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x0x Fikret Mualla, a master of colors

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    [See more on this subject by visiting the pages selected for you by Anita Donohoe: http://turkradio.us/k/mualla ] x0x Fikret Mualla, a master of colors Monday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2008
      [See more on this subject by visiting the pages
      selected for you by Anita Donohoe:
      http://turkradio.us/k/mualla ]

      x0x Fikret Mualla, a master of colors

      Monday, August 18, 2008

      His life was full of brushes, alcohol bottles and
      mental hospitals, as he sold priceless paintings
      for bottles of wine. The life story of Fikret
      Mualla, who is buried in a desolate graveyard,
      will now be told on screen


      The life story of Turkish artist Fikret Mualla
      will soon be portrayed on screen as filming of a
      new biopic about his troubled life got underway
      this month. The new film is directed by Metin
      Gungor, who created visual effects for famous
      Hollywood movies such as Harry Potter and The
      Da Vinci Code.

      With the film Renklerde Kaybolan Hayat (The
      Life Lost In Colors), Mualla's life is to be
      immortalized. I was in contact with many
      associations and cooperatives, but nobody took
      care of Fikret Mualla, said Metin Gungori who
      will play the role of Mualla. Ali Poyrazoglu will
      play an aging Mualla in his 50s. Neyzen Tevfik
      will be played by Cuneyt Arkin and a guest star,
      Okan Bayulgen, will play the role of Picasso.

      Mualla's life story is quite sad but also
      interesting and deserving of a film. Mualla, whose
      mother featured prominently in his early life, was
      born in 1900 in Istanbul. His ambition was to
      become a football player like his older brother,
      Hikmet Topuzer, who played for the Fenerbahce
      football team. However, he broke his right ankle
      when he was 12, causing him to limp. This incident
      is said to have left deep wounds on his soul. His
      father's second marriage increased his
      rebelliousness, and he was sent to Zurich to study
      engineering. He would later say that when he was
      sent away, he felt separated and even like he had
      been expelled from his family.

      Moving from Switzerland to Germany, the pocket
      money he received from his father was sufficient
      for him to lead a comfortable life. Shy and with a
      limp, it was difficult for him to have normal
      relations with women. He then quit his education
      and began to paint. Painting, he acknowledged,
      gave him his only sense of relief.

      In those years, he also began drinking, and as
      he drank he became more aggressive and began
      fighting. Finally, he was sent to a mental
      hospital following a diagnosis of alcoholic

      He was later returned -- against his will -- to
      Turkey. For a short time he received treatment at
      the Bakirkoy Mental Hospital. His father then
      died, cutting off his income. With no income, he
      began selling his paintings in exchange for
      bottles of wine.

      Nobody in Istanbul understood his art, which
      caused Mualla to become even more aggressive, and
      in 1939 he decided to move to Paris for a chance
      of scene. He spent 26 years in France, full of
      drinking, painting and instability. He displayed
      his work at a personal exhibition in Paris, which
      attracted many famous personalities, including
      Picasso. Picasso even presented him with a signed
      painting as a present, which he later exchanged
      for bottles of wine.

      In Hifzi Topuzs' book Fikret Mualla, artist
      Selim Turan described Mualla's humor and
      liveliness with an anecdote: Once Feridun
      Colgecen went to Paris and he was waiting in a
      queue at the consulate. Suddenly, Mualla showed up
      drunk and started shouting obscenities. Others
      immediately took Mualla to the consul's office to
      care for him. Just as Mualla was leaving, Feridun
      Colgecen was still waiting in the queue. Mualla
      told him, you will wait a long time because of
      your good manners.

      Under Protection

      Mualla was once again sent to a mental hospital
      after a series of breakdowns. He was a drunk and
      increasingly mentally unstable, but, slowly, his
      name was becoming famous. The collector Madam
      Angles took him under her protection meaning so he
      could paint without concerns about money.

      But his personal demons did not cease. In 1962
      he became paralyzed and his liver failed. He died
      alone in a nursing home in 1967.

      Don't be deceived by widespread comparisons to
      Toulouse Lautrec or Bonnard: Mualla creates
      something totally unique with his paintings. The
      colors as well as the paintings are all his own
      creations. You would never see an artificial
      line, even in his scariest face paintings. Every
      detail is well researched and disclosed, said
      Japanese art critic Youki Desnos.


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