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x0x Turkish news for week ending 31 March 2007

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 31 March 2007

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      By Bilgin Atalay

      * Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in Saudi
      Arabia to attend the Arab League summit as an observer this
      While at the summit Mr. Erdogan held bilateral meetings with
      many leaders. He said that his meeting with the Iraqi president
      Jalal Talabani had been positive, adding that Mr. Talabani told
      him that Iraq needs Turkey.
      Mr. Talabani also suggested that Turkey send a delegation to
      Iraq to study demographic issues, presumably related to the
      representation of Iraqi Turks in government.
      Mr. Erdogan also said that Pakistani and Afghan president may
      meet in Turkey to discuss their bilateral issues.
      Mr. Erdogan also addressed the summit. In his address Mr.
      Erdogan commented on the need for peace and stability in the
      Middle East, saying that the constant stream of deaths in Iraq
      hurt everyone.
      He further stated that stability and security should be
      ensured in Iraq as soon as possible.
      "Protecting Iraq's political unity and territorial integrity
      has vital importance for regional peace and stability," he
      "The possibility of Iraqs division is an unacceptable and
      tragic scenario," he added.

      * According to Salish Gupta of eTN Asia, Turkish officials
      reported that 500,000 tourists visit Turkey for health tourism
      Turkey derived a handsome revenue in the process, and now
      ranks among the countries with the most number of visitors in
      this sector.
      Turkey offers many venues for health-conscious visitors. Some
      of the venues, though, need upgrade and infrastructure work.
      Experts say that undertaking these works would further increase
      the revenue.
      Turkey has around 1300 geothermal springs with temperatures
      as hot as 110 degrees C.
      In addition, Turkey offers many healthcare facilities
      developed specifically with the foreign visitor in mind.
      These facilities offer plastic and aesthetic surgery, hair
      transplantation, eye surgery, in vitro fertilization, open
      heart surgery, treatment of skin diseases, check-up, cancer
      treatment, otorhinolaryngology, dialysis and cardiovascular
      surgery, gynecology, tumor operations, brain surgery,
      orthopedics, and dentistry with high quality and up-to-date
      technology, but at a modest cost.

      * One of Turkey's leading businessmen Kadir Has passed away on
      March 22.
      Mr. Has, who was 86 year old, had a heart attack after
      visiting the students of university he had founded.
      In addition to being a successful businessman, Mr. Has was
      also a philanthropist who gave away more than $500 million to
      various charities.
      His business empire included automobile manufacturing,
      banking and beverages.

      * Turkey is asking the World Trade organization to review the
      results of the elimination of the textile and clothes quotas.
      The proposal is being opposed by China and India, the two
      countries that seemed to have gained the most from the
      Turkey argues that poorer nations with the lowest labor costs
      lost the most in the markets, with resulting job losses.
      Although Turkey seems to be concerned about erosion in its
      own market share, recent statistics actually show an upswing in
      Turkish exports of clothing in January amounting to 16.4
      percent. There was also a 33 percent increase in Turkish
      textile and raw material exports.

      * According to Portalino News Agency of Italy, Russia, Greece
      and Bulgaria signed an agreement for a pipeline bypassing
      Analysts say the deal will consolidate Russia's influence in
      the European energy market. Some say this may result in major
      risks for the Europeans.
      Another pipeline starting from the Caspian basin will
      transport more oil to Italy via Turkey and Greece.

      * According to the Thanh Nien Daily of Vietnam, Vietnam will
      attend a two-day conference in Turkey to promote economic ties
      between the Pacific Rim countries.
      Vietnam's delegation to the Turkey-Pacific Foreign Trade
      Bridge in Istanbul will include representatives from the
      Ministries of Planning and Investment, Trade, and Industry, and
      20 Vietnamese companies.
      Chairman of the Confederation of Turkish Businessmen and
      Manufacturers, Rizanur Meral, said Vietnam would be one of the
      most important nations at the event and have a "Country
      Presentation" session on April 8.

      * The Turkish daily Sabah reports that Italy has awarded Orders
      of Merit to former NATO Senior Civilian Representative in
      Afghanistan Hikmet Cetin and parliamentarians Zeynep Karahan
      Uslu and Muharrem Kilic.
      Italian Ambassador to Turkey Carlo Marsili presented the
      awards to the three Turks in a ceremony at the Italian Embassy
      in the Turkish capital Ankara.

      * Addressing an American-Turkish Council meeting in
      Washington on Wednesday, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander
      of the US European Command James Jones, whose term in office
      recently ended, said that relations between Turkey and the US
      were invaluable, adding that both countries should be careful
      about each other's sensitivities.
      Turkish armed forces Deputy Chief of General Staff Gen. Ergin
      Saygun also attended the meeting, reports the Turkish daily


      We were moving.

      * International artists will gather next month in Turkey's
      Cappadocia region for art. The International Uçhisar
      Cappadocia Art Camp, which is marking its fourth year, will
      bring together 20 artists from all over the world in Nevsehir's
      Uçhisar township.
      The works featuring the natural beauties of Cappadocia and
      created by the artists during their stay in the region will be
      displayed in the historic Uçhisar Castle as part of the
      including French, German, Dutch, Italian, Columbian and
      Argentinean artists are expected to participate in the event
      The camp will run through from April 2 to April 23.
      The Cappadocia region is home to unusual rock formations
      called "fairy chimneys" by the Turks.
      These rock formations rising up to the height of
      six-story buildings have been hollowed out since ancient times
      and made into dwellings and churches.
      In modern times, people still live in some old dwellings, and
      a few hotels are offering rooms in carved rocks for guests to
      the region.
      In the 1980s archeologists also discovered that what the
      locals were terming "wells" were actually underground cities
      dug up by the ancients.
      These self-contained cities were able to accommodate up to
      30,000 people, and were used to avoid invaders.
      See the following link for a restored old home built into the

      * The "Association for the Protection of Flamingos" was
      recently established to protect nearly 2,000 flamingos living
      in Tuzla's wetland in Mugla's Milas township, in southwestern
      The chairman of the association, Mustafa Çiftçi said they had
      founded the association since they thought that the flamingos
      living in the wetland in their province should be taken under
      "Flamingos should receive minimal damage from global warming.
      If the right measures are taken, the Tuzla wetland will turn
      into a place similar to the 'Manyas Bird Paradise'," said Mr.
      Mr. Çiftçi said their major goal was to establish a bird
      observation tower in a place close to the wetland, adding, "Our
      next goal is to increase tourism to the region. Flamingos are
      being hurt at the moment because factories in the province
      sometimes leave their wastes in the wetland."

      * The charming Black Sea city of Amasra is getting a new pier,
      reports the Anatolia News Agency.
      The locals are saying that the new pier will bring more
      visitors to the city by enabling passenger liners to berth.
      In addition to its beautiful nature, Amasra is host to many
      relics from various ancient civilizations that flourished in
      the region.

      * A stone museum will be opening in Turkey's western city of
      Izmir reports the Turkish Daily News.
      The museum will display marble, and other types of stones
      from various regions of Turkey.
      The Mayor of Izmir says that the museum will be the second
      largest of its kind in the World.

      * Istanbul gives inspiration to French painter and sculptor
      Nicole Deleuze, who has been living in Istanbul for the past
      six years.
      Ms. Deleuze is most fascinated by the city's unique natural
      beauty including its different voices, smells and changing
      mood, reports the Anatolian News Agency.
      She says she fell in love with Istanbul after arriving there
      in 2000. She decided to make the city home afterwards.
      As an architect, Ms. Deleuze is pleased with the recent
      restoration period kicked off in Istanbul of historical

      * Turkey is the only country in Europe that tea is grown. The
      major province in the tea growing region of the country, Rize,
      is planning to use tea and tea plantations to attract visitors
      from around Europe, reports the Turkish Daily News.
      The authorities are contemplating tours of the tea
      plantations much like in India and Japan.
      Tea was introduced to the region in 1945. The Turkish tea is
      milder than the ones grown in tropical regions of the World,
      but it has conquered the Turks and converted them to tea-
      drinkers and took them away from the coffee they cherished for
      many centuries.

      * Turkey's ministry of culture announced that they will set up
      the largest mosaics museum of the World in Zeugma, the ancient
      Roman outpost in Southeastern Turkey.
      Most of the mosaics in display will be from the ancient city
      The city's ruins are now partially submerged under the waters
      of a dam that has been built recently.
      Emergency excavations before the inundation of the ruins
      saved many exquisite mosaics.
      Alexander the Great established Zeugma in 300 B.C. under the
      name of Selevkaya Euphrates. In 64 B.C., Roman Empire conquered
      and ruled the city and renamed it Zeugma, meaning "bridge-
      passage" or "bridge of boats".
      During Roman rule, the city became one of the commercial hubs
      in the region, due to its strategic location on the Silk Road.
      Zeugma was invaded and totally destroyed by King Shapur I of
      Sassanids in A.D. 256. In addition to the invasion, a violent
      earthquake later hit the city and buried it beneath rubble. The
      city never gained the prosperity once achieved during the Roman

      * One more news item on a city from the same region: The
      Turkish Parliament accepted a draft bill to move the ancient
      town of Hasankeyf to higher ground.
      One of the dams being built on the Tigris River will soon be
      inundating 90 percent of the historical parts of the town.
      Hasankeyf has many historical buildings dating back to the
      Medieval Ages.
      Town's history goes far back than the Medieval Ages, though.
      Archeologist point out that the town has been continuously
      occupied for the past 10,000 years.
      The town was declared a natural conservation area in 1981.

      * The Turkish Travel Agencies Union will contribute to the
      project that was started two years ago by the Selçuk
      Municipality and the Austrian Archaeology Institute for the
      reinforcement and protection of the Ephesus Grand Theater,
      reported the Anatolia news agency.
      Selçuk Mayor Vefa Ülger said they aimed at protecting
      cultural inheritance and transferring unique monuments to next
      generations. "Alongside the Grand Theater project, we have also
      prepared restoration projects for aqueducts; we will start to
      implement these projects soon. Our works to protect history
      continue," said Mr. Ülger.

      * Anatolia News Agency reports that 316 pieces of historical
      artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine periods, which the
      Austrian authorities seized last year in a bus in Austria, will
      be brought back to Turkey.
      Among the artifacts are golden and silver coins, lead seals,
      golden rings, bronze pinheads, glass bottles and bowls.

      * The 5th International Filmmor Women's Film Festival,
      organized by the Filmmor Women's Cooperative will be meeting
      the films lovers in Turkey's southeastern city of Diyarbakir.
      The festival, aiming to promote women in the film industry,
      enable them to participate in the film and communication
      spheres where they can express themselves, provide the
      environment for them to share their experiences on national and
      international levels and to contribute to their cultural and
      democratic participation.
      The festival will later go to the eatern Turkish city of Van.

      * The 26th International Istanbul Film Festival kicked off
      with an opening ceremony at the Lütfü Kirdar Convention and
      Exhibition Hall.
      After the ceremony, Ferzan Özpetek's latest film "Saturno
      Contro" was screened for the first time in Turkey.
      The festival started with a film by a Turkish director for
      the first time in its 26-year history.
      Holding a pioneering position with the quality and diversity
      of the films shown, the Istanbul Film Festival feels the pulse
      of the international film industry.
      This year in the festival, there are brand new movies from
      2006 and 2007, as well as unforgettable classics and an elite
      selection of the masterpieces of masters of cinema along with
      235 films shown in 20 different sections of the festival.
      There are 15 nominees in the International Golden Tulip
      Competition of the festival – all themed around the world of
      "arts and the artist" or are literary adaptations.
      Among the nominees of the International Award are George
      Hickenlooper's "Factory Girl" featuring Sienna Miller and Guy
      Pearce in the story of Andy Warhol's favorite actress Edie
      Sedgwick, and "The Hottest State" written and directed by famed
      actor Ethan Hawke.
      The master director of independent cinema who made "Johnny
      Suede," "Living in Oblivion" and "The Real Blonde," Tom
      DiCillo's last film "Delirious" that was rewarded the Best
      Director and Best Screenplay prizes in San Sebastian will also
      compete for the Golden Tulip.
      For the first time ever, there will be two Turkish films
      representing Turkey in the International Competition: "Waiting
      for Heaven by Dervis Zaim and "International" by Sirri Süreyya
      Önder & Muharrem Gülmez.
      There is also a competition for the best Turkish film, with
      16 nominees for the award.

      * The 13th Baroque Festival kicked of in Istanbul on Friday.
      The artist Leyla Pinar, the founder of the Baroque Community,
      organizes the Baroque Festival with the other members of the
      The festival discovers different geographies in the Baroque
      The Festival will feature compositions from the important
      artist of the era such as Buxtehude, Froberger, Stradella,
      Lully, Caccini, Purcell, Monteclaire, Porpora, Haendel,
      Vivaldi, Pergolesi, Soler.
      The 13th Baroque Festival will continue through the 5th of
      April and the events are free.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1382


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 52/37 Light Rain Shower
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 59/50 Light Rain Shower
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 50/45 Light Rain Shower
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 57/46 Light Rain Shower
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 55/50 Mostly Cloudy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey 20 inches
      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey 8 inches
      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey 83 inches
      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 24 inches
      Saklikent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey - inches
      Sarikamis, in Kars, Eastern Turkey 51 inches
      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey 33 inches


      By Mark Nowak

      *UEFA EuroCup 2008

      Turkey 4 – 1 Greece
      Sanli 27' Kyrgiakos 5'
      Gökhan 55'
      Metin 70'
      Gökdeniz 81'

      Turkey 2 – 2 Norway
      Altintop 72', 90' Brenne 31', Andresen 40'

      Standings Group C

      Teams Pld W D L GF GA Pts

      Turkey 5 4 1 0 14 3 13
      Greece 5 4 0 1 8 4 12
      Bosnia-Herzegovina 5 2 1 2 10 12 7
      Norway 5 2 1 2 9 6 7
      Hungary 5 2 0 3 7 8 6
      Malta 5 1 1 3 5 10 4
      Moldova 6 0 2 4 3 13 2

      *Turkish Futbol - Super League

      Week 25 results

      Besiktas 1 - 0 Erciyesspor
      Bursaspor 0 - 4 Fenerbahçe
      Gaziantepspor 1 - 0 Rizespor
      Kayserispor 4 - 4 Antalyaspor
      Denizlispor 3 - 2 Gençlerbirligi
      Ankaraspor 2 - 1 Sivasspor
      Trabzonspor 0 - 1 Ankaragucu
      Konyaspor 2 - 2 Galatasaray

      Week 26 matches

      Sivasspor - Kayserispor
      Bursaspor - Konyaspor
      Gençlerbirligi - Besiktas
      Erciyesspor - Trabzonspor
      Fenerbahçe - Ankaraspor
      Antalyaspor - Manisaspor
      Sakaryaspor - Gaziantepspor
      Rizespor - Denizlispor
      Ankaragucu - Galatasaray

      Standings Team GP W D L Pts GF GA

      1. Fenerbahçe 25 15 6 4 51 49 22
      2. Besiktas 25 13 6 6 45 35 23
      3. Galatasaray 25 11 9 5 42 44 27
      4. Kayserispor 25 10 10 5 40 37 29
      5. Gençlerbirligi 25 11 5 9 38 31 27
      6. Konyaspor 25 9 8 8 35 33 32
      7. Sivasspor 25 10 5 10 35 29 32
      8. Ankaraspor 25 7 13 5 34 28 26
      9. Trabzonspor 25 9 6 10 33 32 30
      10. Bursaspor 25 9 6 10 33 27 31
      11. Antalyaspor 25 7 11 7 32 27 27
      12. Ankaragucu 25 8 8 9 32 25 25
      13. Gaziantepspor 25 8 7 10 31 23 30
      14. Manisaspor 24 8 5 11 29 34 38
      15. Rizespor 25 8 4 13 28 21 27
      16. Denizlispor 25 6 8 11 26 22 33
      17. Erciyesspor 25 6 7 12 25 21 41
      18. Sakaryaspor 24 3 8 13 17 16 34

      *Turkish Basketball

      1. T.Telekom 22 – 2
      2. Fenerbahce 22 – 2
      3. Efes P. 21 – 3
      4. Galatasaray 15 – 9
      5. Besiktas 14 – 9
      6. TED Koleji 13 – 11
      7. Banvitspor 12 – 12
      8. Mersin 11 – 13
      9. Karsiyaka 10 – 13
      10. Darussafaka 10 - 14
      11. Selcuk Uni. 9 - 15
      12. Tofas 8 – 16
      13. Oyak Renault 7 - 17
      14. Beykoz 7 - 17
      15. Alpella 7 - 17
      16. Tekelspor 3 - 21

      *NBA Hidayet Turkoglu Stats Pts reb asst min

      Orlando 95 – 87 Indiana 10 4 5 23
      Orlando 96 – 105 Boston 20 4 9 47
      Orlando 94 - 89 NY Knicks 18 5 4 34

      Memet Okur Stats Pts reb asst min

      Utah 93 – 102 San Antonio 16 11 2 39
      Utah 108 – 102 Minnesota 23 12 1 38
      Utah 103 - 97 Washington 16 5 2 32
      Utah 118 – 108 Memphis 8 6 2 31


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