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x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 June 2006

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    [Audio archives of our broadcasts are at: http://www.TurkRadio.us/archives.html ] {20060624trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 June 2006 [Best when
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      [Audio archives of our broadcasts are at: http://www.TurkRadio.us/archives.html


      x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 June 2006

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      Ahmet Toprak edited today's news. Your host is Fuad Tokad.

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      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * Reflecting Turkey's desire to reach a peaceful solution to a row over
      Iran's nuclear program through diplomatic means, Foreign affairs minister
      Abdullah Gül will depart for Tehran tonight on a 24-hour visit during
      which he will meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver
      the Turkish capital's "own message" concerning the ongoing dispute between
      the international community and Iran, reported the Turkish Daily News.
      "This is a visit undertaken within the framework of Turkey's
      facilitating role in the dispute, in accordance with demands from the
      international community," notably the five permanent members of the U.N.
      Security Council and Germany, diplomatic sources said yesterday.

      * Sabah daily covered the visit by the head of the worldwide Armenian
      Orthodox Church, Karekin II, to Istanbul.
      Karekin II took a trip to the small island of Heybeliada off Istanbul on
      Thursday, where he stopped by both the Heybeliada seminary, which has been
      the focus of much controversy over past years, and the Aya Triada
      Sabah reports that Karekin II's visit to the island was met with very
      high security, so much so that two people holding a sign that asked "Did
      Karekin come to kiss the hand of Bartolomeos?" 100 yards from the
      monastery on Heybeliada were arrested by the Turkish security forces.
      Karekin II was accompanied on his Heybeliada visit by both Greek
      Orthodox Patriarch Bartolomeos and the Patriarch of Turkish Armenians,
      Mesrob II.

      * Rahsan Ecevit, the former Democratic Left Party deputy leader and wife
      of former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, on Friday launched her anticipated
      political initiative aimed at uniting the left and the right of the
      political spectrum against the ruling Justice and Development Party.
      Speaking at a press conference Ecevit said her mission was to form a
      coalition behind Eskisehir Mayor Yilmaz Büyükersen and that she would be
      meeting with all political parties and nongovernmental organizations one
      by one.
      In a statement she read, Ms. Ecevit claimed the country was headed
      towards darkness and called for all parties that were not opposed to the
      secularist and democratic principles of the republic to unite. She said
      she would start her campaign next week by seeking meetings with unions,
      parties and associations, reported the Turkish Daily News.

      * In related news, former Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz's trial at the
      Supreme State Council ended on Friday without a verdict, with Yilmaz
      shortly afterwards implying he could return to politics.
      The court ruled that the trial over a large-scale privatization scandal
      that brought down Yilmaz' government in 1998 -- sparked by a bungled bank
      sell-off in which the mafia was involved -- fell under the scope of a 2000
      amnesty law that pardoned certain crimes and reduced sentences for others.
      The decision means the case will be dropped altogether if Mr. Yilmaz is
      not found guilty of the same charge over the next five years.
      Mr. Yilmaz said he regretted that the case was dropped without a
      verdict. "But I am pleased the court ruled that the crime of tender
      rigging had not taken place," he told reporters.
      "Starting from today, I will consider the many offers I have been
      receiving to return to politics," he said to ovations from a crowd of

      * The European Union Commission is preparing to take the first concrete
      steps towards breaking the isolation of the Turkish Republic of Northern
      Cyprus, reported NTV-MSNBC news agency on Friday.
      The Greek Cypriot Administration vetoed the regulation prepared by the
      European Union to allow direct trade with the Turkish Republic of Northern
      but the Union is determined to implement a financial aid package worth 139
      million euros.
      Initially, the Turkish Republic of Northern was going to receive a 259
      million euros financial aid but lost 120 million euros of this in December
      2005. However, to implement the rest of the aid the European Union is to
      open a "program support office". As the European Union does not formally
      recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern the office would be associated
      with the same type of office to be opened in the Greek Cypriot side.
      39 million euros worth of aid is scheduled to be released in July and
      the European Union office will determine which projects this aid will be
      used for. The financial aid is to be used by December 2008.
      However, the Turkish side has some concerns of how the aid is to be
      distributed and Turkish diplomatic sources say that the Greek Cypriot
      administration may work to prevent the package being implemented. European
      Union sources have also admitted that it would difficult to convince Greek
      Cypriots to support some projects.

      * Turkey will be included on Cisco's list of eight countries classified as
      developing markets for investment, stated Cisco Systems Turkey General
      Manager Ekran Akdemir on Friday, reported the Turkish Daily News.
      Mr. Akdemir, who also served on the executive board of Türk Telekom
      prior to its privatization, announced that Cisco was set to develop an
      investment plan uniquely designed for Turkey.
      "We will find the opportunity to announce details of the investment plan
      this autumn," Akdemir said at a press conference on Friday on his new
      position at Cisco and the company's future projects.
      Mr. Akdemir told reporters that Charles H. Giancarlo, senior
      vice-president of Cisco Systems, was to arrive in Turkey next week to take
      part in a meeting bringing together Turkey's highest-level politicians and
      top managers from the world's leading businesses to discuss the latest
      investment trends and opportunities in the Turkish economy. Mr. Akdemir
      said Cisco's investment plan for Turkey would be presented to Turkish
      Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during Giancarlo's visit.
      Mr. Akdemir told members of the press that Turkey was in a relatively
      good situation concerning broadband connections; however he said the
      availability of broadband connections was considerably low at 3.5 percent
      in comparison with the European average of 20 percent.

      * Turkey's central bank sold around $800 million dollars on Friday to
      steady the lira in its second intervention in less than two weeks. The
      dollar saw YTL 1.76 and the Turkish Central Bank's Monetary Policy
      Committee scheduled a meeting for Sunday, which forced the dollar down to
      YTL 1.73.
      A raise in interest rates on Sunday is now a strong possibility, experts
      The central bank intervention caused an upward trend in sales at the
      Istanbul Stock Exchange, as the National Index 100 closed the day at
      33,132, a loss of 1,096 points.
      Turkey's Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan described the central bank's
      intervention as normal, adding: "Because it concerns the floating exchange
      rate, it could be a high floating situation with a long duration. These
      are normal affairs."
      Since the end of April, Turkish markets have been fluctuating due to
      higher than expected inflation figures, political tension particularly
      over the presidential election next year and a flight of funds from
      emerging markets on the global level.

      * Turkish finance chief also discussed the elimination of the withholding
      tax from foreign investors before the start of the "UBS -- Turkey
      Investment Conference".
      Mr. Unakitan said that the elimination of the tax had bothered some
      businessmen who described it as capitulations similar to the ones that
      Ottomans in their waning years had to extend to foreign governments and
      "It was eliminated in Peru. Before us, Brazil removed it." The
      elimination of the withholding tax for foreign investors was necessary,
      said the minister.
      He said that the reduced rate of 10 percent withholding tax for domestic
      investors is still in force.

      * The story of the python that went missing from Turkish capital Ankara's
      zoo is given generous coverage in Friday's Vatan daily, which says:
      "Though many are saying that the snake escaped when the doors to its
      cage were left open, the possibility that it was stolen is looking more
      and more realistic. The belief that it was kidnapped is supported by the
      fact that the snake's skin is very valuable and that it could be used for
      circus performances."
      Turkey's Environment Ministry is reportedly scanning the area around the
      zoo with thermal cameras to see if it can pick up a trace of the 70 kilo,
      six-meter snake, while the Turkish Veterinary Association is telling
      residents what they should do if they happen to come across the python.
      "If you see it, the best idea is to run/get away from it."


      Edited by Hayal Koc

      * A new French museum has opened just next door to the Eiffel Tower that
      will house 2,500 Turkish artifacts. The museum will specialize in
      artifacts from the first civilizations in Asia Minor, Africa, and the
      The Turkish artifacts used include jewelry, swords and knives,
      traditional clothing and wedding dresses.
      In total the museum will host 30,000 artifacts.

      * The Ancient Smyrna Theatre, the largest ancient theater in Izmir and
      twice the size of the Ephesus Theater, will finally begin the process of
      restoration this year.
      Archeologists hope to have the theater, which holds nearly 30,000
      people, fully functional and open to tourists by 2015.

      * An exhibition entitled "Turkish Bath: Bathing Traditions of Ottomans and
      Art of Hairdressing" will be held in Topkapi Palace Museum through the end
      of July.
      The gallery will include hamam equipment, hairdressing crafts, and
      personal care goods used throughout the Ottoman Period, as well as a
      unique solid gold basin, gold-handled razor, and gold faucet.
      Each of the 30 works were either Ottoman-made or were manufactured for
      Ottoman Palace by the Europeans.

      * The 150th Anniversary of Turkish-Italian diplomatic relations will be
      celebrated with a magnificent collection of Italian art and design on
      display in Istanbul.
      The exhibit will include paintings, statues, contemporary architectural
      projects and designs selected from the collection of Italian Pavia
      Sartirana Art Foundation, and will be exhibited between June 8th and 24th.


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