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x0x Side: a natural and historical paradise

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    [See more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Side ] x0x Side: a natural and historical paradise Thursday, July 12, 2007 Side is a popular vacation destination,
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      [See more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Side ]

      x0x Side: a natural and historical paradise

      Thursday, July 12, 2007

      Side is a popular vacation destination, famous for
      spectacular sightseeing places such as the river
      Koprucay, Manavgat Waterfall and ancient Roman

      ANKARA - Turkish Daily news

      Side is an ancient maritime city in Pamphylia, the
      region from the Mediterranean to Mount Taurus.
      Located near the Mediterranean villages of
      Manavgat and Selimiye in Antalya, this city was
      the seat of some of the most important ancient
      civilizations. With a visit to Side today, you
      will discover not only this history but also the
      striking natural beauty of this region.

      Founded in the seventh century B.C., Side's
      natural geography made it the most important place
      in Pamphylia. With its good harbor for small-craft
      boats, Side became one of the most important trade
      centers of its time.

      Alexander the Great, ancient Greek king, formed
      much of the history of the city. His occupation in
      330 B.C. introduced the people of Side to the
      Hellenistic culture of the Greeks. Most of the
      present-day ruins of the city reflect another
      significant periodthe reign of Roman Emperor
      Augustus. Under his rule, Side enjoyed a
      prosperous period as a commercial center in

      Side today:

      Today, Side is a popular vacation destination,
      famous for spectacular sites such as the river
      Koprucay, Manavgat Waterfall, and the ancient
      Roman ruins.

      Koprucay and Manavgat rivers offer perfect routes
      for rafting. Manavgat Waterfall, several
      kilometers away from Manavgat, is best viewed from
      a high altitude. Shady tea gardens nearby provide
      a pleasant resting place for tourists visiting the

      The ruins of ancient Side include a Roman-style
      theater complex which was used for gladiator
      fights and later as a church; well-preserved city
      walls; a monumental gate dating back to the second
      century; old Roman baths; an agora where pirates
      used to sell slaves; the early Roman Temple of
      Dionysus next to the theater; a fountain and the
      remains of a Byzantine Basilica.

      Aspendos, located beside the river Koprucay, is
      another remarkable site renowned for its
      magnificent ancient amphitheater, while Side
      Museum, restored from an ancient bath, displays
      findings unearthed during excavations of the city.

      Tourism agencies in Side organize regular tours to
      other historic and natural spots nearby, such as
      Jeep Safari tours to the Toros mountains.

      Don't leave Side without visiting the Side ruins
      and museum, viewing Manavgat Waterfall, and eating

      Where to stay:

      * Grand Hotel Artside: Five-star hotel. Double
      room costs YTL 110. Tel: 0 242 763 86 50

      * Sedef Hotel Side: Three-star hotel. Double room
      costs YTL 55. Tel: 0 212 458 80 70/Icem tour

      * Yukser Mansion: Located in the ancient city of
      Side. Double room costs YTL 45. Tel: 0 242 753 20

      Where to eat:

      Yakamoz Restaurant: The restaurant serves
      delicious appetizers and fish dishes. Tel: 0 242
      756 92 30

      Toros Restaurant: One of the best seaside
      restaurants offering, various kinds of fish, meat,
      and luscious appetizers. Tel:0242 753 20 05

      AyI$IgI Restaurant: This restaurant serves fish,
      chicken, meat, kebab and a variety of cold and hot
      appetizers. The magnificent scenery of the huge
      and lovely green garden accompanies the tasty
      meals. The prices are quite moderate. Tel: 0242
      753 14 00


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      is redistributed with permission for personal use
      of TurkC-L readers. No part of this article may be
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      without the prior permission of the publisher.
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