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    [See more at: http://turkradio.us/k/salda/ ] x0x Lake Salda: Turkey s hidden beauty awaits discovery Lake Salda s immaculate sandy beaches, turquoise waters
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2006
      [See more at: http://turkradio.us/k/salda/ ]

      x0x Lake Salda: Turkey's hidden beauty awaits discovery

      Lake Salda's immaculate sandy beaches, turquoise waters and freshwater
      fish are all testament to the purity of the lake. It is said to be the
      cleanest lake in Turkey and the second clearest lake in the world

      ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

      Surrounded by crystal-clear waters to the north, south and west, Turkey
      attracts tourists to its enchanting shores for sea, sand and sun, but its
      unexplored inner regions have great tourism potential, too.

      Lake Salda, located four kilometers west of Burdur's Yeşilova district,
      is one such relatively undiscovered corner. It takes its name from the
      small nearby town of Salda and extends over part of an area known as the
      Lakes District in southwestern Anatolia. This region was formed hundreds
      of thousands of years ago by long geological processes, ultimately leading
      to the development of the Karataş, Salda, Yarışlı, Akgöl, Gölhisar
      and Burdur lakes.

      Salda is the most frequently visited of the lakes and, at 185 meters, is
      the deepest in Turkey. The immaculate sandy beaches, turquoise waters and
      freshwater fish are all testament to the purity of the lake. It is said to
      be the cleanest lake in Turkey and the second clearest lake in the world.

      Designated a protected area, the lake attracts a large number of
      visitors every year with its unspoilt natural beauty.

      Lake on Mars:

      Salda has magnificent soft, white beaches that experts believe were
      formed by the magnesium contained in the waters of the lake. Indeed, the
      sandy deposits around the lake are rich in the mineral hydromagnesite.

      The lake's almost unreal appearance does not just attract the attention
      of tourists. A scientific team from Glasgow University researched the
      unusual geological processes in the area for four years, while Britain's
      BBC shot a documentary on the lake in 2000. The research conducted so far
      has indicated that Lake Salda shares some of the characteristics of the
      planet Mars!

      Campsite in paradise:

      But it's not all about science: Opportunities abound for those who want
      to enjoy nature without analysis. The Yeşilova Municipality and the
      National Park's beaches' white shores are open to visitors. There they can
      enjoy a wonderful rest, swim in the lake's clean waters and enjoy the
      panoramic views of the forest and hills that surround the lake.

      Entrance to the public beach of Yeşilova Municipality is free, while
      visitors have to pay for the National Park's forest beach. Campsite
      services, including electricity, drinking water, toilets and showers, are
      available at both beaches.

      The lake is a popular stop for tours organized to Pamukkale from
      Antalya; however, the area is also suitable for those able to make a
      longer stay: Who could tire of walking on the unique beaches of the lake
      whilst enjoying the sand, sun and water?

      Promotion essential:

      Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, head of the Yeşilova local
      authority, Bahri Tiryaki, said the lake needed to be more effectively

      Noting that while the local authorities of the area had an important
      duty to promote the lake, he added that guesthouse owners and other local
      business were also in a position to make an important contribution.

      �When I show some of the pictures of the lake and shore to my friends,
      their first question is �Is this somewhere abroad?' They are really
      surprised when I say that the photos and the beaches are of Lake Salda,�
      he added.


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