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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 20 March 2010

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    SF Turkish Radio Hour News {20100320trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 20 March 2010 [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 20 March 2010]
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      SF Turkish Radio Hour News


      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 20 March 2010

      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 20 March 2010]

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      Edited by Okan Kolak

      * The Turkish dailies reported that the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli, in which tens of thousands of Turkish soldiers gave their lives, was commemorated in the Turkish province of Canakkale on Thursday. During an official ceremony, Turkish prime minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the spirit of Gallipoli has guided the Turkish nation for years.
        The 1915 Battle of Gallipoli was won by the defending Ottoman army against the allied powers, including Great Britain and France, laying the groundwork for the Turkish War of Independence and the later foundation of the Turkish Republic under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

      * Turkish daily Milliyet reports that European Union Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule visited Turkey on Monday for talks with top Turkish officials, including Turkish prime minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, foreign affairs minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu and Chief Negotiator for European Union talks Egemen Bagis. Mr. Fule said in a statement released by his office prior to the visit that he is confident that at the end of the process, it will be a new, modern and reformed Turkey whose accession to the European Union will benefit both the European Union and Turkey.
        After the meetings, Mr. Davutoglu told a joint press conference that Turkey has asked for visa exemptions for its citizens from the European Union, as have been provided to some Balkan countries, parallel to the Readmission Agreement, and on such grounds as the Ankara Protocol, Additional Protocol and Customs Union.
        For his part, Mr. Fule said that work is being conducted on helping Turkey deal with illegal migration and added that more work should be done for extradition of those who came to Europe via Turkey. Mr. Fule noted that work to liberalize visa requirements would start if any progress could be shown in dealing with illegal migration.
        Mr. Fule also had talks with civil society organizations and business leaders in the Turkish capital Ankara and largest city and commercial hub Istanbul as part of his trip.
        In related news, also reported by Turkish daily Milliyet, a Turkey Friendship Group has been informally established at the European Parliament, with the participation of 47 lawmakers from the Christian Democrat, Socialist, Liberal, Greens, European Conservative and Reformist groups from 15 different European countries. The main goal of the group, which elected former Slovenian prime minister Mr. Alojz Peterle as its leader, is to contribute to Turkish-European Union relations.

      * According to the Turkish daily Star, European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said on Wednesday during her visit to the Middle East that they were working on restarting indirect negotiations between Israel and Syria. Ms. Ashton said that they are trying to find ways with Turkey to restart the peace process and are aware of Turkey's important role in indirect negotiations.
        Ms. Ashton said that she wanted to take up the issue with Turkish foreign affairs minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu as soon as she returns from her trip. For his part, Syrian foreign affairs minister Mr. Velid Muallim said that they trust Turkish prime minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan but haven't yet received an official notice from Turkey on the negotiation issue.

      * In related news, Turkish daily Turkiye reports that in line with developing bilateral political ties, in recent years media cooperation between Turkey and Syria has also gained momentum, with more frequent visits by Syrian media members to Turkey. One such visit started last Sunday when a group of Syrian journalists arrived in the Turkish capital Ankara, where they were received by prime minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Deputy prime minister Mr. Bulent Arinc, and hosted by the Prime Ministry Directorate General of Press and Information.
        Before coming to Turkey, the Syrian media delegation also held talks with Syrian officials, including Information Minster Mohsen Bilal, to learn what could be done to boost media cooperation with Turkey. As part of their visit, the journalists also held talks in Istanbul.

      * According to the Turkish dailies, Turkish president Mr. Abdullah Gul completed an official two-country mini Africa tour, meeting with the presidents and top officials of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cameroon to discuss political, regional and international affairs.
        Mr. Gul pointed out that his trip, at the invitations of Congo president Mr. Joseph Kabila and Cameroon president Mr. Paul Biya, is the first presidential-level visit between Turkey and the two countries. Many Cabinet ministers, deputies, representatives of professional and civil society organizations, university professors, and media and business group representative accompanied the president.
        This time last year, Mr. Gul visited Kenya and Tanzania. Saying that 60 percent of UN Security Council business is related to Africa, Mr. Gul said Turkey is working closely with African countries during its current two-year tenure on the council.
        Turkey's trade volume with Africa rose from just $5 billion in 2003 to $15 billion in 2009 and Mr. Gul said their goal is to boost trade between Turkey and African countries to $30 billion as soon as possible.
        Mr. Gul was officially welcomed to Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday by his Congolese counterpart Joseph Kabila at the PresidentIal Palace. After the welcoming ceremony, Mr. Gul and Mr. Kabila spoke one-on-one and chaired meetings between their delegations. A memorandum of understanding on establishing a mechanism of political consultations was signed between the two countries' foreign ministries.
        On Tuesday, Mr. Gul arrived in Cameroon and was received with an official ceremony by his Cameroon counterpart Paul Biya, who also presented Mr. Gul a state medal. Agreements on bilateral visa exemptions and technical, scientific, agricultural and economic cooperation were signed between the two countries. Mr. Gul will completed his visit to Cameroon and return to Turkey on Wednesday.

      * Turkish daily Sabah reports that speaking at a meeting of the Turkey-Britain Business Forum in London on Tuesday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey had managed to weather the global financial crisis with minimal damage, with its financial system having felt almost no impact from the crisis.
        Mr. Erdogan stated that Turkey's ties with Britain have picked up in recent years. Stressing that economic and trade cooperation constitutes an important part of Turkey's ties with Britain, Mr. Erdogan called on British entrepreneurs to take advantage of Turkey's rapidly developing investment environment and dynamic young population.
        Also speaking at the meeting, British justice minister Mr. Jack Straw said the Turkish economy proved its resilience during the global economic crisis. Stating that Turkish products are in demand in the British market, Straw praised the quality of these products, especially Turkey's small appliances.
        Turkey's state minister for foreign trade Mr. Zafer Caglayan told the gathering that half of all refrigerators sold in British market are Turkish-made. Underlining what he called deep economic and trade ties between Turkey and Britain, Mr. Caglayan said the good attendance of Turkish and British businesspeople at the meeting showed this. Mr. Caglayan also expressed hope that trade between the two countries, which dipped due to the crisis, would resume its upward trend this year in line with global recovery from the crisis.

      * According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, dictionaries bought with donations raised by the Turkey office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refuges were handed out on Wednesday to refugees in Turkey with a ceremony at the Prime Ministry Directorate General of Press and Information in the Turkish capital Ankara.
        Speaking at a press conference at the directorate headquarters, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Turkey representative Michel Gaude said that they carried out the dictionary donation project in cooperation with a non-governmental organization called Bonjour Ankara, most of whose members are women. Mr. Gaude said that they bought well over a thousand Arabic-Turkish and Persian-Turkish dictionaries to give to refugee families living in 17 Turkish provinces who have children attending school. Mr. Gaude also expressed hope that the dictionaries would help thousands of refugees staying long term in Turkey to better communicate, thus helping them overcome various problems they face in daily life, and raise their living standards.

      * Turkish daily Turkiye reports that TRT News, the newest offering from the state-run Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, officially went on the air on Thursday with a ceremony at the Turkish capital Ankara's Rixsos Hotel. The ceremony was attended by Turkish deputy prime minister Mr. Bulent Arinc, who is responsible for the state broadcasting corporation, along with many other ministers and guests.


      Edited by Colleen Clark 


      * The 9th annual Boston Turkish Film Festival begins on Thursday, March 25 with a screening of "Pandora's Box" by acclaimed director Yesim Ustaoglu. The film will be shown at 7pm at the Remis Auditorium of the Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston. Before the screening Ms. Ustaogulu will receive the Festival Award for Excellence in Turkish cinema. A Q&A session with the director and a reception will follow the film. Eleven more full length films and a series of short films will be shown at the same venue on several dates through Sunday, April 11. The full schedule is at www.bostonturkishfilmfestival.org/

      * The 21st Turkish Film Days, "Istanbul and Metropolitan Lives," will be held in Munich, Germany beginning on March 21, according to a story in the Hurriyet Daily News.
        The opening film of the festival will be "Uc Maymun" (Three Monkeys). The festival will continue with masterpieces of Turkish cinema including "Uzak ihtimal" (Wrong Rosary), "Kara Kopekler Havlarken" (Black Dogs Barking), "Babam Bufe" (Babam Buffet), "40," "Kosmos" (Cosmos), "Bornova Bornova," "iki Dil Bir Bavul" (On the Way to School), and "Ayla." Some of these films are also being shown at the Boston Turkish Film Festival.
        At the Munich festival there will be a panel discussion featuring Turkish and German film producers. The 21st Munich Turkish Film Days will be held at the Gasteig Cultural Center. The festival will continue through March 29.   
      See more at: www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * A Turkish film directed by Pelin Esmer, "10 to 11", won the Best Film and Cinema Critics awards at the 15th Nuremberg Turkish-German Film Festival on Sunday, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
        "10 to 11" has received many awards at both Turkish and international festivals, including a special jury prize at the Istanbul Film Festival, Best Film and Best Screenplay awards at the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival and the Best New Middle Eastern Narrative Director award at the International Middle East Film Festival.
        A Turkish-French-German co-production, "10 to 11" tells the story of a passionate collector, Mithat, and the concierge of his building, Ali. For Mithat, Istanbul is as vast as his collections, while for Ali, who comes from a country village, it is nothing more than the few blocks around him. When the neighbors decide to have the building rebuilt out of fear of earthquakes and the desire for a more valuable house, Mithat's challenging struggle to save his collections begins. The building becomes the common destiny of these two men living alone, who will involuntarily change each other's fates. German actress of Turkish origin Sibel Kekilli won the Best Lead Actress award at the Nuremberg festival for her performance in "Die Fremde" (When We Leave), while Erdem Akakce was named Best Lead Actor. "Min Dit" (The Children of Diyarbakir) by Senay Orak won a special jury award. "Vertraue mir" (Trust Me) by Nazli Elif Duru was named Best Short Film.
        See more at: www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * Istanbul's second children's theater opened last week in the district of Gaziosmanpa$a, reports the Anatolia News Agency. Previously, the city's only children's theater was in Kagithane.
        Covering an area of 2000 square feet, the Ferih Egemen Children's Theater has a capacity of 260 people and seats especially designed for children. On the theater's upper floor, there is also a library including books on the performing arts.
        Unlike classical Italian-style stages, the theater is unique in that all parts of the stage can function as standalone stages on their own. The theater also has four mobile tribunes, each of which has a capacity of 65 people.
        Discussing the new theater Istanbul mayor Kadir Topbas said that stage's name was very meaningful since the late theater and cinema actress Ferih Egemen had helped many aspiring actors achieve their ambitions. Following the opening ceremony, the theater opened with the play "Cat in Boots."
        See more at: www.hurriyetdailynews.com/


      * Demonstrating that classical music is not solely for elite consumption, the "Bosch Young Classical Musicians Festival" will bring the genre to the masses, including primary schools, between March 21 and 29, reports the Anatolia News Agency.
        The festival, organized in collaboration with Yoyo Duslersarar Production Company and Bosch, was launched Tuesday in Istanbul. The festival, which features "Art and Seyrantepe," "Youth and Classical Music" and "Classical Music and Daily Life," aims to bring together locals, workers and children for the eight-day festival.
        Bosch Households Marketing Director Neylan Suer expressed the organizers' excitement at presenting such a project in Istanbul, saying, "We believe the youth will shape the future and it is our responsibility to support young talents and cultural development." Suer said the festival was being organized to bring together people and concepts that are generally distant from each other in Istanbul in an effort to reach people on the street.
        The festival begins on March 21 with a concert in StudYOYO at the Seyrantepe Automotive Industrial Facility. Burcin Buke, Birsen and ozcan Ulucan, Cem Mansur, FazIl Say, Gulsin Onay and Sirin Pancaroglu will be the musical guests of honor at an event that will host 116 different artists, including 25 young Greek artists.
        During the festival, there will be free classical music concerts at various venues. Artists will perform in decorated train cars on the Istanbul Metro, and travelers will have a chance to listen to classical music between stops.
        Meanwhile, in an attempt to inculcate an appreciation of classical music in younger audiences, participants will stage concerts in the gymnasiums of six primary schools in Seyrantepe.
        Kagithane O. Faruk Verimer Primary School will host pianist Buke on March 22 and pianists Birsen and Ozcan Ulucan on March 23. Semplice Quartet will perform at Kagithane Ataturk Primary School on March 24 and Onay will perform at Kagithane Hasbahce Primary School on March 25 – in addition to Say's March 29 performance at the same school.
        More information on the Bosch Young Classical Musicians Festival can be found at www.gencklasikciler.org. See more at: www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * The Yesilyayla (Green Pasture) Festival, the most comprehensive festival in the Black Sea region is preparing for its fifth year of activities from July 30 to Aug. 1 despite past threats against some of its cultural offerings, reports Vercihan Ziflioglu in the Hurriyet Daily News.
        Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review spoke to festival coordinators S. Refika Kadioglu and Nilufer TaskIn about the upcoming events.
        Kadioglu and TaskIn are two young women who moved to Istanbul from the Black Sea region to further their educations. They never forgot where they came from or the richness of their culture. They came up with the idea of organizing a culture and arts festival in the region but did not originally have enough financing. First, they founded an association named Gola to make their dreams come true and then looked for sponsors. The first festival took place in the summer of 2006.
        Many cultural and artistic activities are held in the big cities in western Turkey, and through the festival, Kadioglu said, their aim was to emphasize that Turkey does not just consist of its western region.
        She criticized other festivals for their narrow scope. "Many festivals, even many in the Black Sea region, are based on pop and consumer culture. We are trying to offer an alternative and overcome that understanding."
        The Yesilyayla Festival has unconventional traits. The yard of a house is turned into a concert venue, locals cook traditional dishes for the festival and public participation is encouraged. Stating that in previous years they made cheese in addition to a fig and mulberry dessert particular to Anatolia, Kadioglu said this year's food was a secret. "We want to bring disappearing traditions back to life," she said.
        The festival, which is held each year in a different city in the region, will gradually cross borders and reach the Caucasus. Stating that they also aim to include Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan in the festival next year, Kadioglu said, "We are folks from similar cultures."
        The organizers decided to limit the festival to three days because of the paucity of tourist facilities in the region, Kadioglu said, adding that each year before the festival they have to overhaul these facilities themselves. "This is the greatest problem in the Black Sea region. Unfortunately there is no infrastructure for tourism," she said. TaskIn said those who attend the festival would have the opportunity to experience other cultures and most importantly experience the wealth of the Black Sea region. She finished by saying, "You will have the opportunity to see places that you'd have little chance to see even if you visited the region as part of an organized tour."
        Those who want to attend the festival can contact the organizers at www.golader.org or www.yaylafest.org.
        See more at: www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * The Central Anatolian province of Eskisehir is preparing to open "Tale World," which will give children of all ages the chance to see their fairy tale heroes come alive.
        According to the Anatolia News Agency, Eskisehir Mayor Yilmaz Buyukersen said the fantasy park will have castle-like walls, a re-creation of famous Turkish towers and an interior section that would allow children to immerse themselves in the world of books. Tale World will be housed at the city's Sazova Science, Arts and Cultural Park.
        "The Tale World, the only one in Turkey, will be finished this year. There will be 26 towers at the park, representing [Eskisehir's] license plate number. Istanbul's Galata Tower will be the tallest at 50 meters. Others will include Antalya's Yivli Minaret, Diyarbakir's ruined Can Tower, Adalet Tower at Istanbul's Topkapi Palace, the minaret of Ulu Mosque in Mardin, Burgulu Minaret in Amasya, Istanbul's Maiden's Tower and the twin minarets in Sivas and Kayseri."
        In addition to these historical towers, Buyukersen said there would also be observation decks and other small towers. "We're constructing the towers like they are in tales. We reshaped the Disneyland castle to fit in with Turkish conditions. … Tale World will be one of the most important aspects of the park."
        Covered areas of Tale World will include places that display mythical fairy tale heroes and room to stage plays. "The Galata Tower will have nine stages. Each stage will have cartoon heroes. Our children will see the heroes of books in the real world. The city will be viewed panoramically from the tower's top floor. There will be tunnels, dungeons and horror scenes," the mayor said. "We also plan to display Turkish novel and cartoon heroes. There will be events for children. Tale World is expected to make a great contribution to the city's tourism," he said.
        See more at: www.hurriyetdailynews.com/


      * A 12,000-year-old temple dating from the Neolithic Age has been discovered in the southeastern province of Sanliurfa in what scientists are declaring the oldest place of worship ever discovered, according to a news report from the newspaper Radikal and published in the Hurriyet Daily News.
        In 1986, a local man known as Uncle Savah discovered a statuette in his small field in Gobeklitepe while tilling the soil. He took the figurine to the Sanliurfa Archaeology Museum where experts determined that it was created between 6000 and 7000 B.C.
        The ancient people of Gobeklitepe were determined to have lived during the Neolithic Age and subsisted on some agriculture along with hunting and gathering.
        The ancient temple was found in the center of the Harran Plain, 17 kilometers east of the city, and was dated back to 10000 B.C. Before the discovery in Gobeklitepe, the world's oldest known temple was a structure dating from 5000 B.C. in Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
        The statuettes, which are now housed in the Sanliurfa museum, are adorned with wolf heads, pigs, storks, foxes, fawns, scorpions, snakes and headless human figures and indicate some of the features of the belief system at the time. At the same time, the exaggerated depiction of male genitals likely suggests that patriarchal social systems were already well established in Neolithic times, according to experts. Despite the finds, experts have succeeded neither in identifying the society that created the temple and figurines nor completely sketching out the culture's belief system.
        Sabri Kurkcuoglu, a member of the academic staff at Harran University Archaeology Department, said, "A multi-disciplinary study should be carried out to clarify these uncertainties. Archaeologists from different parts of the world have shown a keen interest in the area and the excavation site, but in Turkey only apprentice students are interested in the project."
        Sanliurfa Mayor Ahmet Esref Fakibaba described the finds as very precious and called for the location to be converted into a tourism site as soon as possible.
        Following the initial discovery of the statuette in 1986, Harald Hauptmann, from the German Institute of Archaeology, began excavation work at the site under the supervision of the local archaeology museum in 1995. Klaus Schmidt later assumed responsibility for the dig in 1996, while the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry placed the site on its first-degree protection list in 2005.
        See more at: www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * VERCiHAN ZiFLiOGLU of Hurriyet daily News writes that some 25 years after his death, filmmaker YIlmaz Guney continues to light the way to international success for other Turkish directors. Forced into exile in France due to his political views and Kurdish background, Guney had a stellar career, punctuated by 'Hope' in 1970 and the 1982 film "The Road", which won the Golden Palm at Cannes
        Turkish cinema has been riding a wave of global acclaim in recent years, culminating in director Semih Kaplanoglu's victory for "Honey" at the Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale, in February. Ask anyone in the industry, however, who was the trailblazer behind this success, and there is invariably only one answer: Yilmaz Guney.
        Nicknamed the "Ugly King" of Turkish cinema, Guney directed, produced, wrote and acted in numerous films.
        Although movie critics occasionally debate whether to classify Guney's films as part of Turkish or Kurdish cinema, the filmmaker led the way for moviemakers from both groups. ‘Guney gave us hope'
        See more at: www.hurriyetdailynews.com/


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.53


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey:
      52/30 Mostly Sunny

      Antalya, on the Mediterranean:
      70/45 Mostly Sunny

      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey:
      55/39 Mostly Sunny

      Izmir, on the Aegean:
      66/43 Mostly Sunny

      Van, in Eastern Turkey
      41/21 Partly Cloudy

      Trabzon, on the Black Sea:
      50/36 Partly Cloudy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey
      35 inches

      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey
      26 inches

      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey
      59 inches

      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey
      51 inches

      Saklikent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey
      2 inches

      Sarikamis, in Kars, Eastern Turkey
      58 inches

      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey
      55 inches


      * Soccer

      * Premiere League

      Kayseri Sp-Eski$ehir Sp1 - 2
      Antalya Sp -Sivas Sp3 - 0
      B. $ehir Bld. Sp-Diyarbakir Sp-
      Bursa Sp-Manisa Sp2 - 0
      G. Saray-Ankaragucu3 - 0
      Denizli Sp-Be$iKta$ 0 - 1

      In games played so far this weekend:26

      Kasimpa$a-Be$iKta$ 2 - 2
      Diyarbakir Sp-Antalya Sp 1 - 0
      Manisa Sp-B. $ehir Bld. Sp1 - 0
      Fenerbahce-G. Antep Sp1 - 0

      Standing in the league as of week ending25

      1 -Bursa Sp55
      2 -G. Saray53
      3 -Be$iKta$51
      4 -Fenerbahce49
      5 -Trabzon Sp43
      6 -Kayseri Sp43
      7 -Eski$ehir Sp42
      8 -B. $ehir Bld. Sp40
      9 -Antalya Sp33
      10 -G. Antep Sp33
      11 -G. Birligi32
      12 -Kasimpa$a31
      13 -Ankaragucu26
      14 -Manisa Sp24
      15 -Sivas Sp24
      16 -Diyarbakir Sp21
      17 -Denizli Sp17
      18 -Ankara Sp0


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      *** Tiburon international film festival has started

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