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x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 November 2007

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 November 2007

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      * Voice of America reported on Thursday that the European Union
      has told Turkey to deepen its reforms and reform faster. A recent
      report by the union says that limits on free speech are
      undermining Turkey's chances of becoming a full member of the
      The report says that Turkey also needs to reform its judiciary,
      fight corruption and strip the military of its political powers.
      The Voice of America article points out that Turkey entered into
      negotiations with the European Union two years ago, but now
      Turkey's European Union membership bid lies at the core of a
      bitter controversy over how much farther to expand Europe's
      The arrival of European Union leaders opposed to a Turkish
      membership may undermine Europe's end of the bargain. For example,
      the French president Nicholas Sarkozy wants talks put on hold,
      until European leaders agree to his plan for a group of so-called
      "wisemen" to examine Europe's future.

      * The Italian foreign affairs minister Massimo D'Alema has
      reiterated Italy's support for Turkey's membership of the European
      Union provided Turkey makes key concessions on human rights and on
      the status of Cyprus, reports the Italian news agency AKI on
      Mr. D'Alema was speaking at the end of the fourth Turkish-
      Italian forum held in Istanbul on Thursday. Earlier he had talks
      with his Turkish counterpart Ali Babacan during his two-day
      official visit.
      AKI writes that Turkey's negotiations with the European Union
      stalled after the December 2005 Union decision to freeze 8 of 35
      "negotiating chapters" because of Turkey's refusal to open it
      ports to trade with the Greek government of Cyprus.
      Turkey says that it would open its ports when the embargo on the
      Turkish Cypriots lifted as well.

      * The Chinese news agency Xinhua reports that Iraqi army has
      surrounded a large camp in northern Iraq and set up checkpoints.
      The camp is said to be used by the Turkish rebel Kurds.
      In related news Agence France-Presse reports that the Turkish
      President praised the Iraqi Kurds on Wednesday for taking steps
      against Kurdish rebels based in their autonomous region but warned
      that Turkey retains the option of a military strike.

      * Reuters reported on Tuesday that the Turkish President has
      approved a law allowing construction of the country's first set of
      nuclear power plants.
      Turkey imports majority of its energy in the form of oil. The
      nuclear power plants are intended to help avert a serious energy
      shortfall in the fast growing Turkish economy.
      Turkey also signed a $1-billion deal with Iran for the upgrading
      of existing power transmission lines and construction of a fresh
      line between the two countries, despite the US objections.

      * Thompson Financial reports that Turkey's privatization Board
      said on Thursday that it approved the sale of a 51% stake in the
      state run petrochemicals company Petkim to the second highest
      bidder in a July tender.
      The bidder was a consortium of the Azerbaijani oil company
      Socar, Turkey's Turcas and Saudi-based Injaz Projects.
      The highest bidder was a consortium of the Kazakh Caspi Neft and
      Eurasia companies, the Russian bank Troika Dialogue and a number
      of Kazakh investors.
      The tender commission did not give any reason as to why the
      second highest bidder should be given the deal.

      * The Turkish daily Hurriyet reported on Thursday that the
      construction for the center leg of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway,
      dubbed the "Iron Silk Road," began on Wednesday with a
      groundbreaking ceremony in Marabda Station in eastern Georgia
      attended by Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Georgian President
      Mikhail Saakashvili and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.
      During the ceremony, the Turkish President told reporters that
      trains from China will pass through the Caspian region, Baku,
      Azerbaijan, Tbilisi, Georgia and Kars, Turkey and then will arrive
      in Istanbul, after going through the Marmaray Tube currently under
      construction, and then will cross Europe, go underneath the
      English Channel and eventually arrive in London

      * The Turkey-Greece Natural Gas Pipeline, enabling Caspian natural
      gas to reach Europe for the first time, was officially opened on
      Sunday with a ceremony at the Ipsala Customs Area on the Turkish
      Greek border.
      In attendance were Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his Greek
      counterpart Costas Karamanlis, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev,
      Energy and Natural Resources Minister Hilmi Guler, Greek
      Development Minister Christos Folias, Georgian Energy Minister
      Alexander Khetaguri and US Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman,
      reported the Turkish dailies Aksam and Sabah.


      * Anatolia News Agency reports that the "Maiden's Castle" name--
      Kizkalaesi in Turkish-- is registered by the Erdemli Municipality.
      The Kizkalesi castle is in Turkey's Mediterranean city of
      Mersin. It is located 200 yards from the coast. Erdemli Mayor Musa
      Mutlu said that many companies and institutes were using the name
      Kizkalesi as they like. For example, Silifke Municipality has
      launched Kizkalesi as it is located within its own borders and a
      bus company has used the castle's photos on its buses. "We thought
      that all these things were a handicap for the promotion of our
      province and registered it for ten years. From now on, no one will
      be able to claim to be the owner of the Kizkalesi name and use it
      without mentioning Erdemli," he said.
      The Kizkalesi town, once known as Korikos, is located 60
      kilometers west of Mersin. The town attracts attention with its
      climate, landscape and clean sea. Today this coast line is
      considered as one of the hidden treasures of Mediterranean with
      its historical places and its natural beauty. The silhouette of
      the city is formed by the two castles from the Middle Ages, namely
      the Korkos castle and the Maiden's caste.
      Remnants of a bridge stretching from the castle to Korikos can
      be seen under the water.
      The city was mentioned of for the first time when the Syrian
      King Antonius II ( 197 B.C.) conquered its coast.
      The Roman writers Livius, Pilinius, Cicero and the Governor of
      Tarsus also mentioned Korikos in their writings.

      * Close to 25,000 people intrigued by UFO, aliens and other
      extraterrestrial beings have satisfied their curiosity at the UFO
      museum in Turkey's Aegean city of Denizli since it opened in 2005,
      reports the Anatolian News Agfency
      The museum was established in Istanbul in 2002 and opened in
      Denizli in 2005.
      Museum official Kerem Daylan said that the museum was created by
      bringing together the experiences of foreign and local researchers
      and scientists.
      At the museum visitors can browse through the archives of
      organizations that are conducting research on the topic, including
      documents and reports, and, of course, photographs of
      extraterrestrial beings.
      The most popular section is undoubtedly the statue of an alien
      holding a cigarette in its hand, as well as mock ups of flying
      objects and models of relevant archaeological findings.
      Visits to the museum are free.

      * GÜL DEMIR and NIKI GAMM of the Turkish Daily News report that an
      exhibition of Mevlevis artifacts has just opened at the Istanbul
      Research Institute's gallery, spectacular because over the years
      people tended to throw away old Mevlevi garments. 76 pieces were
      gathered from public and private collections and are shown along
      with engravings, photographs, clothing and musical instruments
      from all parts of the lives of the Mevlevis in the Ottoman Empire.
      The boutique display of the Institute's Gallery allows visitors to
      see the pieces on display up close.
      Mevlevis belong to a Sufi order and are commonly known in the
      west as the Whirling dervishes.
      The Istanbul Research Institute is part of a range of culture
      and arts projects that the Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation
      pioneered since its establishment in 2003 in the fields of
      culture, arts, education and healthcare. Özalp Birol, the
      Foundation's General Manager for Culture and Art, is particularly
      enthusiastic about this exhibition because it allows the people of
      Istanbul to see Mevlevi heritage.
      Altimo, a Russian-based telecommunications investment company
      headed by Alexey Reznikovich, sponsors the dervish exhibition.
      Mr. Reznikovich was unable to attend the opening of the
      exhibition but expressed his pleasure at his company's being
      sponsor as it is the Year of Mevlana.
      The exhibition is on display until May 30, 2008.

      * Speaking of Mevlevis, Anatolian news agency reports that
      Whirling dervishes have put on a performance in Spain's capital
      Queen Sofia has visited the Mevlana Museum during her visits to
      Istanbul, the Central Anatolian city of Konya and Cappadocia in
      September. She said the performance she watched in Turkey and
      Spain were both impressive. The head of Istanbul History and
      Turkish Music Association, Ömer Turgul Inançer, presented a
      Spanish translation of Mevlana's work Mesnevi to the Queen.
      Inançer also reminded the queen of her Greek origins and said, "We
      are neighbors." A packed audience of both Turks and Spaniards
      watched the performance.
      The event was organized with the cooperation of the Culture and
      Tourism Ministry and Turkey's Embassy in Madrid as part of
      celebrations on the 800th anniversary of Rumi.

      * The Turkish daily Hurriyet reports that A photography exhibition
      featuring Istanbul's Beykoz district 35 years ago has opened in
      Feridun Karakaya Culture Center in Anadolu Hisari, on the
      Anatolian side of Istanbul. Photographs are taken by Professor
      Kohei Kihara of Japan.
      Now retired from teaching in a university in Tokyo, Professor
      Kihara worked in Istanbul 1970-1973.
      Kihara lived in an apartment in Beykoz in 1971 when he taught at
      the vocational school of marine and fishery products. He was in
      Istanbul thanks to the cooperation of the Turkish and Japanese
      governments. He said he appreciates the Beykoz municipality for
      its support of his exhibition, which consists of 35-year-old
      Kihara, 67, now lives in Japan with his family, but he
      emphasized that he cannot forget his memories in Beykoz. "I feel
      so excited because I am back here again after so many years," he
      said. The exhibition will be open for the next two weeks.

      * Two American women who call Turkey their home, are exhibiting
      their paintings and collages at newly opened Gölcük Municipality
      Art Gallery, an hour drive East of Istanbul, reports Damaris
      Kremida of the Turkish Daily News. The gallery's founder and
      director says Gölcük's response to art and the two artists has
      been moving.
      Karrie Erenoglu, 30, and Rose Deniz, 29, are part of a handful
      of expatriates living in the greater municipality of Kocaeli,
      located just over an hour drive East of Istanbul. Both are married
      to Turkish men. They said that running into each other was
      fortuitous on the one hand, and just a matter of time on the
      other. They moved to Kocaeli around the same time in 2005 and said
      that Turkey affected and inspired their work.
      Deniz, from the Midwest, is formally trained as a painter and
      said her work took a small detour in handbag design before she
      could apply her paintbrush to the canvas.
      An environmental design major from California, Erenoglu said
      that she moved from architecture to jewelry design, which she
      continues part time. It was just last summer that she started
      creating unique mixed media collages.
      Also Erenoglu's love of Ottoman art and Iznik tile work is
      reflected in the patterns of her work. "Motifs of fruits including
      grapes and pomegranates symbolized paradise in Ottoman tradition.
      I enjoy using these ancient and beautiful designs as inspiration
      for my work in contemporary mixed media collage," she said.
      The woman behind the Gölcük Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi, Dilek
      Perçin told the Turkish Daily News that the 12,000 square feet Art
      Gallery was the result of post-earthquake investments in the town,
      but was never used as such until last April.
      The exhibition at the gallery runs through Nov. 25.

      * Dogan News Agency reports that Turkey aims to host 25 million
      tourists in 2008, Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul
      Günay said during the opening of World Travel Market, the world's
      third largest tourism fair, in London.
      Günay, who held a press conference at Turkey's stand at the
      fair, said the country promises more than sea and sand and aims
      for a big increase in the number of tourists visiting the country.
      "Of the 20 million people who came to Turkey this year, only
      100,000 visited Mount Nemrut. Turkey has riches other than sea and
      sand. That is why we give priority to 'four seasons, 12 months'
      tourism campaigns," he said.

      *Anatolian news Agency reports that the statue head of ancient
      Greek god Hades, god of the underworld, has been unearthed in the
      ancient city of Laodiceia near Denizli, a city on Turkey's Aegean
      The unearthing of the finding was announced by Associate
      Professor Celal Simsek who leads the excavations in the ancient
      The excavations have been conducted in the ancient site for five
      years and this year's digs uncovered a large number of marble
      findings in particular, Simsek told the Anatolia news agency.
      "Among the most important findings of this year are the
      Aphrodite of Knidos sculpture, a queen sculpture symbolizing the
      affluence and fertility found in the bath, the Eros sculpture and
      the statue head of Hades. The head is a very skillfully carved
      sculpture," said Simsek.
      In addition to the sculptures, a large number of historical
      artifacts including terracotta cups, bottles, coins, glass and
      metal pieces were also unearthed.
      "We also found ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus' head, which
      revealed the importance the dwellers of the ancient site attached
      to science, art and philosophy. Another finding is the Hellenistic
      period stele for vowing with the figures of a god, two snakes, a
      pine cone and an eagle depicted on it. It is an important finding
      because it is unique," he said.
      Simsek said the excavations have so far uncovered an ancient
      street called Suriye, a central bath, a late-Roman era villa and a
      glass workshop, and the early Roman period necropolis in the
      ancient site. This year's works focused on restoration works in
      Suriye Street while the team plans to revive the Eastern Byzantium
      Gate in 2008.
      Simsek added that the digs carried out in Asopos hill provided
      them important evidences regarding the ancient city's history. "We
      increased the known history of the ancient city from 2,300 years
      to 5,000 years," he said. "The findings indicate that the ancient
      city of Laodiceia was established by the Anatolian people" he
      "Our aim is to establish the city museum where all the findings
      could be displayed. The visitors to the city have already
      increased by 500 percent in 2007. The ancient city was included in
      the tour operators' programs" he said.

      * The 2006 "Balkanika" prize was awarded late Sunday night to
      Turkish writer Tahsin Yücel for his work "Skyscraper" during
      celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the
      "Balkanika" international foundation in Sofia, the Athens news
      agency of Greece reported Monday.
      Yücel is one of the renowned contemporary Turkish writers and
      most prominent translators of science fiction books. He has been
      teaching at the University of Istanbul for many years.
      The other candidates for the prize were Iliet Halitzka from
      Albania, Emil Antreef from Bulgaria, Helen Houzouri from Greece,
      Alexander Prokopiev from the Former Yugoslav Republic of
      Macedonia, Balendin Taskou from Romania and Gordana Tsiarints from
      The "Balkanika" foundation was established in Ohrid by
      intellectuals from seven different Balkan countries: Albania,
      Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.
      The chairman of the foundation, Nikolai Stoyanov, said that the
      foundation never stopped operating, even during the crisis in
      Yugoslavia and the clashes in Kosovo and FYROM.

      * According to the Turkish Daily News the Istanbul State Theatre
      will take their performance of "Idiot House" to China this week.
      The play will run today and tomorrow at the Asian Contemporary
      Art Festival, which takes place in Shanghai's Dramatic Art Center
      and continues until Nov. 30.
      Mehlika Balkan, Erkan Tasdögen, Burak Karaman, Mustafa Ugurlu,
      Kubilay Karslioglu and Tülin Özen are performing in the
      Idiot House follows a group of neighbors who live in a four-
      storey apartment. The landlord is a curious person who lives with
      the strange and peculiar tenants. The lower floor tenant hangs
      himself because his business collapses.
      The apartment is built on the seashore, which was heavily built
      to create a village. The play features a boat which sank in a
      storm many years ago and the boat crew was lost to the depths of
      the sea. The dead come back to earth for new adventures after the
      suicide of the failed businessman.

      * Turkish Daily News reports that the 31st International Cairo
      Film Festival, will host recent Turkish films "Adam and the
      Devil", "The Edge of Heaven", "Last of the Ottomans" and "Police".
      The film festival will be held in Cairo from Nov. 27 to Dec. 7.
      The Turkish artists Nurgül Yesilçay and Cem Özer, who star in the
      film "Adam and the Devil," are on the jury.
      The festival is organized with the support of the Ministry of
      Culture of Egypt. This year's guest of honor is the world-famous
      Egyptian film actor Omar Sharif.

      * The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has allocated $33,000
      for restoration works in the church of St. Nicholas in Antalya's
      Demre township, reports the Turkish Daily News.
      Archaeologist and designer, Ridvan Isler, who is working on the
      restoration of the wall paintings inside the St. Nicholas Church
      for more then 10 years now, traveled to Ankara to meet officials
      from the responsible ministries.
      The urgent works include the repairing of the roof, building a
      path to protect the marbles at the entrance, repairing the pumps
      that remove the rainwater and protecting the paintings from
      sunlight and humidity. While the urgent restorations are scheduled
      to be completed in a short period of time, the plans for the long-
      term projects will continue.

      * Einstein, The father of relativity had a magnetic charm around
      women and received so-so report cards in grade school. Like a pop-
      science concoction, an exhibition about Albert Einstein's private
      life as well as his scientific discoveries has landed in Istanbul.
      One can peruse intimate details of the life and work of the
      famed physicist at Istanbul's Maslak Dogus Power Center. The
      exhibition, covering a 280,000-square-feet area, was first opened
      in the Museum of Natural History in the United States in 2002 and
      has since traveled to Chicago, Boston, Ottawa, Jerusalem and
      The Einstein exhibition will be open through March 2008.

      * Western classical music met the tantalizing harmonies of the
      Baglama, writes the Turkish Daily News. A Unique Baglama Concerto
      written by renowned soloist Murat Yildirim and performed with The
      Thames Philharmonic Orchestra was performed on Nov. 17 at St.
      John's Church in London.
      Baglama is one of the most delicate of Turkish instruments. It
      is a string instrument that has a prominent place in
      Turkish/Anatolian folk music. With its unique sound and playing
      techniques has influenced the region's music for many centuries.
      Yildirim has performed with many Turkish singers and
      participated in London-community concerts since 1986. In March
      2004, Yildirim and his orchestra Mozaik London performed at the
      Royal Festival Hall -- the first local Turkish orchestra ever to
      appear there. BBC 3 Radio and many local radio stations in London
      broadcast the concert.
      Yildirim aims to use his music to set a positive example for
      children living in deprived areas of Britain, as an alternative
      way of life to that of gang and drug culture.

      * The International Bead and Beadwork Conference opened Thursday
      in Istanbul. The conference, which will continue through Nov. 25,
      will be held in the Istanbul Archeological Museum and Kadir Has
      University's Rezan Has Museum.
      As part of the conference there are nearly 100 beadworks on
      display, bringing together different geographic, cultural,
      archaeological and artistic works from various countries.
      One can peruse a one-and-a-quarter-inch beadwork for at least 15
      minutes because the beads not only have patterns on them, but they
      also have detailed works of art such as a view of a forest in the
      fall, a woman's face and a Japanese fish meeting in a narrow

      * According to the Turkish Daily News, Director Fatih Akin's
      multiple-award winning film "The Edge of Heaven" premiered Sunday
      night in London.
      After the screening of the film, Akin replied to questions. When
      asked if there was any difference between Turkey in "The Edge of
      Heaven" and in his other film "Against the Wall", Akin said it was
      not an intentional thing, adding that he and Turkey were both
      undergoing a change.
      "The Edge of Heaven" is Akin's most recent film. The film won
      the "Best Screenplay Award" at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

      * "World Grandparents Day" will be celebrated for the first time
      in the world in Turkey. The day chosen for World Grandparents Day
      is Feb. 8. The aim is to bring together grandchildren and
      grandparents in Turkey with special tour packages

      * Turkish pianist Fazil Say is the composer of the music for the
      Japanese cartoon "Pianist Wolfie." Besides composing for the film,
      Mr. Say's finger movements were turned into a wolf's paw for the
      Mr. Say, who gave life to the wolf, the leading character in the
      film, watched the film in Japan during its world tour and liked it
      very much. He was also happy that Japanese people liked his
      compositions, daily Milliyet reported.

      * Anatolia News Agency reports the fifth International Turkey
      Gastronomy Festival and Food Competition is being held in the
      Mediterranean city of Antalya.
      The festival that started on Wednesday is hosting many chefs and
      students from universities teaching tourism at the Sabanci
      Congress and Fair Center.
      On its first day, competitions on pastry, carving vegetables,
      making bread, world cuisine and ethnic sauces were held.
      Presentation of the food was the most important thing for the
      competitors. Chairman of the Turkey Professional Cuisine Managers
      Foundation (PMYD) Ali Riza Dölkeles said they want to turn this
      festival into an international brand and added, "we want Antalya
      to have a second international festival, after the international
      Golden Orange Film Festival. Chefs have been taking the flavors of
      Turkish cuisine abroad for so many years."
      Turkey Professional Cuisine Managers Foundation has organized
      the festival.


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * EuroCup 2008 Qualifying Round

      Turkey and Greece advance to the Final Phase
      Pts GP W D L GF GA
      Greece 31 12 10 1 1 25 10
      Turkey 24 12 7 3 2 25 11
      ------------EURO2008 Finals -----------
      Norway 23 12 7 2 3 27 11
      Bosnia-Herzegovina 16 12 4 1 6 16 21
      Moldova 12 12 3 3 6 12 19
      Hungary 12 12 4 0 7 11 22
      Malta 5 12 1 2 9 10 31

      * Turcell Superleague
      Week 13 Matches
      Sivasspor Kayserispor
      Genclerbirligi Oftas Besiktas
      Istanbul BB 0 - 2 Denizlispor
      Gaziantepspor GenClerbirligi
      FenerbahCe BB Ankaraspor
      Caykur Rizespor Kasimpasa
      Bursaspor Konyaspor
      MKE AnkaragUcU Manisaspor
      Trabzonspor Galatasaray
      G W D L GF GA Pts
      1 Galatasaray 12 8 4 0 24 8 28
      2 Sivasspor 12 9 1 2 23 9 28
      3 FenerbahCe 12 6 4 2 18 12 22
      4 Be$ikta$ 12 6 3 3 14 11 21
      5 Kayseri 12 5 5 2 18 13 20
      6 MKE AnkaragUcU 12 5 3 4 14 14 18
      7 Denizlispor 12 5 3 4 18 15 18
      8 Istanbul BB 12 5 3 4 16 12 18
      9 GenClerbirliGi 12 5 2 5 14 12 17
      10 Trabzonspor 12 4 4 4 14 13 16
      11 Konyaspor 12 4 4 4 14 21 16
      12 Gaziantepspor 12 4 2 6 14 16 14
      13 VESTEL Manisa 12 3 4 5 17 20 13
      14 Bursaspor 12 2 6 4 12 14 12
      15 CAYKUR Rize 12 3 1 8 11 25 10
      16 GenClerbirliGi 12 2 3 7 14 20 9
      17 Ankaraspor 12 1 5 6 9 15 8
      18 KasImpa$a 12 2 1 9 8 22 7

      * Turkish Basketball

      Round 7
      Efes P. - Besiktas 77-93
      Beykoz - TED Koleji 74-76
      Galatasaray - Darussafaka 88-50
      T.Telekom - Alpella 97-66
      Kepez Bld - Mersin 72-64
      Oyak Renault - Banvit 70-73
      Selcuk Uni. - Antalya 91-88
      Fenerbahce - Karsiyaka 93-85

      1. T.Telekom 6-1
      2. Fenerbahce 5-2
      3. Galatasaray 5-2
      4. Karsiyaka 5-2
      5. Besiktas 5-2
      6. Efes P. 4-3
      7. Antalya 3-4
      8. Banvitspor 3-4
      9. Beykoz 3-4
      10. Mersin 3-4
      11. Selcuk Uni. 3-4
      12. Kepez Bld 3-4
      13. Alpella 3-4
      14. TED Koleji 3-4
      15. Darussafaka 1-6
      16. Oyak Renault 1-6


      Hidayet Turkoglu stats

      Orlando 105 - 92 Charlotte 16 pts 7 reb 6 asst 40 min
      Orlando 110 - 128 San Anotnio 26 pts 5 reb 5 asst 42 min
      Orlando 88 - 95 New Orleans 15 pts 7 reb 4 asst 39 min
      Orlando 104 - 102 Boston 16 pts 6 reb 1 asst 39 min

      Mehmet Okur stats

      Utah 99 - 71 Charlotte 12 pts 5 reb 3 asst 29 min
      Utah 102 - 75 New Jersey 14 pts 7 reb 1 asst 27 min


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      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

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      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M.

      *** Santa Rosa Junior College is exhibiting textiles from the Turkish

      "From Tent to Palace: Textiles of Central Asia and Turkey"
      Where: SRJC Art Gallery

      This exhibit introduces to the public the historic
      aesthetic sensibilities of the Turkic Islamic world as
      it extended from Central Asia to Anatolia and from
      tent to palace among nomadic and settled peoples. It
      presents the colors, forms, and patterns of an Islamic
      culture that prefigured modernity but that often
      survives to inform aesthetic sensibilities in the

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