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x0x Turkish news for week ending 21 April 2007

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 21 April 2007

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      * The Turkish daily Milliyet reports that on last
      Saturday Turkey's capital Ankara hosted a huge
      rally organized by the Kemalist Thought
      Organization against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
      Erdogan's possible presidency since many people
      regard him as an "Islamic threat" against the
      secular Republic.
      Chanting slogans and carrying banners for a
      secular Republic in line with the principles of
      Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Republic of
      Turkey, thousands held a meeting in Tandogan
      Square, and then visited Ataturk's mausoleum to
      show their loyalty to his principles.
      In related news, foreign media also showed
      great interest in the event, calling it the
      biggest organized reaction against the ruling
      Justice and Development Party government.
      Meanwhile, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
      and his party fellows said that a non-
      governmental organization used its democratic
      Prime minister Erdogan, before leaving for
      Germany on Saturday night, said, "It is very
      positive that no violence occurred".

      * Many Turks and Turkish officials are condemning
      the slaying of three bible publishers in the
      Southeastern city of Malatya on Wednesday.
      On Friday the New Anatolian, an English
      language daily, reported Turkey's president as
      saying that nothing could excuse such crimes.
      Meanwhile a rally was held in Istanbul to
      protest the slayings.
      Turkish security forces arrested five suspects
      on Thursday.

      * Turkish armed forces chief of staff Gen. Yasar
      Buyukanit visited Greece to attend a meeting of
      his counterparts from other Balkan States.
      On Thursday the Turkish general traveled to the
      Greek city of Thessalonica There he visited the
      home of Mr. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first
      president of Turkey and its independence war
      Speaking to reporters afterwards, Gen.
      Buyukanit said that the mission of military was
      to create an atmosphere of confidence between
      countries, but politicians could solve the
      Saying that significant decisions were made at
      the meeting, which brought Balkan States
      including NATO members and non-members, Gen.
      Buyukanit added that a working group would be
      established and this group would undertake
      detailed work.

      * While attending the Chiefs of staff meeting,
      Gen. Buyukanit was asked by a Greek reporter as
      to why Turkish planes constantly violate the
      Greek airspace.
      The Turkish general said that Turkish and Greek
      perception of the Flight Information Region line
      is not the same. "Turkish Air Forces never
      violate Greece's airspace. They fly over the
      international air space of the Aegean. When
      planes enter the international airspace, they
      pass over the Flight Information Region line.
      Flight information region line isn't the
      sovereign space of a country," he added.
      According to Aksam, another Turkish daily, the
      previous day the Turkish general said that Turkey
      is ready to fly its planes unarmed over the
      "Turkey and Greece are not enemies. We are
      ready to fly our planes unarmed, you can do the
      same. We are aware of planes flying so close is
      dangerous," the Turkish general said.
      He was speaking at a reception where only Greek
      journalists were present.
      General Buyukanit also called on the press of
      both nations "to create a convenient atmosphere
      between the public opinions of both" countries.

      * The Turkish daily Star reports that Iranian
      Foreign Affairs Minister Manouchehr Mottaki paid
      a surprising visit to the Turkish capital Ankara
      on Tuesday.
      During his meeting with his Turkish counterpart
      Abdullah Gul Mr. Mottaki brought up the expanded
      meeting of the countries neighboring Iraq, which
      will be held in Cairo, Egypt on May 3-4.
      Mr. Mottaki and Gul spoke about the recent
      developments in Iraq and Iran. According to
      sources, Mottaki said, "We needed to contact with
      you before the meeting because no preparations
      were made before this meeting which will take
      place with the participation of UN Security
      Council members and D-8 countries.
      "The stage of neighboring countries to Iraq was
      ignored. Before this meeting, we should have
      determined a position as neighboring countries to
      Mr. Mottaki also asked help for the release of
      Iranian diplomats captured in Erbil by the U.S.
      military from his Turkish counterpart and Prime
      Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

      * Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on
      Monday opened the Turkish Stand at Hannover
      Industrial Fair with German Chancellor Angela
      Addressing the gathering, Merkel hailed the
      Turkish economy, adding that its growth wasn't
      even seen in the European Union member states.
      Saying that she was proud of opening the
      Turkish Stand at Hannover Industrial Fair, the
      German Chancellor stated that Turkey was
      participating in the fair for the second time
      after 22 years.


      Edited by Colleen Clark

      * The arts of Turkish cooking were featured on
      the front page of the New York Times travel
      section on April 15 in an article entitled "Have
      Spatula Will Travel."
      At the Sarnic Hotel in Sultanahmet, Istanbul
      two years ago the writer, Taylor Holliday, and a
      few other foreign visitors took a cooking course
      from Murat Ozdemir. Mr. Ozdemir was then the chef
      at the hotel. The class was organized by Eveline
      Zoutendijk, the Dutch proprietor of the hotel.
      Taylor Holliday wrote: "We felt a bit like
      sultans ourselves as we lunched on our own multi-
      course meal in the hotel's rooftop dining room,
      where we could gaze directly upon the magnificent
      Blue Mosque and even imagine the Hagia Sofia just
      beyond, its A.D. 537 Christian domes flanked by
      post-1453 Muslim minarets. On our table, a
      distinctly Turkish marriage of ingredients from
      east and west was paired with a glass of crisp
      white wine. We happily soaked in the sun as well
      as the fact that we had come to know this city
      and its incredibly rich history a little better
      through its food.
      'Ellerinize saglik,' or 'Health to your hands'
      I think to myself each time, remembering how the
      Turks begin a meal not just by blessing the food,
      but the cook as well. 'Ellerinize saglik.'"

      * The 11th International Conference on Oriental
      Carpets is taking place in Istanbul from April 19
      to April 22 at the Swissotel.
      According to Cheri Hunter, the chair of the
      Communications Committee, the Academic Program,
      including the schedule of papers and a list of
      the poster sessions, are now on line for you to
      see on the web site, listed below. There will be
      two simultaneous programs running at most times.
      The conference also features ten fabulous
      exhibitions of amazing oriental carpets, kilims,
      and related textiles from world-class museum and
      private collections, plus an amazing selection of
      beautiful rugs to buy at the Conference Dealer
      Fair in the Swissotel Bosphorus.
      The conference is also hosting a restoration
      team, which will be formed by scientists,
      professors and collectors from around the world.
      The team is going to restore kilims, carpets,
      pillows and dresses. During the conference Gönül
      Paksoy, one of the most famous artisans in
      Turkey, will exhibit her works in an exhibition
      titled "Timeless Simplicity."
      The exhibition of Paksoy's work is open through
      May 6 in Kadir Has University's Cinali Campus
      Rezan Has Museum.


      * Salone Del Mobile is one of the world's most
      revered furniture and design shows, with over
      2,500 exhibitors from nearly 40 different
      countries. This year it takes place in Milan,
      Italy from April 18 to 23.
      This art fair is spread around the city and
      exhibits each country in different spots. Among
      those special designers of Salone Del Mobile,
      there will be 29 pioneer artists from Turkey,
      cooperating for the promotion of Turkish design.
      Ilk, which means "first" in Turkish, are a
      number of leading Turkish designers living in
      Turkey and internationally, noted for their
      professional accomplishments through the
      visibility of their work on the global design
      First reflects the idea of these designers to
      take the initiative to share their design
      approach with the international design community.
      This exhibition is going to be the first time
      that they are performing together.
      The main coordinator and the supporter of the
      exhibition is Nurus, one of the most established
      companies in Turkey operating in 30 different
      countries with a collection of special design
      products. Nurus is the main sponsor of the "Five
      senses of Istanbul" exhibition at the Salone
      Satellite, which is also a part of the art fair.
      This exhibition represents the second time the
      Istanbul Technical University has participated in
      the Salone Satellite.
      The works of the 12 young designers who make up
      Ilk will be exhibited in Pavilion 22-24, E5. This
      exhibition focuses on the urban qualities of the
      city of Istanbul as articulated in new design

      * Cappadocia, in central Turkey, is famous for
      its spectacular landscape, its fairy chimneys and
      its painted rock churches. For thousands of years
      local people have also carved their homes out of
      the caves.
      This year for the first time the local and
      foreign home-owners of Goreme are throwing open
      the doors of their unique cave homes to visitors
      on May 26 and 27. All proceeds will go the
      "Goreme Restoration Charity Fund."
      "It's a rare opportunity to see not just what
      traditional cave houses looked like but also what
      can be done to turn them into comfortable modern
      homes complete with private Turkish baths, dining
      rooms, frescoed rooms etc." says the organizers.
      The tours of the homes will cost approximately
      $11 in local currency. The organizers are saying
      that there will be limited space and advising
      advance reservations.
      For more information and reservations contact
      Ruth Lockwood at ph +90 384 271 2400 Email:
      rlockwood_2000@... or Pat Yale ph +90 384
      271 2916

      * According to a report in the Turkish Daily News
      a new five star hotel on the Asian side of
      Istanbul is scheduled to open in June this year.
      The new hotel will be in Kadikoy and Bostanci.
      There are now only one five star and one four
      star hotel on the Asian side.
      The Istanbul Marriott Asia Hotel will most
      certainly stand out with 21 floors, 219 rooms, 19
      suites and one concierge level. The rooms will be
      luxurious and well-appointed. Facilities will
      include one indoor and two outdoor swimming
      pools, a physical fitness center, spa and even a
      golfing area.

      * The ancient thermal spa Allianoi near Bergama,
      north of Izmir, is in danger of being submerged
      and lost forever to the waters of Yortanli Dam,
      the construction of which has been completed. The
      construction of the dam began in 1994 and the
      excavation of the city, which is only 20%
      complete according to the archeologists, began in
      Historically, Allianoi is well known as the
      land of the god of health Asklepios. The ancient
      city was established during the Hellenistic Age
      and reached its peak during the reign of Roman
      emperor Hadrian. It was considered as one of the
      most important health centers for nearly 15
      centuries, starting from the sixth century B.C.
      through to the 11th century. Allianoi was famed
      for its thermal spring center and was known as
      the most important healing complexes during
      Hadrian's rule (117-138).
      Over the last five years, excavations revealed
      two impressive gates, marble stone-paved streets,
      shops, houses adorned with mosaics, large town
      squares, public fountains and rest areas to be
      used after having a bath. Surprisingly, the
      latest findings, such as mosaics, marble stones
      and some wood pieces designed for houses, were
      the most preserved pieces ever seen on an
      archaeological site because they had been covered
      with alluvium soil.
      Now a dispute has arisen between Turkey's State
      Water Works and the head of the excavation Ahmet
      Yaras. A proposal by the Izmir Committee for the
      Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
      awaits final approval from the Scientific
      Committee of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and
      The State Water Works proposal involves
      covering the ancient spa with a one-meter wall to
      keep the movable historic ruins and findings
      above the alluvium soil and displaying these
      pieces in a museum to be built close to the dam.
      According to Ayhan Sariyildiz of the State
      Water Works, the ancient spa will continue to be
      viewable for tourists with underwater cameras
      that will be attached to different spa sections
      and underwater archaeologists will continue to
      excavate the area.
      However, Mr. Yaras said the project would not
      save the ancient city. He says The State Water
      Works project will not prevent the ancient city
      from being flooded by the dam's waters. Mr. Yaras
      further accused the State Water Works with
      misleading the politicians and the public to
      believe that they are saving the ancient city.
      He also said they would take the issue to the
      European Court of Human Rights if the project
      were ratified by the Culture and Tourism

      * The Turkish Ministry of Culture plans to
      restore a historical Roman Bath in Ankara. The
      excavation, which is expected to last five years,
      started last week.
      Under the guidance of Hikmet Denizli, Director
      of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, several
      archeologists, chemists, and geology and
      geophysics engineers from Ankara University will
      participate in the excavations.
      The Roman bath in Ankara was constructed on the
      orders of Emperor Caracalla between the years
      A.D. 212-217. Spreading over nearly 650,000
      square feet, The Roman bath consists of 1000
      architectural works, cemetery steles,
      inscriptions, tablets, water pipes and
      During the excavations, the bath and the street
      with Roman columns will be connected to each
      other and the shops located on the street will be
      unearthed. A lighting system will be installed at
      the historical site, and new paths will be opened
      for visitors, as well. The Roman Bath will also
      be covered with a large tent in order to protect
      the site from rain and snow.

      * Harvard University continues to present a
      series of interesting seminars about Turkey and
      by Turks during the rest of April and into May.
      The Seminar on Modern Turkey will have three
      On April 23, Abdullah Akyuz, President the
      Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen
      Association's Washington Representative Office
      will have a lecture titled:
      "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Turkey's
      Domestic and International Challenges on the Eve
      of the Elections"
      On April 30 Dr. Aycan Celikaksoy, Postdoctoral
      Researcher,Department of Economics, Aarhus School
      of Business University of Aarhus, Denmark and
      Visiting Scholar, Weiner Center for Social Policy
      Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
      will present a lecture titled:
      "Household Formation Patterns and Human Capital
      Investments: Turkish Immigrants in Europe"
      Finally on May 9, Dr. Ahmet Evin, Professor,
      and Executive Board member, Istanbul Policy
      Sabanci University will have a lecture titled:
      "Metaphors of EU Enlargement:
      Deepening as a State Building and Widening as a
      Neo-Medieval Empire"
      HALIL BERKTAY, Professor of History, Sabanci
      Visiting Scholar, Center for Middle Eastern
      Harvard University will present a number of
      public lectures:
      "In the wake of Hrant Dink's death: Reflections
      on Marxism, nationalism, and contemporary Turkey"
      On April 26 "An improbable journey: From
      feudalism debates to nationalism studies"
      On May 3, "Unhappy marriage, failed divorce:
      Historical Marxism and nationalism"
      May 7, "Post-communist crossroads for neo-
      nationalists and universalists"


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish
      Liras: 1.34


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 63/37 Fair
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 70/54 Fair
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 64/52 Fair
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 72/54 Mostly Cloudy
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 55/48 Fair

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey 13 inches
      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey 4 inches
      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey 49 inches
      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 35 inches
      Saklikent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey - inches
      Sarikamis, in Kars, Eastern Turkey 57 inches
      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey 30 inches


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Futbol – Premier Division

      Week 28 results

      Fenerbahçe 0 - 0 Manisaspor
      Antalyaspor 1 - 1 Denizlispor
      Sivasspor 2 - 1 Gaziantepspor
      Ankaraspor 4 - 2 Konyaspor
      Erciyesspor 0 - 1 Ankaragucu
      Rizespor 3 - 2 Trabzonspor
      Bursaspor 0 - 3 Kayserispor
      Sakaryaspor 1 - 1 Besiktas
      Gençlerbirligi 1 - 3 Galatasaray

      Week 29 results

      Konyaspor 1 - 1 Erciyesspor
      Trabzonspor 5 - 2 Sakaryaspor
      Gaziantepspor 0 - 2 Fenerbahçe
      Manisaspor Bursaspor
      Kayserispor Ankaraspor
      Ankaragucu Gençlerbirligi
      Denizlispor Sivasspor
      Galatasaray Rizespor


      Team GP W D L P GS GA
      1. Fenerbahçe 29 17 8 4 59 55 25
      2. Besiktas 28 15 7 6 52 39 24
      3. Galatasaray 28 13 9 6 48 49 30
      4. Kayserispor 28 11 11 6 44 44 34
      5. Trabzonspor 29 12 6 11 42 44 38
      6. Sivasspor 28 12 5 11 41 34 36
      7. Konyaspor 29 10 9 10 39 38 38
      8. Ankaraspor 28 8 14 6 38 33 30
      9. Gençlerbirligi 28 11 5 12 38 35 36
      10. Antalyaspor 28 8 13 7 37 29 28
      11. Bursaspor 28 10 7 11 37 28 34
      12. Ankaragucu 28 9 8 11 35 27 29
      13. Gaziantepspor 29 9 8 12 35 26 35
      14. Manisaspor 28 9 6 13 33 35 42
      15. Rizespor 28 9 5 14 32 26 32
      16. Denizlispor 28 7 10 11 31 26 36
      17. Erciyesspor 29 7 8 14 29 23 44
      18. Sakaryaspor 29 4 9 16 21 23 43

      * Turkish Basketball

      1. Fenerbahce 27 - 2
      2. Efes P. 26 - 3
      3. T.Telekom 25 - 4
      4. Galatasaray 18 - 11
      5. Besiktas 17 - 12
      6. TED Koleji 16 - 13
      7. Darussafaka 14 - 15
      8. Banvitspor 14 - 15
      9. Mersin 12 - 17
      10. Selcuk Uni. 12 - 17
      11. Karsiyaka 12 - 17
      12. Alpella 11 - 18
      13. Tofas 9 - 20
      14. Beykoz 8 - 21
      15. Oyak Renault 8 - 21
      16. Tekelspor 3 – 26

      * NBA

      Hidayet Turkoglu stats

      Orlando 94 – 68 Miami 15 pts, 8 rebs, 1 asst, 28 min
      Orlando 95 – 89 Washington 26 pts, 6 rebs, 1 asst, 41 min
      Orlando 88 – 86 Boston 20 pts, 6 rebs, 2 assts., 33 min
      Orlando 104 – 87 Philadelphia 13 pts, 7 rebs, 3 assts., 36 min

      Mehmet Okur stats

      Utah 101 – 91 Houston 12 pts, 5 rebs, 2 assts, 19 min
      Utah 130 – 93 Portland 16 pts, 4 rebs, 1 asst, 26 min
      Utah 98 – 126 Phoenix 20 pts, 10 rebs, 1 asst, 28 min

      Ersan Ilyasova

      Milwaukee 96 - 109 Cleveland 10 pts, 4 rebs, 0 asst, 20 min
      Milwaukee 102 - 96 Atlanta 4 pts, 4 rebs, 2 asst, 15 min
      Milwaukee 92 - 113 Charlotte 9 pts, 1 rebs, 1 asst, 19 min


      *** Turkish American Association of California has partially
      underwritten today's program. TAAC is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      e-mail them at taac@...


      *** Planning to go to Turkey? Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
      travelers like yourselves:


      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to
      International Cultural Program.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29

      *** Turkish Folkdancing in Northern California:

      *** Arkadash Turkish Folk Dance Ensemble
      Free classes, four years old and over, families are welcome as an audience.
      Perfect for beginner / intermediate Turkish Folk dance students.

      When : Every other Sunday 12:15-1:00 P.M.
      after the Turkish Community school.
      Where: Los Altos

      e-mail: Abdullah_Gedik@...

      *** Group Yore Stanford/Berkeley

      Free Classes, adult only, dancers must be available for
      Saturday or
      Sunday performances. Dance experiences preferred for

      When : Fridays 8:00-10:30pm
      Where: Stanford University EV Center
      Contact: yoredance@...
      Web: http://www.geocities.com/grupyore/

      Don't have e-mail? Reach us at the station and we'll
      relay your message to them..

      *** Horon, Monterey
      For more information call Yavuz Atila:

      Horon is a Turkish American Association of California
      associate organization

      *** We are pleased to announce our 4Th annual
      Turkish American Business Conference
      to be held in San Jose, California April 28th, 2007.

      The conference will unite venture capital firms,
      cutting-edge start-ups, and Fortune 1000 corporations
      who are seeking to capitalize on emerging
      high-tech opportunities in Turkey and United States.

      Don't miss this opportunity to learn about Turkey's
      role in
      the global technology market and networking with
      industry leaders in TABCON panel sessions.

      Register early on http://www.tabcon.org/
      to benefit from discounted fees!

      *** Join the Turkish Students Association for
      the UC Berkeley Festival of Cultures

      Saturday, April 21:11 AM at the International House
      Enjoy authentic homemade Turkish food
      Watch Yore Folk Dance Ensemble

      In addition to the activities in the Turkish
      the festival will feature many other cultures from
      around the globe.

      International House South Eastern corner of
      the UC Berkeley campus on 2299 Piedmont Avenue.

      For more information, call the I-House Program Office
      (510) 642-9460 or visit:


      *** ABD-ANA
      invites you to the
      Children's Day Celebrations


      e-mail turkradio@... or call 650-380-6096
      to make a reservation

      Date: Sunday, April 22nd
      Location: Lucie Stern Community Center,
      1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
      Time: 11am-4:00pm

      * Turkish play
      * Turkish and three other nation's folk dances:
      - Russian
      - Chinese
      - Azeri

      * Stanford University Marching Band
      * Poetry Reading
      * Gifts for Kids
      * Short documentary about Turkey's first president

      *** Concert: Traditional Azerbaijani Music,
      May 13,
      San Francisco
      Azerbaijan Cultural Societies of Northern California
      ( http://www.nacsaonline.org/ )

      Accompanied by

      Mammad Agasiyev (Tar)
      Almas Quliyev (Naqara)
      Anar Niftaliyev (Garmon)
      Telman Seyidov (Keyboard)
      Imamyar Hasanov (Kamancheh)

      Tickets: City Box Office (415) 392-4400 (800) 407- 1400
      On-line: www.tickets.com or www.cityboxoffice.com
      Azeri Community 408-661-3410, 415-595-1211
      Discount for Members, Students, Seniors, Groups
      Also Available at most Iranian stores Price: $40.00 - $30.00
      Doors Open 4:30 pm - Program Starts 5:30 pm -
      Please, No Childen Under 3 Years Old

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