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x0x Turkish news for week ending 14 October 2006

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 14 October 2006

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      Ahmet Toprak edited today's news. Your host is Senem Ozer.

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      * The Turkish daily Star reports that Turkish troops left for Lebanon on
      Thursday. The troops will take part in the United Nations peacekeeping
      Earlier in the week and 8-officer delegation was sent by the Turkish
      armed forces' general staff to Lebanon to survey the area where Turkish
      troops on to be deployed.

      * As we reported to in the previous weeks, upon Turkey's prodding the U.S.
      had appointed a special envoy for coordinating efforts to counter the
      Kurdish insurgency in Turkey.
      The envoy, Retired Gen. Joseph Ralston, met with the Turkish foreign
      affairs minister on Thursday. The Turkish foreign affairs minister told
      the envoy that U.S. should take concrete steps against the Kurdish
      The foreign affairs minister also told that the ongoing work to
      coordinate joint efforts should not turn into a diversionary exercise.
      General Ralston met with his Turkish counterparts retired Gen. Edip
      Baser the previous day.
      The Kurdish insurgents currently have bases in northern Iraq across from
      the Turkish border. The area is under the control of the Iraqi Kurds, who
      are U.S. allies.

      * In a column that appeared in the financial times of London on Tuesday,
      Denis MacShane, the former British Minister responsible for the European
      Union, says that Europe is doing its best to tell Turkey that it is no
      longer wanted as part of the European Union.
      Mr. MacShane said that excluding Turkey from the union is a high-risk
      game. "How much longer will this secular, democratic, Muslim country look
      westwards to a European future, instead of turning east? " he added.

      * Another supporting view for Turkey's membership in the European Union
      came from the Italian foreign affairs minister Massimo D'Alema earlier in
      the week.
      The Italian minister said that he disagrees with those who think that
      Europe's forest should be close to Turkey for ethnic or religious reasons.
      He said that Italian government fully supports Turkey's European
      membership goal.
      "Turkey's membership in the union would bring value," the Italian
      minister added.

      * The Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus President Mr. Mehmet Ali Talat
      was in Brussels earlier in the week to meet with the European union
      In his meeting with the European commission President Jose Manuel
      Barroso Mr. Talat discuss the Finnish plan to reunite the two communities
      on Cyprus. Mr. Talat said the meeting was very constructive.
      Mr. Talat later met with European Parliament President Josep Borrell and
      European Union Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn.

      * In related news, the Greek foreign affairs minister said that the next
      three months would be a difficult period In Turkish-European Union
      The Greek minister said that Turkey should open its ports to the Greek
      Cypriot vessels. Turkish officials say that the embargo on the Turkish
      Cypriots should be lifted for this to happen.
      The Greek administration on Cyprus is recognized as the government of
      Cyprus, and the breakaway Turkish Republic is shunned by the international
      community due to Greek lobbying.
      In the aftermath of the Turkish intervention in Cyprus in 1974, The
      Cypriot Turks broke away from the Greeks to protect themselves against
      violence and economic deprivation coming from the Greeks.

      * Both of the opposition and the ruling party's in the Turkish Parliament
      agreed on the date for the next general elections, reports the Turkish
      dailies. According to the agreement the elections will be held in 2007.
      The minimum age for been elected to the Parliament was also reduced from
      30 to 25.

      * The Fortune magazine praised the executive board chairwoman of the
      Turkish conglomerate Sabanci Holding.
      In a ranking of the top 50 women executives in the world Ms. Guler
      Sabanci came in No. 11 in the Fortune magazine ranking.
      The magazine says that Ms. Sabanci boosted the group's revenues 23 per
      cent to $10.6 billion since she became the chairwoman in 2004.


      Edited by Serkan Hatipoglu

      * Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk won the Nobel literature prize on Thursday,
      for his multitude of works that deal with the symbols of clashing
      The Swedish Academy said that Pamuk "in the quest for the melancholic
      soul of his native city has discovered new symbols for the clash and
      interlacing of cultures."

      * Orhan Pamuk's being named as the 2006 Noble Literary Prize winner was a
      major achievement for Turkey, the country's Foreign Affairs Ministry said
      late Thursday.
      Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Gul said that he was very pleased that
      Pamuk had won such an award. "This is an important development for
      Turkey's promotion," he said. "We are very pleased that a Turk has won
      such a prize."
      A statement issued earlier Thursday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      said that the award would make a valuable contribution to the promotion of
      Turkish literature around the world.
      "Pamuk has been the recipient of numerous Turkish and international
      literary awards," the statement said. "He themed his books with elements
      coming from Turkey's history. We congratulate him."

      * Before his historic return-to-flight mission aboard NASA's Space Shuttle
      Discovery in July, Astronaut Steve Lindsey said he always wanted to visit
      Turkey and, if possible, he would like to do so after his return from the
      International Space Station. Three months later, Lindsey arrived at Space
      Camp Turkey as the invited guest of Kaya Tuncer, founder of Space Camp
      Turkey and president of the Aegean Free Zone Development and Operating
      Company, and presented him with a Turkish flag flown aboard Lindsey's
      STS-121 mission.
      Lindsey's appearance marks the second time a NASA astronaut has attended
      the camp this year. Shannon Lucid visited in July and Romanian cosmonaut
      Dorin Prunariu appeared in August.
      Next year, more astronaut and cosmonaut events are planned to visit the
      camp. Space Camp Turkey's interactive environment -- providing young
      people opportunities to interface with real space pioneers -- is integral
      to promoting space and science education.
      During Lindsey's visit to Space Camp Turkey between Oct. 8 and 12,
      Tuncer hosted a special ceremony in the camp's training center and
      dedicated the Space Shuttle Discovery simulator to Lindsey. This was
      followed by Lindsey's space presentation to teachers and children from
      Izmir's GeliSim College, Turk College and the SEV American School, as well
      as BUPS College in Ankara. Lindsey later met with Izmir Governor Oguzkaan
      Köksal and Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu and presented them with special NASA

      * Filmekimi, the annual October film week in Istanbul organized by the
      Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and sponsored by Nokia Nseries,
      will kick off today and run until Oct. 19. Celebrating its fifth
      anniversary this year, Filmekimi will present an entertaining alternative
      to the new film season.
      Filmekimi has attracted great interest since its inauguration in 2002,
      and last year's audience of 28,000 viewers set a record.
      This year's Filmekimi is entertaining film lovers with a special
      surprise with the sponsorship of Nokia Nseries. Turkish director Ümit Ünal
      will shoot a short film using a Nokia N93, to be introduced to viewers
      during the week. Film lovers will get a chance to experience the new
      approach Nokia Nseries multimedia computers bring to the world of cinema.
      During Filmekimi, 20 films will be shown at the Beyoglu Emek Movie
      Theater over a period of 7 days. The program includes first screenings in
      Turkey of eagerly awaited films, a selection of works shown at important
      film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Sundance and Venice, and
      award-winning productions.

      * Ankara's Bilkent University is hosting an exhibition featuring the work
      of sculptor Sadi Calik, a pioneer of contemporary Turkish sculpture and
      one of its most important figures.
      The exhibition, which opened on Oct. 9 at the exhibition hall of the
      University's Art, Design and Architecture Faculty, displays a selection of
      the artist's abstract works.
      Born in 1917, Calik, a master who has created many of the outstanding
      Turkish sculptures of today, emphasized the relation of the art of
      sculpture with other branches of art as well as with architecture. His two
      important works reflecting this approach are the "Atatürk Statue" (1966),
      which is considered to be the first contemporary statue in Turkey, and the
      "Abstract Statue" (1969), both located at the Middle East Technical
      University in Ankara.
      Selections compiled from the artist's abstract sculptures were
      previously displayed in August at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations as
      well as at the Cankaya Contemporary Arts Center on Sept. 4-Oct. 5 in
      In addition to exhibitions, a book titled "Sadi Calik," published by his
      daughter Siren Calik, is also an important source of information about the
      artist and his philosophy as well as his works, including classic and
      modern sculpture.
      Born in 1917 in Crete, Calik came to Turkey in 1923 and studied at the
      sculpture department of the State Fine Arts Academy in Istanbul. Among his
      most famous works are the "Lying Woman" sculpture in Izmir, reliefs of
      Atatürk's mausoleum and busts of Cevat Sakir KaraagaC in Bodrum as well as
      busts and statues of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk around Turkey.
      Calik died in 1979.

      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.47


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 61/55 Showers
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 70/64 Showers
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 66/61 Showers
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 73/63 Mostly Sunny
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 68/63 Showers

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 72
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 68
      Aegean Sea measured at Izmir 72
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 79


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * UEFA European Cup

      Turkey 5 - 0 Moldova
      35', 37'(pen), 43', 73' Hakan Şükür
      68' Tuncay

      Standings - Group C

      Team Pld W D L GF GA Pts
      Turkey 3 3 0 0 8 0 9
      Greece 3 3 0 0 6 0 9
      Norway 3 2 0 1 6 2 6
      Bosnia-Herzegovina 4 1 1 2 8 11 4
      Malta 3 1 0 2 4 8 3
      Hungary 4 1 0 3 5 8 3
      Moldova 4 0 1 3 2 10 1

      *Turkish Soccer Super League

      Week 9 matches

      Kayserispor Sivasspor
      Galatasaray 1-1 Ankaragucu
      Denizlispor Rizespor
      Gaziantepspor 1-0 Sakaryaspor
      Manisaspor Antalyaspor
      Ankaraspor Fenerbahçe
      Trabzonspor 3-1 Erciyesspor
      Besiktas Gençlerbirligi
      Konyaspor 1-0 Bursaspor


      Team GP W D L GF GA Pts
      1. Manisaspor 8 6 2 0 20 18 4
      2. Fenerbahçe 8 5 1 2 16 17 7
      3. Trabzonspor 9 4 3 2 15 15 11
      4. Besiktas 8 4 1 3 13 12 9
      5. Kayserispor 8 4 1 3 13 10 8
      6. Gaziantepspor 9 3 4 2 13 12 11
      7. Konyaspor 9 3 4 2 13 10 9
      8. Galatasaray 9 2 6 1 12 16 13
      9. Ankaraspor 8 2 5 1 11 10 8
      10. Bursaspor 9 3 2 4 11 10 11
      11. Gençlerbirligi 8 3 2 3 11 7 12
      12. Antalyaspor 8 2 4 2 10 8 9
      13. Sakaryaspor 9 2 3 4 9 6 9
      14. Rizespor 8 2 2 4 8 8 10
      15. Sivasspor 8 2 2 4 8 8 12
      16. Ankaragucu 9 0 6 3 6 8 11
      17. Denizlispor 8 1 3 4 6 5 10
      18. Erciyesspor 9 1 3 5 6 9 25

      * Basketball

      The Golden State Warriors were victorious in their first preseason game of
      the season, defeating Efes Pilsen 120-66 at the Arena in Oakland.
      Efes Pilsen also lost 118-102 against Denver. Efes Pilsen is the first
      Turkish team to be invited to play against NBA teams.


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