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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 03 October 2009

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    {20091003trh.txt} x0x Turkish News for the week ending 03 October 2009 **************************************************************** Courtesy of Turkish
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      x0x Turkish News for the week ending 03 October 2009

      Courtesy of Turkish Radio Hour, producer of the
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      * Writing in the Turkish daily Hurriyet Chris
      Loutradis reports that, Aysel Zeybek, an ethnic
      Turk from Western Thrace part of Greece, is
      running for a seat in the Greek parliament.
      Ms. Aysel Zeybek says that she is fighting for the
      rights of the minorities in Greece.
      Born as a member of the Turkish minority, Ms.
      Zeybek has faced an uphill battle all her life.
      During a routine family trip to Istanbul to visit
      her grandmother in 1984, the whole family was
      stripped of there Greek citizenship. She was 7
      when it happened and one of her objectives since
      then has been to make the Greek state and the
      public aware of their plight.
      Ms. Zeybek said her political activism began when
      she was 16 and she has been helped by many Greek
      nongovernmental organizations on her journey.
      Despite the fact that Greeks and the Greek state
      did not want to face up to uncomfortable truths,
      the media and the NGOs thrust her case onto the
      public agenda.
      Mainstream daily Eleutherotipia featured her on
      its front page, with her case providing a momentum
      that revealed many other injustices faced by
      minorities in Greece. She says during her time
      working for NGOs, Greek intelligence was always
      keeping tabs on her.
      She listed the main problems faced by minorities
      in Greece as social estrangement, fear, lack of
      education prospects and the status of women. She
      said many men among minorities went to Germany to
      earn a living while their wives stayed back home
      looking after the children.
      She said if elected, she would aim to include
      ethnic Turkish youth in mainstream Greek cultural
      and political life.
      See the following for more:

      * Speaking of the Greek-Turkish relations, Agence
      France-Presse reports that Turkey is refusing to
      open its ports and airports to Greek Cypriot ships
      and planes until negotiations on the status of the
      war-divided island have concluded, Turkish Foreign
      Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Friday.
      Under a customs agreement with the European Union,
      which Turkey is struggling to join, Turkey must
      extend a trade protocol to the 10 nations that
      joined the bloc in 2004, including Greek Cyprus,
      by the end of this year, writes the Agence
      In 2004, a United Nations plan to reunify the
      island was accepted by the Turkish Cypriots, but
      the Greek Cypriots rejected the plan. Recent
      United Nations efforts to resolve the standoff is
      moving slowly. As we report to you last week, the
      Turkish prime minister is saying that if a
      solution cannot be found again due to "Greek
      Cypriots' uncompromising attitude as in 2004," the
      Turkish government and the Turkish Cypriots will
      seek to normalize the status of the Turkish
      For many years now Turkish Cypriots have been
      living under international economic sanctions.

      * According to Reuters, Greek and Turkish Cypriot
      negotiators are running out of time to avoid
      partition of the island that would have a huge
      cost and increase instability in the
      Mediterranean, a think tank said Wednesday.
      The International Crisis Group urged Turkish
      Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat and President
      Demetris Christofias, the Greek Cypriot leader, to
      speed up peace talks on creating a bi-zonal,
      bi-communal federation and to put a final
      settlement to referendums in their communities in
      early 2010.
      "Failure will mean an indefinite partition,
      leading to more strains in European Union-Turkey
      relations, new frictions in the east
      Mediterranean, less European Union-NATO
      cooperation, acceleration of the centrifugal
      forces scattering the Turkish Cypriots and new
      risks to the prosperity and security of Greek
      Cypriots," it said in the report prepared by the
      The International Crisis Group report said Greek
      Cypriots, who rejected a U.N.-backed referendum in
      2004 on reunification that was approved by Turkish
      Cypriots, have much to lose from partition despite
      being the part of the island that joined the
      European Union.

      * According to the Eurasian net, speculation is
      building in Turkey over whether Turkey will play a
      part in a revamped US missile-defense network, one
      designed mainly to contain Iran.
      Conjecture is being fueled by two recent
      developments: the Obama administration's decision
      to scrap the construction of an anti-missile
      shield in Central Europe, and Turkey's own
      announcement that it intends to purchase its first
      missile-defense system.
      The article continues to say that although it is
      not clear if Turkey's plan to buy a missile
      defense system is being coordinated with the
      United States, experts say the purchase is an
      indication that - despite its warming relations
      between Turkey and Iran, and Turkish officials'
      promotion of a diplomatic solution to the question
      of Iran's nuclear program - Turkey is not taking
      any chances regarding its neighbor's intentions.

      * Religiously oriented local governments in Turkey
      are trying to curb the serving of alcoholic
      beverages in restaurants that they operate.
      According to the Hurriyet Daily News, The latest
      example is that a renowned seafood restaurant in
      the town of Beykoz north of downtown Istanbul on
      the Bosporus Strait has stopped serving alcohol.
      The town administration claimed that the locals
      of the town have objected to it.
      The restaurant has served alcoholic beverages for
      the past 18 years before the ban took effect.
      Last year a restaurant on the historic Moda Pier
      in Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul stopped
      serving alcohol, leading Moda locals to protest
      the decision.
      Moda locals gathered around the restaurant every
      Friday evening during the summer and drank
      alcoholic beverages as a sign of protest.

      * Mevlut Cavusoglu, a parliamentarian from
      Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party and
      the head of the Turkish delegation to the
      Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,
      was nominated by the European Democrat Group to be
      Council's new president.
      Under an agreement between the political groups
      represented in the Parliamentary Assembly of the
      Council of Europe, all members have pledged to
      vote for the European Democrat Group's candidate
      in next January's elections.
      European Council sources say Mr. Cavusoglu's
      election is certain, and would make him the first
      Turkish head of Parliamentary Assembly of the
      Council of Europe.

      * According to the Turkish daily Aksam, in
      Sunday's German general elections, which ended
      with the victory of the Christian Democratic Union
      under the leadership of Angela Merkel, five
      deputies of Turkish origin won seats in the German
      Serkan Toren was elected from the Free Democratic
      Party, Mehmet Kilic and Ekin Deligoz from the
      Greens Party, Aydan Ozdoguz from the Social
      Democratic Party, and Sevim Dagdelen from the Left

      * The test flights of Turkey's national attack
      helicopters, which will be produced jointly with
      Italy, were concluded on September 28, producing
      satisfactory results for Turkish defense
      officials, reports the Eurasian Daily Monitor.
      Following a decade of discussions on developing a
      combat helicopter program, Turkey awarded the bid
      to produce combat and reconnaissance helicopters
      to the Turkish Aerospace Industries prime
      contractor- and the Italian AgustaWestland -the
      subcontractor- in 2007.

      * It is shoe throwing time again! A protester in
      Turkey threw his shoe at the managing director of
      International Monetary Fund at Istanbul's Bilgi
      The protester shouted "IMF get out!" He was
      quickly arrested. His shoe missed the target.
      The international monetary fund manager said "the
      Turkish students were polite, and they waited
      until the end of the conference to protest."

      * On a more serious matter, according to Reuters
      this is what the international monetary fund
      official said at the conference:
      "Turkey is strongly rebounding from the economic
      downturn, but to make the recovery more robust,
      the government should cut borrowing so as not to
      crowd out the private sector."

      * According to Reuters, finance ministers and
      central bankers from around the globe are
      gathering in Istanbul for the semiannual meetings
      of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.
      The meeting will run from October 4 to 7.

      * According to data from the Turkish Statistics
      Institute, Turkish consumer prices posted a gain
      of 0.39 percent in September, slightly lower than
      expected, reinforcing expectations of further rate
      cuts by the central bank this year as it seeks to
      prop up the ailing economy.
      Consumer prices rose 5.27 percent on the year,
      close to the 40-year-low of 5.24 percent posted in
      May, keeping inflation comfortably within the
      Central Bank's official year-end target of 7.5


      Edited by Carol Dean

      * According to the Turkish daily Milliyet,
      Turkey's traditional shadow puppet plays of
      Karagoz and Hacivat as well as Newroz, the spring
      festivity, have been added to UNESCO's
      Representative List of the Intangible Cultural
      Heritage of Humanity.
      The 24 member states of the Intergovernmental
      Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible
      Heritage, currently meeting in Abu Dhabi, decided
      to put them on the list.

      * As part of the ongoing Turkish Season events in
      France, the Eiffel Tower will be lit up on Oct.
      5-11 with the colors of the Turkish flag in honor
      of visiting President Abdullah Gul, reports the
      Hurriyet Daily News.
      The Turkish Season is a series of events
      throughout France on and about Turkey and Turkish
      culture. The Turkish season will last through
      next March.
      The season began with a performance by the
      Anatolian Fire dance group in front of the Eiffel
      Tower in July.
      In related news, the Paris Bosporus Institute, a
      new group meant to promote Turkish culture in
      France as well as foster independent and objective
      dialogue for opinion leaders, intellectuals and
      artists from Turkey and France, will be
      inaugurated with a conference in Istanbul late
      next month.
      Prominent Turkish and French politicians,
      businessmen, economists and opinion leaders will
      take part in a scholarly council under the
      institute. Henri de Castries, a member of the
      institute and the chairman of the insurance
      company AXA, said the group wants to dispel
      prejudices between the two nations.

      * American Public Television is shooting a
      documentary film about Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi
      in the central Anatolian province of Konya,
      reports the Anatolia News Agency.
      American Public Television is a leading
      distributor of high-quality, top-rated programming
      to America's public television stations since
      1961. Among its 300 new program titles per year
      are prominent documentaries, dramatic series,
      how-to programs, children's series and classic
      Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas are the producers of
      the documentary film. This film is a sequel to
      their successful 2007 documentary title "Rumi
      Returning" made for the 800 anniversary of Rumi's
      birth. Cynthia Lukas says that the new film will
      focus on the amazing impact of Rumi, Sufism, and
      mysticism around the globe.
      The new film will be called a "Rumi's Planet" and
      expected to be finished in 2010.
      Lukas and Kearns attended and filmed for the film
      several events organized in Konya, including the
      Sixth International Mystic Music Festival.
      "We also filmed the Mevlana Musuem and other
      significant locations in the city. In particular,
      Ince Minare, and Karatay Museum were documented in
      detail," Kearns said.
      According to the American Public Television, Rumi
      was born in 1207 in Balkh in present day
      Afghanistan. He died in Konya in 1273. He was laid
      to rest beside his father in a splendid shrine
      that was erected in Konya.
      Rumi devoted himself to the pursuit of Sufi
      mysticism, a discipline in which he was widely
      regarded as the supreme master. He was the
      spiritual founder of the Mevlevi order of whirling
      Rumi's Masnavi is one of the best known and most
      influential works of both Sufi and Persian
      literature. Comprised of six books of poems with
      more than 50,000 lines, it wends its way through
      424 stories illustrating humanity's quest for God.

      * It is true that everyone wonders what the future
      will be like, even those who are tangled up in the
      past, writes the Hurriyet Daily News. "Futurists,"
      are people who try to predict how the world will
      be shaped in the future, what's coming and what
      people should be ready for. For the first time, a
      futurists association in Istanbul will offer
      classes to share their predictions with the
      general public.
      Many universities around the world cooperate with
      the World Future Society and have opened academies
      to educate people on life in the future. Now, this
      type of cooperation has been launched in Istanbul.
      Bahce$ehir University and the Futurists
      Association, an Istanbul-based branch of the
      International Futurists Association, have
      established a futurists program and the first
      class took place this week.
      The program is Turkey's first futurism school, and
      it aims to design a positive future. The school's
      schedule will last 14 weeks, which the directors
      decided to separate into two parts. The classes
      will start at 10 AM and will continue until 1 PM
      The 14-week program costs approximately $290 in
      local currency, but for those not pre-registered
      for the full program, individual seminars are $33.
      The lecturers are all members of the Futurists
      Association. The directors of the association said
      that the attendees will be businessmen, investors,
      sector representatives, youth, parents and
      academics who want to know about the future and
      find innovative, strategic and sustainable
      answers. While the first half of the program is
      based on future scenarios and a vision for the
      future, the second half, which will start Dec. 5,
      will be more about how the end of the digital age
      and the transition to a cyber world.

      * A documentary featuring nine Turkish artists
      living in various European countries aims to show
      Turkish cultural and artistic diversity to
      Europeans. The 120-minute "Colors of Anatolia" is
      being filmed in five languages and will air on
      many European TV channels. The filming started
      Monday after being postponed to September.
      The artists are in the fields of painting, music,
      sculpture and Shadow Theater, and will be
      submitted to international film festivals.
      "Colors of Anatolia" was launched early this week
      at a press conference held at the Villa Turca in
      Cologne. Participants included Rumeysa Cavu$,
      Cultural Attache of the Turkish Embassy in
      Frankfurt; and Cologne Consul General of Labor and
      Social Security Attache Tahsin Ozdemir. Cavu$
      said "Colors of Anatolia" has great significance
      because foreign people do not appreciate Turkey's
      potential for art. "The ministry approved the
      project. Turkish artists living in Europe will be
      the subject of a documentary for the first time,"
      he said.

      * Turkish director Ozcan Alper's movie "Autumn"
      has been nominated for the European Film Academy
      The film will compete against four others for the
      award in the European Discovery category. The
      award for this category is presented annually as
      part of the European Film Awards to a young and
      upcoming director for a first full-length feature
      The winner of the award will be announced on
      December 12 in Ruhr, Germany.
      "Autumn" won the best film award during the
      Pomegranate Film Festival held in Toronto, Canada,
      from Sept. 25 to 27.

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, some
      scenes of the British film "Rough around the
      Edges" will be shot in Turkey's Mediterranean town
      of Fethiye.
      The film will be starring Mike Mitchell, will play
      in films "Braveheart" and "Gladiator". The
      director is Jim Dickinson.
      "When we saw the videos of Fethiye, we decided to
      shoot some scenes in Fethiye instead of France and
      Spain. I will play a businessman who sells his
      company to a Russian billionaire," Mike Mitchell

      * According to MyMerhaba, the 10th International
      Antalya Piano Festival will be held between
      November 4 and 21, 2009.
      Renowned Turkish composer and pianist Fazil Say is
      the Art Director of the Festival.
      All concerts will take place at Antalya Cultural

      * According to CNN, a play featuring dialogue in
      Kurdish is to be performed for the first time at a
      Turkish state theater Thursday in the southeastern
      city of Diyarbakir.
      Director Tamer Levent said that performing parts
      of "Olumu Yasamak" -- or "Living the Death," a
      play dealing with blood feuds in the predominantly
      Kurdish southeastern region -- would add a
      "special dimension" to the performance.
      Experts estimate that dozens of people in rural
      Turkey where Kurds dominate are killed each year
      as a consequence of blood feuds. In May more than
      40 people were killed while attending a wedding by
      their own relatives. Vendettas linked to land
      disputes or family honor often date back

      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.49


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 81/55 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 82/68 Partly Cloudy
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 75/63 Showers
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 77/72 Thunderstorms
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 77/64 Mostly Cloudy

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 72
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 68
      Aegean Sea measured at Izmir 75
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 81


      * Soccer

      * Turkish Premier League

      1. FENERBAHCE 21
      2. GALATASARAY 19
      3. BURSA SP 13
      4. ESKI$EHIR SP 13
      5. TRABZON SP 11
      6. GENCLERB. 11
      7. MANISA SP 10
      8. KAYSERI SP 9
      9. B $EHIR BLD 9
      10. DIYARBAKIR SP 9
      11. ANKARAGUCU 6
      12. BE$IKTA$ 6
      13. GAZIANTEP SP 6
      14. ANTALYA SP 6
      15. ANKARA SP 5
      16. DENIZLI SP 3
      17. SIVAS SP 1
      18. KASIMPA$A 1

      * Results of the games played last week:

      B. BLD. SP - SIVAS SP 1 - 0
      KAYSERI SP - KASIMPA$A 0 - 0
      DENIZLI SP - MANISA SP 1 - 1

      * Results of the games played so far this week:

      MANISA SP - BURSA SP 0 - 2


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