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x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 September 2008

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 September 2008

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      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * Turkey should end its internal fighting and
      mobilize all its energy to realize its goal of
      European Union membership, said Dogan Holding
      Board Chairman Aydin Dogan in remarks published in
      Friday's edition of the daily Zaman, seeking to
      clarify his views in an on-going skirmish with the
      country's prime minister.
      In recent weeks, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
      Erdogan has harshly criticized Dogan and the media
      group he heads for reporting on corruption
      allegations and subsequent convictions -- in the
      case of Lighthouse e.V. a German-based charity
      found to be sending funds illegally through
      intermediaries to Turkey. German prosecutors have
      alleged some of the money may have found its way
      to the prime ministry.
      In a series of attacks, the premier called on
      his deputies and supporters to boycott all Dogan
      Group media critical of the government. He also
      argued the reason for the extensive reporting was
      the government's refusal to give certain
      privileges to Dogan Holding. Mr. Dogan has
      repeatedly rejected the PM's claims.
      The latest twist in the ongoing skirmish came
      after the columnist in Zaman, a newspaper regarded
      as close to the ruling Justice and Development
      Party, listed a litany of alleged Dogan business
      irregularities. Mr. Dogan said it is the duty of
      the news media to publish and broadcast the news
      about the Lighthouse case and that all the
      fighting was created by Mr. Erdogan, not the Dogan
      "All our statements are limited to responding to
      the allegations and threats by Mr. Prime Minister
      and are defensive," he said. "The fact that the
      corruption case was proved through the decision of
      the German court to convict the defendants, proves
      that all the allegations against our group for
      these publications and broadcasts are false and

      * The Turkish Daily News reports that a popular
      transsexual Turkish singer showed up Wednesday for
      the second hearing of her trial on charges of
      trying to turn the public against obligatory
      military service.Bulent Ersoy, 56, was charged
      after comments she made earlier this year on the
      hugely popular television show Popstar Alaturka,
      calling into question Turkey's deeply ingrained
      Ersoy faces more than two years in prison for
      the remark that if she had children, she would not
      send them to the army to fight Kurdish terrorists.
      "I am not a mother, nor ever will be, but I would
      not bury my child for someone else's war," Ersoy
      She maintained her innocence before the court,
      while standing by her remarks. "I spoke in the
      name of humanity and even if I am condemned to
      death, I will repeat the same: we have to find a
      solution (to the Kurdish conflict) instead of
      killing each other," Ersoy told the judge.
      "I never said people should not send their sons
      to the army," she said. "I never said anything
      that constitutes a crime."
      Greeted by a crowd of media, Ersoy arrived at
      the court in a black limousine, wearing
      sunglasses, and refused to speak to journalists.
      Back in February, she said on a television show:
      "The motherland is of course indivisible, but to
      knowingly send these youths to their deaths?...
      Why do we fall for this trap?" The Turkish army at
      the time was conducting a cross-border operation
      against bases of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers'
      Party, or PKK, in neighboring northern Iraq.

      * Police detained 16 more suspects as part of the
      continuing the investigation of the coup attempt
      dubbed the Ergenekon. The investigation is now
      focused on the former owner of a pro-secular
      television channel, who is among those taken into
      custody, agencies reported Tuesday.
      Tuncay Ozkan, a leading name in the
      anti-government protests of 2007 and a critic of
      the ruling Justice and Development Party used his
      television channel, Kanalturk, to launch
      Until he sold his channel to Ipek Koza - which
      is known to have close links with the Justice and
      Development Party - in May 2008, he was seen as a
      leading name among anti-Justice and Development
      Party movements around the country.
      Mr. Ozkan was detained by police at his home in
      Istanbul early Tuesday.
      He spoke with his former lawyer, the Republican
      People's Party deputy Sahin Mengu, and the
      Anatolia news agency reported that the journalist
      told Mengu his home was being searched by police.
      The Ergenekon case started after the discovery
      of 27 hand grenades June 12, 2007, in a shanty
      house in Istanbul's Umraniye district that
      belonged to a retired noncommissioned officer. The
      grenades were found to be the same as the ones
      used in the attacks on the daily Cumhuriyet
      Istanbul offices in 2006.

      * Turkey is to host a conference attended by
      researchers from the European Organization for
      Nuclear Research, or CERN's, Large Hadron Collider
      experiments, which experienced a magnet failure
      Friday prompting the experiment be shut down for
      at least two months, reports the Turkish Daily
      The five-day "Enabling Grids for E-Science-EGEE"
      conference began earlier this week. Organized by
      the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research
      center of Turkey the conference will also discuss
      the latest developments at CERN.Part of the
      European Union 7th Framework Program Project, the
      EGEE-III conference is organized in a different
      country every year, and EGEE '08 will take place
      between Sept. 22-26 at the Harbiye Military
      Museum. The EGEE-III project connects the
      infrastructure of many computers throughout Europe
      allowing for common use with the project's use of
      "Grid" technology.

      * Asli Saglam writes in the Turkish daily News
      that even the ancient text of the Koran advances
      with modern technology, as sales of electronic
      versions of the holy book whither in heated
      competition with digital MP3 players and the
      Internet.Salesmen have not been satisfied with
      this year's sales, complaining that sales are not
      as good as in previous years.
      "People now prefer to download the Koran to
      their MP3 players," said Huseyin Ulker, a salesman
      at REM, one of the biggest technology shops in
      Istanbul's Eminonu district."The people who make
      the pilgrimage to Mecca prefer buying this," said
      "We started selling the electronic Koran seven
      years ago, and later on because the sales were
      good, we decided to produce the same item under
      the REM brand. "The electronic Koran is a
      triangular-shaped digital machine that is small
      enough to fit inside a normal pocket. It works
      with batteries and comes inside a box with a small
      compass on it for worshippers to locate kiblah,
      the direction faced when praying, and retails for
      about $120.

      * Students have been allowed to enter Bogazici
      University if they have a hat covering their
      headscarf, easing tension that has arisen since
      the headscarf ban at the school came into effect
      for the first time Monday, with beginning of the
      school term, reports the Turkish Daily News.
      "The problem is solved as students agreed to
      cover their head with something other than the
      headscarf," said the new rector of the university,
      Kadri Ozcalan, the private NTVMSNBC news site
      Known for its liberal stance, Bogazici
      University had previously remained uninvolved in
      what students wore, and female students could
      attend classes wearing headscarves. The decision
      to implement the ban was taken by Rector Ozcalan,
      and the ban was his first move on his first day as
      rector. Rector Ozcalan said he was applying the
      decision of the Constitutional Court, which
      rejected a constitutional amendment allowing the
      wearing of headscarves in university, as the court
      described it as a "symbol against secularism."

      * The ruling Justice and Development Party deputy
      leader defended himself against claims made by the
      main opposition Republican People's Party, or
      Republican People's Party, parliamentary group
      deputy leader in a live debate Thursday.
      Journalist Ugur Dundar moderated the debate and
      required both Justice and Development Party deputy
      Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat and Republican People's
      Party deputy Kemal Kilicdaroglu to present
      arguments in an orderly fashion.
      Mr. Kilicdaroglu first argued that Mr. Firat had
      exerted pressure on a customs controller after the
      Ukrainian government warned the Turkish Customs
      Administration that the MENAS exporting company,
      of which Mr. Firat was a partner, may have
      arranged fake invoices.
      Mr. Firat responded that the controller in
      question was a nominee for the Republican People's
      Party in the 2002 elections and argued that he had
      used his right to complain against the controller.
      Following the debate, Mr.Kilicdaroglu reiterated
      that Mr. Firat must resign, and the Mr. Firat,
      repeated that Mr.Kilicdaroglu must call himself a
      Republican People's Party leader Mr. Deniz
      Baykal congratulated Mr. Kilicdaroglu and said Mr.
      Firat was unable to put up a good defense to the
      claims against him. Baykal then challenged Prime
      Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to a live debate on
      claims of unearned income directed against him.

      * According to the Turkish Daily News, technology
      enthusiasts in Turkey finally saw the arrival of
      the long awaited iPhone on Friday.
      At 12:00 a.m. there were many people waiting
      both on the Asian and European sides of Istanbul
      to either look at or purchase the coveted new
      device. Long queues of consumers took their place
      in front of the Apple shop in the Kanyon shopping
      mall and the Turkcell shop on Bagdat Street.
      Vodafone, the world's largest mobile-phone
      company, and Turkcell, Turkey's biggest GSM
      operator, launched the iconic Apple iPhone 3G to
      the Turkish market.

      * Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, president of
      the global village Desmond Tutu, and former U.N.
      special envoy to Cyprus Lakhdar Brahimi will be
      arriving in Cyprus to offer support for the peace
      talks between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot
      In a statement made Friday about the visit, the
      three elder statesmen said they would be meeting
      with Turkish Cypriot President Mehmet Ali Talat
      and Greek Cypriot President Demetris Christofias
      on Oct. 8 and 9, reported the Anatolia News


      * The Anatolia News Agency reports that The
      Hydrology Department at Ankara's Hacettepe
      University has started activities to detect and
      draw on geothermal sources in the Central
      Anatolian province of Yozgat.
      Europeans use thermal sources for therapeutic
      effects and they preferred turkey because Europe
      is more expensive, says the Yozgat Province
      Governor Amir Cicek.
      In addition to marketing the thermal water
      facilities to visitors, the governor says that the
      warm waters will be used for commercial green
      See more at:

      * You may notice that we carry the announcements
      for the Turkish community school here in the Bay
      Area. Local Turkish parents are trying to teach
      Turkish language and culture to their kids in an
      organized fashion.
      Similarly, in Turkey expatriates from other
      countries are doing the same thing. Last Monday
      Turkish daily News reported that the German
      community in Turkey's largest metropolitan area
      Izmir just opened a German community school. This
      is the third school in Turkey associated with the
      German community, the Turkish daily News writes.
      The other two are in the Turkish capital Ankara
      and Turkey's largest city Istanbul.
      See more at:

      * The Anatolia News Agency reports that The
      Scientific and Technical Research Council of
      Turkey, has set aside $1.6 million in local
      currency for a project on the detection and
      prevention of external pollutants harming Sapanca,
      a fresh water lake located between the Gulf of
      Izmit and Adapazari in Turkey's Marmara Region.
      The local water and wastewater administration
      director says that There are pollutants coming
      from rivers, domestic wastes and highways.
      The director adds that the lake basin should be
      strictly controlled, particularly regarding the
      building of illegal structures around the lake and
      the damage caused in the basin that pollutes the
      See more at:

      * PEN American Center announced that Nobel prize
      winning Turkish author Orhan Pamuk shared the
      stage of the Great Hall of Cooper Union on
      September 23rd evening with Salman Rushdie, Kiran
      Desai, Siri Hustvedt, Joseph Lelyveld, Paulo
      Sergio Pinheiro, and George Packer to raise funds
      for the victims of cyclone Nargis in Burma.
      More than 650 people attended the event, which
      raised over $13,500 for the International Burmese
      Monks Organization, a network of Buddhist monks
      distributing relief aid to the victims of Cyclone
      See more at:


      * British photographer Michael Kenna, known for
      his melancholy landscape photographs, will present
      a selection of his outstanding works beginning
      Thursday. The exhibition will run until Dec. 22 at
      the Elipsis Gallery in Cukurcuma in Istanbul's
      Beyoglu district.
      Kenna, who currently lives in Seattle, started
      his photographic adventure as a printer for famous
      photographer Ruth Bernhard. After graduating from
      the London College of Printing, Kenna moved to San
      Francisco. His first presentations were linked to
      his studies, followed by solo exhibitions on both
      sides of the Atlantic.
      See more at:


      * The program of the events for Filmekimi
      (Filmoctober), a weeklong screening of films to be
      held Oct. 10 to 16 at Beyoglu Emek Movie Theater
      in Istanbul, was launched Monday at a press gala,
      reports the Turkish Daily News.
      In its seventh year, Filmekimi, which is
      organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture
      and Arts will present 21 special films to
      moviegoers, with a gala film to be screened daily
      at 9:30 p.m.
      Throughout the week, viewers will have the
      chance to watch the award-winning films of
      prestigious festivals, such as Sundance, Berlin,
      Cannes and Venice, as well as the masters' latest
      In addition to the film screenings, Nokia
      Nseries, the sponsor of the event, will organize a
      short film contest. Videos recorded up to five
      minutes with any mobile phone or digital camera
      can join the contest.
      See more at:


      * Some weeks ago we had a News article about Arab
      tourists preferring Turkey in recent years. The
      Anatolia news agency had one more article this
      week on the subject. According to the agency,
      facing difficulties in traveling to Europe after
      September 11, Arab tourists are more and more
      preferring Turkey. One more factor is the turmoil
      in Lebanon's capital Beirut. Most Arab businessmen
      who use to have meetings in Beirut are now
      preferring Turkish cities, especially Istanbul.
      In 2005 approximately 750,000 and tourists visit
      Turkey but this year their number is expected to
      surpass one million.
      Unlike frugal Europeans, recent wave of the Arab
      tourists stay at five-star hotels, and tend to
      spend 10 times more, the chairman of the Turkish
      Tourism Writers and Journalists Association says.
      See more at:


      * Anatolia News Agency reports that the 12th
      Ankara International Jazz Festival will be held
      Nov. 24 to Dec. 4 this year in the Turkish
      capital. The Ankara Jazz Foundation is the
      organizer of the festival.
      "It is a great success for Ankara to organize
      this festival for 12 years," said the festival's
      project and music producer Onur Aymergen. He said
      they invited national and international bands and
      artists performing various types of jazz to this
      year's festival, adding that many jazz artists had
      become famous thanks to the festival.
      "There will be 18 concerts in 10 days. Workshops
      will also be organized on bass guitar. Turkey's
      leading contrabass artist Selcuk Sun will attend
      the festival. Bass guitarist master Gurol Agirbas,
      is among the performers, too. World famous Charlie
      Haden will perform the closing concert of the
      festival," he said.
      The Festival will present 17 bands, eight of
      which are outside of Turkey.
      See more at:

      * Turkey's Garanti Gallery and the German
      Architectural Museum have joined forces to mount
      an exhibition in Frankfurt titled "Becoming
      Istanbul", reports the Turkish Daily News
      The exhibition has been organized in
      conjunction with Turkey being featured as the
      guest of honor at the 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair.
      The exhibition is being curated by Pelin Dervis,
      an architect and Garanti Gallery director, and
      Bulent Tanju and Ug(ur Tanyeli, who are both
      architects and architectural historians. The logo
      for the exhibition and a book were designed by
      Bulent Erkmen.
      The important section of the exhibition is made
      up of the works of many photographers, artists,
      architects, writers, illustrators and academics
      who have thought about Istanbul, worked in
      Istanbul, engaged in manufacturing related to
      Istanbul and viewed Istanbul from different
      perspectives. In addition there is an interactive
      database that offers selections from the archives
      of newspapers, magazines and television. The
      database has been designed from more than 7000
      visuals that cover over 80 concepts and are
      collected in 371 sub-groups. A series of maps
      prepared for the exhibition aims at documenting
      under different headings Istanbul's position
      within the context of Turkey and the world.
      See more at:


      * A rare glimpse into the melding of three
      religions and two historical eras can be had at a
      new exhibition that is opening in Istanbul, writes
      the Turkish Daily News.
      The Cities of the Three Books exhibition, now
      open at the Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation's
      Istanbul Research Institute in the Beyoglu
      district, offers nineteenth century photographs
      depicting life in Jerusalem and the Holy Land,
      that is, the Ottoman sub-provinces of Jerusalem
      and Gaza.
      The pictures focus on historical buildings that
      remain from the Middle Ages and on the effects of
      19th century modernization on the architecture of
      the region. They show the melding of three related
      religious cultures in one relatively small area.
      The album was originally presented to Grand
      Vizier Kamil Pasha and has 111 photographs. A
      portion of these were taken by Garabed Krikoryan,
      who became involved in photography thanks to
      Yessayi Gerebadian, recognized as the first local
      photographer in Jerusalem.
      See more at:


      * According to the Turkish Daily News, confirming
      what many have long suspected, Istanbul is
      officially the most crowded city in Europe.
      Istanbul's population is just under 10 million,
      according to the Eurostat figures. London ranks as
      the second-most crowded city, with a population of
      7.43 million, as Paris ranks third with a
      population of 6.4 million. The other most crowded
      cities are Ankara at 3.4 million, Berlin at 3.39
      million, Madrid at 3 million, Athens at 2.88
      million, Rome at 2.55 million and Izmir at 2.39
      The Eurostat figures show that in Europe 65
      million people live in 26 cities with a population
      of more than 1 million.
      Brussels ranks first among 20 European cities
      for the highest number of thefts. London is
      second, while Amsterdam ranks third in this
      ignominious category. No Turkish cities appeared
      on the list in this category.
      See more at:


      * Turkish designers showcased their creations at a
      four-day fashion event that took place last
      weekend in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the
      Turkish Daily News reports.
      Bridges to Fashion is the second big project of
      the Trafik Foundation, which aims to promote
      Turkish creations on the Dutch art scene. The
      first project was Between the Waterfronts, curated
      by Fulya Erdemci, in which 40 visual artists from
      Turkey participated.
      Both projects are the first in the Netherlands
      to present a high quality and wide ranging view of
      Turkey's contemporary visual art, including
      By promoting contemporary art from Turkey,
      Trafik also tries to help close the gap between
      the prevailing view of Turkey as the same as other
      Middle Eastern countries and its European
      See more at:



      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: 1.22


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 66/52 Light Showers
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 81/66 Mostly Cloudy
      Erzurum in eastern Turkey----------: 57/45 Heavy Showers
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 64/55 Heavy Showers
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 75/57 Mostly Cloudy
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 68/63 Heavy Showers


      * The Turkish Daily News reports that The European Union information
      center in the Turkish capital Ankara, in associative shin with Gazi
      University Cyclists Club and Ankara Scouts and Guides organized a
      celebration of European Mobility Week and raise awareness about "green
      The event included bicycle races, the environment games and a stand
      where children of Ankara can meet and take photos with Lokum, the symbolic
      character used to explain European Union policies in an easy and friendly
      way to schoolchildren.

      Turkish Soccer Premier League

      Standing in the League

      1.BE$IKTA$ A.$. 10
      2.TRABZONSPOR A.$. 10
      3.BURSASPOR 9
      4.GALATASARAY A.$. 8
      5.SIVASSPOR 8
      7.KONYASPOR 7
      8.FENERBAHCE 6
      9.ANKARASPOR A.$. 6
      10.KAYSERISPOR 5
      11.DENIZLISPOR 4
      14.ESKI$EHIRSPOR 3
      17.ANTALYASPOR A.$. 1
      18.KOCAELISPOR 1

      Results of the matches from last week:

      Home Team Guest Team Score

      Results of the matches from this week

      Trabzonspor 3-2 Antalyaspor
      Genclerbirligi 1-1 Ankaraspor
      Kocaelispor 2-3 Bursaspor
      Buyuk$ehir Belediyespor 1-1 Be$ikta$
      Sivasspor 2-1 Fenerbahce

      *** Turkish American Association of California is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      e-mail them at taac@...

      *** Planning to go to Turkey? Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
      travelers like yourselves:


      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to
      International Cultural Program.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M.

      *** Bay Area Turkish Community School [ See more
      at:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/batcs ] started 2008-09 school
      year on Sunday September 7th with the registration at the Los Altos
      Community Center.

      We hope to see the Turkish-American children (5-12 years of age) and
      their families who'd like to register or to find out more about the

      2008-09 calendar and the address for the Hillview Community Center

      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -------
      Hillview Community Center
      Room 16
      97 Hillview Avenue
      Los Altos, CA 94022
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -------

      *** TAAC Monterey Bay chapter invites you...


      Tuesday, September 30, at 7pm

      Pronto Restaurant
      21 Soledad Dr
      Monterey CA 93940
      (831) 655-3322

      *** Ramazan Bayram Yemegi (cocuklarimiz icin hediyemiz olacak)3
      Ekim Palo Alto/Ramadan Celebration, October 3rd, Friday, Palo Alto

      Sevgili Dostlar, (Turkce/English)

      TAAC Silicon Vadisi Subesi olarak Ramazan Bayrami kutlama yemegini 3
      Ekim Cuma aksami saat 7de, Cubberly Center Auditorium, Palo Alto'da
      yapacagiz. Bu ozel gun vesilesiyle subemizin acilisini da sizlerle birlikte kutlamak
      istiyoruz. Gelecek nice beraberliklerin baslangici olmasini umdugumuz
      bu yemegin toplumumuzu bir araya getirmesi acisindan bizce buyuk onemi

      Katilmayi dusunuyorsaniz lutfen 1 Ekim'e kadar gelecek yetiskin ve
      cocuk sayisini taacsiliconvalleychapter@... adresine

      Ozellikle cocuk sayisini bilmek hediyelerin duzenlenmesi, ve de yemek
      miktarinin saptanmasi acisindan cok onemli.
      Tarih : 3 Ekim, Cuma
      Zaman: 19:00-22:00 (yemek servisi 19:30 da
      Menu ve Ucret: Sis kebap, pilav, salata, baklava, meyve suyu ve soda.
      Kisi basina $5 (cocuklar 7 yas ve alti ucretsiz)
      Adres: Cubberly Center Auditorium, 4000
      Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, 94303

      Hepinizi gormek umuduyla,

      TAAC Silicon Vadisi Subesi

      On behalf of TAAC Silicon Valley Chapter, we will be celebrating the
      end of Ramadan by giving an Eid Dinner on October 3rd, Friday, at 7
      PM, in Cubberly Center Auditorium, Palo Alto. We will be very happy
      to have you join us on this festivity. We will also be celebrating the
      inauguration of our Chapter. We hope this event will mark the
      beginning of many more gatherings and celebrations to come; we value
      your presence very much.

      Please RSVP on or before October 1st to
      taacsiliconvalleychapter@yahoo. com
      Please indicate how many adults and children will be attending, so
      that we can prepare the appropriate amount of dinner and the gifts!

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