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x0x A pleasant destination: Olympos

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    x0x A pleasant destination: Olympos ISTANBUL Turkish Daily News After passing Phaselis on the Antalya - Kumluca road, Olympos appears amid the pine trees near
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2007
      x0x A pleasant destination: Olympos

      ISTANBUL Turkish Daily News

      After passing Phaselis on the Antalya - Kumluca
      road, Olympos appears amid the pine trees near the
      turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

      Olympos is under the protection of conservation
      laws implemented in the area to hinder the
      development of mass tourism, making it unique as a
      natural paradise for everyone to enjoy. The
      environment is home to many indigenous plants and
      an abundance of wildlife. The last conqueror of
      the ancient city was, and still is the nature that
      can be seen today. To walk around the ruins is a
      wonderful exploration where ancient civilizations
      mingle with the aromatic smells of the bay and
      pine trees. The spectacular beach is not just home
      to many a sun worshipper. During dreamy summer
      nights the loggerhead turtle returns to her natal
      beach to nest before returning to her graceful
      undersea world. Olympos is now the destination of
      those seeking tranquility in aesthetically
      pleasing surroundings. Although it is all so easy
      to get submerged in a place steeped in such
      history, it has to be remembered that it is not
      just the past that attracts people to Olympos. The
      translucent water of the Mediterranean is too
      tempting to resist. A swimsuit is an absolute must
      when visiting. Peering into the depths of the sea
      from a boat the pebbles appear within hands reach.
      They're probably 20 feet away from the tip of the
      finger! Looking up from the seashore, the city's
      ancient acropolis is clearly visible on the side
      of the mountain.

      Those who wish to rid themselves of the salt after
      swimming should paddle in the stream that flows
      through the valley, and then meanders through
      Lycian ruins, before eventually reaching the sea.
      Whilst strolling through the ice-cold stream a
      sarcophagus comes into sight amid the ruins of the
      city. The sarcophagus is that of Captain Eudomos
      there is an embossed boat figure and an
      inscription in his memory. The path that cuts
      through the pine forest leads to a Roman temple.
      Origin of the Olympian Fire Chimera (Cirali)
      Chimera is eight kilometers from Olympos.
      Scientists are as mystified as the people of
      ancient times as to how fire spontaneously erupts
      from holes in the mountain. Chimera was another
      Lycian city, and is named after the mythological
      son of Typhon. Legend has it that Bellerophon, who
      mounted Pegasus and bombarded the Chimera with
      molten lead, killed the Chimera. From a realistic
      viewpoint, the most logical reason for the flames
      is that it is natural gas seeping through cracks
      in the earth although scientists are still unable
      to discover the compounds of the gases. The
      mythological reason for the fires is far more
      interesting than the scientific one let the
      visitor decide!

      To truly appreciate the effects of the Chimera it
      is best to visit the area in the evening. The
      almost pyrotechnic effect is most impressive
      during the hours of darkness. Looking away from
      the magic of the fires there is the added bonus of
      spectacular views of the Lycian ruins above.

      The neighboring coast once home to the ancient
      Lycians is an open air archaeological museum with
      many interesting sites located in a beautiful and
      unspoiled landscape easily accessible from Çirali.

      For those who enjoy walking, the area offers
      plenty of opportunities for short or longer treks
      to experience a full taste of the local natural
      beauty and wildlife and discover remote historical
      sites. The Lycian Road running from Antalya to
      Fethiye and passing through Çirali is a recent
      project, which has marked trekking paths (over
      500km) retracing the ancient roads across the
      hills and the bays.

      Where to stay

      Blue Paradise: 0 242 825 7013 Double room: YTL

      Deniz Kizi: 0 242 825 7238 Double room: YTL 120
      including dinner.

      Grand Aygün: 0 242 825 7144 Double room: YTL 75.

      Hotel Lykia Edrassa: 0 242 883 1322 Double room
      with full board: YTL 140

      Turkmen Tree Houses 0 242 892 1249


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