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x0x Turkish news for week ending 07 October 2006

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      [Due to scheduling problems, we have not been able to distribute the news
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 07 October 2006

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      Edited by Gokce Gokalp

      * Switzerland's visiting Justice and Policy Minister Christoph Blocher met
      With Turkey's Justice Minister Cemil Cicek on Wednesday.
      Speaking to reporters after their talks, Mr. Cicek pointed to the
      importance of international cooperation against terrorism. Stressing that
      terrorism was a crime against humanity, Mr. Cicek called on all countries
      to do their best and make genuine efforts on the matter.
      Mr. Cicek stated that terrorists were traveling to Europe after
      committing crimes in Turkey and seeking shelter and in the process
      violating democratic rights, adding that these demands for asylum had no
      "This fact should be well understood by Europeans, and we expect them to
      act on that", stated the Turkish Justice minister Cicek. reported the
      Turkish daily newspapers Turkiye and Star.

      * In related news, the daily Milliyet reported that Land Forces Commander
      Gen. Ilker Basbug, accompanied by Gendarmerie General Commander Gen. Isik
      Kosaner, visited Turkey's southeastern province of Diyarbakir on Tuesday.
      During a visit to Governor Efkan Ala, Gen. Basbug urged Kurdish Workers
      Party militants to lay down their arms and unconditionally surrender to
      Turkish authorities.
      Gen. Kosaner also said that the fight against the terrorist group would
      continue until the last militant lays down his arms.

      * Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit joined the growing chorus of
      generals and top officials on Monday in warning against the threat of
      fundamentalism faced by Turkey, and accused the ruling Justice and
      Development Party government of encouraging such efforts, reported the
      daily newspapers.
      Speaking at the opening ceremony of the new academic year for the
      Turkish War Academy, General Buyukanit stated, "The Islamic reactionary
      danger is one of the threats to our internal security. Those who have a
      hard time understanding the Islamic reactionary threat in Turkey should
      analyze developments in Turkey over the past 20 years and see how social
      and personal life has evolved."
      He also stated that the Turkish Armed Forces previously announced that
      it fully supports Turkey's European Union membership. However, the Turkish
      Armed Forces has a right to defend itself against criticism leveled
      against it using European Union membership.
      He also stressed that the military wasn't involved in politics but was
      only fulfilling the duties assigned to it under the law.
      Referring to a recent speech of European Commission representative in
      Turkey Hansjoerg Kretschmer, in which he stated "the Turkish Armed Forces
      makes remarks on religious education, cultural rights and universities and
      that those remarks have a great influence on Turkish society." Gen.
      Buyukanit asked what was disturbing Kretschmer. "Is he disturbed because
      the Turkish Armed Forces's remarks influence the public? Has the Turkish
      Armed Forces ever expressed any anti-democratic sentiments?" asked the top
      commander, adding that Turkey's war academies didn't train just commanders
      but also strong guardians of the republic.

      * Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with President George
      Bush at the White House in Washington on Monday.
      During the nearly-two-hour meeting, Erdogan and Bush reaffirmed their
      joint efforts to fight terrorism and extremism.
      In a joint press conference, President Bush stated, "We just had an
      extensive and important dialogue about how Turkey and the United States
      can and must work together to achieve peace. We talked about our
      determined efforts to fight terror and extremism. We talked about our
      common efforts to bring stability to the Middle East. We had an important
      discussion about both Iraq and Iran."
      Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan indicated that their determination to
      continue taking common steps in the fight against terrorism was renewed.
      White House Press Secretary Tony Snow stated that the issue of the
      Turkish Kurdish insurgents was discussed in detail and that the two
      leaders spoke about closing certain Turkish Kurdish insurgents offices in
      Mr. Erdogan also told Bush about Turkey's efforts in its European Union
      membership process. Mr. Bush stated that Turkey's European Union
      membership would also benefit the US and repeated his support for Turkey
      on this issue.
      Mr. Erdogan also talked about the issue of Kirkuk, an oil-rich city that
      the northern Iraqi Kurds want to include in their autonomous region. Mr.
      Erdogan mentioned his concerns and requested that Kirkuk be given a
      special status.
      Mr. Erdogan also spoke to Bush about the tragedy in the Darfur region of
      Sudan and shared his wish to help the people living there, reported the
      daily Hurriyet.

      * Turkey's Parliament started the new legislative year with a session held
      on Monday.
      Addressing the parliament, Turkish president Sezer devoted a major part
      of his speech to the principle of secularism. "The principle of secularism
      is the core of all values that constitute the Republic of Turkey", he
      Warning the nation against the danger of Islamist reactionaryism, Sezer
      stated it was a threat to Turkey's security.
      During his one-and-a-half-hour speech, he also voiced concern about the
      politicization of the judiciary. The Turkish president said the
      legislative and executive organs of the state should avoid such
      politicization, since this would harm both the state and individuals.
      Mr. Sezer also stressed that the principle of considering everyone tied
      to the Turkish state with a bond of citizenship to be a Turk does not mean
      rejection of ethnic identity.
      "On the contrary", he said, "this prevents citizens with different
      ethnic origins from being considered a minority".
      Mr. Sezer's speech was his last address to Parliament before he steps
      down as president next May.
      In addition to lawmakers, top military commanders, political party
      leaders and other top government officials, as well as foreign mission
      representatives in the Turkish capital Ankara also followed the start of
      the first session of the new legislative year.
      Later, Parliament Speaker Bulent Arinc hosted a reception in the evening
      marking the opening, reported the daily newspapers

      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.5


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 82/54 Mostly Sunny
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 86/68 Mostly Sunny
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 73/63 Showers
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 82/63 Partly Cloudy
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 75/61 Mostly Sunny

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 73
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 70
      Aegean Sea measured at Izmir 75
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 81


      * The widely acclaimed movie "My Father and My Son" has been nominated for
      the World Soundtrack Discovery Award 2006 by the World Soundtrack Academy
      in the sixth year of its annual awards.
      Representatives of the movie's maker, Avshar Films of Turkey, told the
      Anatolia news agency that the Greek composer Evanthia Reboutsika composed
      the soundtrack.
      The winner will be announced at the academy's awards ceremony in Ghent
      on Oct. 14.
      "My Father and My Son" was a box office hit in Turkey.
      The other nominees for the World Soundtrack Discovery Award 2006
      include: Olivier Florio's "Les Brigades du Tigre"; Douglas Pipes'
      "Monster House"; Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' "The Proposition"; and Nigel
      Clarke and Michael Csanyi-Wills' "The Thief Lord."
      Ms. Reboutsika accepted the task of writing the score for the film
      without even reading the entire Greek translation of the script. "The
      relations and dialogues between the father and son in the film reminded me
      of my own life," she explained.
      Directed by Çagan Irmak, "My Father and My Son" features Fikret Kuskan
      in the role of Sadik the son, Çetin Tekindor as father Hüseyin and Ege
      Tanman as grandson Deniz as well as the actors Hümeyra, Sherif Sezer, Özge
      Özberk, Binnur Kaya and Yetkin Dikinciler.
      "My Father and My Son" is about a man (Sadik) rejected by his father
      (Hüseyin) -- a farmer in the Aegean region -- during the politically messy
      1970s for not fulfilling his father's expectations of taking over the
      family farm and instead becoming a journalist. During the military coup of
      Sept. 12, 1980 Sadik's wife dies while giving birth to their child, Deniz.
      Some eight years later, Sadik returns home with his son and encounters
      his past, while Deniz helps melt the ice between his father and his

      * This year's excavations in central Turkish province of Kayseri's Kültepe
      township, conducted annually for the last 59 years, uncovered a couple of
      small, 4,000-year-old hand mills, reported the Anatolia news agency.
      Archaeologist and head of the excavation team Fikri Kulakoglu said the
      people in the area used to have hand mills in their houses to produce
      He also said the excavations scheduled for this year had been
      successfully completed and that they had turned the 219 artifacts they had
      uncovered over to the Kayseri Archaeology Museum.

      * The Goethe-Institut Istanbul, in cooperation with Epson Germany, is
      exhibiting selected photographs from the Epson Art Photo Award 2005
      competition as part of the First International Istanbul Photography
      The exhibition will run until Oct. 31.
      Although a newcomer, the Epson Art Photo Award is one of the most
      prestigious photographic art awards in Europe, launched last year in
      cooperation with the Art Cologne fair. The award is open only to students
      and teams at universities, colleges and other classes teaching
      photographic art and design. Awards go to the best photography course, the
      best individual artist and to 25 exceptional individual works. Over 170
      classes and teams participated, representing 70 photographic academies and
      universities in 21 countries with over 7,500 photos.
      First prize was awarded to a class from the design department at
      Dortmund Polytechnic College.

      * Some months ago we told you about a sand sculpture exhibit in southern
      We received the news this week that unfortunately the hordes of visitors
      envisioned by organizers have failed to materialize at the International
      Sand Sculpture Exhibition at Lara Beach in the Mediterranean resort city
      of Antalya, disappointing all those involved in putting the event
      The exhibition's coordinator Cem Soydemir told the Anatolia news agency
      that only 100,000 people had visited the exhibition. Noting that some
      sculptures were damaged and collapsed due to the weather, Soydemir said:
      "We will have a party and demolish the sculptures on Oct. 30. It will be
      more meaningful to return these sand sculptures to nature."
      The exhibition, which cost 500,000 euros to stage, featured many Turkish
      themes including Nasreddin Hodja, Mt. Nemrut, Noah's Ark, Midas, the
      Trojan Horse, Fairy Chimneys, and Hacivat and Karagöz as well as more than
      100 other themes from across the globe.
      Twenty-two artists from 10 countries shaped more than 100 sand
      sculptures starting on June 14

      * Turkish Daily News reports that World-famous jazz musicians are in
      Istanbul for Akbank jazz fest.
      The 16th festival is dedicated to the late producer Arif Mardin, 'a jazz
      legend whose point of view was undoubtedly shaped by the sound of
      Istanbul,' according to the festival's organizers
      The festival is taking place over 10 days. It will also travel to
      Turkey's Aegean city of Izmir and to the capital Ankara with selected
      This year's festival will focus on the diverse sounds of daily life of
      Istanbul. Jazz fans will once again have the opportunity to see some of
      the greatest jazz musicians take to the stage, as they enliven historic
      concert halls and continue to shape the sound of Istanbul.
      Composer, lyricist, and organizer Kurt Elling opened the festival with a
      concert on Wednesday at the historic Hagia Eireni.
      Famous for her crystal-clear vocals and a range that includes everything
      from blues to soul, funk, jazz and even gospel, Alice Russell turned up
      the temperature at Istanbul nightclub Babylon with her performance on
      Friday night.
      Istanbul-based percussionist William Cardoso will bring the traditional
      sounds of Cuba to Turkey with his high-energy project "El Pluma Band." The
      seven-member ensemble also includes American bassist Tony Jones and
      accomplished young pianist Chagri Sertel.
      The Alvin Curran, Fred Frith, and Cenk Ergun Trio will provide the
      perfect closure for a whirlwind weekend and provide audiences with a
      reservoir of energy for the week ahead when they perform at Babylon.
      Following their performance, "CazYapJazz" will carry the audience around
      the world with their set, which includes Romany sounds from the streets of
      Kasimpasha, electronic sounds from the clubs of London and jazz
      improvisations from the basement bars of New York.
      Grammy-winning Cuban piano sensation Gonzalo Rubalcaba and legendary
      Brazilian soloist, composer, and guitar master Joao Bosco will bland their
      gifts for what is sure to be a memorable dialogue between two musicians in
      rhythmic, melodic, and thematic explorations into how Latin American
      sounds travel.
      The festival will wrap up on Oct. 14 with a magical night. Musically
      ambidextrous Wadada Leo Smith is first and foremost a trumpet player as
      well as a composer whose original ideas set him in a magna cum laude class
      of his own. Smith will be joined by Süleyman Ergüner, one of the most
      important figures in the Sufi community, at the Cemal Resit Rey Concert
      Lou Donaldson, whose career as a musician spans five decades during
      which he has mastered the art of alto saxophone and experimented with hard
      bop, soul, and jazz, will also be on stage for the finale concert.
      Donaldson will be joined by Dr. Lonnie.
      Over at Babylon, French guitarist Nicolas Repac will be performing his
      interpretations of '50s and '60s swing classics for the final concert
      Babylon will host. Repac will present his latest project made up of
      electro jazz beats, new discoveries, ideas, and emotions brimming with
      light and sounds prepared with innocence to carry the listener on a
      hallucinogenic, magic carpet ride of a journey.

      * Another jazz event and another master was in Turkey this week. British
      jazz phenomenon Gilad Atzmon was on stage at the Istanbul Jazz Center as
      part of Garanti Bank's Jazz Green concert series.
      Mr. Atzmon, who previously performed at JC's in January of last year,
      was accompanied by Frank Harrison on piano, Yaron Stavi on contrabass and
      Asaf Sirkis on drums.
      Mr. Atzmon mixes Jewish and Arabic melodies with Western jazz sounds.
      This jazz base is fused with Ladino, Sephardic, Balkan, Andalusian, Arabic
      and Turkish elements and influences. He says one of his biggest hopes is
      the establishment of peace between Israel and Palestine.
      Mr. Atzmon's latest album, "Exile," received the Jazz Album of the Year
      award from BBC Jazz Awards and was chosen one of the best albums of the
      year by Time Out and Jazz Time magazines and The Observer newspaper.

      * Istanbul biennial will challenge global conflicts via art, reports the
      Turkish Daily News. The theme of the 10th International Istanbul Biennial,
      to take place in 2007, will be "Not impossible, but necessary: optimism in
      the age of global war," the event's organizers announced on Monday.
      Speaking at a press conference promoting the conceptual framework of the
      biennial, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts,
      foundation's President Shakir Eczacibashi said: "According to a survey,
      the biennial is fifth among 150 biennials worldwide in terms of its
      importance and reputation. It also showed the event is second for its
      creativity and the talent of the participating artists, which is quite
      satisfying for us to show the success we have achieved in the last 20
      The curator of the event, to be held between Sept. 8 and Nov. 4, 2007,
      will be Hou Hanru, director of exhibitions and public programs and chair
      of San Francisco Art Institute's exhibition and museum studies program.
      The event, in which around 50-60 international artists will participate,
      will take place in different venues around Istanbul including the Atatürk
      Culture Center.

      * Young Turkish dancer Özge Basaran, of the Ankara State Opera and Ballet,
      won the Grand Prix as well as Best Modern Dancer awards in a competition
      held in Soci, Russia Sept. 20-29.
      Ms. Basaran said she was very happy to have won the Grand Prix award for
      herself as well as for Turkey by beating 72 international dancers. She
      said she prepared herself for the competition with six hours of daily
      practice and that she tried to represent her country to the best of her
      ability, according to the Anatolia news agency.
      "After I performed 'Sleeping Beauty' in the first round, some of my
      rivals congratulated me and said I deserved the Grand Prix award. I felt a
      great honor yet I continued my struggle," she said, adding, "The moment
      the recipients of the award were announced, I realized I had done
      something very important for my country."
      She said that following the ballet competition she had received
      proposals from several countries to perform at various festivals and that
      on Oct. 6-7 she would perform in Ukraine.

      * A house in Tekirdag in the European part of Turkey that once hosted
      Prince Ferenc Rakoczi II, a national hero in Hungary, for a period of 15
      years is being maintained as the Rakoczi Museum, said an official on
      Speaking to the Anatolia news agency Erdogan Erken, Hungarian honorary
      consul in Tekirdag, said Rakoczi lived in the house on Tekirdag's Ertugrul
      Street during the years 1720-1735.
      Noting that the museum, converted from the house that once hosted
      Rakoczi and owned by the government of Hungary, has attracted a total of
      1,500 Hungarian tourists as of September 2006. He said their aim was to
      draw an even larger number of Hungarian tourists.
      "When Rakoczi II was defeated in the Hungarian War of Independence that
      he undertook against the Austrian Hapsburg Empire, he sought asylum in the
      Ottoman Empire. He settled in Tekirdag, where he lived for 15 years until
      his death. Tekirdag embraced him so warmly that Rakoczi lived there as if
      he were in his homeland," he explained.
      He also said the Hungarian cities of Kecskemet and Sarospatak were the
      sister cities of Tekirdag and that exchange programs for students are
      carried out between the three cities. "The students learn about the
      culture of both countries, contributing to the promotion their own country
      as well as that of the host country," he noted.

      * The 125th anniversary of the birth of world-famous Hungarian composer
      and scholar Béla Bartók was commemorated in Istanbul this week with an
      exhibition and concert at the Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall, held in
      collaboration with the Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary in
      Istanbul and the Greater Istanbul Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs
      Hungarian pianist Balint Zsoldos performed well-known compositions from
      Bartók at the Wednesday concert, which attracted great interest from the
      nearly 300 guests including Hungarian Ambassador to Turkey Zsolt Szalay,
      Hungarian Consul General Maria Szekely, Hungarian Commercial Attaché
      Andras Hajdu, Hungarian Honorary Consul Erdogan Erken, diplomats,
      academics and artists.
      The aim of the exhibition is to capture something of Bartók's
      significance, especially as an ethnomusicologist. The exhibition can be
      seen at Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall today.
      Commemoration of Hungarian composer Bela Bartok in Turkey has a special
      meaning because he visited Turkey in 1936 and toured Anatolia with Turkish
      composer and conductor Ahmed Adnan Saygun. They collected many folk songs
      from Osmaniye, a region of Adana, and transferred them into conventional
      musical notation. Around the same time, he conducted research in the
      archives of the Municipal Conservatory of Istanbul, and transcribed the
      folk dances of the Black Sea region

      * Turkish fashion designer Hüseyin Caglayan presented his collection at
      the ongoing Paris Fashion Week, where world-famous fashion designers are
      showcasing their 2007 spring-summer collections, reported the Anatolia
      news agency.
      Mr. Caglayan presented his show, titled "111 Years of Fashion from 1895
      to Present," in a room surrounded with screens on which he showed images
      from fashion history, cleverly changing the images and drawing an
      enthusiastic applause from spectators.
      The show started with the long skirts typical of the Victorian era and
      ended with clothes reflecting the mores of the 2000s, designed to
      emphasize the female form.
      The show continued for 20 minutes, and approximately 30 outfits went
      down the catwalk.
      Mr. Caglayan, who was voted British Fashion Designer of the Year in
      2000, currently lives in London and has been presenting his collections at
      Paris Fashion Week since 2003.


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer Super League

      Week 8 results

      Ankaragucu 2 - 2 Trabzonspor
      Erciyesspor 1 - 1 Besiktas
      Fenerbahçe 0 - 1 Bursaspor
      Antalyaspor 1 - 0 Kayserispor
      Sakaryaspor 0 - 1 Manisaspor
      Sivasspor 0 - 2 Ankaraspor
      Galatasaray 3 - 3 Konyaspor
      Gençlerbirligi 3 - 1 Denizlispor
      Rizespor 2 - 0 Gaziantepspor

      Week 7 matches

      Kayserispor Sivasspor
      Galatasaray Ankaragucu
      Denizlispor Rizespor
      Gaziantepspor Sakaryaspor
      Manisaspor Antalyaspor
      Ankaraspor Fenerbahçe
      Trabzonspor Erciyesspor
      Besiktas Gençlerbirligi
      Konyaspor Bursaspor


      Team GP W D L GF GA Pts
      1. Manisaspor 8 6 2 0 20 18 4
      2. Fenerbahçe 8 5 1 2 16 17 7
      3. Besiktas 8 4 1 3 13 12 9
      4. Kayserispor 8 4 1 3 13 10 8
      5. Trabzonspor 8 3 3 2 12 12 10
      6. Galatasaray 8 2 5 1 11 15 12
      7. Ankaraspor 8 2 5 1 11 10 8
      8. Bursaspor 8 3 2 3 11 10 10
      9. Gençlerbirligi 8 3 2 3 11 7 12
      10. Gaziantepspor 8 2 4 2 10 11 11
      11. Konyaspor 8 2 4 2 10 9 9
      12. Antalyaspor 8 2 4 2 10 8 9
      13. Sakaryaspor 8 2 3 3 9 6 8
      14. Rizespor 8 2 2 4 8 8 10
      15. Sivasspor 8 2 2 4 8 8 12
      16. Denizlispor 8 1 3 4 6 5 10
      17. Erciyesspor 8 1 3 4 6 8 22
      18. Ankaragucu 8 0 5 3 5 7 10

      * UEFA Champions' League

      Group C

      * Clubs Pld W D L GF GA Pts

      Liverpool 2 1 1 0 3 2 4
      PSV 2 1 1 0 1 0 4
      Galatasaray 2 0 1 1 2 3 1
      Bordeaux 2 0 1 1 0 1 1


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