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x0x Turkish news for week ending 02 May 2009

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      .*** Audio archives of our broadcasts are at:

      Also available for your MP3 players at: http://turkradio.podomatic.com/


      x0x Turkish news for week ending 02 May 2009

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      * We reported to you that the Turkish parliament
      adopted a bill to make May 1st and national
      holiday for the workers.
      And we received the news yesterday that the
      workers marched in the streets of many cities in
      Turkey on May Day. In some cities, these marches
      were not peaceful. Reuters reports that in
      Turkey's largest city Istanbul, May Day marchers
      clashed with the police.
      The protesters wanted to walk to Taksim square,
      however, the governor of Istanbul Province
      declared it off-limits.
      In 1977 in a May Day rally 37 people died after
      shooting by an unknown gunman or were trampled.

      * A total of 10 Turkish military personnel died on
      Wednesday in conflict with the outlawed Kurdistan
      Workers Party in southeastern Turkey news agencies
      In one instance Kurdistan Workers Party militants
      detonated minds remotely and killed nine military
      traveling in a convoy of military vehicles.
      Turkish papers reported on Thursday that Turkish
      military planes bombed the hideouts of the Kurdish
      rebels in northern Iraqi mountains across the
      Turkish border.
      Kurdistan Workers Party is considered to be a
      terrorist group by Turkey, European Union and the

      * According to Agence France-Presse, Turkish prime
      minister announced a major cabinet reshuffle on
      The current foreign affairs minister Mr. Ali
      Babacan was made the deputy prime minister
      responsible for the economy. In his place Mr.
      Erdogan put his foreign affairs policy adviser Mr.
      Ahmet Davutoglu.
      Out of the 26 ministers in the cabinet eight lost
      their jobs.
      Agence France-Presse says that the cabinet shuffle
      was expected since the ruling Justice and
      Development Party's declining votes on the March
      29 local elections. The party still received the
      most votes.

      * Fulya Îzerkan of the Turkish daily Hurriyet
      reports that anti U.S. Iraqi Shi'ite cleric
      Moqtada al-Sadr attended talks in the Turkish
      capital Ankara. Turkish officials say that Mr.
      Sadr was there for political consultations ahead
      of the December parliamentary elections in Iraq.
      Diplomatic sources say that the visit is part of
      Turkey's policy of seeking dialogue with all
      political and religious factions in Iraq to
      promote reconciliation and stability.
      Some news reports claimed that al-Sadr, who is
      believed to be based in Iran as he is on the
      coalition forces' wanted list in Iraq, was
      secretly brought to Turkey on a special plane and
      was accompanied by a Turkish intelligence team.
      After wrapping up talks in Ankara, al-Sadr will
      travel to Istanbul to chair a meeting of Shiite
      A past meeting of Iraq's resistant Sunni groups in
      Istanbul drew negative reactions from the United
      States. Though not involved in the meeting, Turkey
      was criticized for providing the logistics for
      such a gathering.
      "The U.S. government is supporting the government
      of Iraq's efforts to convince armed extremists to
      lay down their arms and join the Iraqi democratic
      process. These meetings in Turkey can help
      convince Moqtada al-Sadr to support the government
      of Iraq efforts," Kathy Shallow, spokeswoman of
      the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, told the Hurriyet
      Daily News. "We would welcome that," she added.

      * The Turkish daily Cumhuriyet reports that Turkey
      will be taking command of anti-pirate force in
      Gulf of Aden.
      Turkish commander Gen. Erdem will lead the
      multinational force until August 15.

      * In an unprecedented news conference, chief of
      the general staff of the Turkish armed forces
      general Ilker Basbug, talked about the ongoing
      probe into an alleged conspiracy to overthrow the
      As we have been reporting to you over the past few
      months many former and current military officials
      along with professors, artists and scholars are
      arrested as part of the probe.
      Gen. Basbug said that the Turkish armed forces is
      committed to democracy and the rule of law, and
      anybody who dissents against these principles will
      not be tolerated by the Turkish armed forces.
      The general rejected the possibility of any link
      between the Turkish armed forces and hidden
      weapons and ammunition caches found in the course
      of the investigation.

      * According to the news reports, Turkey and
      onetime rival Syria have conducted a three-day
      joint military exercise on their common border.
      Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak expressed
      concern over the exercise. However, he said that
      Turkey's military relations with Israel will not
      be harmed.

      * Speaking of Israel, according to the Jewish
      Telegraphic Agency, Turkish prosecutors dropped a
      war crimes investigation against Israel over its
      Gaza military operation.
      The prosecutors were not able to get the Turkish
      justice ministry's permission to proceed with the

      * The Turkish daily Referans reports that Israel
      has launched an investigation over the import of
      industrial steel from Turkey, claiming that cheap
      prices are damaging domestic production.

      * According to the Turkey's central bank,
      inflation in 2009 will be between 4.8 to 7.2
      percent, reports the Reuters news agency.
      The central bank earlier was targeting a 7.5
      percent inflation rate but the contraction in the
      Turkish economy due to the global economic crisis
      is curbing the domestic demand and slowing the
      rate of inflation.

      * International Defense Industry Fair 2009 began
      in Istanbul on Monday with an opening ceremony
      attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,
      Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul, Chief of General
      Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug, State Minister and chief
      negotiator for European Union talks Egemen Bagis,
      military commanders and foreign guests.
      As part of the fair, Turkey is expected to sign
      defense industry cooperation agreements with
      Germany, Australia and Syria.
      Businessmen from 80 countries and more than 400
      senior officials, including 25 government
      ministers, are participating in International
      Defense Industry Fair, and some 62 percent of the
      firms exhibiting at the fair are non Turkish.

      * According to the Turkish daily Sabah, stronger
      trade ties between Turkey and Iran could rise to
      $20 billion annually within five years, said
      Turkey's State Minister for Foreign Trade Kursad
      Tuzmen on Monday.
      He made the remarks at a seminar in the Turkish
      capital Ankara on boosting trade and investment
      between Turkey and Iran, with Iranian Commerce
      Minister Massoud Mirkazemi and many Turkish and
      Iranian businessmen in attendance.


      * According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, the
      Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival
      in the Turkish capital Ankara will feature movies
      from the 1980's to turn the spotlight on the
      pressures women faced during that decade.
      90 films by 81 female directors from 26 countries
      will be on silver screen at the festival. With
      these films the political, social and cultural
      transformations of the 1980s will be relived on
      the silver screen.
      The Flying Broom film festival is Turkey's first
      festival to focus on women.

      * 16 theater groups from almost as many countries
      are participating in the 10th International Black
      Sea Theater Festival. The festival started on May
      1st and will continue until 15 in Turkey's Black
      Sea City of Trabzon, reports the Anatolia news
      The festival has drawn great interest and has "a
      serious viewer potential," said State Theaters
      Directorate Foreign Relations and Festival
      Representative Sukun I$Itan. "The audience
      members numbered nearly 3,500 in the first years
      of the festival," she said. "Last year, there were
      4,700, and we aim to reach 6,000 this year. Their
      numbers have not decreased so far, but increased."
      I$Itan said the International Black Sea Theater
      Festival was the second oldest organized by the
      State Theaters General Directorate, after the
      Adana Festival. "The Istanbul Festival, organized
      every two years, is the best-known festival in
      Turkey," she said. "But this festival host six
      groups from six countries at the most. We are
      hosting 15 [international] theater groups, so this
      is a big responsibility."

      * Indie-rock singer Will Oldham will show off his
      expressive and soothing voice when he comes to
      Istanbul for the third time, reports the Hurriyet
      Daily News. Mr. Oldham last performed in Cemal
      Re$it Rey Concert Hall in the beginning of 2007.
      This time the charismatic musician will be on
      stage at Istanbul's popular performance stage
      Babylon on Sunday as part of the tour for his new
      album "Beware."
      Interpreting traditional country music to
      indie-rock, his songs are mostly about feelings
      such as longing, love and sin.
      Besides visiting Turkey twice already, Mr. Oldham
      also wears a Turkish flag t-shirt in the music
      video for his song "I am Goodbye."

      * Cihan Ta$kIn's debut film is the first Turkish
      movie to address the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist
      attacks. Shot in Afghanistan, Istanbul and parts
      of southeastern Anatolia, the movie is expected to
      be a hit. "The film is above the standards. The
      story starts in Turkey, but it is a film that will
      receive interest in all over the world," says
      Set in Afghanistan, where preparations for the
      Sept. 11 attacks started five years before the
      infamous event, "Butterfly" portrays the civil war
      and its effects on the thousands of people who
      lost their lives, their families or their homes --
      a tragedy that brings the Turkish character Yusuf
      to Afghanistan as part of an aid effort.
      "It is said that when a butterfly flaps here, it
      causes a storm in the Atlantic Ocean," says
      Massoud's character, grandfather Ibrahim, as he
      sees young Yusuf and his friends off to
      "We, each of us, are like this butterfly. But with
      a difference: our butterfly does not cause the
      storm. It protects us from the storm with its
      As the young men prepare for the journey, Osama
      Bin Laden is also crossing the border into
      Afghanistan, home of his new camp.
      He is just one of the thousands of people that
      Yusuf and his friends encounter in Afghanistan --
      but the one who will soon be known all over the

      * The International Nazim Hikmet Poetry Award was
      given to Danish poet Erik Stinus at the closing
      ceremony of the Istanbul Beyoglu Poetry Festival.
      The festival was held over the weekend at the
      Hagia Eireni Museum. The ceremony started with a
      concert by the State Opera and Ballet String
      Instruments Quartet.
      "Our goal is to keep the memory of Nazim Hikmet
      alive and make his works known all around the
      world," said festival director Salih Zeki Tombak.
      Born in 1934, Stinus met the late renown Turkish
      poet Nazim Hikmet at the Berlin World Youth
      Festival in 1954 and was affected by him. He has
      written many poems and books.

      * Kubrakan Gulec reports about an interesting
      dance troupe in Hurriyet Daily News: Rajesh Rapaka
      is the trainer of Turkey's first professional
      Indian dance group, Nataraj Dance, and has been
      living in Turkey for many years.
      He is satisfied with Turkish women's interest in
      Indian dances but complains about Turkish men's
      prejudices against dancing.
      "Like India, Turkey has a wide range of cultural
      diversity," he said, pointing out similaritiesin
      terms of their family structure and friendly
      In terms of Turkish folk dances, Rapaka finds the
      dances of the Black Sea region very vivid and
      interesting. "As far as I know, Trabzon Province
      is very rich in terms of dance motifs," he said.

      * Speaking of dancing, Anatolia news agency
      reports that as part of an international
      celebration of dance, the Ankara State Opera and
      Ballet is premiering its new performance, 'Life
      and Tango' . 'This will be a very special play to
      be staged as part of this year's celebrations,'
      says chief choreographer Zeynep Odabasi.
      The piece includes three choreographies: Korean
      guest choreographer Young Soon Hue Simon's
      "Backstage" and "This is Your Life," and Istanbul
      State Opera and Ballet chief choreographer Beyhan
      Murphy's "Aheste Beste."
      "This is Your Life" will be accompanied by the
      music of Astor Piazzolla and Gade, performed by a
      six-person orchestra comprised of Ankara State
      Opera and Ballet artists. State artist Sabri
      Îzmener will narrate the story, which contains
      sections including "Trio," "Beauty Saloon,"
      "Businessman and Six Men," "Tango Duet," "Chair
      Dance" and "Love Duet."
      World Dance Day, celebrated every year on April
      29, was established in 1982 in order to attract
      attention to the art of dance. The idea was
      suggested by Pyotr Gusev to commemorate the
      birthday of influential French dancer and
      ballet-master Jean-Georges Noverre. The goals for
      the day include increasing awareness among the
      general public about the importance of dance and
      persuading governments all over the world to
      incorporate dance at all levels of education,
      starting in primary school.

      * According to the Turkish Daily Milliyet, Turkish
      theater actress Izlem Saglanmak received the most
      prestigious Danish award, the Reumert.
      At the award ceremony, which was held Sunday night
      at the Royal Theater Hall with the attendance of
      Prince Joachim and government officials, Ms.
      Saglanmak was presented the "Reumert Talent Award"
      for her successful performance on stage.
      Ms. Saglanmak, 28, became known last year in Denmark
      with her dubbing performance for the controversial
      children's Christmas program Yallahrup Faergeby on
      state television DR.
      In 2002 she was one of the eight people, who
      managed to be accepted by the Danish State Theater
      Academy, among 800 candidates.
      After having graduated from the academy, Saglanmak
      played roles in many theater plays and films. She
      also played in cinema film "Fighter," which was
      released in Turkey in 2007 and in which Turkish
      artists acted.
      Ms. Saglanmak's mother Meliha Saglanmak, who played in
      some TV series and films in Denmark, said she
      cried when her daughter accepted the award at the
      ceremony that was broadcast live.

      * Turkish film "Revolution Cars", which depicts
      "Revolution", Turkey's first automobile, will be
      on the silver screen once again on May 1 due to
      intense demand. The film was first released in
      October 2008.
      Directed by Tolga Ornek, the film's script was
      written by Ornek and Murat Disli. The film stars
      Sait Genay, who plays the role of the president at
      the time, Cemal Gursel, Taner Birsel, Ali
      Dusenkalkar, Halit Ergenc, Altan Gordum,
      Vahide Gordum, Secil Mutlu, Ugur Polat, Serhat
      Tutumluer, Onur Unsal, Selcuk Yontem and Haluk
      For the second release of the film, a new poster
      and a new slogan, which is "Brave hearts are
      needed in order to achieve the impossible," have
      been prepared. The main sponsors of the film are
      Dogus Holding, Dogus Automotive, Garanti Bank and
      Koc Allianz as well as Turkish State Railways,
      some schools, universities and other
      "The Revolution Cars won the Best Actor Award at
      the 14th Sadri AlisIk Cinema and Theater Awards.
      Actors Taner Birsel, Ali Dusenkalkar, Halit
      Ergenc, Altan Gordum, Serhat Tutumluer, Onur
      Unsal and Selcuk Yontem shared the award. Demir
      Demirkan, who composed the film's music, was given
      the Best Music Award in the Turkish Films section
      by the 41st Cinema Writers' Association. Art
      director Veli Kahraman won the Best Art Director
      Award at the 20th Ankara International Film
      Festival. The film also won many other national
      and international awards.
      "The Revolution Cars" will be the opening film at
      the Monaco Film Festival on May 11 to 16, and will
      also be screened at the Milan Film Festival from
      May 11 to 19. In the competition section of the
      festival, the film will compete for the Best film
      Award and actor Taner Birsel will compete for the
      Best Actor Award.
      The film was also invited to the Canada Film
      Festival from Feb. 19 to 21, 2010.

      * Artists from Turkey and Greece are working on a
      joint sculpture in Turkey's Cappadocia region.
      With efforts from the Defne Turkish Greek
      Friendship Association in Turkey and the Daphne
      Greek Turkish Friendship Association in Greece,
      two sculptors came together for the 8th
      Turkish-Greek Friendship Festival.
      Greek Anthropologist Andonis Kutsubas and Turkish
      sculptor Ertug Atli are the two artists.
      The sculpture is made up of two parts. The part
      that Kutsubas is working on is the shape of
      Cappadocia on earth and a pear sliced into two
      The works made by Atli is made up of two tree
      trunks, whose roots are on air and branches and
      knobs are on ground.
      Speaking to press members, Kutsubas said he aimed
      at symbolizing the people of Kavala ad Cappadocia
      region in his work. "During the population
      exchange, we were separated into two like a pear.
      But I combine two helves of the pear and try to
      tell that the line between the two publics is
      disappearing. We are closer to each other unlike
      the past. We are trying to remove the traces of
      the past," he said, adding that his work would be
      1.5 meters tall and 50 kilograms.
      The Turkish Greek Friendship Festival will start
      on June 12 in Greek Kavala and end on June 16 in

      * Hurriyet daily news reports that the voice of a
      Turkish woman is the bringing new life into
      Japanese songs.
      Ms. Emine Sari, a Hatay-born singer who left her
      country to follow her passion for singing, made
      the finals in a Japanese song contest to select
      the Best Singer of 2008.
      She now works on an album project to be released
      in June.
      Ms. Emine Sari, who went to Japan a few years ago to
      receive treatment for blood cancer and decided to
      stay in the country, is introducing Turkish
      culture and melodies to the Japanese as a cultural
      ambassador for Turkey.
      She said after the competition she had been chosen
      as one of the 10 best singers in Japan, and became
      known as a second Baris Manco (the late Turkish
      artist who was also well-known in Japan). Born in
      the eastern city of Hatay, Sari said her father
      was a Turk and her mother was Chechen, and she
      lived in the Mediterranean district of Alanya for
      many years. She said she can speak English,
      Russian, Japanese, German and Arabic and sing in
      eight languages.
      Sari said that during her three-month treatment in
      Japan she found the opportunity to study Japanese
      music and practice. "My album, which was a present
      as a result of the competition, was really
      appreciated by the public and I made two more
      albums," she said.
      She studied at St. Petersburg Conservatory.
      See a video at:

      * Allen "Ali" Cayir, President of Transtech
      Engineers, Inc., will be awarded an Ellis Island
      Medal of Honor in New York on May 9, 2009.
      Established in 1986 by NECO, the Ellis Island
      Medal of Honor pays tribute to our Nation's
      immigrant heritage, as well as individual
      achievement in fostering respect and understanding
      for America 's ethnic diversity.
      A native of Turkey with an engineering degree from
      Istanbul Technical University , Ali Cayir arrived
      in New York in 1980 on his way to a new life in
      Southern California . During the early 1980's,
      Cayir was employed at a public agency and, later,
      held production and management positions with a
      large engineering firm based in Southern
      California .
      In 1989, he founded Transtech Engineers, Inc.,
      which provides professional and technical
      expertise to governmental agencies, educational
      institutions and the private development sector.
      His philanthropic contributions and fund raising
      activities include diverse organizations such as
      Tools For Education at California State University
      San Bernardino where a Multi Cultural Foundation
      Lab is named after him, restoration work at
      Mission San Juan Capistrano, the Turkey Earthquake
      Relief Fund and other Turkish/American community
      causes, the United Way, and supporter of numerous
      other local charities and civic organizations.

      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.58


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 63/43 Sleet
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 70/57 Showers
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 64/54 Showers
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 68/57 Showers
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 63/52 Showers



      * Turkish premier soccer league

      Turkcell Super League

      WEEK 29 Games Played

      Hacettepe 2 - Buyuk$ehir Bld. - 1
      Sivas 3 - Trabzon - 0
      Fenerbahce 1 - Ankaragucu - 2
      Bursa 2 - Denizli - 0
      Genclerbirligi 1 - Gaziantep - 0
      Kayseri 1 - Konya - 1
      Kocaeli 1 - Antalya - 0
      Eski$ehir 0 - Be$ikta$ - 2
      Galatasaray 1 - Ankaraspor - 1

      Ranking in the league: Week 29

      Team O G B M A Y P

      1. Sivas 60
      2. Be$ikta$ 59
      3. Trabzon 53
      4. Galatasaray 52
      5. Fenerbahce 48
      6. Bursa 48
      7. Kayseri 41
      8. Ankaraspor 40
      9. Gaziantep 39
      10. Antalya 35
      11. Genclerbirligi 35
      12. Ankaragucu 33
      13. Eski$ehir 33
      14. Denizli 32
      15. Konya 32
      16. Buyuk$ehir Bld. 30
      17. Kocaeli 26
      18. Hacettepe 19


      Player Team Goal
      1. MILAN BAROS Galatasaray 19
      2. TANER GULLERI Kocaeli 16
      3. MEHMET YILDIZ Sivas 13
      4. GOKHAN UNAL Trabzon 11
      5. RODRIGO BARBOSA TABATA Gaziantep 11

      Yellow card
      1. ONDER TURACI Fenerbahce
      2. IBRAHIM DAGA$AN Sivas
      4. ADEM CALIK Kocaeli


      Trabzon 4 - Kayseri 1
      Be$ikta$ - Fenerbahce
      Gaziantep - Sivas
      Konya - Kocaeli
      Ankaragucu - Ankaraspor
      Denizli - Eski$ehir
      Antalya - Bursa
      Buyuk$ehir Bld. - Genclerbirligi -
      Hacettepe 2 - Galatasaray 0

      Beko Basketball League - Men 2008/2009 - 24 April 2009

      Team PoInts
      1. Efes 54
      2. Telekom 48
      3. Fenerbahce Ulker 48
      4. G.Saray Cafe Crown 47
      5. Be$ikta$ 44
      6. Antalya B$. Bld. 44
      7. Mersin Buyuk$ehir Belediye 43
      8. Kar$Iyaka 41
      9. Oyak Renault 40
      10. Erdemir 40
      11. Daru$$afaka 40
      12. Banvit 40
      13. Selcuk Universitesi 38
      14. Aliaga Genclik 37
      15. Antalya Kepez Bld. 37
      16. Ted Ankara 31

      28. Week: (24c- 25April) Games Played

      Fenerbahce Ulker - G.Saray Cafe Crown 89 - 62
      Mersin Buyuk$ehir Belediye - Ted Ankara 116 - 70
      Oyak Renault - Kar$Iyaka 93 - 94
      Daru$$afaka - Antalya B$. Bld. 75 - 71
      Be$ikta$ - Erdemir 99 - 77
      Antalya Kepez Bld. - Efes 79 - 90
      Aliaga Genclik - Selcuk Universitesi 60 - 50
      Telekom - Banvit 93 - 79

      29.Week Games

      Banvit - Daru$$afaka -
      Ted Ankara - Oyak Renault -
      Antalya Kepez Bld. - Mersin Buyuk$ehir Belediye -
      Kar$Iyaka - Be$ikta$ -
      Efes - Antalya B$. Bld. -
      Erdemir - Fenerbahce Ulker -
      Selcuk Universitesi - Telekom -
      G.Saray Cafe Crown - Aliaga Genclik -

      Women's Basketball League 21.April.2009


      1. Fenerbahce 33
      2. Samsun Basketbol 33
      3. Mersin BB 32
      4. G.Saray 31
      5. Be$ikta$ 30
      6. Tarsus Bld. 29
      7. Ceyhan Belediyesi 28
      8. Ted Kayseri Koleji 27
      9. Bota$ 24
      10. Cankaya Uni. 24
      11. Burhaniye 21

      Turkey Women's Basketball Teknosa Turkish Cup, fenerbahce is the finalist after beating
      Galatasaray 68 - 64.
      we'll know the next finalist after the match between Mersin B$Bi-Samsun.

      AROMA Volleyball Men's League

      Teams P
      1 Arkas Spor 52
      2 Ziraat BankasI 50
      3 Ist.B.$ehir Bld. 48
      4 Halkbank 43
      5 Fenerbahce 38
      6 Galatasaray 36
      7 Maliye Milli Piy 33
      8 Belediye Plevne 23
      9 SGK 19
      10 Bozkurt Bld. 19
      11 Polis Akademisi 18
      12 MEF OkullarI 14

      AROMA Volleyball Men's League, Istanbul Buyuk$ehir Belediyesi beats Fenerbahce'yi 3-0
      and becomes champ this season.

      AROMA Volleyball Women's League
      1 V.Gune$ Sigorta 50
      2 Turk Telekom 48
      3 EczacIba$I Zentiva 44
      4 Fenerbahce AcIbadem 43
      5 Eregli Bld. 32
      6 Be$ikta$ 27
      7 Kar$Iyaka DYO 26
      8 Galatasaray 27
      9 Iller BankasI 13
      10 Nilufer Bld. 13
      11 Gazi Universitesi 7

      Fenerbahce AcIbadem beats EczacIba$I Zentiva'yI 3-1 at the
      finals and becomes champ in 2008-2009 season.


      *** The fifth annual Turkish-American Business Conference will be held as a day-long
      event on Saturday, May 30th at the Parc55 hotel in San Francisco.

      The conference will specifically focus on the Defense Technology, E-Commerce,
      Mobile Applications, Finance and Renewable Energy sectors and explore issues and
      approaches concerning business and partnership opportunities in these sectors
      between Turkey and the U.S.

      Traditionally the most prominent high-tech business event of the year in Silicon Valley
      for Turkish-Americans and those wanting to do business with Turkey, this years
      conference, organized by the Turkish-American Business Connection, will again
      feature top level speakers from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Undersecretariat
      of Defense of Turkey, Havelsan and WYSE Inc.. among others.

      All those who have a business interest that involves the U.S. and Turkey are strongly
      urged to register for the conference at www.tabcon.org.

      *** Turkish American Association of California is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      e-mail them at taac@...

      *** Planning to go to Turkey? Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
      travelers like yourselves:


      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to
      International Cultural Program.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M.

      *** Yore dance invites you to:
      Free Turkish Folkdance Classes.

      Sundays at 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
      Shawl-Anderson Dance Center
      2704 Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley CA 94705
      Corner of College & Alcatraz

      Tuesdays at 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM
      Stanford University EV Center

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