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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 06 March 2010

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    SF Turkish Radio Hour News {20100306trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 06 March 2010 [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 06 March 2010]
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      SF Turkish Radio Hour News


      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 06 March 2010

      [This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 06 March 2010]

      Courtesy of Turkish Radio Hour, producer of the
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      * On Monday, Turkey marked International Women's Day along with the rest of the world. While there is plenty to point to with pride in the 87th year of the Turkish Republic, which declared women's suffrage, there is still a lot of room for improvement, Hurriyet Daily News writes. Despite increased efforts in recent decades to make another leap forward to improve the status of women, Turkish society still remains largely patriarchal.
        It is not a coincidence that one of the two airports in Istanbul, Turkey's biggest city, carries the name of a woman: Sabiha Gokcen, the world's first female combat pilot. Born in an Ottoman state where women were subject to Shariah law, Ms. Gokcen was one of the first to benefit from reforms adopted by her adopted father, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Among other reforms, the founder of the Turkish Republic gave women the right to vote in 1934, years before many countries in the Western world.
        But many women, probably a majority, have yet to fully grasp the rights granted in theory of the past century. In much of Turkey, the lot of women remains stark and difficult.
        "Being a wife is the most difficult part of being a woman, because you live only according to your husband's demands," said Burcu Alpogan, 28, who called on women to act together to remedy the situation.
        Another woman, 50-year-old Selma izci, called on mothers to raise their children – and especially their sons – conscious of gender equality. "Why can't both sons and daughters clean the house or set the table?" the retired teacher asked.
        Turkey is a country where positive developments on gender equality give us reason to be optimistic at the same time as negative ones force us to be pessimistic, too.
        Read more at http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

      * The clash between the Turkish government and the judiciary over judicial independence became inflamed again Friday in the wake of the government's announcement that it will push for constitutional amendments involving a judicial reform package, reports the Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey's top judge Hasan Gerceker expresses concerns that the executive branch is involved in a struggle to besiege the judiciary with the planned reform package. However, the justice minister says the reforms focused on objective and universal criteria applied in developed countries.
        "It would be the worst thing for the democratic system in a country to push back judicial independence," Judge Gerceker said. His remarks come a few days after Constitutional Court President Ha$im KIlIc urged the government to reach a compromise with the opposition and judiciary on the planned constitutional changes. Judge KIlIc signaled that the court may revoke the amendments if the government fails to compromise and brings a controversial package before it.
        Gerceker also emphasized that there would be no stepping back from an earlier decision on the structure of the Supreme Board of Prosecutors and Judges. He said allowing Parliament to appoint the Board members as proposed in the reforms would politicize the judiciary and that the presence of the justice minister and the undersecretary on the board is inappropriate.
        According to the justice minister, the other significant changes proposed in the package are the establishment of an ombudsman's office to deal with problems that may occur between the state institutions and citizens.

      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey's pro-Kurdish party has taken a strong stand against the "berdel" tradition, in which a family that wants its son to marry a girl from another clan gives a daughter to that family as a bride.
        Though these types of arrangements have been common for centuries in the country's eastern and southeastern regions, especially among poor families, critics say such "bride exchanges" can ruin young women's futures.
        Selahattin Demirta$, the president of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party has said the party will actively intervene in such events, as well as honor killings in the region.
        "We can create neighborhood pressure on these matters in this region. As the Peace and Democracy Party, we cannot allow these [things to] happen," he added. "We have enough power and this matter should be dramatically changed even by neighborhood pressure. We should clean all the minds. I hope our endeavors set an example for everyone and they are loath to let this tradition continue."
        Female deputies with the Peace and Democracy Party will start a study on berdel marriages in region within about a week. The party's provincial officials will be sensitive about these matters and assess the complaints. The women of the Peace and Democracy Party will be the first to make assessments. If the claims prove serious, the party will step in to create reverse neighborhood pressure against such marriages. The party will also organize different sessions about the issue, especially among women, to discuss the problem of bride exchange and spread the idea that those who impose berdel upon their daughters "behave in a disgraceful way."


      Edited by Carol Dean

      * Starting March 19, the first Amsterdam Turkish Film Festival will take place at Studio K in Amsterdam, reports the Hurriyet Daily News. Over three days, the people will be able to discover 15 Turkish films shown in Europe for the first time. In addition to experiencing the best of the true Turkish art film scene, the audience will also be able to join in discussions with surprise guests from the Netherlands, Turkey and Germany. There will also be performances by Turkish and Dutch artists along with two club nights with DJs from both countries.
        The Amsterdam Turkish Film Festival festival features a special retrospective on a renowned or upcoming director each year. This year Amsterdam Turkish Film Festival has chosen the five feature films of director Cagan Irmak.
        His films span various genres, from classical drama to fantasy. He received the prestigious Sedat Simavi Awards with two short films "The Tale" and "The Sacrifice". He also directed the very popular TV series, "AsmalI Konak," which brought him 20 awards.
        With "Pandora's Box" of Ye$im Ustaoglu, the festival approaches the urban dysfunction of everyday lives. "The Master" by BahadIr Karata$ is successful in depicting a destructive obsession in an almost lighthearted way but with serious undertones.
        But as diverse as the Turkish film scene is itself, the festival will also explore emotions with, for example, "Wrong Rosary" by Mahmut FazIl Co$kun, a unique love story against the backdrop of the "melting pot" of Istanbul.
        This is just a small sample of the themes and sensations to be offered throughout the three days. There will also be a chance to meet and interview Turkish filmmakers during the festival. Among these directors are Nezih Unen, Ra$it Celikezer, Atalay Ta$diken, BahadIr Kara and Cagan Irmak.

      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey's I$bank and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University have joined forces to establish Turkey's first laboratory for maintaining and restoring paintings.
        I$bank Chief Executive Officer Caner Cimenbicer and General Manager Ersin Ozince, along with MSGSU's rector, Professor Rahmi Aksungur, announced the cooperation at a conference at I$ Towers on Feb. 26.
        As part of the collaboration, the university will take an inventory of I$ Bank's painting collection, known as one of the most extensive private collections in Turkey. The historical I$bank building in Beyoglu will be renovated with the support of the university and turned into an art museum.
        To protect art and educate experts on the issue, a department called "Protecting and Restoring Artworks" will be established at the university and will be ready to accept students next year. A master's program in museum studies is already offered at the school.
        A laboratory that will use scientific techniques to maintain I$bank's private art collection will open its doors this summer, Mr. Ozince added.
        I$bank's art collection started in the 1940s and today contains more than 2,000 works by well-known Turkish painters, including Osman Hamdi Bey, $eker Ahmet Pa$a, Hoca Ali RIza and Ibrahim CallI. These artworks, which are protected in specially designed depots, will be revived and restored for art lovers to enjoy at the new museum.

      * The rock band maNga, which won Best European Act last year at the MTV Europe Music Awards, released a new song, 'We Could Be The Same,' which will represent Turkey at this year's Eurovision contest, reports the Hurriyet Daily News. The English song includes traditional Turkish motifs and has been praised by Turkish music authorities. 'We will go there to win the contest,' the band says
        Earlier this year, Turkey's state-run broadcaster Turkish Radio and Television agreed that the band could compete in the contest on behalf of Turkey. At a press conference held Tuesday at the Turkish Radio and Television Tepeba$I Studio, maNga performed the song for the first time. "We chose maNga because it received the most votes in a poll," said Turkish Radio and Television General Director Ibrahim $ahin.
        $ahin said MaNga delivered three songs and a commission selected one. He also said that, while he wished the song was in Turkish, the band preferred to perform a song in English. He said Turkish Radio and Television did not intervene in the band's decision about its song or wardrobe choices.
        Read more at: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com

      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, following the restoration of the Dresden Royal Palace, a permanent exhibition for the "Turkish Chamber," the oldest and largest collection of Oriental-Turkish artwork outside Turkey, will be on display in Germany for the first time in 70 years.
        Highlights of the exhibition include an opulent Ottoman tent more than 20 meters long and 6 meters high.
        Read more at: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com

      * The Hurriyet Daily News reporter Vercihan Ziflioglu reports that Beyoglu, the very heart of Istanbul, is reinventing itself once more with plans to restore historical ruined buildings throughout the district.
        While projects are already underway to restore the upper floors of the Atlas Passage along with back-street buildings that endanger passersby, the Ataturk Cultural Center looks set to be omitted from the facelift.
        Long having fallen into disuse, Istanbul's symbolic fountains and Turkish baths will be restored and put back into operation.
        Read more at: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com

      * According to the Hurriyet Daily News, the 17th Izmir European Jazz Festival begins and will provide jazz lovers throughout the city the opportunity to enjoy some of the top names in European jazz, including flamenco master Najarro, trumpeter Matthias Schriefl and Fatima Spar and the Freedom Fries among others.
        Izmir is the third largest metropolitan area in Turkey on the Aegean coast.
        This year's seminar, meanwhile, introduces the work of guitarist extraordinaire Django Reinhardt.
        Meanwhile, an exhibition of the entries for the 8th Jazz Poster Contest, which was organized to determine the festival's main poster, will remain open throughout the festival at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center. Out of 135 entries, Sinan Kapçak's entry won the contest, while the exhibition is also showing 23 other entries.

      * The Akbank 6th Short Film Festival started February 28th and will continue until March 11 with leading guests from the film sector, 98 films from 24 different countries, various discussions and workshop activities, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
        The Best Dramatic Short Film will be chosen by a jury made up of film writer Yesim Tabak, director Ozcan Alper, actress Ozgu Namal, Sabanci University Associate Professor Hasan Bulent Kahraman and Akbank Art Center's Director Derya Bigali.
        The Best Documentary Film will be chosen by Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Director Bulent Vardar, directors Savas Guvezne and Mahmut Fazil Coskun, documentary photographer Altan Bal, and Akbank Art Center Director Derya Bigali.
        Following the evaluation process, both the Best Dramatic Film and Best Documentary Film winners will be awarded with 7,000 Turkish Liras.
        The festival will be held at Akbank Sanat, and all events are free.
        Read more at: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com

      * According to Vercihan Ziflioglu of Hurriyet Daily News, Turkish singer Selda Bagcan is suing the American musician Mos Def for using one of her songs without authorization at the Grammy awards.
        Composer and singer Selda Bagcan is the legendary voice of Turkish protest music and representative of the '68th generation. Her album sales reached millions in the 1970s.
        1980 was a dark and tense year in Turkey as the third coup of the history of Republic was taking place. Bagcan was taken into custody for the first time because of her music and was tried nine times and imprisoned three times over the next 10 years, receiving sentences totaling 500 years in prison.
        In 1986 she was invited to the Woman Foundation World Dance and Music Festival, organized by Peter Gabriel, but she did not have a passport and was banned from going abroad. However, one of her songs was included in the album recorded after the festival.
        Read more at: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com
        Hear Mos Def version at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLkBTd5hnxw
        Hear Bagcan's original at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTTs7KdjloE

      * According to the Associated Press, the Detroit Institute of Arts opened Sunday a new permanent gallery of Islamic art.
        Among the gallery's treasures are one of the largest-known Ottoman mosque candlesticks from about 1500, an elevated giant cut-velvet summer floor covering made between 1650 and 1700 in Turkey, and a 15th-century leather-bound Koran, whose gold-flecked paper was given by the Ming emperor of China to Timur, one of the Mongol conquerors of the Middle East.
        See the museum's site at: http://www.dia.org/auxiliaries/default.asp?aux_id=11&cid=96

      * The American Turkish Society and Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University will be presenting a lecture titled
        "Probing and Preserving the Past in Western Turkey: The Central Lydia Archaeological Survey" in New York.
        The lecture will be by Christopher Roosevelt, Associate Professor, at Boston University on Monday, March 15, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.
        Then we'll be a reception after the lecture which will take place at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, 15 East 84th Street.
        Christopher Roosevelt is an Associate Professor of Archaeology at Boston University. A member of the Archaeological Institute of America, the American Research Institute in Turkey, the British Institute of Archaeology in Ankara, and the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, he is the recipient of a National Science Foundation grant for a project titled "Environmental and Cultural Dynamics in Central Lydia, Western Turkey." He has contributed to the American Journal of Archaeology, the Journal of Field Archaeology, and other journals and edited volumes.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.54


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey:
      54/43 Showers

      Antalya, on the Mediterranean:
      64/52 Heavy Showers

      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey:
      57/45 Showers

      Izmir, on the Aegean:
      61/50 Heavy Showers

      Trabzon, on the Black Sea:
      55/46 Partly Cloudy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey
      51 inches

      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey
      35 inches

      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey
      71 inches

      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey
      60 inches

      Saklikent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey
      6 inches

      Sarikamis, in Kars, Eastern Turkey
      69 inches

      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey
      81 inches


      * Soccer

      * Premiere League

      * Results for week23
      Antalya Sp-Trabzon Sp1 - 1
      Bursa Sp-Sivas Sp3 - 0
      Kayseri Sp-Be$iKta$1 - 2
      G. Birligi-Ankaragucu0 - 1
      G. Antep Sp-Eski$ehir Sp1 - 1
      Manisa Sp-Diyarbakir Sp2 - 1
      B. $ehir Bld. Sp-Fenerbahce2 - 1
      G. Saray-Kasimpa$a4 - 1

      In games played so far this weekend:24

      Sivas Sp-B. $ehir Bld. Sp0 - 1
      Kasimpa$a-Kayseri Sp2 - 2
      Diyarbakir Sp-Bursa Sp-
      Trabzon Sp-G. Birligi3 - 1
      Ankaragucu-G. Antep Sp0 - 0
      Manisa Sp-Denizli Sp0 - 0
      Fenerbahce-Antalya Sp1 - 0
      Eski$ehir Sp-G. Saray2 - 1

      Standing in the league as of week ending23

      1 -G. Saray50
      2 -Bursa Sp46
      3 -Fenerbahce45
      4 -Kayseri Sp42
      5 -Be$iKta$42
      6 -Trabzon Sp39
      7 -Eski$ehir Sp36
      8 -B. $ehir Bld. Sp34
      9 -G. Birligi31
      10 -G. Antep Sp31
      11 -Antalya Sp30
      12 -Kasimpa$a27
      13 -Ankaragucu25
      14 -Sivas Sp24
      15 -Manisa Sp23
      16 -Diyarbakir Sp21
      17 -Denizli Sp16
      18 -Ankara Sp0


      [Saat 18:30 and 19:30 'da iki kez okuyun]

      *** Giving away tickets for the Tiburon international film festival

      This year's film festival is featuring Turkish films.

      If you call us we will put to in a drawing for tickets for the films. Call us at the studio or drop an e-mail to Turkradio@... with the subject line "Tiburon".

      For more about the Turkish films at the Tiburon festival:

      The films will be screened March 18-26, 2010 at the Playhouse Theater in Tiburon.

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      *** Yore dance invites you to:

      Free Turkish Folkdance Classes.

      Wednesdays, 7:30 PM at Stanford,
      Sundays 2 PM at San Francisco

      Please contact with Yore Folk Ensemble for the details.


      Yore starts new session with a new region "Teke" on Sunday, January 31st.

      Location: 940 Grove Street, San Francisco

      2:00 PM Warm up
      2:20 PM Teke
      4:00 PM Trakya
      4:30 PM Black Sea
      5:00-PM Stretch

      All Dancers: Don't forget your exercise outfits and shoes.

      Yore Folk Ensemble

      *** Azerbaijani Turkish language classes

      will start on February 20th, Saturday 11am- 1pm at the ACSNC center.
      All are welcome to attend and learn more about our rich and beautiful mother tongue.

      Address: 16400 Lark Ave. Ste # 260, Los Gatos, CA 95032

      *** Eliyahu & The Qadim Ensemble

      Mystical & Folkloric Music of the Near East

      Their repertoire includes Arabic, Jewish, Turkish Sufi, Hebrew-Yemenite, Armenian, and Moroccan music, celebrating the common musical and spiritual heritage of the region's cultures, while honoring the great diversity found within them. Their new album, "Eastern Wind", recently hit #7 on Billboard's World Music charts!

      "Beautifully presented, the players bring superb musicianship and palpable enthusiasm to each performance."-All Things Considered, NPR

      Saturday | March 6, 2010
      The Red Poppy Art House
      2698 Folsom Street
      San Francisco 

      8:00 pm (doors open at 7:30 pm)

      *** Cal State, East Bay, Hayward

      Band Twenty7

      10 March 2010
      12.00 h

      at CSUEB Agora Stage

      Okan Sarli: Vocals, bass, guitars
      Su Somuncuoglu: Vocals
      Volkan Barut: Darbuka, shakers
      Murat Arikan: Guitar, saz
      David McCullough: drums
      and contributers (check out all the talented people involved, here)...

      Twenty7 adds Middle Eastern melodies to rock, forming their own unique style of music. The band integrates strong rhythms and powerful vocals into their songs.

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