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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 14 December 2009

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      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 14 December 2009

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      Ahmet Toprak edited today's news. Your host today is Melis Atalay.

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      Edited by Bilgin Atalay

      * According to the Anatolia news agency a new
      bylaw in Turkey that lifts time limitations on
      broadcasts in languages other than Turkish went
      into effect Friday.
      Previously radio broadcasts in languages other
      than Turkish were limited to an hour each day and
      a total of five hours per week for radios and to
      45 minutes per day and a total of four hours per
      week for televisions.
      The previous bylaw also required translations and
      subtitles of the programs on radios and
      televisions, respectively.
      The new bylaw also eliminates a provision that
      banned educational programs in the languages and
      dialects in which the broadcasts were made.
      The Turkish government on Friday released more
      details about its much-debated Kurdish initiative,
      which the ruling party has billed as a solution to
      the country's 25-year struggle against an outlawed
      Kurdish group in the Southeast.
      Another part of the initiative would be to restore
      the former Kurdish names of villages, he said.

      * The Hurriyet Daily News writes that Turkey's
      energy minister said Friday that Turkey would not
      refuse if asked to store Iran's enriched uranium
      to help solve the nuclear impasse between its
      neighbor and the West.
      The minister, Mr. Taner Yildiz, said that there
      had been no such formal requests to Turkey from
      Iran or the United Nations. However, he confirmed
      that the issue is being discussed.
      Turkish and Iranian officials held talks on a
      proposal from the chief of the U.N. nuclear agency
      for Iran's enriched uranium to be sent to Turkey
      for processing into reactor fuel, an alternative
      to a plan for Russia to do the work.
      The Turkish option, which International Atomic
      Energy Agency Director-General Mohamed El Baradei
      proposed on Nov. 6, was discussed by Turkish
      President Abdullah G?l, Prime Minister Recep
      Tayyip Erdogan and Iran's hard-liner President
      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last weekend at a meeting of
      leaders of Islamic nations in Istanbul.
      In an interview on the PBS network's Charlie Rose
      television show, El Baradei said Turkey could
      accept Iran's low-enriched uranium and ship it
      back as reactor-grade fuel as a way to ease U.S.
      and European concerns that the Persian Gulf
      country aims to boost its supply of the material
      to the level needed for nuclear weapons.
      Iran hasn't accepted an earlier proposal, brokered
      by El Baradei, for its uranium to be sent to
      Russia for further enrichment to reactor-grade
      fuel. Turkey may be a better option because "Iran
      has a lot of trust in Turkey," and the U.S. would
      also agree because it's "very comfortable with
      Turkey," El Baradei said in the interview.
      Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking at
      a press conference in Istanbul earlier this week,
      said his country "has very good relations with
      Turkey in all dimensions," implicitly signaling
      that Tehran would accept the new U.N.-backed
      offer. He also said that Iran is capable of
      enriching its own uranium and that it entered into
      international talks on enrichment outside the
      country "for the purpose of setting up a
      The U.S. is willing to give Iran's government more
      time to decide whether to accept the idea of
      shipping its uranium abroad for processing, the
      U.S. ambassador to the IAEA said on Nov. 9 at a
      briefing in Vienna. "We want to give some space to
      Iran to work through this," Ambassador Glyn Davies
      said. "It's a tough issue for them. We're looking
      for an early, positive response."
      Turkey, a U.S. ally and member of the North
      Atlantic Treaty Organization, has expanded trade
      and political ties with Iran under the Justice and
      Development Party government. During a visit to
      Iran last month, Turkey's prime minister Mr.
      Erdogan said that its nuclear program has
      "peaceful aims" and that its government was taking
      a "positive" approach in nuclear negotiations.

      * On Tuesday, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of
      the Republic of Turkey, was commemorated on the
      71st anniversary of his death. The first ceremony
      to remember Ataturk took place at his mausoleum,
      Anitkabir, in the Turkish capital of Ankara.
      After the state ceremony on Tuesday morning,
      260,000 the sick for people from throughout Turkey
      visited Ataturk's mausoleum, with Ataturk's
      pictures and Turkish flags in their hands, saying,
      "Our (Founding) Father, We Follow Your Footsteps."
      Ataturk's mausoleum was decorated with 40,000
      flowers and 1500 plants.

      * According to the Turkish daily Turkiye, two
      major Turkish banks, Ziraat and Garanti, announced
      they had recorded profit in the first nine months
      of 2009. Ziraat said it had a net profit of $1.8
      billion in local currency and Garanti said its net
      profit was $1.43 billion in the first nine months
      of 2009.

      * Pierre Lellouche, the French secretary of state
      for European Affairs, said that Turkey and France
      reached a "tacit" agreement to ease problems
      regarding Turkey's European Union accession,
      reports the Turkish daily Sabah.
      Mr. Lellouche said, French President Nicolas
      Sarkozy and Turkish President Abdullah Gul had
      agreements on some issues within the scope of
      Turkey's European Union accession during talks in
      Paris last month. Mr. Lellouche said that modern
      and democratic Turkey in the interest of the
      European Union.

      * The Turkish daily Yeni Safak reports that the
      World Expedition Awards were given in London.
      Mardan Palace, which had opened five months ago
      in Turkey's southern Mediterranean City of
      Antalya, won "The Most Luxurious Hotel of the
      World" award.
      Mardan Palace constructed by Azeri descent Russian
      businessman Telman Ismailov cost $1.2 billion.
      Belek Adam & Eve Hotel in Antalya won "The Best
      Design Hotel of the World" award also this year.
      Rixos Premium in Antalya won "the Best Hotel" and
      "The Best Coast Resort" awards.
      Kemer Resort in Antalya won "The Best Resort

      * According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet Istanbul
      Chief Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin has been
      wiretapped along with several other judges and
      prosecutors within the scope of Ergenekon probe,
      it was revealed. Istanbul high criminal court gave
      the permission on October 14, 2008.
      "Ergenekon" is the name given to an alleged
      clandestine, Kemalist ultra-nationalist
      organization in Turkey with ties to members of the
      country's military and security forces. The group
      is accused of terrorism and plots to overthrow the
      government in Turkey.
      Istanbul Courthouse's telephone switchboard has
      also been wiretapped and Engin was stalked for a
      week while he was at his office and during public
      events he attended, it was revealed.

      * H1N1 flu is threatening every segment and age
      group of Turkish society, reports the Turkish
      daily Radikal.
      Turkey's Health Ministry reported that 17 more
      people died of swine flu yesterday. The death toll
      increased to 75.
      As of Wednesday Nov. 11 evening, 245 people have
      been under treatment for swine flu at hospitals.
      43 of these patients are in intensive care units,
      nine are on life support.
      Among the 73 dead people, 33 H1N1 victims had a
      chronic disease which increase the risk, and one
      woman was pregnant. However, 40 of the dead were
      perfectly healthy.

      * The Turkish daily Turkiye reports that Graham
      Fuller, former vice-chair of the U.S. National
      Intelligence Council, has commented on Turkish
      foreign policy and controversies over Turkey's
      Mr. Fuller said Turkey established friendly ties
      with Iran, Iraq and Syria and reached out beyond
      the Ottoman borders. He said Turkey, rather than a
      strategic partner of the West, had become a global
      Mr. Fuller stated that Turkey could go to places
      where Europe and the United States could not; and
      could sign deals that they could not. He said the
      West must see this power and think over it.

      * Britain, which is a "guarantor" state in Cyprus
      together with Turkey and Greece, promised to give
      the half of its lands in Cyprus to encourage a
      solution on the island, reported the Turkish daily
      Yeni Safak. Britain has 116.5 square kilometers of
      land in Cyprus, amounting to three percent of the
      The island is divided between the Greek and
      Turkish communities.

      * Good news for the residents of Istanbul who are
      living in fear of an earthquake.
      According to the Turkish daily Vatan, Turkish and
      French scientists have sent a robot named "BOB" to
      the fault line in Marmara Sea, which has not been
      broken since 1766.
      BOB will detect the methane leaking from the fault
      line before the earthquake and foretell the
      earthquake, giving people the chance to flee
      Scientists give a time from an hour to three
      months after BOB's forewarning, but it is
      impossible to predict the exact timing.


      Edited by Serkan Hatipoglu

      * Fikret Atay, a well-known Turkish artist living
      in Paris, brings together the two recent works of
      "Batman vs. Batman" and "Gooaall!!", reports the
      Hurriyet Daily News.
      "Batman vs. Batman," depicts the comical homonymy
      between the southeastern Turkish city of Batman
      and the superhero figure. In "Gooaall!!" he deals
      with asphalt roads, which are prime symbols of
      Outlet//Independent Art Space is presenting the
      first Istanbul solo show of Mr. Atay.
      Added to these is a selection of past highlights,
      including "Spring Fever" and "Holiwuut."
      Fikret Atay has had solo exhibitions at
      prestigious venues such as Bonner Kunstverein in
      Germany, Site Gallery in the United Kingdom,
      Hammer Museum in the United States, Maison de
      l'Architecture in France, Index in Sweden and Buro
      Friedrich in Germany.
      In his videos, Atay makes reference to "country
      issues" through cultural, social and geographical
      connections. His work is involved with traditional
      lifestyles, which are marked by Western
      influences. As a Turkish artist who has gained
      worldwide acclaim at a young age, his success is
      rooted in his ability to discover the universal
      aspects of supposedly local concerns.

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, Turkish
      Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk was the guest of a
      cultural center in New York where he signed his
      book "The Museum of Innocence". The book has been
      translated into English and was released in the
      United States on Oct. 20. Answering questions from
      readers, Mr. Pamuk said his book features the
      modern and traditional, and Eastern and Western
      sides of Turkey without prejudice.
      At the cultural center Mr. Pamuk met with a large
      group and read selections from his book. As he
      read, Pamuk also provided additional information
      to readers and answered their questions.
      "The Museum of Innocence" tells a love story
      involving a young man from a rich family and deals
      with the effect of love on a human life. In his
      book Mr. Pamuk featured the city of Istanbul
      during the time period between 1975 and 1984. He
      said he endeavored to tell the story without
      exaggerating love, but rather showing it as it is
      in real life.
      Although the leading character in the book, Kemal,
      has some similarities to Pamuk, the author said,
      the character was not based on himself.
      Mr. Pamuk has been appointed to give the 2009-2010
      Charles Eliot Norton Lectures at Harvard
      University, a tradition the school has upheld
      since 1925. Mr. Pamuk said he really enjoys the
      classes, and that it has been a nice opportunity
      for him to give lectures at Harvard. He said a
      book would be printed at the end of the series of
      six lectures.
      George Andreou, the editor of Mr. Pamuk's latest
      book, also delivered a speech before inviting the
      author to the stage, saying he was a very good
      novelist and that "The Museum of Innocence" was a
      perfect book.
      Mr. Pamuk also plans to open a museum called
      Masumiyet Muzesi in Istanbul. It is expected to
      create a poetic and documentary representation of
      the culture of Istanbul, from the 1950s until the
      present day, through various objects used in daily
      life, as well as photographs, paintings and
      One of Turkey's most prominent novelists, Pamuk's
      works have sold more than 7 million books in over
      50 languages. The author is the recipient of
      numerous literary awards, including the Nobel
      Prize in Literature in 2006 the first Nobel Prize
      to be awarded to a Turkish citizen

      * Marzena Romanowska of the Hurriyet Daily News
      reports that one of the youngest film festivals in
      Turkey, the Bursa International Silk Road Film
      Festival started last Friday night. Now in its
      fourth year, the festival brings to the audience
      both a carefully selected range of entertainment
      and a focus on social responsibility.
      Festival director Ali CalI$Ir said the event
      started in 2006 and soon became mentioned in the
      same breath as some of Turkey's more famous
      festivals. He said "Rather than compare the Silk
      Road to the established festivals in the country,
      I prefer to believe that our event automatically
      fills an existing gap."
      From the beginning, the festival's main aim was to
      bring international films to the city. The
      festival, in turn, took its strength from the city
      Social responsibility is underlined in many events
      taking place within the framework of the festival,
      especially through the participation of the
      "We want to attract talented young people to this
      sector. The courses organized since the beginning
      of the festival are free and we see a great demand
      for them. We believe the current participants will
      give courses at the festival in the future,"
      CalI$Ir said.
      It does not mean, however, that the festival is
      only targeted at young people. "We would like to
      embrace all groups of people, from housewives to
      students, from active businessmen to the hearing
      impaired," he added.
      Despite its young age, the festival managed to
      become a professional platform for the exchange of
      ideas and networking. "Competitions include
      Turkish debutants, plus participants from the
      foreign cinema sector, such as directors, artists
      and producers," CalI$Ir said, adding that he is
      anticipating the day when top-class filmmakers
      like Quentin Tarantino or Pedro Almod?var come to
      Bursa to make the festival's organizers proud.
      Just as Bursa was exposed to the wider world
      because of its location on the historical Silk
      Road, the festival's program also reflects this
      fusion as it not only brings Turkish audiences
      closer to international cinema, but also allows
      foreign guests to become more familiar with
      Turkish films, according to CalI$Ir.
      "In our special sections, including Cinema and
      Architecture,' Panorama,' On The Silk Road,' and
      To Tell You The Truth,' we will show films from
      countries like Iran, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Romania,
      the United States, Venezuela, Holland, Azerbaijan,
      Greece, Sweden, Taiwan, Russia, Canada and
      Turkey," he said.

      * The 11th International Istanbul Biennial ended
      last Sunday. During the two-month event, 141
      projects from 40 countries were on display at
      three different venues, Antrepo No. 3, Tutun
      Deposu and Ferikoy Greek School.
      Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture
      and Arts the Biennial was sponsored by Koc Holding
      and curated by the Zagreb-based collective What,
      How & for Whom under the theme "What Keeps Mankind
      During the two-month event, 101,000 people visited
      the three Biennial venues in Istanbul, an increase
      over 91,000 visitors at the 10th Biennial and
      51,000 at the 9th.
      More than 25,000 college students from Istanbul
      and nearby cities visited the Biennial for free as
      guests of Koc Holding, which has sponsored the
      event since 2007 and will continue to support it
      until 2016. Some 5,000 people, mostly students,
      took part in the guided tours that were organized
      every day. Eighteen guides led tours in Turkish,
      English, German and French as part of the
      Biennial's education program.
      The 11th International Istanbul Biennial also
      carried contemporary art outside the main Biennial
      venues through projects organized at various
      locations in the city, as well as events outside
      Istanbul. Biennial events were organized in the
      eastern cities of Mardin and DiyarbakIr and the
      northwestern city of Canakkale.
      As part of the Biennial, 28 events including
      panel discussions, artist presentations,
      performances, book releases, video screenings and
      workshops were organized with the participation
      of national and international artists,
      academicians and curators.
      Many foreign magazine and newspaper
      representatives introduced the Biennial in their
      own countries. Their news from and impressions of
      the event were published in many leading
      publications in Europe.
      A book about the 11th International Istanbul
      Biennial was released by IKSV and YapI Kredi
      Publishing House with contributions from the Vehbi
      Koc Foundation.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.47


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 52/36 Mostly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 72/59 Partly Cloudy
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 59/48 Mostly Cloudy
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 63/48 Partly Cloudy
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 59/54 Heavy Showers

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 68
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 57
      Aegean Sea measured at Izmir 64
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 75



      * Results of the Games Played in the 12th Week in the Premiere League

      BURSA Sp - G. BIRLIGI 1 - 2
      B. $EHIR BLD. Sp - ANTALYA Sp 1 - 0
      TRABZON Sp - BE$IKTA$ 0 - 2
      ESKI$EHIR Sp - DENIZLI Sp 2 - 0
      MANISA Sp - G. ANTEP Sp 0 - 3
      SIVAS Sp - KAYSERI Sp 2 - 4
      DIYARBAKIR Sp - G. SARAY 1 - 2

      * Ranking in the Premiere League as of the end of 12th week:

      1 - FENERBAHCE 31
      2 - G. SARAY 28
      3 - BE$IKTA$ 24
      4 - BURSA Sp 23
      5 - KAYSERI Sp 22
      6 - B. $EHIR BLD. Sp 21
      7 - ESKI$EHIR Sp 20
      8 - G. BIRLIGI 19
      9 - TRABZON Sp 18
      10 - G. ANTEP Sp 18
      11 - ANTALYA Sp 16
      12 - ANKARAGUCU 13
      13 - MANISA Sp 13
      14 - DIYARBAKIR Sp 12
      15 - KASIMPA$A 9
      16 - SIVAS Sp 7
      17 - DENIZLI Sp 6
      18 - ANKARA Sp 0

      * No games in the league this weekend.


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