quarter of 2011.
        HP's computer sales in Turkey was up 18.5 percent year-on-year in 2009. The company expects this rate to be around 6-7 percent by the end of 2010.

      * The Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters' Association said on Friday that Turkey exported 110 thousand tons of hazelnuts in the first three months of 2010-2011 export season which started on September 1, 2010.
        Turkey exported 86 thousand tons of hazelnut to European Union member states, 10 thousand tons to non-European Union European countries, 9,003 tons to overseas countries and 5,509 tons to other countries, the association said.
        In the same period of 2009-2010 export season, Turkey had exported 83 thousand tons of hazelnut and had earned nearly $505.7 million.
        Exporting to almost 90 countries, Turkey has the biggest share in hazelnut production and export in the world. Total production in Turkey is over 600 thousand tons, about 75% of the World production.

      * Four Chinese companies are poised to make investments in Turkey exceeding $400 million, Turkey's Industry and Trade Minister Nihat Ergun said, adding that more such investments are on the way.
        Among the companies is leading construction machinery maker Sany.

      * Business Monitor International, a leading, independent provider of proprietary data, analysis, ratings, rankings and forecasts covering 175 countries and 22 industry sectors, said that Turkey, with its sound financial structure and dynamic population, will be the most powerful country in Europe.
        The International Monetary Fund said that Turkey increased its national income by 458 percent in 30 years.

      * In related news, Fitch Ratings on Wednesday upgraded Turkey's credit outlook from stable to positive, affirming its credit rating as BB+.

      * Investor confidence in the Turkish market is rising, according to a Deloitte report released late last month.
        Th report says investors' trust in the Turkish market has returned to the level of 2007, before the global crisis.
        The survey for the second half of 2010 was conducted in September among approximately 50 private equity investors investing in Turkish companies, and includes projections for the next six months.

      * According to the figures released by TurkStat, Turkey's exports increased 11.4 percent and reached $93 billion in January-October period, reported the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet.
        In the same period, imports rose 30.5 percent and reached $148 billion.
        Foreign trade deficit also rose 83 percent and was posted as $55.11 billion.

      * Turkeys first double-arm transplant recipient, Cihan Topal, 28, is recovering very quickly and is now able to play with his daughter, Turkish daily Star reported Friday.
        According to reports, Topal became a symbol of hope for dozens of people who are waiting for transplants.
        Topal, from the western province of AydIn, lost his arms at the elbows when a wheat thresher machine ripped them off.
        He said he has the strength to hold a glass of water, but doctors do not allow him to do so.
        "I miss driving a car and performing my prayers, said Topal. I missed moving my arms. Now I can play with my daughter, I can hold her toys and balloon. My nails grew, but they cut them; my arms are now taking the color of my body."
        His doctors told him that he may be able to do up his buttons after one year of therapy.
        His treatment is continuing in the hospital, reports said. In an eight-hour operation at Akdeniz Universitys Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department in Antalya, two arms from 23-year-old Fatih Demirel, who died in a traffic accident were given to Topal.

      * A worker conducting maintenance work on the roof of a Turkish bath in Turkeys Central Anatolian province of Kayseri lost his balance and fell onto the heads of women bathing inside, reported the daily Sabah on Friday.
        The worker was heavily injured and a woman and her daughter bathing below were slightly injured. The incident occurred at the historical Hunat Hamam during the afternoon hours.


      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, as part of the Good Music in Town Festival, Ulf Anders, Hilmer Andersson and Mats Sture Ronander, musicians from the legendary group ABBA, will take the stage at Istanbul’s Haliç Congress Center on Dec. 13.
        This will be the first time ABBA will be in Turkey. They will be accomponied by the 20-person National Symphony Orchestra of London

      * The photographic exhibition "Music on the Istanbul Stage," by Selin Atasoy and Tamer Hartevoglu, is set to open at the Istanbul Photograph Center’s Leica Gallery on Thursday, as part of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture festivities.
        The Atasoy-Hartevioglu exhibition will feature photographs taken in a fairy tale atmosphere in Istanbul of images of dance, architecture, history, nature and humanity interlaced with each other in a show that also features musical and movement performances. The exhibit was prepared specially for the Istanbul Philharmonic Association, with support from the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet.
        Well-known in the photography and advertising communities, Atasoy and Hartevioglu have already exhibited extensively in Turkey, with their project "A Panoramic Dream: Paris and Venice comprised of photographs taken in 360 degrees," having been shown in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Gaziantep.
        "Music on the Istanbul Stage" aims to reach the younger generations of art fans and incorporates a series of workshops for youngsters to improve their approaches to photography, music and dance.
        The exhibition is scheduled to show every day except Sunday.

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, Turkish president Mr. Abdullah Gul on Wednesday celebrated Hanukkah Festival of Turkey's Jewish citizens.
        "All of our citizens, whatever their ethnicity and beliefs are, are inseparable parts of our nation and equal owners of our Republic," Mr. Gul told in a statement released by Presidential Press Center.

      * Russian pianists Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Gindin performed as part of the 11th International Antalya Piano Festival on Tuesday.

      * An exhibition titled "Revolution Underground" and one that includes 8,500 year old artefacts found during excavations for the Marmaray metro in Istanbul has opened its doors for visitors at the Istanbul Center of Brussels on Tuesday reported the Anatolia News Agency.
        The exhibition also includes works from the Neolithic period and will remain open until March 31, 2011.
        The Marmaray tunnel is an undersea rail tunnel being constructed to link the European and Asian sections of Istanbul, running under the Bosphorus Strait. When completed, it will be the world's deepest undersea immersed tube tunnel. The name "Marmaray" comes from combining the name of the Sea of Marmara, which lies just south of the project site, with "ray", the Turkish word for "rail".

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, the 12th New York Turkish Films Festival has begun.
        During the opening of the festival organized by the American Turkish Society and the "Moon and Stars Project" with the support of the Turkish Cultural Foundation, "10 to 11" by Pelin Esmer was screened at the School of Visual Art.
        Ten Turkish films as well as two documentaries and eight short films will be shown during this year's festival.

      * Two renowned heavy metal groups Therion and Orphaned Land will arrive in Turkey to promote their latest CDs, reported the Anatolia News Agency.
        The Swedish metal group Therion will perform in Ankara's "312 Arena" on December 10 and in Istanbul's "Refresh the Venue" hall on December 11.
        Orphaned Land will perform at Istanbul's "Jolly Joker Balans" hall on December 15 and in Ankara's "312 Arena" on December 17.

      * Turkey's historical Cappadocia region will host a jazz event for the first time reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        "Cappadocia Jazz Days" will take place in the central Anatolian province of Nevsehir between December 6 and 12. Turkey's Culture & Tourism Ministry; Nevsehir Police Department; Nevsehir, Uchisar and Urgup municipalities; Forum Cappadocia and Argeus Tourism will support the event.
        Erkan Ogur, Sibel Kose, Sarp Maden, Alper Yilmaz, Bilal Karaman and Elif Caglar will take stage during the jazz festival. The venues of concerts and panel discussions are Nevsehir Cappadocia Culture Center, Argos In Cappadocia, Anatolian Houses, Sakli Han, Nevsehir University, Han Ciragan, Forum Cappadocia and Urgup Culture Center.
        Cappadocia is the common name of the ??? covered by the provinces of Aksaray, Nevsehir, Nigde, Kayseri and Kirsehir in the Central Anatolian region. Volcanic eruptions occurred in Erciyes, Hasandag and Gulludag in the upper Myosen period. A large tableland was formed from the volcanic tufas together with the erosion of the Kizilirmak river and wind over ten thousands of years, resulting in chimney rocks (Fairy Chimneys) which are considered a wonder of the nature.
        Cappadocia was one of the most important places in the spreading periods of the Christian religion. The first christians trying to escape from the Roman soldiers who wanted to avoid the spreading of the Christian religion have settled in the region of Cappadocia which was so suitable for hiding and so they were able to continue their natures and to spread their religions.

      * The 16th Festival on Wheels, which will travel to Ankara, Artvin and Ordu until Dec. 19, began Friday with its focus on coups d’etat in recognition of the 30th anniversary year of Turkey’s Sept. 12 putsch.
        Part of the festival will feature films examining the impact of coups not only in Turkey, but also in Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Greece
        The festival will continue in the Turkish capital Ankara until Dec. 9 before moving to the Black Sea province of Artvin between Dec. 10 and 16, and the Black Sea province of Ordu between Dec. 16 and 19.
        The festival’s competition section features a total of 10 films hailing from as far and wide as Peru, Hungary, China and Romania. Some of these films are Hungarian director Szabolcs Hajdu’s "Bibliothèque Pascal;" Ágnes Kocsis’s "Adrienn Pal;" "October," the directorial debut of Peruvian brothers Daniel and Diego Vega; Olivier Masset-Depasse’s "Illegal;" and Saç (Hair), the latest feature from Turkish director Tayfun Pirselimoglu.
        The festival will also present a section dedicated to Turkish films made in 2010 with the Turkish Cinema 2010 section showcasing four outstanding examples of local filmmaking from the last calendar year.
        Also featured is Sofia Coppola’s "Somewhere," which won the Golden Lion at Venice this year. The film has rated as one of the year’s best titles, reflecting star performances from Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning.
        "Socialism," the latest film from one of the leading ambassador of French New Wave, Jean-Luc Godard, hangs loosely on the maxim, "Ideas divide us; dreams bring us together," and develops through various conversations between the unorthodox passengers aboard a ship cruising the Mediterranean. "Somewhere" and "Socialism" will screen for the first time in Ankara.
        More at http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * The "Golden Routes" project, organized with support from the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency, is presenting the Istanbul World Music Festival starting Friday.
        The festival, which is continuing until Dec. 17, will feature songs performed by artists from different nationalities in different languages, proving the universality of music.
        From Spain to Ukraine, from Macedonia to Hungary and from Germany to Serbia, songs that are sung in different languages, melodies inspired by each other and artists that convey their local music to universal values are coming together for the Istanbul World Music Festival.
        More at http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * Emi Jozuka of Hurriyet Daily News report that Mersin’s first major Citrus Festival proves there is still definitely time for a burst of summer, carnival fun with over 50 different dance troupes, musicians and local groups. The festival, which took place on the weekend, is part of a drive to promote the Mediterranean province to a wider domestic and international audience, its main organizer says
        Long overlooked next to the tourism juggernaut of Antalya, the southern province of Mersin has much cultural and agricultural heritage to share with the world, according to the organizer of the city’s first annual Citrus Festival.
        Mersin is a key exporter and producer of citrus fruits in Turkey, accounting for 70 percent of the country’s lemon production and 40 percent of the country’s entire citrus production. It exports its produce to a worldwide market, of which Russia receives the largest share.
        Although the region boasts fertile soil and a climate ripe for citrus production, over the years, farmers have had to come to terms with the increasing prices of seeds and fertilizers and the decreasing price of citrus fruit.
        More at http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * The first International Film Festival in World's apricot capital Malatya has ended, but the director is expecting a great many more.
        Malatya is located in southeastern Turkey and is the source of 90% of the dried apricots of the World.
        The Crystal Apricot Award was presented to Yusuf Emirdar's "Usak Hesabi" (The Usak Thing) in the national short film competition and to Agathe Teyssier's "The Invisible Woman" in the international feature film competition.
        The jury special prize in the same category went to Sirin Soysal’s "The Champion" while the Turkish Cinema Writers’ Association, or SIYAD, award was presented to Emre Akay’s "A Small Truth".
        The best actor award went to Swedish actor Josef Fares for his role in "Balls" and the best actress award went to Julie Depardieu for her role in "The Invisible Woman."
        In the same category, the best screenplay award was given to "Optical Illusions," the best director award was given to Fillipos Tsitos for his film "Platon’s Academy," the SIYAD award was given to Belgian Micha Wald’s "Simon Konianski" and the jury special prize went to Argentinean Hernan Golfrid’s "Music on Hold."
        The award ceremony also featured the Kemal Sunal Public Award, presented in the name of the late Turkish comedy actor Kemal Sunal and chosen by the people of Malatya. The award went to Murat Seker’s "Dance with the Jackals", which will be released Dec. 16.
        The first International Malatya Film Festival ended with a ceremony with the participation of names from the cinema sector as well as Turkish and foreign guests.
        With their great interest in the festival, the people of Malatya have shown that the Malatya International Film Festival is bound to become a tradition in the city, according to festival director Ali Çalisir.

      * In collaboration with the Australian Embassy, Istanbul Modern Cinema is presenting a selection of 11 films from Australia. With a focus on the theme of "coming of age" and embellished with the backdrop of Australian scenery, the films take a closer look at coming of age through subjects such as homosexuality, migration and racism.
        Among the films to be screened include "Beautiful Kate," a film written and directed by Rachel Ward, as well as Rhys Wakefield’s "The Black Balloon"; Richard Roxborough’s "Romulus, My Father"; Bill Bennett’s "Kiss or Kill"; Rowan Woods’ "The Boys" and "Somersault"; Ana Kokkinos’ "Head On"; Geoff Burton and Kevin Dowling’s "The Sum of Us"; Rolf de Heer’s "The Tracker"; Sue Brooks’ "Japanese Story"; and Gregor Jordan’s "Two Hands."
        The 10-day event, which kicked off Thursday, will continue through Dec. 12.



      * According to the Anatolian Nws Agency, the Mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbas, received a certificate declaring Istanbul "2012 European Sports Capital" at a ceremony held in the European Parliament on Tuesday.
        "We will devote more time and energy to sports activities in Istanbul". "We will try to be an example to future European Sports Capitals", Topbas said.

      * After winning eight points in four matches, Turkey's Be$ikta$ soccer team defeated Bulgaria's CSKA Sofia 2-1 in the UEFA Europa League.
        Be$ikta$ secured their place in last 32 of the UEFA Europa League.
        Zapotocny and Holosko scored the goals.

      Premiere League

      * Results for week:14
      Eski$ehir Sp-Manisa Sp2 - 1
      Konya Sp.-Kasimpa$a2 - 2
      G. Antep Sp-Trabzon Sp1 - 3
      G. Birligi-Sivas Sp1 - 1
      B. $ehir Bld. Sp-Fenerbahce0 - 1
      Karabuk Sp.-Ankaragucu5 - 1
      Buca Sp.-Antalya Sp.1 - 0
      G. Saray-Be$iKta$1 - 2
      Bursa Sp-Kayseri Sp2 - 0

      In games played so far this weekend:15

      Trabzon Sp-Buca Sp.2 - 0
      Manisa Sp-G. Antep Sp2 - 0
      Ankaragucu-Sivas Sp1 - 1
      Kasimpa$a-G. Saray0 - 3
      B. $ehir Bld. Sp-Fenerbahce0 - 1

      Standing in the league as of week ending 14

      1 -Trabzon Sp33

      2 -Bursa Sp31

      3 -Kayseri Sp28

      4 -Fenerbahce27

      5 -Be$iKta$24

      6 -B. $ehir Bld. Sp23

      7 -Karabuk Sp.21

      8 -G. Antep Sp20

      9 -Antalya Sp.19

      10 -G. Saray17

      11 -Ankaragucu16

      12 -Eski$ehir Sp15

      13 -Manisa Sp15

      14 -G. Birligi14

      15 -Konya Sp.11

      16 -Buca Sp.11

      17 -Sivas Sp11

      18 -Kasimpa$a8


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