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x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 July 2006

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    [Audio archives of our broadcasts are at: http://www.TurkRadio.us/archives.html ] {20060701trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 July 2006 [Best when
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      [Audio archives of our broadcasts are at: http://www.TurkRadio.us/archives.html


      x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 July 2006

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      Edited by Gokce Gokalp

      * According to the Turkish daily Sabah, Turkish President Ahmet Necdet
      Sezer, currently in Moscow for a historic official visit, met with Russian
      President Vladimir Putin to discuss a number of issues, including
      bilateral relations on Thursday.
      During their meeting, Mr. Sezer stated that Turkey hopes to boost the
      trade volume between Turkey and Russia to about $25 billion. Last year
      trade volume between the two countries reached $15 billion.
      Mr. Putin stated that he had met with Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan
      many times since his visit to Turkey in 2004, adding that relations
      between the two countries were growing stronger.
      Indicating that the Russian government wanted to boost the bilateral
      trade volume between the two countries, Mr. Putin added that trade volume
      was increasing annually by about 35-40%.

      * Turkish parliament yesterday passed a sweeping new anti-terror bill on
      "We didn't restrict freedom of press and expression in the new law",
      stated Justice Minister Cemil Cicek.
      Under the new law, which expands the scope of crimes of terrorism.
      Intentionally burning down forestland and taking cultural and natural
      assets abroad would now be among terrorist crimes, reported the Turkish
      daily Star.

      * On Thursday, US Ambassador to Turkey Ross Wilson dismissed wide
      speculations about US military plans in the Black Sea, saying his country
      wasn't looking for a permanent naval presence in this sea. "Our goal is to
      work together with our friends and allies in the Black Sea region and
      advocate cooperation and security within the framework that they want," he
      Mr. Wilson spoke at the Ari Movements Eighth International Security
      Conference, a two-day seminar where democratization and the security of
      the Black Sea are the main topics.
      The US ambassador underlined that his country fully respects the
      Montreaux Treaty, which limits the entrance and presence of foreign
      military forces in the Black Sea according to the Turkish daily The New

      * On Thursday, The Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry expressed its concern
      over recent developments in the Mideast following the kidnapping of an
      Israeli soldier.
      In a written statement, the Foreign Affairs Ministry called on both
      sides to act with common sense and urged Palestine to release the soldier
      as soon as possible and Israel to end its military operation in Gaza.
      The statement added that the ongoing tension and possible clashes would
      only serve the interests those opposed to a comprehensive and permanent
      solution in the region reported the Turkish daily Turkiye.

      * In Moscow, where he participated in a ministerial-level conference of
      the Pact of Paris and is to accompany President Ahmet Necdet Sezer during
      his current official visit to Russia, Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister
      Abdullah Gul stated Wednesday that blackmail would not help to reach a
      Cyprus resolution.
      Speaking to reporters, Mr. Gul stated that Turkey's European Union
      membership process was a bumpy road, adding that Turkey was aware of its
      Stressing that a number of reforms for European Union harmonization had
      been implemented and some of them are already underway, Mr. Gul stated
      that the Cyprus issue should not be used to block Ankara's European Union
      Pointing to the Turkish side's efforts for a settlement on the island,
      the Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister stated that the issue could not be
      resolved through blackmail, but rather with measures strengthening
      When asked whether Ankara intends to open its airports and harbors to
      Greek Cypriots, Mr. Gul stated it was not fair to expect the lifting of an
      embargo on one side while keeping the other.
      Meanwhile, as part of Turkey's efforts to facilitate finding a
      resolution to the Iran issue through diplomatic means, Mr. Gul met with
      his Russian counterpart. During their talks, Mr. Gul reportedly spoke
      about his recent visit to Tehran. Furthermore, Gul had a meeting with
      European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana, who arrived in Moscow
      late in the afternoon, and exchanged views on the matter, according to the
      Turkish daily Turkiye.

      * According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, Turkey's Ambassador to
      Washington Nabi Sensoy stated on Tuesday that the US Kurdish allies in
      northern Iraq provide arms, shelter and equipment to the rebel Turkish
      Kurds and that the US government should do more to disrupt these links.
      Ambassador Sensoy was speaking at a meeting with editors and reporters
      at The Washington Times.
      Ambassador Sensoy stated that Ankara had evidence that as many as 3,000
      rebel Kurdish militants belonging to the underground Kurdish Workers Party
      had recently moved from positions in northern Iraq to the Turkish border
      to carry out operations inside Turkey.
      "You have great influence over these people," he indicated, "Average
      Turks are increasingly frustrated by the apparent inability to contain the
      Kurdish Workers Party threat from Iraq."

      * Last week we told you that Ms. Rahsan Ecevit started a political
      initiative to form a new coalition among the opposition parties in Turkey
      for next year's general elections against the ruling Justice and
      Development Party.
      Ms. Ecevit is the former deputy leader of the Democratic Left Party and
      wife of ailing former Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit.
      As part of her efforts Ms. Ecevit visited main opposition Republican
      Peoples Party headquarters in Ankara on Tuesday to meet with Republican
      People's Party leader Deniz Baykal. During the one-and-a-half-hour talk,
      Mr. Baykal reportedly offered to merge with the Democratic Left Party,
      while Ms. Ecevit asked for establishment of a front defending the values
      of the republic against the Justice and Development Party, reported the
      Turkish daily Aksam.
      Ms. Ecevit later met with other parties' leaders, but she received
      cooler reception, and political analysts say that the idea of a coalition

      * Speaking at a conference organized by the Turkish Banks Association,
      Turkey's state minister responsible for the Economy Ali Babacan responded
      to criticisms of the government about recent fluctuations in the markets,
      stating that the economy and the Turkish nation were going through a
      difficult test.
      Mr. Babacan stated that all economic institutions and units were acting
      with common sense and taking necessary measures.
      He further stressed that fiscal discipline and a determined monetary
      policy would continue to be the main approach in bringing down inflation,
      reported the Turkish daily Aksam.


      Edited by Hilal Koc

      * As legends of music visit Turkey one after the other for live gigs this
      summer, famous vocal jazz ensemble Manhattan Transfer is set to rock Izmir
      with an open-air concert. The legendary group, formed in 1972, will
      perform a concert at the Çesme Open-air Theater on Aug. 4 at 9:30 p.m.
      Manhattan Transfer, which released its first album in 1975 via Atlantic
      Records, is very popular throughout Europe in addition to their reputation
      in the United States. The foursome -- consisting of Tim Hauser, Janis
      Siegel, Alan Paul and Cheryl Bentyne -- has released 25 albums to date.
      Their latest album "Vibrate," released in 2004, features 11 songs that
      carry traces of jazz, Latin, world and pop music. * The 10th International
      Famagusta Culture and Art Festival, the most important cultural event of
      the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is scheduled to start July 6.
      This year's event will bring renowned Turkish, international and
      Turkish Cypriot stars together in the Turkish Cypriot port of Famagusta.
      The festival has so far hosted many renowned Turkish stars including
      Timur Selçuk, Yildiz Ibrahimova, Bülent Ortaçgil, Özdemir Erdogan, Burhan
      Öçal, Leman Sam, Teoman, Okay Temiz, Kardes Türküler, Nilüfer, Candan
      Erçetin, Laço Tayfa and Zülfü Livaneli as well as international artists
      Los Paraguayos, Aswad, Paco Pena and his group, Giora Feidman, Amelita
      Baltar, Goran Bregovic, Monica Molina, Vicente Amigo, the Weather Girls
      and Roby Lakatos.
      The festival will conclude on July 26 with a performance by the 2003
      Eurovision Song Contest winner Sertab Erener.
      More information is available from the festival's Web site

      * The 13th Annual International Istanbul Jazz Festival kicks off July 3rd
      through the 16th. The festival will play host to over 30 groups and over
      200 domestic and international musicians.
      Sponsored by Garanti Bank and organized by the Istanbul Arts and Culture
      Foundation, the opening ceremony will feature a surprise performance by
      American jazz musician Steve Tyrell. Most recently, Tyrell was nominated
      for a Grammy for his work on Rod Stewart's "Stardust, the Great American
      Songbook, Vol III" album.
      Log onto http://www.iksv.org/caz for more information on the festival.
      For those who can't make it, a CD featuring the music of the festival will
      be available to all music lovers thanks to the collaboration between DMC
      and Universal.

      * The Adile Sultan Palace, one of the most treasured architectural
      masterpieces from the Ottoman Empire, has now been properly restored.
      Situated on one of the most scenic inlets of the Bosporus, the Palace
      was built in 1876 for the sister of the then Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecit.
      The architect was the infamous Sarkis Balyan who went on to erect many
      famous landmarks in the area, such as the beautiful Ciragan Palace, now a
      Throughout its 150-year history, the Palace was once the home of many
      prominent Ottoman leaders and later was converted to a girl's boarding
      school. In 1986, however, a large fire ruined the Palace.
      Thanks to a generous donation from Turkish businessman Sakip Sabanci,
      the Palace will now open to the public as the "Sakip Sabanci Educational
      and Cultural Center."

      * One of heavy metal's most prominent groups, W.A.S.P. will stop by Turkey
      on their worldwide tour.
      This will be group's first visit to Turkey and their lively concert is
      sure to thrill their Turkish fans. Along with musical acts by Taylan
      Ayik, Soul Sacrifice, Knight Errant and Distorted, W.A.S.P will be at
      Istanbul's "Refresh The Venue."
      Toybox Productions will be organizing the event which will take place on
      Friday, July 14th.

      * The fourth annual "Ordu International Guitar Festival" kicks off today
      through July 8th.
      Sponsored by Siemens Homes Appliances, the concert will host 45
      musicians and groups from 15 separate countries. Over 8 days, the concert
      will feature many exciting performances.
      For more information on the event, please visit

      * Arif Mardin, the Turkish born record producer who rose to fame in the US
      and became one of the heads of Atlantic Records, passed away Sunday.
      Tributes flooded in for the 74 year old Mr. Mardin, who had worked with
      a galaxy of stars since moving to the US in 1958. Having started work at
      Atlantic in 1963, rising quickly through the ranks to become one of the
      label's leading producers and arrangers. He left Atlantic in 2001 and
      retired from the music industry three years later.
      Arif Mardin, has 12 Grammy Awards and has worked with many famous
      artists such as Aretha Franklin, the Bee Gees, Chaka Khan, Norah Jones,
      Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, The Bee Gees, and Phil Collins. Mr.
      Mardin will be laid to rest in Istanbul this week, reported the Turkish
      daily Sabah.

      * The Turkish Director Fatih Akin's "Crossing the Bridge - The Sound of
      Istanbul" was featured in this year's Los Angelese film festival.
      While working on music for Fatih Akin's Head On, Alexander Hacke, a
      member of the seminal German band Einstürzende Neubaten, first came in
      contact with the lively music scene in Istanbul, which blends traditional
      and modern sounds. Returning with Fatih Akin to further explore the city's
      exciting mix of styles, Hacke finds the vibrant music and extraordinary
      personalities who create it know no bounds.
      Together they create a rich and entertaining look at one of the world's
      cultural and musical crossroads.

      * The U.S. Small Business Administration recently announced the
      appointment of Orange County entrepreneur Turkish American Sinan Kanatsiz
      to its National Advisory Council . Kanatsiz, founder and CEO of KCOMM, a
      San Clemente-based Public Relations, Public Affairs and Internet Marketing
      firm, received the appointment due to his community involvement,
      measurable business accomplishments and Internet industry foresight.
      Mr. Kanatsiz's two-year term will end in March of 2008.
      Mr. Kanatsiz has effectively made his mark as an outstanding
      entrepreneur since 1998 when he formed his first company, Kanatsiz &
      Associates, a web development and Internet marketing consultancy. The
      company quickly evolved into Kanatsiz Communications (KCOMM), having
      developed and orchestrated strategic campaigns for over 400 prominent
      companies and organizations worldwide, ranging from innovative start-ups
      to New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ listed companies such as Sony and


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.58


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 78/60 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 90/74 Partly Cloudy
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 86/74 Fair
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 97/75 Fair
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 74/70 Mostly Cloudy

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 70
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 77
      Aegean Sea measured at Bodrum 72
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Alanya 79


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      *** Turkish American Association of California has partially
      underwritten today's program. TAAC is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      give them a call: 1-415-646-0946

      or e-mail them at taac@...


      *** Planning to go to Turkey? Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
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      *** For more music from Turkey and the Middle East tune to
      International Cultural Program.

      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M.

      *** Mark your calendars for the Annual Monterey Turkish Arts and Culture
      This year it will take place on August 6th and 7th.

      Two days full of events for the whole family.


      North Bay Turkish Classical Music Ensemble is looking for players
      traditional Turkish classical instruments such as oud, ney,
      tanbur, kanun or kemence, bendir or kudum; or even western
      instruments that easily adapt to Turkish music, such as cello.

      The ensemble is also looking for people who can sing in Turkish,
      or are interested in learning.

      The group is open to anyone with a sincere interest in Turkish

      For details call Hank Levin at 415 492-0728, or email:

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