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x0x Old trade center an inn for shopping

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    [See more on this subject by visiting the pages selected for you by Anita Donohoe: http://turkradio.us/k/izmirkemeralti/ ] x0x Old trade center an inn for
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      [See more on this subject by visiting the pages
      selected for you by Anita Donohoe:
      http://turkradio.us/k/izmirkemeralti/ ]

      x0x Old trade center an inn for shopping

      History lies in the center of Izmir, considered as
      the pearl of the Aegean region. KemeraltI, a
      trading center for Turkey in past times, is now a
      shopping center that maintains its old world charm

      IZMIR Turkish Daily News

      Izmir, located on the Aegean coast, is known as
      the pearl of the region. It is not as complicated
      and crowded as Istanbul and not as calm as Ankara.
      It is Turkey's third largest city and maybe one of
      its most modern.

      Although under renovation and slowly gaining a new
      face, Izmir has many historic sites that one can

      KemeraltI is the most popular one and it is right
      in the city center. The district, which covers a
      vast area extending from the level of the Agora of
      Izmir to the seashore along the Konak Square, is
      like a huge bazaar that has stood tall since the
      17th century. It was originally established around
      the streets surrounding the inner bay, which was
      filled between 1650-1670.

      The old fashioned shopping district, one of the
      liveliest parts of the city, has narrow streets
      that head from Konak to Alsancak. The wide curved
      street known as Anafartalar Street used to be the
      Street of Mevlevis.

      Here you can find fascinating antiques, jewelers,
      drapers, shoemakers, and shops specializing in all
      kinds of goods from leather to olives and cheeses,
      a great variety of clothing, and the dried figs
      and sultanas for which Izmir is famous.

      The atmosphere in the area is still enchanting;
      although it is like the mixture of the old and new
      it still looks historic. The architecture is worth
      experiencing. The oldest building in KemeraltI is
      the Hisar Mosque, built by Yakup Bey in 1592. It
      is a significant Ottoman landmark in Izmir.

      Hisar means fortress and it makes a reference to a
      Genoese castle, which used to stand on the same
      location as the mosque. The castle was called San
      Pietro. The last remains of the castle were taken
      away during the construction of the new port
      between 1867 and 1876. It is roofed by a large
      dome resting on eight piers, and is noted for the
      decoration on the altar niche and pulpit.

      The other mosques in Izmir are Salepcioglu (20th
      century), $adIrvan (17th century with 19th-century
      restorations) and KemeraltI (17th century). All
      are situated close to the KemeraltI.

      The nucleus of the KemeraltI market is considered
      to be KIzlaragasI HanI (KIzlaragasI Caravanseria),
      the first step taken for gaining ground from the

      It was built in 1741 by HacI Be$ir Aga, next to
      Hisar Mosque. The Bedesten, now 200 meters away
      from the bay, is a triangle-shaped two-story
      building. In the past it had a small pool in its
      courtyard. On its upper floor the inn used to have
      rooms for the merchants to sleep overnight and
      their camels used to stay in the courtyard. Around
      the courtyard, where there are cafes today, there
      used to be rooms for the servants. The whole
      structure is 4,000-meters square and the courtyard
      is 600-meters square.

      KemeraltI was an important trading point for the
      city until transportation developed and new trade
      routes opened. It has even served as a local stock
      exchange. After the 19th century the Inn was
      mainly used for storage of goods instead of a
      caravan stop.

      During construction two older inns were included.
      They were the "Great Vezir Han" constructed by the
      17th century grand vizier, Koprulu FazIl Ahmed
      Pasha, and "Little Vezir Han" built by his
      successor, Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha.

      Most of the inns were destroyed after the Great
      Fire of Smyrna in 1922 and others were demolished
      over time.

      Havra Street in KemeraltI has many old buildings
      and synagogues. KIzlaragasI HanI is built of
      stone and it has a small mosque in the center.
      Today the inn is being used as a shopping mall and
      it has two gates; one of the gates opens from the
      east and the other from the west. There are 73
      rooms on the second floor of the inn. After it was
      restored in 1993, it became a popular tourist spot
      and was converted into a handicrafts sales center.
      It has many antique, leather, book and jewelry
      stores as well as restaurants and cafes. But they
      all look authentic and they don't destroy the
      aesthetic or the atmosphere of the place.


      Copyright 2008, Turkish Daily News. This article
      is redistributed with permission for personal use
      of TurkC-L readers. No part of this article may be
      reproduced, further distributed or archived
      without the prior permission of the publisher.
      Contact: Turkish Daily News Online on the Internet
      World Wide Web. www.turkishdailynews.com . For
      information on other matters please contact

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