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x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 Feb. 1999

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    x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 Feb. 1999 {27feb99.trh} A service of the TURKISH RADIO HOUR, producer of: TURKISH CULTURAL PROGRAM Saturdays at 5:00 PM
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 Feb. 1999


      A service of the TURKISH RADIO HOUR, producer of:

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      Today's news was edited by Ahmet Toprak

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by
      H. Fatih Ugurdag

      * Repercussions of the capture of the Kurdish terrorist
      leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan is continuing in and outside
      Turkey. Mr. Ocalan was captured by Turkish authorities on
      Feb 16th in Kenya and was secretly flown to Turkey to face
      justice. It turns out that he was given refuge in the Greek
      Embassy in Nairobi.
      Greece is now under pressure from Turkey, US, and even the
      European Union since it has supported and provided shelter
      to a terrorist leader. The US government has hinted that
      Greece may be put in the list of countries which support
      terrorism. Greece has already been shaken greatly in the
      aftermath of Ocalan's capture. Three Greek cabinet ministers
      resigned two days after the capture. However, most Greeks
      have been expressing disapproval in their government since
      they let Ocalan in Turkey's hands so easily.
      In the past weeks, Kurdish protesters blamed MOSSAD, the
      Israeli intelligence agency for the capture of Mr. Ocalan.
      Israelis claimed no involvement, and it turns out that the
      White House is now hinting that they were the ones who have
      helped Turks to locate Mr. Ocalan.
      A Turkish newspaper and BBC said that Mr. Ocalan and other
      captured Kurdish Workers Party members have also implicated
      Greece further. Mr. Ocalan and a former top ranking Kurdish
      Workers Party member who was captured earlier are saying
      that Greece lets Kurdish Workers Party run two training camp
      on its soil and supplies he rebel Kurds with arms,
      explosives, and training. It is also reported that Mr.
      Ocalan also confessed to getting generous help from Syria,
      Iran, and even Germany and Italy which supposedly provided
      plastic mines which are impossible to detect. The list of
      countries mentioned is actually longer.
      Turkish officials are now putting pressure on Greece and
      is asking it to end its support for a terrorist separatist
      organization. Turkish officials say that if Greece does not
      end its hostile approach, this may turn into a military
      Greek government has so far not changed its political
      position but instead declared that the country is in a red
      alert against any Turkish military moves.
      The European Union has, on the other hand, asked Turkey to
      guarantee a fair trial for Ocalan while condemning Greece
      for sheltering Ocalan. Turkish Prime Minister Ecevit has
      expressed his commitment to a fair trial. Turkish defense
      lawyers were allowed to meet with Ocalan. However, few days
      later one lawyer declared that he may not go ahead with his
      defense as he is receiving threats. In the meantime,
      Ocalan's interrogation has ended where he stated that only
      his personal funds are 2.5 million dollars.

      After a long account of the Ocalan case we now continue with
      other news.

      * The Commander of the US Air Force, General Michael E. Ryan
      arrived Monday in Turkey on an official visit. General Ryan
      visited his Turkish counterpart General Ilhan Kilic
      yesterday in Ankara. Kilic said after the meeting that they
      had exchanged views on military issues involving Turkey and
      the US. Ryan also visited Ataturk's Mausoleum and met the
      Deputy Chief of General Staff, Hilmi Ozkok.

      * President Suleyman Demirel became the first Turkish
      president to visit Philippines. His visit started on Sunday
      and ended on Tuesday. Three agreements were signed between
      the two countries regarding cooperation in economic and
      technical fields, mutual preservation and promotion of
      investments and visa exemption in official passports.

      * The Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze was scheduled
      to arrive in Ankara on Friday, where he is expected to sign
      a joint declaration on economic and political issues with
      his Turkish counterpart, Suleyman Demirel. The timing of the
      visit is thought to be related to the on-going debates over
      the Baku-Ceyhan project and also to the debates over
      security in the Caucasus. Shevardnadze will travel to
      Istanbul with Demirel on Saturday. The Georgian President is
      being accompanied by his Foreign Affairs, Defense,
      Transport, Communications and Energy Ministers.

      * Turkish electoral authorities have rejected a comeback bid
      by former Islamist premier Necmettin Erbakan. Erbakan had
      filed documents last week stating that he planned to contest
      a deputy's seat in the central district of Konya as an
      independent candidate in the April 18 legislative elections.
      The electoral committee also refused to allow former justice
      minister Sevket Kazan, a top aide to Erbakan, to stand for
      election as an independent in Bilecik, northwestern Turkey.
      Both men were in early 1998 barred from politics for five
      years and their Welfare Party (Refah) banned on the grounds
      it was working against the secular regime.

      * Germany has a large immigrant population. Turks outnumber
      all the other minorities by a population of two million.
      Most of these Turkish immigrants are second or third
      generation and they only speak German. Nevertheless, since
      German citizenship laws are still based on a 1913
      nationality law, these immigrants cannot still foresee when
      they will become German citizens. However, after the social
      democrats won the elections in September with the help of
      Green Party, there was hope that the government would
      modernize the immigration policy -- allowing many of the
      country's seven million foreigners to receive German
      citizenship. Yet a recent victory of the Christian democrats
      in a German state election may cause the federal government
      to re-think granting dual citizenship.


      Edited for Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Central Bank foreign exchange reserves increased
      by $325 million in the week of February 12-19, 1999 to $20.4

      * The Index of Istanbul Stock Exchange increased by 4.71 %
      following Turkey's new foreign borrowing opportunities.

      * World Bank experts are examining Turkey's privatization
      process and social security projects. The experts stressed
      that the lack of a regulatory council is a major obstacle to
      privatization. The privatization program should be directed
      by one single entity, claimed the experts, noting that the
      current multi-headed system slows down the privatization

      * The Japanese Eximbank will extend $200 million in loans to
      the Turkish Eximbank. The loans will be used to meet the
      financial requirements of small and medium-scale enterprises
      and to support exports. It is reported that work is going-on
      in order to allocate and utilize the loans.

      * The Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern
      Cyprus, Dervis Eroglu, visited Chairman of the Istanbul
      Trade Chamber, Mehmet Yildirim. During the meeting, Eroglu
      said that in the wake of the capture of the separatist
      chief, the new realities were causing uneasiness both in
      Greece and Greek-Cyprus. Eroglu pointed out that the Turkish
      Republic of Northern Cyprus ought to build up a strong
      economy and that they need more investment in Cyprus. He
      invited Turkish businessmen to make more investments in the
      Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

      * Turkey can expect to experience a period of economic
      recovery in the wake of the European Union countries'
      formation of the Monetary Union by increasing its exports,
      provided that it can accomplish its structural reforms, said
      Turkey's State Planning Organization in its report, "The
      effect of the Euro on Turkey". The report indicated that 50
      % of Turkey's foreign trade is with European Union countries
      and that 45 % of Turkey's total debt is in European Union
      member countries' national currencies.

      * The New Chairman of the Turkish Clothing Industrialists'
      Association, Bulent Atuk, has remarked that the growth rate
      in the clothing sector was 6.5 % last year, and ranked first
      in Europe and sixth in the world.

      * The Benelux Group International Trade, Industry and Law
      Company is trying to found a Turkish Trade Center in
      Amsterdam, said company official Ibrahim Emre. Emre told the
      Anatolia news agency that the Turkish trading base will be
      very close to Amsterdam Airport, whose annual trade volume
      totals $450 billion.

      * Rahmi Koc, the Head of the Turco-Greek Business Council,
      which has recently canceled all joint activities with
      Greece, resigned from his post. Koc had earlier stated that
      it had become evident that Greece supports the rebel Kurdish
      Workers Party organization and had called on Greek business
      circles and non-governmental organizations to follow their

      * Turkey's officials are backing their offer for amnesty to
      the rebel Kurdish Workers Party with investments in the
      Southeastern Turkey to create jobs for them. A development
      package of $90 million is earmarked for the region to
      complete the construction of industrial facilities in the

      * No agreements could be reached during the third bargaining
      meeting between the government and the Turk-Is Trade Union
      on behalf of 500 thousand public workers. The government
      retreated from the idea of providing a $29 wage rise for
      each of the second, third and fourth 6-month periods within
      public contracts.

      * "Business Week" presented Kenan Aydin, a German-resident
      Turkish businessman who owns a construction firm and who has
      been living in Germany for 18 years, as the "Model
      Entrepreneur" of the year.

      * Speaking at the "Information on Business Opportunities in
      Hamburg" seminar organized by the Istanbul Textile and
      Ready-to-Wear Exporters Union in Istanbul, the Chairman of
      Hamburg's Economic Incentive Institution, Hartmut Bock, said
      that Hamburg was the most suitable province from which to
      enter the Eastern European and European Union markets and
      invited Turkish entrepreneurs to invest in Hamburg.

      * Gazi Ercel, the President of Turkey's Central Bank, said
      that international rating institutions lower Turkey's credit
      grade on the basis of misleading indicators, and therefore,
      their assessments are ineffective to a large extent.


      Edited by Aydin Koc


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras:

      Selling Rate Buying Rate
      One U.S. Dollar 350,691 349,008


      * In the 21st week of the Premier Turkish Soccer League

      BE$iKTA$ : 1 ALTAY : 1

      League rankings are as follows :

      1. Fenerbahce 48 6. Istanbulspor 33
      2. Galatasaray 47 7. Antalyaspor 31
      3. Besiktas 45 8. Genclerbirligi 29
      4. Trabzonspor 40 9. Gaziantepspor 28
      5. Kocaelispor 37 10. Altay 25

      * In the first game of the 22nd week

      Kocaelispor-Sakaryaspor 0-1

      In today's games:

      Istanbulspor - Trabzonspor 0-0

      Bursaspor - Besiktas 1-2



      High and Low temperatures in degrees C and F

      ANKARA :10/-1 (50/30) Rainy

      iSTANBUL : 10/6 (50/43) Rainy

      iZMiR : 13/8 (55/46) Rainy

      ANTALYA :16/9 (61/48) Rainy


      * It is expected that thousands of foreign tourists will
      flock to Turkey to watch the last solar eclipse of the
      century. The number of foreign tourists who have booked up
      for the solar eclipse to be viewed on August 11, 1999, has
      already amounted to 2,000. Most of the tourists are from the
      US and Japan.

      * The German Periodontology Association (DGP) has given its
      traditional award to Dr. Sami Dogan, a Turkish dentist who
      works at the Dental Clinic of the Hannover Faculty of
      Medicine. The association did not grant the award to anyone
      in the last two years because no studies worthy of the prize
      appeared in 1996 and 1997, the Anatolia news agency reports.
      Dogan was awarded for his research titled 'entrance
      mechanisms of bacterium into the gums and the discomfort
      they cause there'.

      * At the 49th Berlin Film Festival, the Turkish film "Gunese
      Yolculuk", (A Journey to the Sun) by Yesim Ustaoglu won the
      "Blue Angel" Film Award and a DM 50,000 prize. The film was
      also presented with the Peace Award last week.

      * Thousands of Ottoman art pieces sent to France as part of
      the 700th anniversary of the founding of the Ottoman Empire
      have attracted immense interest. In May, art treasures from
      the Topkapi Palace will be displayed at the Versailles.


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