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x0x Turkish news for week ending 08 July 2006

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      [Audio archives of our broadcasts are at:
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 08 July 2006

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      * Turkish Foreign Affairs minister Mr. Abdullah Gul was in Wasghington
      this week.
      Mr. Gul first met with Secretary of State Ms. Condoleeza Rice and
      discussed bilateral relations and a new strategic vision document, te
      Turkish daily Milliyet reported.
      During their meeting Mr. Gul also briefed Ms. Rice on his recent
      contacts with the Iranian government concerning its nuclear program.
      The two also reviewed the situation with the rebel Turkish Kurds. During
      a joint press conference Mr. Gul expressed Turkish governments annoyance
      with the situation. He said that "presence of a terrorist group in a
      friendly country such as Iraq was inexplicable".
      Ms. Rice said that the US administration would work actively with Ankara
      and Baghdad to overcome this problem.

      * Reuters reports that Iraq warned neighbouring Turkey on Thursday to
      refrain from any military incursions into its northern border region to
      fight Kurdish guerrillas based there.
      Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, on a visit to Athens,
      noted. no Turkish incursions had taken place so far.
      Mr. Zebari was in Turkey earlier on an official visit, where he promised
      that Iraq will increase cooperation against the rebel Turkish Kurds.

      * The Turkish daily Milliyet reports that the Assistant Secretary of State
      for European and Eurasian Affairs Daniel Fried said Thursday that
      Washington was pleased with Turkey's diplomatic initiatives to help solve
      the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
      Commenting on possible direct talks of Turkish officials with Hamas
      political leader Khaled Meshaal, Fried said that this wouldnt be proper.

      * A new poll has revealed that support for membership in the European
      Union has sharply fallen among the Turks from around 60% six moths ago to
      43 %. The survey also found that Turks are also less trustful of the
      European Union politicians.

      * The Turkish daily Sabah reports that the Turkish Statistics Institute
      released on Monday the inflation figures for June. The consumer price
      index rose 0.34 percent month-on-month for an annual rise of 10 percent,
      while the producer price index was up 4 percent month-on-month and 12.5
      percent year-on-year.
      Turkeys inflation returned to double digits for the first time in nearly
      two years in June.


      Edited by Serkan Hatipoglu

      * The ancient city of Anamurium, located west of Mersin's Anamur district
      on the Turkish mediterranean coast, was destroyed by a massive earthquake
      in the sixth century, scientists working at the site announced last
      Professor Selim Ýnan of Mersin University said in a written statement
      that four fault lines in the triangle formed by the Mut, Ermenek and
      Anamur districts had been identified during studies conducted over the
      last two years with Professor Nurdan Ýnan.
      Ýnan said the research revealed strong evidence that the ancient city
      was destroyed by an earthquake that occurred on the continuation of the
      Namrun fault line, which constitutes the southwest end of the Ecemiþ fault
      The history of the ancient city of Anamurium, which sits on a
      12-square-mile area west of Cape Anamur, dates back to the Hittite period.
      The name Anamurium means "windy cape" according to historical documents.

      * Family members and friends gathered last Wednesday at Istanbul's
      Teþvikiye Mosque to say farewell to Grammy Award-winning producer Arif
      Mardin. Mr. Mardin, a Turk who discovered or helped launch some of the
      biggest names in the music world -- from Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan to
      younger artists such as Norah Jones -- died on June 27 of pancreatic
      cancer in New York, where he lived and worked.
      Hundreds of mourners attended the ceremony in Istanbul's elegant
      Niþantaþý neighborhood, including important figures from the Turkish music
      world. "Arif Mardin's passing is a source of loneliness for the music
      world," Turkish musician Sezer Cumhur Önal told reporters as he gathered
      with attendees for prayers.
      Born in 1932 in Istanbul, Mardin graduated from Istanbul University and
      studied at the London School of Economics.
      He went to the United States from Turkey in 1958 after a meeting with
      Dizzy Gillespie and Quincy Jones persuaded him to make music his career.
      He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, graduating in 1961.
      Mardin started working at Atlantic Records, which was co-founded by
      compatriot Ahmet Ertegün in 1963. He subsequently became a producer,
      arranger and ultimately senior vice president of Atlantic.
      He left in 2001 and revived the Manhattan Records label later that year.
      He retired in 2004. During his career of more than 40 years, Mardin
      collected nearly 60 gold and platinum albums and 15 Grammy nominations.
      The 12-time Grammy-winner producer was honored many times in the field
      of music, including the National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences
      (NS) Trustee Award, which he received in February 2001.

      * As NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery successfully ascended to the
      International Space Station for the first time in nearly a year, 12 to
      15-year-old students from the United States and Turkey conducted their own
      international mission this week aboard a mockup of Discovery at Space Camp
      Turkey in Ýzmir.
      The first of two E-Pal weeks this summer was held on July 2-8, uniting
      e-mail pals from schools in Turkey and the United States and featuring a
      guest appearance by Romanian cosmonaut Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu. The next
      E-Pal Week is scheduled for July 16-22 and will feature American astronaut
      Shannon Lucid, the record holder for the most hours in space of any woman
      in the world.
      As part of the year-long Partner School Science Program, American
      schools are paired with schools in Turkey and Israel and Turkish schools
      collaborate with schools in Bulgaria. Students e-mail each other, complete
      space-related science projects on NASA's distance-learning Web site,
      participate in three-way video conferences between the schools and NASA's
      Johnson Space Center, and ultimately meet at a special session at Space
      Camp Turkey, called E-Pal Week.
      Eight American students, accompanied by two teachers from the Washington
      Middle School in Long Beach, California, met with their 13 Turkish
      counterparts from Geliþim College in Ýzmir and shared the results of their
      joint space science project with other camp attendees.
      Participants in Space Camp Turkey's second E-Pal Week, on July 16-22,
      will come from Turkey, the United States, Israel, Palestine and Greece.
      Activities will include a video conference with NASA and amateur radio
      Each year, Global Friendship Through Space Education foundation offers
      scholarships to over 650 students to attend one-week sessions at Space
      Camp Turkey -- either during an international summer session or at the
      National Space Camp Week, a special session in March for one science
      teacher and two students (one boy and one girl) from over 81 different
      provinces in Turkey.
      Since its inception in 2002, over 2,500 students, aged 12-15 from over
      15 countries have benefited from these programs.

      * The Konya Performing Arts Center is preparing to implement a project
      titled "Mevlana Love, Tolerance and Culture Train" to mark UNESCO's
      declaration of 2007 as "The Year of Mevlana," celebrating the 800th
      anniversary of Mevlana Jelaladdin Rumi's birth.
      The project, which has been submitted to the Turkish Culture and Tourism
      Ministry for approval, anticipates a train of 14 carriages traveling
      through 17 countries and stopping in 11 of them, reported the Doðan News
      Featured inside the carriages will be large Mevlana pictures and a
      Mevlana museum as well as promotional photographs of Turkey and the words
      reflecting Mevlana's philosophy in various languages.
      The carriages will also house Mevlevi cuisine, wax whirling dervish
      statues depicting the clothing of the period, paintings, miniatures of
      Mevlevi culture and a Turkish handcraft exhibition.

      * Historical artifacts unearthed in various regions of Anatolia will be
      displayed in an archeological exhibition planned for next year in Germany,
      announced German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt on Wednesday.
      The exhibition will be dubed "10,000 Years in Anatolia" and will be in
      Karsluhe in January 2007 with support from the Turkish Culture and Tourism
      Mr. Schmidt is from the German Archeological Institute in Berlin and
      excavation leader at Göbeklitepe in Þanlýurfa in Sotheastern Turkey.
      Some of the artifacts in the exhibit date back to the Neolithic era Mr.
      Schmidd said.

      * U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Ross Wilson hosted a reception at his
      residence in Turkey's capital Ankara last Tuesday to mark the 230th
      anniversary of the independence of the United States.
      Following the national anthems of both countries, the ambassador
      delivered a speech, saying: "Two-hundred-and-thirty years have passed
      since the declaration of independence was signed on July 4, 1776," quoting
      some phrases from the historic document.
      He said likewise Turkey and its citizens have pursued the principles of
      independence and freedom for the more than 80 years since turkey's first
      president Atatürk's founding of the republic. He noted that one of these
      principles is constant democratic reform, adding that the success Turkey
      has achieved in becoming an independent and prosperous country was a
      hopeful example for millions of people around the world.

      * Renowned fado artist Katia Guerreiro is performing a concert on Saturday
      at Çeþme Castle as part of the 20th International Ýzmir Festival.
      Fado, translated as "destiny" or "fate" and considered to be the world's
      most melancholic music, is a genre that most likely originated in the
      1820s in Portugal. Characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about
      the sea or the life of the poor, fado is inspired from Portuguese women's
      elegies and longing for their men who departed on sea voyages into the
      unknown and didn't come back. It mixes the African rhythms, the
      traditional music of Portuguese sailors and Arabic influence.
      Remaining among the most successful representatives of this genre,
      Guerreiro brought a new look to Portugal's traditional music by
      incorporating electronic music.


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * Soccer News

      * Former Brazilian soccer maestro Zico is on his way to Turkey after
      agreeing to a two year contract with club side Fenerbahce.

      * Basketball news

      *A fter the shutting down of Ulker Istanbul, the organizors of Ulkerspor
      increased the sponsorship agreement with Fenerbahce Istanbul giving the
      yellow-blues their name, Fenerbahce Ulkerspor. The agreement between
      Fenerbahce Istanbul and Ulker Istanbul is not limited with sponsorship;
      the orange-greens also sent some of their players to Fenerbahce Istanbul
      as well as transferring their Euroleague attendance right. According to
      the agreement Fenerbahce Ulkerspor will play in ULEB Euroleague this


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.55


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 70/51 Fair
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 88/70 Fair
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 80/68 Fair
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 91/70 Fair
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 72/65 Mostly Cloudy

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 72
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 79
      Aegean Sea measured at Bodrum 73
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Alanya 81


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      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
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      *** Mark your calendars for the Annual Monterey Turkish Arts and
      Culture Festival
      This year it will take place on August 6th and 7th.

      Two days full of events for the whole family.

      Arkadas * Filoi
      is a social-cultural group of Greeks,
      Turks, Cypriots, and other peoples of good will,
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      and promote peace in the Aegean region.
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      Dance. Create art.
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