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x0x Turkish news for week ending 07 April 2007

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      *** Audio archives of our broadcasts are at:


      x0x Turkish news for week ending 07 April 2007

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      Ahmet Toprak edited today's news. Your host is Merter Bozkurt

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      * The Turkish daily Sabah reports that The Turkish
      Armed Forces will take over the command of Kabul
      Regional Commandership from France after a
      ceremony to be held today in Kabul, Afghanistan.
      Turkey will command the NATO forces in the
      region for eight months and its number of troops
      will be increased from 750 to 1,150. At the
      beginning of December, Turkey will hand over the
      command to Italy.

      * Kazakh Foreign Affairs Minister Marat Tazhin who
      is currently paying an official visit to Turkey,
      met with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul.
      Speaking to reporters after their talks, the two
      top diplomats pointed to the great cooperation in
      the field of energy and increase in trade volume,
      as well as mutually growing investments between
      the two countries.
      Turkish foreign affairs minister Mr. Gul
      announced Turkey's support to Kazakhstan for the
      2009 presidency of the Organization for Security
      and Cooperation in Europe

      * On Wednesday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep
      Tayyip Erdogan received a delegation of a German-
      Turkish Friendship Group from the German
      Parliament visiting Turkey.
      Following the one-and-a-half-hour meeting, the
      delegation also had talks with the members of the
      Turkish Parliament's European Union harmonization

      * Ihsan Dogramaci, former head of Turkey's Board
      of Higher Education and the founder of Hacettepe
      and Bilkent Universities, received an honorary
      doctorate from the Case Western Reserve University
      in Cleveland, Ohio.
      Dr. Dogramaci, 92, during a ceremony at
      Parliament, will also be given an honorary award.

      * The Turkish Institute of Statistics released
      monthly inflation figures for last month. The
      figures were lower than expected.
      The consumer price index rose by 0.92% in March,
      while the producer price index rose by 0.97%.
      The expected monthly increase in the CPI was 0.99%
      and 1.08% for the PPI.


      * The Council of Europe - the 46-nation
      organization that champions human rights - is to
      sponsor a prestigious new film award at the
      Istanbul Film Festival, reports the Turkish Daily
      The award will be given to the film that best
      reflects the council's values of respect for human
      rights, individual freedom, political liberty and
      the rule of law. The award includes a sculpture in
      bronze and a cash prize of 10,000 euros. It is
      awarded as part of the Human Rights in Film
      section of the festival.
      The festival started on March 3 and will
      continue through April 15

      * Turkey's Cukurova University Conservatory Choir
      ranked the second in an international contest in
      Hungarian capital Budapest.
      Over 45 choirs from 22 countries performed in 11
      categories where the Turkish choir ranked second
      in both classical and folk music categories.
      The choir was admired with both their costumes
      and the style they sang.

      * Stork Valley in Beysehir's Yesildag town in
      central Turkish province of Konya welcomes its
      first guests of the spring season.
      Storks, which are considered as the first sign
      of the spring, have begun to arrive in the valley.
      And this year the mayor of the town says the
      world will be able to watch the unique site in the
      valley via the Internet, reported the Dogan News
      Hundreds of people are expected to visit the
      valley this year, where hundreds of storks reside.
      "The valley draws photographers as well as
      domestic and foreign tourists, but we still do not
      think that the valley has garnered enough
      recognition considering its unique beauty", says
      the mayor.

      * The 24th International Ankara Music Festival
      kicked off on Wednesday night with an opening
      ceremony. Turkey's President Ahmet Necdet Sezer
      and his wife Semra were among the guests.
      Organized by the Sevda-Cenap and Music
      Foundation, the festival's opening day program
      featured music by Turkish classical composer Ahmet
      Adnan Saygun. The Hacettepe Symphony Orchestra
      under the baton of Erol Erdinç was performing.
      This year's Ankara International Music Festival
      will enliven the music agenda of Ankara music
      lovers, entertaining them to a colorful program
      featuring performances by renowned singers,
      groups, choirs and orchestras from around the
      The Ankara International Music Festival, the
      capital's largest annual musical event, is marking
      its 24th year. This year the festival will
      showcase 24 concerts and artists from 13 countries
      with a rich program offering a wide range of music
      from classical to flamenco, from baroque to jazz,
      and nostalgic to tango.
      Among this year's highlights are legendary
      flamenco guitar virtuoso Paco De Lucia, Grammy
      nominated jazz vocalist Karrin Allyson and the
      Moscow Balalaika Quartet and soloists of the Red
      Army Choir and Red Priest
      For detailed information you can view

      * We talked about inundation of two ancient sites
      in Southeastern Turkey last week. There is again
      the news this week on a site in the west of the
      country that faces the same fate.
      The Yortanli Dam is expected to flood the
      ancient city of Allianoi in Western Turkey.
      However, the Turkish Daily News reports that
      Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Minister
      Hilmi Güler delivered good news about the Ancient
      The minister says that the government agency
      undertaking the construction of the dam will wait
      until the end of the litigation brought by the
      Moreover, the minister adds that the agency has
      initiated a conservation project of its own, and
      is consulting with archeologists.
      Allianoi was established during the Hellenistic
      Age and reached its peak during the reign of the
      Allianoi was famed for its thermal spring center
      and was known as the most important healing
      complexes during Roman emperor Hadrian's rule
      Over the last five years, excavations revealed
      two impressive gates, marble stone-paved streets,
      shops, houses adorned with mosaics, large town
      squares, public fountains and rest areas after
      having a bath.
      Surprisingly, the latest findings, such as
      mosaics, marble stones and some wood pieces
      designed for houses, were the most intact ever
      seen on an archaeological site due to the alluvium
      soil deposits.
      The ancient city would have been flooded by
      Yortanli Dam's water last November, but a court
      ruling stopped the construction.
      See more at

      * Marmaris Aksaz Naval Base Commander Vice Admiral
      Celal Parlakoglu said the Second International
      Marmaris Maritime Festival would take place on May
      2-8, 2008. 40 countries will participate in the
      Admiral Parlakoglu says that there will be many
      maritime activities during the festival including
      a sailing race.
      The competition will start from Marmaris and end
      in Çanakkale, 500 miles to the north.
      Marmaris is a town on the Aegean coast of

      * Turkey's Mediterranean province Mersin's Erdemli
      township awaits investment to utilize its hidden
      historical and cultural assets for tourism, writes
      the Turkish Daily News.
      The locals can't promote historic fortifications
      in Erdemli's Dagli Village due to lack of
      investment for promotional activities, and lack of
      infrastructure such as power, and roads.
      Ali Sen Kivrak, the local official of Dagli
      Village, said the Roman period historic
      fortification stretching over a 60,000 square feet
      area should be utilized for tourism and they
      awaited support in this regard.
      He said the castle, which possessed a majestic
      outlook, was a center of attraction especially by
      foreign tourists.
      Mr. Kivrak also noted that the area where the
      historic castle is located was also an ideal place
      for paragliding.
      There are also many caves, which attract great
      interest, he added.

      * Istanbul Modern Arts Museum is bringing the most
      significant names of video art together in its
      April film program.
      Istanbul Modern both focuses on the
      consequential part of the 20th century's video art
      and explores German video art with a wide spectrum
      from the 1960's to the present day via its "40
      Years of German Video Art" program, scheduled for
      April 24 through 29.
      In addition the program will feature a 59-film
      selection from around the world.
      A panel discussion on German and Turkish video
      art will also be held on April 29 at Istanbul
      The panel will feature Wulf Herzogenrath, Gülsün
      Karamustafa and Istanbul Modern director David

      * Turkey will be promoted in the May issue of the
      National Geographic magazine thanks to a joint
      project by the Culture and Tourism Ministry and
      the magazine
      A Turkey supplementary titled "A Land for All
      Seasons" will be released in May, featuring the
      tourist activities for all four seasons as well as
      a map on tourist spots and Turkey's seven
      geographical regions.
      The magazine says, "Turkey's cultural highlights
      are matched by equally compelling sporting
      opportunities with year-round appeal. Sailing,
      skiing and hiking showcase the country's abundance
      of striking landscapes. Within the cities, teeming
      bazaars reveal an oriental treasure trove of
      kilims and carpets, fragrant spices, jewelry,
      silks and faience tiles. Combining beauty and
      diversity, Turkey's many faces offer an
      unforgettable land for all seasons."
      National Geographic adds: "With one foot in
      Europe and the other in Asia, a 5,000-mile
      coastline embraced by four different seas,
      dramatic mountain ranges, fertile plains and high
      steppes, Turkey is a captivating study in
      contrasts. Seven main regions enjoy their own
      distinctive climate, landscape and traditions and
      whether you are attracted to art and history,
      untouched natural beauty or the beach, there
      really is something to satisfy all tastes."
      The magazine also said Bursa's Uludag and
      Erzurum's Palandöken were popular spots for winter
      sports including ski while visitors could ski in
      the morning but enjoy the sea, sand and sun in
      afternoon in Antalya's Sakli Kent in winter.
      Pointing out that the ceremonies commemorating
      Mevlana Jalaladdin Rumi, the father of Sufism,
      were also scheduled in winter, it said the Santa
      Claus celebrations were also held in winter in
      Antalya's Demre district, which had been home to
      St Nicholas.
      It said Turkey demonstrated a rich plant
      diversity reaching 9,000 species in spring, which
      was also an ideal period to visit Pamukkale and
      Istanbul. Stating that Turkey possessed the most
      beautiful coasts in the Mediterranean and thus was
      a popular resort for summer holidays, the magazine
      said Fethiye, Ölüdeniz and Babadag were also good
      choices for sport activities. The magazine offers
      Artvin's Çoruh River for rafting and the Black Sea
      and Mediterranean plateaus as unique beauties for
      alterative tourism enthusiasts who don't prefer
      sea holidays.
      National Geographic's Turkey supplementary also
      showcases the full list of important cultural
      activities scheduled throughout the year including
      the International Istanbul Film Festival, the
      Ankara International Music Festival, the
      International Boat Show, Mevlana celebrations and
      the International Istanbul Music Festival. At the
      back of the supplementary, is a Turkey map
      featuring Turkey's cultural heritages and tourism

      * The Tirebolu Fort, located in Turkey's Black Sea
      province of Giresun's Tirebolu district, is on its
      way to becoming a tourism spot, reported the
      Anatolia News Agency.
      Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Fahrettin
      Göncü, local authority of Tirebolu, said the Fort
      was a historical center of attraction for tour
      organizers that give tours in the Eastern Black
      Sea region.
      He said the works were under way to make the
      Fort ready for the coming tourism season.
      "All transmitters, dish antennas and radio
      poles, which create a visual pollution in the
      fort, will be removed. These images don't match a
      historical venue. Other wood structures will also
      be removed so that the Fort will return to its
      original appearance," he said.
      Mr. Goncu also said the peninsula which hosted
      the fort was declared as the protected site and
      projects kicked off to renovate the historical
      buildings in the peninsula.
      The Tirebolu Fort was built in 15th Century.
      Built by the irregular hewn stones, has only one
      entrance, with city walls and watchtowers.

      * Turkey is set to become a thermal tourism
      destination as a result of a thermal tourism
      master plan by Culture and Tourism Ministry. The
      project aims to highlight Turkey as a major health
      and thermal destination of world by 2023.
      Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Senol
      Aydemir of the ministry said "The increasing aged
      population in Europe is our target market. If we
      attract this population to Turkey, thermal tourism
      in Turkey can span over 12 months. Thermal tourism
      provides constant employment and there is also a
      high demand for it internal tourism as well," he
      The ministry identified 25 destinations in four
      regions of Turkey as part of the master plan.
      Many spas have been built in Turkey since the
      ancient ages with the discovery of healing
      qualities of natural thermal waters. There are
      also many historical and cultural sites exist
      nearby these thermal sources.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.37


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 59/34 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 72/52 Fair
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 61/46 Fair
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 68/52 Fair
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 52/46 Mostly Cloudy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey 24 inches
      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey 8 inches
      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey 83 inches
      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 22 inches
      Saklikent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey - inches
      Sarikamis, in Kars, Eastern Turkey 47 inches
      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey 37 inches


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer Superleague

      Week 26 results

      Gençlerbirligi 0 - 2 Besiktas
      Erciyesspor 0 - 1 Trabzonspor
      Ankaragucu 1 - 2 Galatasaray
      Bursaspor 1 - 0 Konyaspor
      Fenerbahçe 2 - 1 Ankaraspor
      Rizespor 2 - 2 Denizlispor
      Sakaryaspor 1 - 2 Gaziantepspor
      Sivasspor 3 - 2 Kayserispor
      Antalyaspor 1 - 0 Manisaspor

      Week 27 results

      Trabzonspor 4 - 3 Gençlerbirligi
      Galatasaray 0 - 1 Erciyesspor
      Kayserispor Fenerbahçe
      Manisaspor Sivasspor
      Gaziantepspor Antalyaspor
      Ankaraspor Bursaspor
      Konyaspor Ankaragucu
      Denizlispor Sakaryaspor
      Besiktas Rizespor


      Team Wk W D L Pts GF GA
      1. Fenerbahçe 26 16 6 4 54 51 23
      2. Besiktas 26 14 6 6 48 37 23
      3. Galatasaray 27 12 9 6 45 46 29
      4. Kayserispor 26 10 10 6 40 39 32
      5. Trabzonspor 27 11 6 10 39 37 33
      6. Gençlerbirligi 27 11 5 11 38 34 33
      7. Sivasspor 26 11 5 10 38 32 34
      8. Bursaspor 26 10 6 10 36 28 31
      9. Antalyaspor 26 8 11 7 35 28 27
      10. Konyaspor 26 9 8 9 35 33 33
      11. Ankaraspor 26 7 13 6 34 29 28
      12. Gaziantepspor 26 9 7 10 34 25 31
      13. Ankaragucu 26 8 8 10 32 26 27
      14. Manisaspor 25 8 5 12 29 34 39
      15. Rizespor 26 8 5 13 29 23 29
      16. Erciyesspor 27 7 7 13 28 22 42
      17. Denizlispor 26 6 9 11 27 24 35
      18. Sakaryaspor 25 3 8 14 17 17 36

      * Turkish Basketball

      1. T.Telekom 22-2
      2. Fenerbahce 22-2
      3. Efes P. 21-3
      4. Galatasaray 15-9
      5. Besiktas 14-9
      6. TED Koleji 13-11
      7. Banvitspor 12-12
      8. Mersin 11-13
      9. Pinar Karsiyaka 10-13
      10. Darussafaka 10-14
      11. Selcuk Uni. 9-15
      12. Tofas 8-16
      13. Oyak Renault 7-17
      14. Beykoz 7-17
      15. Alpella 7-17
      16. Tekelspor 3-21

      * NBA

      Hidayet Turkolgu Stats Pts, reb, asst, min
      Orlando 108-111 Toronto 37 4 5 45
      Orlando 104-105 Minnesota 6 5 2 22
      Orlando 95-87 Indiana 10 5 4 23

      Mehmet Okur Stats Pts, reb, asst, min
      Utah 103-107 Sacremento 24 8 2 38
      Utah 89-94 Portland 11 8 3 39
      Utah 86-83 Houston 10 9 1 37
      Utah 93-102 San Antonio 16 11 2 39


      *** Turkish American Association of California has partially
      underwritten today's program. TAAC is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      e-mail them at taac@...


      *** Planning to go to Turkey? Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
      travelers like yourselves:


      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to
      International Cultural Program.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29


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      traditional Turkish classical instruments such as oud, ney,
      tanbur, kanun or kemence, bendir or kudum; or even western
      instruments that easily adapt to Turkish music, such as cello.

      The ensemble is also looking for people who can sing in Turkish,
      or are interested in learning.

      The group is open to anyone with a sincere interest in Turkish

      For details call Hank Levin at 415 492-0728, or email:

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      Turkish American Business Conference
      to be held in San Jose, California April 28th, 2007.

      The conference will unite venture capital firms,
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      high-tech opportunities in Turkey and United States.

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