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x0x Turkish news for week ending 06 December 2008

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 06 December 2008

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      * A Turkish criminal court sentenced Turkish Kurd politician Leyla Zana,
      the winner of the European Parliament's Sakharov human rights award in
      1995, to ten years in prison on December 4 for "committing crimes on
      behalf of a terrorist group", writes the Southeast European Times.
      The court was referring to the Kurdistan Workers Party and cited Ms.
      Zana as saying , among other things, that Kurdistan Workers Party's
      struggle was for "freedom and democracy".
      The United States and the European Union along with Turkey considers the
      Kurdistan Workers Party, the underground organization of the rebel Turkish
      Kurds, a terrorist group.
      Ms. Zana spent time in jail in 1990's, also.
      In an unrelated development, the jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers
      Party Mr. Abdullah Ocalan started a lawsuit against the Greek government
      for not protecting him and letting Turkey capture and imprison him in
      He is seeking 20,100 euros in compensation. At the time of his capture
      Mr. Ocalan had a Greek passport.

      * According to the Turkish daily Turkiye, The Iraqi government has
      announced plans to construct watchtowers along its 340-mile border with
      Turkey to prevent the infiltration of Kurdistan Workers Party militants.
      The militants have bases in rugged Iraqi territory and conduct frequent
      raids to Turkey to hit both civilian and military targets. This has been
      a point of friction between Turkey and Iraq and U.S.

      * Speaking of the Iraqi Turkish border, the Turkish daily Aksam reports
      that Mr. Robert Walter, British rapporteur of the Interparliamentary
      European Security and Defense Assembly, said on Monday that European Union
      should fully support Turkey in its fight against terrorism.
      The assembly was set to discuss terrorist activities on the
      Turkish-Iraqi border.
      Mr. Walter stressed the importance of Turkey's role in the defense of
      Europe. A report presented urged the European Union countries to take
      necessary measures against drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal
      arms trafficking, incitement to violence and hatred, and terrorist
      The Turkish authorities frequently complain that Kurdistan Workers Party
      raises money in Europe by illegal means to fund its operations.

      * According to the Voice of America, the Presidents of Pakistan,
      Afghanistan and Turkey have pledged to increase cooperation in the fight
      against terrorism, during talks held in Istanbul Friday.
      Turkey hosted the talks as part of an ongoing initiative to improve long
      strained relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
      All three presidents at Friday's meeting condemned the Mumbai attacks.
      Fighting terrorism according to Turkish president Abdullah Gul was a
      central part of the one day of talks and he said significant progress had
      been achieved.

      * In related news, the Turkish daily Star reports that President Bush
      telephoned President Abdullah Gul to thank him for his efforts to ease
      tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan and for his stance on the Iraqi

      * The Turkish president opened on Wednesday a new African studies Center
      at the Ankara University, reports the Turkish daily Hurriyet.
      The center was established by the university to boost scholarly and
      academic cooperation between Turkey and African countries.

      * The U.S.-based monitoring group Human Rights Watch has published a
      report critical of Turkey, claiming that there had been a rise in police
      violence that had gone unpunished, reports the Voice of America.
      Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, says that while
      Turkey has made progress in recent years, the latest findings indicate a
      worrying trend.
      Kenneth Roth says he has received a mixed response to the report from
      the Turkish government.
      Voice of America says that many experts say this latest Human Rights
      Watch report will fuel the debate over Turkey's bid to join the European
      Union. Earlier this week, the European Parliament discussed a provisional
      report on Turkey's accession that expressed concern that progress on
      European Union reforms have been stalled.

      * According to the Turkish daily Milliyet, new US Ambassador to Turkey Mr.
      James Franklin Jeffrey on Tuesday presented his letter of credentials to
      President Abdullah Gul.
      Afterwards, Mr. Jeffrey visited Anitkabir, Turkey's first president
      Ataturk's mausoleum, and signed its memorial guestbook.

      * Reuters reports that Turkish stocks fell on Friday in line with selling
      on foreign markets, despite statements from Turkey's central bank to
      support the financial sector, while the Turkish currency lira gained
      strength before a four-day religious holiday.

      * According to the Banking Business Review, Canada-based Scotiabank has
      announced the opening of its new representative office in Istanbul,
      This office will also assist in the introduction of other Scotiabank
      business lines.
      The other business lines engage in precious metals trading and finance,
      and oil and gas mergers and acquisitions.

      * The Turkish daily Star reports that Turkey's Tusas Aerospace Industries
      and Airbus signed an agreement to produce a key piece of airplane wings,
      for A350 aircraft, reports the Turkish daily Star.
      The agreement is worth $500 million.

      * Turkey's Central Bank head Durmus Yilmaz said Friday that the first
      phase of the global financial crisis was ending, but that it was uncertain
      how long its impact on the rest of the economy would continue, reports the
      Turkish daily Sabah.
      Stating that Turkey is in good condition compared to other developing
      countries, Mr. Yilmaz said that eased fiscal policies could be implemented
      to stimulate demand, adding that the International Monetary Fund had also
      advocated this.


      Edited by Carol Dean

      * Hurriyet Daily News reports that the Armenian capital of Yerevan is
      preparing to host a soloist from Turkey for the first time in the history
      of the Turkish Republic.
      Armenian violin virtuoso Edward Tatevosian gave a recital at the Macka
      Campus of Istanbul Technical University last week. Mr. Tatevosian also
      gave a master's class to the students of university.
      To reciprocate the visit of Mr. Tatevosian, Turkish violin virtuoso
      Cihat A$kIn, who has a career that features many national and
      international awards, will meet Armenian music lovers in Yerevan on Dec.
      10 at the Opera and Ballet Hall, one of the most prestigious music venues
      of the city.
      Following Mr. A$kIn's recital, Yerevan will host the Turkish band Karde$
      T?rk?ler and the 70-member chorus of Sayat Nova, formed by the Armenians
      of Istanbul.
      A message of peace and friendship between both nations will be sent from
      Turkey to Armenia through song during these concerts, which will begin
      Dec. 10 and last until Dec. 14.
      See more at:

      * The contemporary art milieu of Istanbul has been given a breath of fresh
      air with a project by Outlet//Independent Art Space. Outlet, which is an
      attempt to bring art to the masses at a time and place where social and
      cultural inequity is deeply entrenched, has opened an emergency exit-door
      to the city.
      "Emergency Exit," is Outlet's second exhibit. It brings together the
      works of six artists, who focus on domestic situations within different
      generations and cities, and introduce them to an audience in the Outlet
      Project Room. The works address issues such as cosmetic surgery and beauty
      regimes. Coming from an ironic perspective, one artist redefines the
      domestic activities of women as sports.
      See more at:

      * The Ankara State Opera and Ballet Modern Dance Theater brings together a
      number of themes on the stage in a new play "A Thousand Heartbeats". The
      first new play of the dance theater for the 2008-2009 art season is made
      up of three different dance pieces.
      One piece, named "InIn" has been produced by Annabelle Ochoa, who
      previously visited the capital to work with the Modern Dance Theater. The
      play is enriched by Johann Sebastian Bach's violin concertos.
      The second piece "Satie," whose music was composed by French composer
      Eric Satie, who generally composes for French romantic movies, will make
      its world premiere in Ankara. Ochoa has prepared the costumes, fans,
      tuxedos and bowler hats that are used in the play, especially for Modern
      Dance Theater.
      The third choreography in the play is "Attraction", by Deniz Alp and
      Ejder Keskin, who have worked with Modern Dance Theater since its
      establishment. The choreography is accompanied by Emre Kesim's empirical
      See more at:

      * The Italian Medfilm Festival opened in Istanbul on Saturday and will
      showcase 10 most important feature films produced in Italy, along with 35
      films at the Italian Culture Center and Istanbul Modern through Dec. 7.
      Gabriella Fortunato, the Director of the Italian Culture Center, noted
      in a press conference in Istanbul this weekend that the aim of the
      festival is to promote the distribution of Italian films in Turkey and
      establish a greater cultural understanding between the two countries.
      See more at:

      * The Istanbul Center in Brussels, which opened eight months ago as part
      of the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture activities, unveiled its
      new art gallery this week, reports the Anatolia News Agency. The art
      gallery will host two Turkish contemporary art exhibitions for the next
      two months.
      The first of two new contemporary exhibitions in the gallery is "1950s
      to 2000: A Selection from the Santralistanbul Collection" and designed to
      show the momentum that modern art has gained in Turkey since 1950. The
      second, "Istanbul Diptychs Contemporary Visual and Verbal Positions,"
      consists of works by 12 European artists inspired by Istanbul.
      See more at:

      * Israeli violin virtuoso Sholomo Mintz, revered by art critics as one of
      the world's most successful violinists, performed Wednesday and Thursday
      nights as the guest of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, reports the
      Anatolia News Agency.
      See more at:

      * Hurriyet Daily News reports that an exhibition entitled "Beyond Babylon:
      Art, Trade and Diplomacy in the Second Millennium B.C.," is on display at
      New York Metropolitan Art Museum. Featuring the artifacts found in 1982 at
      the Uluburun site off the coast of Kash, on the Mediterranean coast of
      Turkey, alongside artifacts from museums from the Near East and Turkey,
      the exhibition has had 20,000 visitors in two weeks.
      The exhibition, sponsored by the Turkish-American Business Council
      opened Nov. 18 with contributions from the Dogan, Dogush, Koch and Sabanci
      Receiving positive reviews from U.S. media, the exhibition was praised
      by Holland Cotter in the New York Times. "For a truly cornucopian example
      of multiculturalism, though, nothing matches the contents of the Late
      Bronze Age merchant ship recovered from the sea off the southern coast of
      Turkey," he wrote.
      The exhibition, which highlights Turkey's location as a trade and culture
      center in its region, includes nearly 350 artifacts. The most striking
      items in the exhibition are 98 pieces found at the Uluburun shipwreck that
      were sent from the Bodrum Underwater Museum.
      The Uluburun is considered to be the oldest discovered trade ship, as
      well as the oldest discovered shipwreck, and was named by two leading U.S.
      archaeological magazines as one of the top 10 historic finds of the past
      50 years. More than 140 artifacts that have been sent from other Turkish
      museums are also being showcased in the exhibition.
      Dr. Cemal Pulak, co-director of the excavations that took place over a
      decade and ended in 1994, had a talk here in San Jose state University
      some years ago on the finds.
      See more at:
      See a replica of the ship at:
      Read more about it at:

      * Turkish artist G?lay Alpay will create worlds within worlds at the Art
      Basel Miami Beach, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
      The artist will make use of every inch of the 10 x 6 x 10 foot space
      that delineates artists' booths by making this measurement also the size
      of her work.
      This is a method Alpay has come to be known for as a means of entering
      her paintings and existing within them. The use of space is a way visitors
      are welcomed to interact and participate in her world and her art.
      The Art Basel Miami Beach show is a cultural and social highlight in the
      region. As the sister event to Switzerland's Art Basel, one of the
      prestigious worldwide international art shows for the past 39 years, Art
      Basel Miami Beach combines an international selection of artists from top
      galleries with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties and
      crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design.
      See more at:

      * Renowned actor John Travolta came to Istanbul last weekend for a short
      holiday, reports the Hurriyet Daily News.
      Staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in the historic district of
      Sultanahmet, Travolta toured the city all day and also took a bath in the
      historic Galatasaray Turkish Bath.
      Bath personnel let Travolta to enter through the back door to stay away
      from cameras.
      However, Travolta left the bath by the front door and greeted press
      He said, "Come, I am not there, I am here. You can take my photo."
      See more at:

      * According to the Turkish Daily Radikal, The Chinese edition of the
      National Geographic magazine listed Istanbul as one of the 50 cities
      everybody should see and visit in their lifetime. The magazine, which
      enjoys a wide circulation, published a 14 page article on Istanbul,
      Cappadocia and Turkish cuisine.
      The article says that Turkish cuisine held as many unique tastes as its
      French counterpart but that this richness was not a well known fact. The
      article suggested the first stop in Turkey should be Istanbul.
      The article, which had high praise for the Hagia Sophia and
      Sultanahmet's mosques, also noted that Istanbul was one of the world's
      largest cities and it was chosen to be the cultural capital of Europe for
      Kumkapi was recommended as an area to try seafood and Ortakoy was
      mentioned as the place to enjoy a cup of tea while observing the meeting
      of two continents along the peerless view of the Bosphorus. It was also
      said that white cheese, black olives, eggs, jam, toast and a "red colored"
      Turkish tea were the musts of a Turkish breakfast.
      While mentioning Turkish cuisine, traditional tarhana soup was
      considered indispensable for meals during wintertime.
      See more at:

      * Internationally acclaimed Turkish author, Yasar Kemal, whose works have
      been published in many languages, called for peace in a ceremony at the
      ?ankaya Presidential Palace, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.
      The leading author was receiving this year's presidential Culture and
      Art Grand Award for his contributions to Turkey's art and cultural world.
      Born in 1923 in southern Turkey, Kemal is considered Turkey's greatest
      living writer and has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Nobel
      Prize. His works have been translated throughout the world. The author's
      most recognized novel is "Memed My Hawk", which has been translated into
      40 languages.
      Composer and musician Alaedddin Yavasca, architect Turgut Cansever also
      received awards from the Turkish president.
      See more at:


      BE$IKTA$ A.$. 1 - 3 ANKARASPOR A.$.

      1.TRABZONSPOR A.$. 28
      2.BE$IKTA$ A.$. 25
      3.SIVASSPOR 25
      4.GALATASARAY A.$. 24
      5.FENERBAHCE 23
      6.ANKARASPOR A.$. 23
      7.KAYSERISPOR 20
      8.BURSASPOR 18
      10.ESKI$EHIRSPOR 16
      12.KONYASPOR 15
      13.MKE ANKARAGUCU 14
      14.DENIZLISPOR 14
      15.ANTALYASPOR A.$. 11
      17.HACETTEPE 9
      18.KOCAELISPOR 9

      * According to the Turkish Daily Hurriyet, The
      Monaco-based Peace and Sport organization has
      awarded Turkey the 2008 Peace and Sport Grand Prix
      for Image of the Year. Turkey was chosen for the
      prize for the image of President Abdullah Gul and
      his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sarkisian shaking
      hands prior to a World Cup qualifying match
      between Turkey and Armenia in Yerevan this
      September. Turkey will receive its prize on
      Thursday from Monaco's Prince Albert.


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