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x0x Turkish news for week ending 02 June 2007

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 02 June 2007

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      Edited by Gokce Gokalp

      * In its second round of voting on a constitutional amendment package on
      Thursday, Turkish Parliament passed a host of changes, including election
      of the president directly by the people, by 370 votes. The package was
      vetoed by President Ahmet Necdet Sezer last month and sent back to
      Other changes in the package include holding general elections at least
      every four years, not five, and reducing the term of presidents from seven
      years to five while allowing two terms. The amendments would also set a
      parliamentary quorum of one-third of the deputies.
      In related news, the Republican People's Party deputy group leader Ali
      Topuz stated that his Party could appeal to the Constitutional Court to
      annul the vote, which he called unconstitutional, reported the daily
      newspaper Sabah.

      * Addressing the nation on television for the last time before general
      elections set for July 22, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
      pointed to the importance of the polls and called on everyone to cast
      their ballots.
      Mr. Erdogan stressed that it shouldn't be forgotten that political
      parties were competing with one another and that the final decision
      belonged to the people.
      "Governments are temporary, but the nation, flag and homeland last
      forever" stated Mr. Erdogan. The premier further stressed that there are
      global power struggles taking place near Turkey, adding, "These conditions
      of our region make our country important" according to the daily newspaper

      * Speaking at a pres conference on Wednesday, Turkish Constitutional Court
      Chief Justice Tulay Tugcu stated that the court's recent ruling leading to
      an aborted presidential election was open to criticism, but that such
      criticisms should be legal, scholarly and based on the Constitution.
      The court ruled that the Turkish parliament did not have the quorum at
      its sessions to elect the president after the opposition boycotted the
      elections and did not attend the parliament.
      She stressed that in democracies, the powers and responsibilities of all
      institutions are spelled out.
      Ms. Tugcu added that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's criticisms of
      the court's ruling were incompatible with the responsibility and
      seriousness he should display as a statesman reported the daily newspaper

      * In related news, on Wednesday, main opposition Republican People's Party
      leader Deniz Baykal criticized Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's
      recent remarks about the Constitutional Court ruling, which resulted in an
      aborted presidential election, reported daily newspaper Cumhuriyet.
      "The prime minister is hurting stability," stated Mr. Baykal.
      "First of all, the prime minister has a very serious problem of wording.
      He has an appearance, which is imposing and divorced from common sense.
      His remarks show that he has shed the last vestige of civilized
      understanding. Turkey has a problem with the prime minister. The main
      wrecker of stability mentioned by everybody is the prime minister. For the
      first time in the republic's history, a high court has filed a criminal
      complaint against a prime minister," Mr. Baykal added.

      * On Tuesday Democrat Party leader Mehmet Agar and Motherland Party leader
      Erkan Mumcu appeared before the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's
      Association as part of its series of meetings with political leaders ahead
      of July's general elections.
      Opening the meeting, Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's
      Association Chairwoman Arzuhan Dogan Yalcindag stated that preparations
      for election of the president directly by the people are being rushed and
      that the issue should be given greater consideration reported the daily
      newspaper Milliyet.
      Currently presidents in Turkey are elected by the Turkish parliament.
      Taking questions from Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's
      Association members, Mr. Agar stated that an extensive debate about the
      presidential election process is needed to reach a consensus, adding that
      the Constitution would be changed to allow election by popular vote.
      Mr. Mumcu spoke about economic issues and criticized the floating
      exchange rate policy.
      Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's Association had its first
      meeting in the series with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week.

      * US Ambassador to Turkey Ross Wilson stated on Monday that an airspace
      violation last week by US jets in Turkey's southeastern province of
      Hakkari bordering Iraq was due to pilot error.
      In addition, Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Gul told
      reporters that his ministry would take up the matter after they are fully
      informed by the General Staff about the incident.
      Mr. Gul also stated that from time to time such violations can happen in
      border areas, reported the daily newspaper Milliyet.

      * On Tuesday, The Turkish Foreign Ministry delivered a diplomatic note to
      the US concerning the violation even though the US described as
      The note was delivered to a US Embassy official at a working-level
      meeting, contrary to media expectations that it would be handed to the
      ambassador himself so as to highlight Turkey's anger over the incident,
      reported the daily Zaman.

      * According to The New Anatolian newspaper, German Foreign Affairs
      Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier declared that Europe needs Turkey on
      Stating that Turkey has assumed the role of a bridge between Europe and
      the Middle East, the German Foreign Affairs Minister dismissed as a
      baseless allegations that Turkey's negotiations with the European Union
      would end in failure.
      Speaking before the opening ceremony of the Europe-Asia Meeting attended
      by Foreign Affairs Ministers from 26 EU and 16 Asian countries, Mr.
      Steinmeier stated that Europe needs Turkey.
      He added that the Turkish reform process must continue.


      Edited by Hilal Koc

      * Istanbul Modern hosts Andreas Gursky, a German photographer, who holds
      the record for the highest amount earned by a living photographer for a
      photograph. The retrospective exhibition of the globally renowned Gursky
      kicked off yesterday and will continue until August 26.
      Organized by the Haus der Kunst in Munich, and with the contribution of
      Merrill Lynch, WestLB, Turkish German Businessmen Cultural Foundation,
      Goethe Institut Istanbul, it will reflect at length Gursky's 23-year-old
      career through 35 photographs. Haus der Kunst chief curator Thomas Weski
      is curating Gursky's exhibition.
      The importance of this exhibition is not only Gursky's first large
      personal exhibition in Turkey but also the first comprehensive
      retrospective of a contemporary, international artist at Istanbul Modern.
      The selection of works in the exhibition displays Gursky's unique vision
      of the diverse geographies of the world. Of these photographs, 30 are
      recent works made after his highly acclaimed retrospective at The Museum
      of Modern Art in New York in 2001.
      In their breadth, audacity, color and startling perspectives, these
      works give a comprehensive view of Gursky's work extending from 1984 until
      In the late 1980s, Gursky began taking photographs of structures in
      cities such as Tokyo, Cairo, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Starting in 1988,
      he began enlarging the dimensions of his photographs and by the 1990s, was
      using the largest photographic paper available on the market. The
      beginning of this decade saw him start to collate a number of photographic
      sheets, creating images of a previously unknown size.

      * Musical summer nights await the Turkish capital Ankara's music
      The "Smile Trio" will entertain Ankara music fans with colorful music
      and stage shows at Sheraton Ankara all through June and July. The trio,
      which consists of Enriko, Irena and Svetlana, has a wide repertoire
      ranging from the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s music to tango; from waltz to
      samba; from rock and roll to reggae and from disco to swing and current
      popular music.
      Using mostly keyboard and percussion in their performances, the trio has
      so far performed in numerous countries such as Switzerland, Norway,
      Finland and Germany with a multilingual repertoire including English,
      German, Greek and Norwegian.
      The trio will be at the Copper Club at Sheraton Ankara everyday from
      10:30 p.m. to 2:15 a.m. except Sundays. They will also perform everyday
      from 6:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. at the Lobby Bar except Sundays.

      * Turkey's southeastern city of Mardin, which doesn't even have a movie
      theater, will host a film festival.
      Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Mardin Municipality Cultural
      Director Mehmet Baran said the second SineMardin Film Festival would be
      held from June 1-5. Mr. Baran said SineMardin Film Festival would feature
      award winning national and international short and long films.
      "There will be 11 long and more than 20 short films at the festival as
      well as various activities such as theaters, exhibitions and concerts.
      Most of the activities will be held in historical places of the city,"
      said Mr. Baran.
      Among the films to be screened at the festival are Jasmila Zbanic's
      "Grbavica: Esma's Secret," Miyazaki Goro's "Tales from Earthsea," Nuri
      Bilge Ceylan's "Climates," and Kim Ki-Duk's "Time."
      Mr. Baran said many television series had been shot in recent years in
      Turkey's historical places including Mardin, and that a panel discussion
      titled "Mardin as a Film Stage" will be held to discuss television series.
      He said Mardin Municipality and southeastern Anatolia Cultural
      Inheritance and Tourism Development Union organized the panel discussion
      to be attended by officials from the Turkey's Film Writers Association,
      culture and tourism offices, some artists, film critics and sociologists.

      * The first annual "Minifest Celebration" is being held in Istanbul's
      Parkorman in honor of children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.
      The festival will run until Tuesday, June 5th. The children will be
      exposed to many different fields of art and expression, ranging from
      dance, theater, sculpture, gymnastics, and music.
      Also in line with the Formula 1 excitement that is approaching this
      summer, the event's sponsor Renault will also create a specialized track
      for the children to play and enjoy. The track will of course be called
      "Mini Formula 1."

      * Turkey's biggest open air music concert & festival, "Rock'N'Coke" is
      celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. This year's headliners will be
      The Smashing Pumpkins, Franz Ferdinand, Chris Cornell and Manic Street
      Local talents like Teoman, Rashit, Ozlem Tekin, Within Temptation, Hayko
      Cepkin, Gripin and Asli will join them.
      The three-day-long festival will be held August 31st through September
      2nd in Istanbul's Hezarfen airbase.
      For more information on the festival, please visit

      * Speaking of concerts, Nick Cave & The Bad Seed's violinist Warren Ellis
      and his band Dirty Three will be in Istanbul on June 6th for a concert to
      be held at the Roxy.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.31


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 79/55 Fair
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 81/66 Fair
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 79/64 Sunny
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 88/66 Fair
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 66/63 Mostly Cloudy

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 64
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 66
      Aegean Sea measured at Izmir 72
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 73


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * UEFA European Cup 2008

      Turkey 2 - 3 Bosnia – Herzegovina
      13’ Sukur 27’ Muslimovic
      39 Sabri 45’ Dzidic
      90’ Custovic

      *Turkish Premier League

      Besiktas 2 - 1 Ankaraspor
      Galatasaray 1 - 2 Fenerbahce
      Genclerbirligi 1 - 0 Sakaryaspor
      Erciyesspor 0 - 0 Antalyaspor
      Trabzonspor 3 - 1 Bursaspor
      Denizlispor 2 - 1 Kayserispor
      Gaziantepspor 0 - 0 Manisaspor
      Rizespor 1 - 0 Konyaspor
      MKE Ankaragucu 1 - 4 Sivasspor

      Kayserispor 3 - 0 Besiktas
      Ankaraspor 2 - 1 Trabzonspor
      Bursaspor 2 - 0 Galatasaray
      Sivasspor 2 - 1 Erciyesspor
      Antalyaspor 1 - 3 Genclerbirligi
      Manisaspor 0 - 0 Denizlispor i
      Konyaspor 0 - 2 Gaziantepspor
      Sakaryaspor 1 - 1 Rizespor
      Fenerbahce 3 - 1 MKE Ankaragucu


      Team GP W D L GF GA Pts
      1. Fenerbahce 34 20 10 4 65 31 70
      2. Besiktas 34 18 7 9 43 32 61
      3. Galatasaray 34 15 11 8 58 37 56
      4. Trabzonspor 34 15 7 12 54 44 52
      5. Kayserispor 34 13 12 9 54 43 51
      6. Genclerbirligi 34 14 6 14 43 42 48
      7. Sivasspor 34 14 6 14 41 44 48
      8. BB Ankaraspor 34 10 17 7 43 38 47
      9. Konyaspor 34 12 9 13 42 44 45
      10. Bursaspor 34 12 9 13 36 42 45
      11. Gaziantepspor 34 11 10 13 31 39 43
      12. Manisaspor 34 11 9 14 41 45 42
      13. MKE Ankaragucu 34 11 9 14 32 39 42
      14. Denizlispor 34 9 14 11 33 40 41
      15. Caykur Rizespor 34 11 7 16 34 40 40
      16. Antalyaspor 34 8 15 11 32 36 39
      17. Erciyesspor 34 9 10 15 29 49 37
      18. Sakaryaspor 34 4 10 20 25 51 22

      New teams promoted to Premier Division:

      Genclerbirligi OFTAS
      istanbul BB

      * Turkish Basketball

      Fenerbahce defeats Efes Pilsen 4 – 0 to win the

      * NBA Playoffs

      Utah Jazz vs. San Antonio Spurs – Spurs wins series

      Mehmet Okur stats Pts Rebs Assts Mins
      Game 1 Lost 108 -100 10 6 1 31
      Game 2 Lost 105 - 96 11 5 2 41
      Game 3 Won 109 – 83 0 4 2 21
      Game 4 Lost 91 – 79 7 5 1 36
      Game 5 Lost 109 – 84 8 3 0 24


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      partially underwritten today's program. TAAC is
      a non-profit charitable organization established
      to promote better understanding between Americans
      and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
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      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to
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      North Bay Turkish Classical Music Ensemble is
      looking for players traditional Turkish classical
      instruments such as oud, ney, tanbur, kanun or
      kemence, bendir or kudum; or even western
      instruments that easily adapt to Turkish music,
      such as cello.

      The ensemble is also looking for people who can
      sing in Turkish, or are interested in learning.

      The group is open to anyone with a sincere interest
      in Turkish music.

      For details call Hank Levin at 415 492-0728,
      or email:

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