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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 24 April 2010

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    Turkish News for the week ending 24 April 2010 {20100424trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 24 April 2010 [This is a transcript of the news broadcast
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      Turkish News for the week ending 24 April 2010 {20100424trh.txt}

      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 24 April 2010
      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 24 April 2010]

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      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * Turks celebrated the April 23 National Sovereignty & Children's Day with festivities throughout the country and abroad. The local Turkish association will be observing the day at three different places on Sunday this year.
        Children performed at shows throughout the nation. In most places the local stadiums were the venue, easily filled up with crowds.
        Also, as the tradition goes, Turkish children took the seats of politicians and bureaucrats for one day and ruled the country.

      * Although the children and people had fun, Turkish daily Cumhuriyet reported on Saturday that Turkish politicians had a stressful feast on the National Sovereignty & Children's Day as they kept on criticizing each other.
        The issue is the ruling party's attempts to amend the Turkish constitution.
        Speaking at the Turkish parliament, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the main opposition Republican People's Party, which boycotted the voting on constitutional amendment package.
        "Those who find the parliament incapable, are denying the nation," Mr. Erdogan said.
        On the other hand, Republican People's Party chairperson Deniz Baykal said, "if the parliament has granted the majority to a leader in order to make such person take the institutions under his/her custody, then the saying 'sovereignty belongs to the nation' written on the wall of the parliament does not mean a thing".

      * The Turkish daily Milliyet reported that the most obvious support came from Peace & Democracy Party to Justice & Development Party, which had difficulty in voting on constitutional amendment package despite it attended the debates at Parliament with full complement.
        However, the Justice & Development Party may not able to have the 330 votes required for taking the constitutional amendments to referendum. This is where the votes of the small parties and independents in the parliament would help.
        Peace & Democracy Party parliamentarian Hasip Kaplan said that if there was an urgent need to exceed the referendum threshold, Peace & Democracy Party would not remain indifferent.

      * Turkey's interior minister Mr. Besir Atalay said that the government would discuss ways to solve the military service problem of 40,000 police officers.
        Speaking to Hurriyet daily, Mr. Atalay said, "I have completed my study and my file is ready. I believe police officers do not need to complete military service, because they get the same training.
        "Following a one or two-month basic training, they can continue with their military service as police officers".
        Every male Turkish citizen is required to serve in the military.

      * Speaking of mandatory military service, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Chief of General Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug met to evaluate shortened military service in exchange for payment. A statement was released after the meeting which said the circumstances were not suitable for cash-for-reduced-service alternative, but the period of military service might be shortened for all draftees, reported the Turkish daily Radikal.
        The Turkish daily Vatan added that in the statement, the Prime Ministry said General Staff Chief Basbug stated that the number of people drafted did not meet Turkish army's needs, moreover, shortened military service might affect the fight against terrorism negatively.

      * The Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that former 1st Army Commander retired Gen. Cetin Dogan has been arrested for the second time within the scope of a probe dubbed the "Sledgehammer Action Plan". Gen. Dogan was arrested on the charge of "attempting to overthrow the government by using force" and sent to prison.
        Upon his arrival at an Istanbul courthouse, Gen. Dogan said "everybody will see that this sledgehammer will hit the heads of those who have created it" reported the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet.

      * The Turkish daily Vatan reported that Dervis Eroglu, the new president of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, made a historic statement to the daily.
        "We will carry on with our negotiations with Greek Cypriots. Our aim is to reach a settlement. I have been a prime minister for 18 years. I have never had and will never have a problem with Turkey.
        "I will never say 'Yes' to a solution that will pave the way for removal of the Turkish Cypriot flag on Besparmak Mountains. That flag will stay there forever," Mr. Eroglu said.

      * The Turkish daily Sabah reported that two Kurdistan Workers Party members, who murdered police officer Omer Akcan in Kiziltepe town of the southeastern province of Mardin, were killed.
        The two terrorists earlier attacked a police station in Kiziltepe, killed one police officer and injured two others. The terrorists were killed in a clash in Kiziltepe. Meanwhile, funeral ceremony of officer Omer Akcan was held in the southeastern province of Gaziantep.

      * The Turkish daily Turkiye reported that Turkey's labor minister Mr. Omer Dincer said that a new employment policy would be launched for especially women and disabled people.
        Industry & trade minister Mr. Nihat Ergun also said that the salary of qualified personnel of small and medium scale enterprises would be supported.

      * The Turkish daily Turkiye also reported that Turkey's efforts yielded results and NATO reached an agreement for admitting Bosnia-Herzegovina as a member.
        The number of Muslim countries in NATO will rise to two after Bosnia joins the organization.
        Also territorial integrity of Bosnia will be guaranteed.


      * According to the Anatolia news agency Istanbul's Forum Shopping Mall is now home to the world's first ice museum in a warm climate. The Magic Ice Museum, which opened Friday at a ceremony, was built with an investment of $20 million by the Norwegian Lofoten Trading Company.
        The inauguration of the Magic Ice Museum was attended by top officials from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, one of whom said the city is like an open-air museum with its 8,500 years of history.
        The Magic Ice Museum covers 1,400 square meters. Visitors will wear special Eskimo-style clothes and enter the museum through an ice tunnel. The museum's interior temperature will be kept at minus 5 degrees Celsius during both the winter and summer.
        Some 70 tons of ice were brought from the River Torne in Sweden's Jukkasjarvi region to make the museum's ice statues, while its walls and tunnels were made with 100 tons of ice provided by Istanbul. The museum was conceived by the designers and sculptors of the Ice Hotel in Sweden.
        The first section of the museum explains the Vikings' 880 visit to Istanbul to visitors, who are provided with information through writings on sheets of ice. The information states that the first Vikings, who came to Istanbul over the Black Sea, used the name "Miklagard," which means "protected lands," for the city. A Runic writing, which belonged to a Viking soldier named Halvdan, has been found on the walls of the Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul.

      * Gul Demir and Niki Gamm of the Hurriyet Daily News and write that the Monument to the Republic in the center of Istanbul's Taksim Square has finally been restored, just in time for the Children's Day national holiday.
        The sculpture, which was constructed in 1928 by an Italian artist, celebrates the founding of the modern Turkish Republic and the Turks' victory in the War of Independence.

      * Sotheby's second auction dedicated entirely to modern and contemporary Turkish art, held April 15 in London, has more than doubled the total sales at the company's inaugural auction March 2009 in the British capital, writes Leslie Riggs in the Hurriyet Daily News.
        The inaugural sale generated a modest 1,307,400 pounds, a result that Sotheby's declared a success considering the financial odds.
        More at: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * Anatolia News Agency reports that Chinese tourists visiting Turkey rose by 52 percent in February 2010 compared to the same period of last year.
        Speaking of Chinese, The Shen Yun Performing Arts Group, one that represents traditional Chinese dance of the past 5,000 years, will perform in Istanbul on May 21 and 22.

      * Istanbul's Pera Museum will host the legendary post-modern Colombian painter Fernando Botero for the first time, displaying 64 of his works between May 4 and July 18.
        One of the greatest masters of the art of painting, Botero and his wife, Sophia Vari, will come to Turkey for the show at the invitation of the Suna and inan KIrac Foundation, which opened the museum in 2005.

      * Prior to the "Turkish Nights FazIl Say" program that will be held from May 25 to 29 in Hamburg, renowned Turkish composer and pianist FazIl Say held a performance Tuesday night at the top of the 98-meter Emporio Tower, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
        Mr. Say's piano was taken to the 24th floor of the tower by a winch, while the evening was highlighted by the rendition of a piece by legendary Turkish folk singer A$Ik Veysel.
        Speaking about the upcoming Turkish Nights program, Mr. Say said the goal was to bring together Turkish and Western music.
        Mr. Say will also perform his concerto titled "1001 Nights in the Harem" during the program.
        As part of the Turkish Nights,Turkish folk musician Arif Sag, pianist and orchestra conductor ibrahim YazIcI, percussionist Burhan ocal, Sufi musicians Kutsi Erguner and Mercen Dede, and the bands Secret Tribe and BaBa Zula will also be on stage along with Mr. Say.
        The management of Hamburg's Laeiszhalle concert hall and Hamburg Culture Ministry are the organizers of the event which will be held at the Fabrik Hall and Altona Culture Church.

      * One of Turkey's well-known cultural values, the Karagoz shadow theater, needs new masters to keep it alive.
        With only a few people left to perform the art, leading Karagoz master Metin ozlen says education is necessary to raise new theater masters and demands that private and public organizations sponsor the art before it disappears from Turkey.
        International Puppetry Union Turkey National Center member Mustafa Mutlu is asking companies to sponsor the shadow theater to keep it alive.
        Mr. Mutlu says: "[The renowned German musician] Carl Ebert, who is regarded as the founder of Turkish opera and conservatory, once said, 'You have two treasures: one is Karagoz and the other is the theater-in-round. These should not be disregarded."
        Theater-in-round refers to a Turkish style of theater where the audience surrounds the performer on all four sides of the stage.
        As there is no concrete information about when the shadow play technique first came to the Ottoman Empire, there are different views about its emergence in Turkish culture.
        The most common view suggests that the theater style was developed during the construction of Grand Mosque in Bursa during the reign of Sultan Orhan in thirteen hundreds.
        Workers, who wanted to listen to the amusing conversations between iron master Kambur Bali celebi (Karagoz) and bricklayer master Halil HacI Ivaz (Hacivat), stopped work and began gathering around, thereby slowing down the pace of construction. Angered by this, the sultan ordered the execution of both workers.
        $eyh Ku$teri, who wanted to raise the spirits of the regretful sultan following the executions, reportedly performed the first Karagoz and Hacivat shadow theater by removing his white turban, stretching it out, lighting a candle behind it and then impersonating the workers' banter for the melancholic monarch.
        Since then, Karagoz and Hacivat plays have been performed in a variety of different locations.

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, the latest in a series of successes for Turkish films, "Those from E$refpa$a" earned plaudits during the recent Houston Film Festival, playing before packed audiences and taking home a special jury prize.
        The film, which was one of 55 productions chosen from 500 candidates to compete at the festival, won the award for best drama.
        The drama and comedy film "Those from E$refpa$a," produced by Yusuf KulaksIz and directed by Hudaverdi Yavuz, was shown at the 43rd Houston Film Festival from April 9 and 18. The award ceremony was held Saturday at the Houston Renaissance Hotel with 400 guests participating.
        The Houston Film Festival Chairman Hunter Todd said the event ranked third among 2,000 film festivals in the northern U.S., adding that 4,400 films from around the world applied to the festival and 500 of them competed.
        "Those from E$refpa$a," which was recently released in Turkey, is the debut feature of director Yavuz. It was adapted from a play written by lead actor Burak TarIk and based on real-life experiences and has been a hit in cinemas across Turkey and Europe.

      * Another film news: Anatolia News Agency reports that "Selvi Boylum Al YazmalIm" (The Girl with the Red Scarf), which is one of the best known films in Turkish cinema history, has been restored by Turkey's Culture Ministry and will be presented to US audiences for the first time in its new version during the Turkish film weeks in New York and Miami in May.
        The film will be on screen with other Turkish films "Cheerful Life", "Breath", "Those from E$refpa$a" and "Romantic Comedy "

      * The Grand Moscow Classical Ballet State Academic Theater is taking the stage for two performances in Istanbul on Saturday and Sunday.
        The Russian troupe, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, is performing at the Cemal Re$it Rey Concert Hall in a show featuring world-famous stars Andrey Uvarov, Elena Andriyenko and Ruslan Pronin from the Bolshoi Theater.


      * Italian cyclist claims victory at Tour of Turkey Italian rider Giovanni Visconti from ISD Neri won the Presidential Tour of Turkey in the general classification with an aggregate 32:42:28, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
         HTC Columbia's Tejay Van Garderen and David Moncoutie from Cofidis followed Visconti to place second and third respectively.
         Visconti was presented with some 17 thousand euro prize.
         Fifteen teams and 120 cyclists competed in this year's 1257km 2.HC category race that started on April 11 in Istanbul.
         The tour completed 8 stages and it was broadcast live on Turkey's state-run television network, TRT, and Eurosport.

      * Turkey's National soccer Team will train in the United States between May 19 and 29.
         In a statement issued Wednesday, the Turkish Football Federation said that the National Team will travel to New York on Wednesday, May 19.
         The training will take place at Hoboken.
         The Turkish National Team will play three friendly games against the Czech Republic on May 22 at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey, against Northern Island on May 26 at the Veterans Stadium in Connecticut and against the U.S. on May 29 at the Lincoln Financial Field in Pennsylvania.


      [Saat 18:30 and 19:30 'da iki kez okuyun]

      *** Turkish picnic in San Francisco

          Date:        Saturday, May 1, 2010
          Time:        12:00pm - 8:00pm
          Location:  Speedway Meadow
          Street:      Golden Gate Park 25th Ave & Fulton
          City:         San Francisco, CA




      Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture
      Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University

      Thursday, April 29, 5:30 pm, Cummings Art Building, Room AR2

      "Aesthetics of Ornament in the Ottoman and Safavid Regimes of Visuality"

      Friday, April 30, noon, Cummings Art Building, Room 103

      "The Dome of the Rock as Palimpsest: Abd Al-Malik's Grand Narrative and
      Sultan Suleyman's Glosses"

      See more at: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/islamic_studies/necipoglu.pdf

      *** April 23rd, Children and Soverignity Day will be celebrated at three locations:


      * Amador Recreation Center

      4455 Black Avenue
      Pleasanton, CA 94566

      Time: 13:00 - 17:00

      * Lucie Stern Community Center

      1305 Middlefield Road
      Palo Alto

      Time: 10:30 - 16:00

      * Four Seasons Club House Ballroom

      3186 Four Seasons Drive
      El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

      Time: 14:00 - 18:00

      *** On line Turkish classes:


      *** This program is partially underwritten by CHIC FRENCH. 

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      *** Turkish American Association of California

      is a non-profit
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      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      e-mail them at taac@...

      *** Planning to go to Turkey?

      Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
      travelers like yourselves:


      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to

      International Cultural Program.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M

      *** Yore dance invites you to:

      Free Turkish Folkdance Classes.

      Thursdays, 7:30 PM at Stanford,
      Sundays 2 PM at San Francisco

      Please contact with Yore Folk Ensemble for the details.

      Sundays 2 PM Regular Practice Location:
      Alonzo King LINES Dance Center;
      26 Seventh Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
      2:00 PM Warm up
      2:20 PM Teke
      4:00 PM Trakya
      4:30 PM Black Sea
      5:00-PM Stretch
      TELL YOUR FRIENDS who might be interested joining our group.  
      All Dancers: Don't forget your exercise outfits and shoes.
      Yore Folk Ensemble

      *** Azerbaijani Turkish language classes

      will start on February 20th, Saturday 11am- 1pm at the ACSNC center.
      All are welcome to attend and learn more about our rich and beautiful mother tongue.

      Address: 16400 Lark Ave. Ste # 260, Los Gatos, CA 95032

      *** An evening of Sevdah Music:

      Culture at the Crossroads:Evening of Bosnian Sevdah & Dance -

      Sevdah is the traditional music genre of urban town centers of old Bosnia and Herzegovina. This evening will feature sevdalinke by Bosnian performers now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. The performers are Muhamed Kochan, Rasima Alisich Klisturich, and Hayrudin Hayrich.  They will be joined by Mary Sherhart of Balkan Cabaret from Seattle.  The band will include: Cevad Zerich - accordion, Cenan Gachanovich - key board and arrangments, and Fahir Chrnoyevich  - guitar.  The Bosnian dance ensemble, Mladost Bosne, will perform.

      Friday, May 7, 2010     •    8:00 PM

      At the Croatian Americans Center,

      60 Onondaga Ave
      San Francisco, CA
      94112    Phone: 510-649-0941

      For more information look at http://www.CroatianAmericanWeb.org

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