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x0x Turkish news for week ending 06 October 2007

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 06 October 2007

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      Edited by Gokce Gokalp

      * Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister and chief negotiator for European Union talks Ali
      Babacan traveled to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on Thursday.
      Following a meeting with Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Mehmet Ali
      Talat, Mr. Babacan told reporters that no one should expect one-sided initiatives from
      Turkey to open its airports and harbors to the Greek Cypriots.
      He stressed that Turkey has proposed a mutual lifting of sanctions, but there has been
      no positive response from the other side to this.
      The Turkish side wants a solution on the island and is making efforts towards this end,
      he added. For his part, Talat said they favored resuming comprehensive talks with the
      Greek Cypriots and that he would tell the UN secretary-general this when they meet later
      this month.
      In addition, Mr. Babacan visited former President of the Turkish Republic of Northern
      Cyprus Rauf Denktas reported the daily Star.

      * According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, top political parties are working together to avoid
      a possible legal snag should next month's referendum be approved.
      With the support of opposition parties, including the Republican People's Party and
      Nationalist Movement Party, the ruling Justice and Development Party has proposed
      striking Articles 18 and 19 from the Oct. 21 referendum, which could trigger a need to
      reelect the current president, even though Mr. Abdullah Gul was just elected in August.
      Turkish Parliament is expected to the debate the changes next week.

      * Members of the rebel Kurdish organization Kurdish Workers Party opened fire on a
      minivan in the southeastern province of Sirnak over the weekend, killing 13.
      The terrorists ambushed the minivan, carrying 14 people to the village of Besagac, last
      The assault claimed the lives of seven village guards, five construction workers and one
      young child, while wounding two others, all also ethnic Kurds. The wounded were taken
      to Sirnak Military Hospital and Beytussebap State Hospital.
      Turkey's President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Parliament
      Speaker Koksal Toptan all issued messages condemning the attack.

      * Speaking at a traditional fast-breaking Iftar dinner of the Turkish Businessmen's and
      Industrialists' Confederation, US Ambassador to Turkey Ross Wilson stated that he
      mourned those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in Sirnak and Izmir.
      according to the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet the US ambassador said:.
      'The truth is that even Turkey's friend the US isn't doing all it can to fight the terrorist
      Kurdish Workers Party. But I am confident that President Bush also attaches importance
      to ending Al-Queda and other terrorist organizations.' He added, 'We're on the same
      page on the terrorist Kurdish Workers Party issue. We have a great role both in capturing
      the terrorist Kurdish Workers Party leader and cutting off financial aid to terrorism. But we
      know that that's not enough.'

      * In related news, According to the daily Turkiye, the US Embassy issued a statement on
      Wednesday condemning Saturday's Kurdish Workers Party terrorist attack in Sirnak.
      'We were deeply saddened and shocked to learn of Saturday's bus attack in Sirnak and
      we categorically condemn the perpetrators of this brutal act of terrorism,' said the
      'Our sympathies go out to the families and friends of the 12 victims killed in the attack.
      The United States remains a staunch supporter of Turkey's efforts to combat the
      Kurdish Workers Party and terrorism in all its forms.

      * The Associated Press reports that a Turkish court sentenced a Turkish teen to 18 years
      in prison for killing a Catholic priest in the Black Sea region of Turkey.
      The 16-year-old youth was angry at the publication in European newspapers of
      caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.


      Edited by Hilal Koc

      * The 10th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival started October 2 and will
      continue through Sunday in Istanbul.
      This year's theme is "To Remember." Gazeteci Erol Dernek, Ayhan I$Ik and Fuat
      Uzunay streets, running parallel to Istiklal Street in Begoglu district, are host to various
      activities such as concerts and exhibits during the day and at night as well.
      Parties are being held during the evenings.Films in the 1001 Documentary Film Festival
      will be screened at Beyoglu Movie Theater, Ataturk Cultural Center in Taksim, Italian
      Cultural Center in Tepeba$I, TarIk Zafer Tunaya Cultural Center in Tunel and NazIm
      Hikmet Cultural Center in KadIkoy. Entrance is free of charge.
      The festival is being organized by Turkey's Association of Documentary Filmmakers.
      For more information about the organization visit http://www.bsb.org.tr

      * A new extensive display celebrating the Italian orientalists in Ottoman lands will open
      On October 3, the director of the Italian Cultural Center in Istanbul, Turkish Parliament's
      National Palaces Department representative Taner KIsa, and the project's coordinator
      Erol Makzume, held a press conference at the Italian Cultural Center to introduce the
      “After the great success of Fausto Zonaro and Leonardo de Mango exhibits in previous
      years, we have decided to hold a similar event,” said Attilio De Gasperis, the director of
      the Italian Cultural Center in Istanbul.
      The exhibition opened at 7:30 p.m. on October 6 at the Dolmabahce Palace's Receiving
      Hall with the attendance of Turkish Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan and Italian
      Ambassador to Turkey Carlo Marsili.
      The exhibition consists of 550 paintings by 43 artists. “It is very extensive. There are
      paintings by very well known artists, but then there are some by lesser known ones.
      There are paintings that will be displayed for the very first time,” said de Gasperis. He
      added the exhibition was significant as it showed well the political and cultural exchange
      between Italy and Turkey.
      The coordinator of the exhibition, Mr. Maksume, has collaborated with the TopkapI
      Palace, the Pera Museum, the Turkish Military Museum, the National Palaces, and more
      than 30 private collectors to acquire the works of art. There are nearly 145 pieces of art in
      the exhibition. They are watercolors and oil paintings. “The artworks obtained from the
      government and private museums as well as personal collections are an indication of the
      importance our country gives to Italian culture and art,” said Mr. Maksume.
      He said they have especially chosen to showcase the works of Italian orientalists, as
      they have been very effective in Ottoman times and that many were also teachers.
      “There are also many works with documentary values, especially in watercolor works,” he
      added. De Gasperis agreed, and said: “There used to be many influential Italians in
      Ottoman times, architects, doctors… They could not find themselves a place in Italy
      because of political reasons and they came [to Istanbul escaped at. This exhibition is
      very important for us. This is why our ambassador, Carlo Marsili, will also be attending
      the opening.”
      The exhibition will remain open until November 4 and can be visited everyday free of
      charge, except on Mondays and Thursdays, when the Palace is closed to visitors.

      * An online film contest calling for entries that tell of the American Muslim experience will
      have celebrity judges, including Danny Glover and Mariane Pearl. The "One Nation,
      Many Voices" competition started taking submissions of films lasting five minutes or less
      Tuesday. The goal is to bring attention to experiences that show what all Americans have
      in common, and to challenge stereotypes, said the event's promoters.
      "For all of us living in the U.S., there's certainly more that unites us than separates us,"
      said Kim Spencer, president of news and culture channel Link TV, which announced the
      competition along with One Nation, a collaborative that seeks to use the media to
      challenge stereotypes of Muslims.
      Categories include drama, comedy, documentary, and animation/music. There are also
      separate categories for films of one minute or less and videos produced by youth. Entries
      must be submitted by November 25.
      Viewers will be able to vote online until November 30 to select finalists, which will then
      be evaluated by a panel of judges. The winner will be awarded a $20,000 cash prize as
      well as a debut on Link TV.
      Pearl is the widow of journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and murdered by
      Islamic extremists while reporting for the Wall Street Journal in Pakistan in 2002. "A
      Mighty Heart," the film about her ordeal after the kidnapping, opened in June.

      * Golturkbuku, one of the pristine beach towns along the famed southwestern Turkish
      bay, will join in on the Coast Rearrangement project over the fall and winter months. The
      docks along the beach town will be torn down and after the project is completed, Mayor
      Halil Ibrahim Kaynar said the coasts will be open to the public once again.
      Mayor Kaynar said the municipality would rearrange Bodrum's Turkbuku coasts that are
      very famous among local and foreign tourists. He said there were some problems
      regarding Turkbuku coasts and the goal of the project was to solve these problems. “We
      will destroy 30 docks on the coast of Turkbuku. After the demolition, a road-widening
      project will be put into effect and roads will be repaired. Our coast will be nicer and
      cleaner,” said the mayor.

      * The Justice Mansion in Edirne, built by the renowned Ottoman architect Sinan in 1561
      during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, is set to become a museum,
      reported the Anatolia news agency.
      The Mayor of Edirne Nusret Miroglu says: “People want to enter when they see this
      magnificent structure but they are disappointed when they learn that it is closed to the
      public. That is why the Justice Mansion will turn into a museum and open to people as
      soon as possible”.
      Located in Edirne's Sarayici district, the Justice Mansion, where the historic KIrkpInar oil
      wrestling competition takes place, is a very significant structure due to the fact that it is
      the only section of the Ottoman's New Palace, which still survives.

      * Giresun, located in the northern Black Sea region of Turkey is set to become a new
      tourist destination.
      GolyanI Plateau in Giresun province's YaglIdere Township has a beautifal lake,
      authentic plateau houses and many other natural beauties.
      YaglIdere Administrative Director Ahmet Dilsiz said the GolyanI Plateau between SInIr
      and Ye$ipInar villages was a haven that was discovered 10 years ago in the eastern
      Black Sea region. He said, “The plateau that is surrounded by trees and has been
      declared a natural protected area last year. We believe that it will be a favored spot for
      eco tourism in a very short time.”
      Mr. Dilsiz said there were nearly 50 authentic plateau houses in the area, and added,
      “construction is under strict control in GolyanI Plateau. We have initiated some projects to
      make the plateau a tourism spot. We have solved the electricity problem first and now we
      are working to solve the problem of transportation. We have also started cleaning up the
      lake that dries up in the summer months. We are preparing a project to bring water from
      a nearby resource to the lake” said Mr. Dilsiz.

      * Two American artists are exhibiting their works in Turkey's Aegean town of Bodrum.
      Sara Mast and Terry Karson's exhibition is titled "Impressions from Turkey".
      The two artists have been conducting research in Turkey since 2004. They say their
      works reflect the Turkish culture that has come down from the history of the civilizations
      that flourished for millenniums in the Anatolian peninsula. Thus they incorporate themes
      from the designs of the Turkish carpets, drawings from the 10,000 year old settlement at
      Catalhoyuk to the ancient Caria.
      Mast and Karson are saying that they will later tell "stories from the Anatolia" back in the
      The exhibit will start October 13 and will be on through October 31 at the Ender Guzey
      Museum from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
      See http://www.saramast.com/ for Ms. Mast's works.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: 1.18


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 77/52 Overcast
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 86/64 Decreasing
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 75/63 Overcast
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 81/64 Decreasing
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 72/64 Light Showers

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 75
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 68
      Aegean Sea measured at Bodrum 73
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Alanya 79


      *** Nobel prize winner Turkish author Orhan Pamuk will be in
      San Francisco on October 17.

      He will be speaking in the evening JCC San Francisco,
      and we will be giving out a pair of tickets on the air on our
      October 13 broadcast.

      Be sure to tune in to the Turkish cultural program here on

      *** Turkish American Association of California is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      e-mail them at taac@...

      *** Planning to go to Turkey? Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
      travelers like yourselves:


      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to
      International Cultural Program.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M.

      *** Bay Area Turkish Community School has started for 2007-08
      school year :

      Hope to see the Turkish-American children (5-12 years of age)
      and their families who would like to register at the
      Hillview Community Center in Los Altos.

      The address for the Hillview Community Center is:

      Room 16
      97 Hillview Avenue
      Los Altos, CA 94022

      *** The East Bay Turkish community school is also starting at
      UC Berkeley campus. If you are interested drop us an
      e-mail at
      TRH (at)turkradio (dot) US

      *** CALL to win a pair of tickets for Semah Performance,
      Berkeley, 05-06 Oct. 07

      Yore Dance Ensemble presents Semah
      Friday, October 5, 8:00 PM
      Saturday, October 6, 8:00 PM

      Julia Morgan Center for the Arts
      2640 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704

      Semah is a ritual dance that forms an integral part of the Alevi
      religious ceremonies in Anatolia. This unique performance
      will be staged by nationally-acclaime d Artistic Director
      Ahmet Luleci, and based on material collected from the
      native Alevi-Bektashi community from several different
      regions of Turkey.

      For Advanced and Door Ticket Prices call:

      CBON Ticket Line 925.798.1300


      Visit http://www.yoredance.org/

      *** Turkish Students Association at Berkeley will be having its first event on Thursday
      October 11th from 6-8pm at 109 Dwinelle. We will be showing "Babam Ve Oglum," a
      Turkish film made in 2005 that has garnered rave reviews. Come take a break from life
      and join us in watching this classic. Admission price is $1.

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