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x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 May 2006

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    [Due to problems, we could not distribute last week s news in time. It is available at: http://www.TurkRadio.us/1/20060520trh.html ] [Audio archives of our
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2006
      [Due to problems, we could not distribute last week's news in time. It is available at: http://www.TurkRadio.us/1/20060520trh.html ]

      [Audio archives of our broadcasts are at: http://www.TurkRadio.us/archives.html ]


      x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 May 2006

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      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * As part of mock drills, warships and military helicopters in the Turkish
      Mediterranean chased a cargo ship on Friday that mock intelligence said
      could be transporting weapons of mass destruction.
      The large military exercise was to practice intercepting weapons
      materials before they reach certain countries.
      As part of the exercise, intelligence reports said the ship, which took
      off from the Turkish port of Antalya without permission, was carrying
      "smuggled materials." It was assumed they were weapons materials on their
      way to a hostile country.
      Within minutes, warships from the United States, Turkey, France and
      Portugal raced toward the cargo ship, ready to engage it, as helicopters
      from a nearby base hovered overhead.
      The exercise, which is said to be the largest so far of the
      Proliferation Security Initiative, a program started in 2003 by President
      Turkish officials have repeatedly said the exercise is not aimed at any
      specific country. But despite assurances, eyes remain on Iran.
      Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has credited the program with
      several successes already in intercepting shipments of missile and nuclear
      technology headed to Iran, but she did not elaborate on details.
      Officials from 34 countries observed or participated in Friday's
      exercise either from a naval ship or by computer, and militaries are
      expected to cooperate to track, board, search and disable the hostile

      * Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Mr. Erdogan met with German
      Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, receiving assurances from the
      conservative leader that her government is committed to Turkey's accession
      talks with the European Union despite critical opinion within her party.
      Ms. Merkel opposed EU membership for Turkey before last year's election.
      However, her coalition partner, predecessor Gerhard Schroeder's Social
      Democrats, supports Ankara's bid, and Merkel's government supports the
      country's ongoing membership talks.
      Mr. Erdogan said Ms. Merkel had assured him that her government would
      pursue the same policy that its predecessor had followed.
      Ms. Merkel announced she and Mr. Erdogan had decided to launch together
      a major international industry and trade fair in Hannover, Germany, in
      2007 and the two leaders pledged intensified talks to prevent double
      Trade volume with Germany has reached $21 billion and some 4.5 million
      Germans visited Turkey last year, something which, when taken together
      with the fact that some 3 million Turks live in Germany, shows the extent
      of close ties between peoples.

      * We told you about an armed attack by an alleged Islamist gunman on the
      judges of the Council of State, Turkey's highest court last week. One
      judge died as a result of the attack. A fifth suspect was jailed on
      Thursday as part of the continuing probe into the attack.
      The May 17 shooting left political tensions running high in Ankara with
      accusations that religion-influenced policies followed by the
      Islamist-rooted government of prime minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan had
      emboldened Islamic extremists.
      A judge who questioned the suspect, Mr. Erhan Timuroglu, decided he
      should be held pending trial, Anatolia news agency reported.
      Mr. Timuroglu is believed to be the one of four people who hurled hand
      grenades at the Istanbul office of the secularist Cumhuriyet newspaper
      earlier this month, along with the Council of State gunman, 29-year-old
      lawyer Alparslan Arslan, and two other people who were jailed over the
      Another suspect, who allegedly accompanied Mr. Arslan in Ankara on the
      day of the court shooting, has also been detained.
      Mr. Arslan said he wanted to "punish" the judges for rulings upholding a
      ban on the Islamic headscarf in public institutions and universities in
      Muslim-majority but strictly secular Turkey, according to court officials.
      The unprecedented attack sparked mass pro-secular protests and triggered
      accusations against the government that its opposition to the headscarf
      ban and vocal criticism of court rulings had given encouragement to

      * A huge fire engulfed the cargo section of Istanbul's Atatürk
      International Airport on Wednesday, temporarily disrupting air traffic and
      causing thousands of people to flee, authorities said. Deputy Governor
      Vedat Muftüoglu said at the scene that a spark during welding inside the
      cargo building caused the fire which spread with the wind, private
      CNN-Turk television reported.
      Mr. Müftüoglu said there was no sign of terrorism.
      Another deputy governor, Mr. Fikret Kasapoglu said three people were
      injured and that authorities suspected a short circuit may have caused the
      Black smoke, mixed with flames, billowed some 30 meters into the air,
      television footage showed
      Private NTV television said the blaze began in a section where fuel
      depots were located.
      Planes dropped water onto the flames, and the fire was slowly brought
      under control.

      * Turkish and Greek F-16 jet fighters collided in mid-air as they were
      shadowing each other over a disputed region of the Aegean Sea, the first
      time confrontations caused by long-time territorial disagreements between
      the two countries ended up in a crash, reported the Turkish Daily News.
      The Turkish pilot, 1st Lt. Halil Ibrahim Ozdemir, ejected himself from
      his plane and was rescued by a Panama-flagged LPG tanker in international
      waters, Anatolia news agency reported, while the Greek pilot died.
      The Turkish pilot, who refused to board Greek rescue helicopters, was
      later picked up by a Turkish rescue helicopter and brought to a military
      hospital at a nearby naval base for treatment.
      "The situation is being investigated. We have confidence-building
      measures for this reason, to prevent such incidents," Turkey's Foreign
      Affairs Minister Abdullah Gül told reporters.
      Mr. Gül phoned his Greek counterpart, Ms. Dora Bakoyannis, following the
      "The two ministers expressed their regret for today's incident and
      agreed that this incident must not affect the two countries' goal of
      improving their relations," the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a
      NATO allies Turkey and Greece have been enjoying normalized relations
      for some time, but tensions surface between the two neighbors when
      territorial and airspace rights in the Aegean are concerned. Greece
      treats the Flight Information Region assigned to it on the Aegean is its
      airspace. This in turn has led to accusations of airspace violations from
      both Greece. Turkey says it has the right to train in international
      Diplomats from both countries have engaged in closed-door talks since
      January 2002 to try to resolve their disputes, but no concrete result has
      been publicly announced so far.
      Not all the talk from both countries was conciliatory:
      Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis condemned Turkey for its part in
      the crash and said such incidents did not square with Turkish ambition to
      join the European Union, while Turkish officials said the Greek plane was
      at fault.
      Turkey dismissed Greek charges that the Turkish flight was in violation
      of Flight Information Region requirements. Greeks say international
      agreements calls for informing the Greeks about Turkish flights in the
      Region. Turks counter that the agreements apply only to civilian planes,
      not military ones.
      Also, Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry officials asserted on Wednesday
      that the area was over international waters, an area that cannot even be
      considered Aegean.

      * A mere 40 kilometers remain for what was once a dream to become a
      reality: The Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline was expected to disgorge its
      first shipment of oil today, according to Turkey's Anatolia news agency.
      Since its viscosity is quite high, the crude oil in the pipeline
      advances only 2.5 meters per hour. This weekend will witness the first
      loading of oil tankers as part of technical preparations for oil
      transportation from Ceyhan.
      The project will enable the transportation of Caspian oil through the
      Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline to the Ceyhan oil terminal in Adana in
      Turkey's Mediterranean coast. From there the oil will be distributed via
      oil tankers to global markets.
      Branded "the project of the 21st century," it will provide Turkey with
      $300 million in revenue annually. Projected to provide 1 million barrels a
      day, the Turkish leg of the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan oil cost $1.4 billion,
      while the total cost reached over $3 billion.

      * The Istanbul Stock Exchange closed the week on a rising trend. The Index
      closed the week at 38,593 gaining 1,863 points. Average daily gain was 5
      percent per share.
      Experts believe that the gains at the Istanbul Stock Exchange reflect a
      rising tendency experienced in world markets.
      Meanwhile, the central bank said that oil and gold are pushing up May
      inflation by 0.4 percentage points.
      Concerning the inflation target for the end of the year, Deputy Prime
      Minister Abdullatif Sener said the government's inflation target is still

      * According to Turkish daily Sabah, Turkey's Sabanci University and the US
      Brookings Institute on Tuesday held the Second Sakip Sabanci Conference in
      Addressing the gathering, World Bank President and former Deputy Defense
      Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said that Turkey's most important issue was
      Stressing that unemployment was a greater concern for the Turkish public
      than even terrorism, Mr. Wolfowitz stated that 10 million new jobs should
      be created through 2010.
      Pointing to the importance of boosting investments and strengthening the
      foreign private sector in the country, he added, however, that Turkey has
      difficulty attracting foreign investors.
      Concerning Turkey's efforts to join the European Union, Wolfowitz stated
      that reforms in Turkey would benefit both Turkey and the European Union.
      He added that Turkey needed to invest in its people to have a population
      in step with technological advances.

      * The Turkish daily Milliyet reports that the International Monetary Fund
      has completed its third and fourth reviews of the Turkish economy in
      Turkey's capital Ankara.
      In a news conference, International Monetary Fund Turkey desk chief
      Lorenzo Giorgianni urged the Turkish government to be cautious on monetary
      He added that additional government revenues should be saved in order
      not to stimulate domestic demand.


      By Hayal Koc

      * An exhibit entitled, "Church Silver Ornaments - Shining Memories" will
      be on display at the Sadberk Hanim Museum in Istanbul until July 2, 2006.
      The exhibit is composed of various church silver ornaments and other
      religious accessories made by numerous artists from different religions
      and cultures within the Ottoman Empire.
      The objects on display include fans, breadboxes, censers, various
      worship materials used in religious ceremonies, lighting equipment, and
      bishop gowns.
      Most of the ninety works displayed in the exhibit carry the signature of
      the Sultan, which specify the Ottoman Empire's tolerance to communities of
      different religions and the Ottoman culture of living together.

      * Turkish-born DJ and reed-flute player Mercan Dede, known worldwide for
      his combinations of electronic music with the spiritual tunes of Sufi
      music, will perform as a special guest at the 35th Annual Festival de
      Saint-Denis to be held this summer in France.
      Mercan Dede, whose real name is Arkin Allen, will perform 5 separate
      concerts throughout the festival, which begins May 28 and runs through
      June 29.
      His most anticipated concert will take place on June 13th at Saint-Denis
      Basilica, and is entitled, "Charming Istanbul".

      * The Yapi Kredi Bank Museum in Istanbul will host a special exhibit,
      entitled "From Earth to Infinity in Catalhoyuk", that opens today and can
      be visited through August 20th.
      Although both Turkish and foreign archeologists have been studying the
      ruins in Catalhoyuk for decades, this exhibit is the first
      all-encompassing exhibit designed to truly showcase the first civilization
      known to mankind .
      Including more than 280 artifacts, the exhibit was specially designed to
      make its audience feel as though they are stepping back 9000 years in time
      with special enhanced lighting, visuals, and an accompanying musical
      Visitors can even watch videos of the on-going excavation efforts in the
      region. A special room is dedicated to the first and most prominent
      archeologist in the region, James Mellaart, who first began his studies in
      the early 1960s.
      His room includes original books and journals written by himself and
      other archeologists about the region over the years.

      * The week-long Anki Rock Festival begins this weekend in Istanbul. The
      concert series will feature popular domestic bands such as Sarap,
      Metropolis and Duman , along with accomplished singers such as Zülfü

      * The first Cross Cultural Film Festival to be held in Los Angeles will
      feature two films.
      One of the films id Yunus Emre Firat's award winning "The love does not
      exist on mountains". The other is "Well Sooted" by Ertug Tufekcioglu.
      The festival will start on June 8th and is free to attend. For more
      information point your browsers to

      * Finally, the popular 5th Annual Bosphorus Cup 2006 Sailing Races will
      also take place on the weekend in Istanbul.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.52


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 77/55 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 91/70 Clear
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 72/64 Partly Cloudy
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 86/70 Clear
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 72/57 Showers


      Edited By Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer Super League Final Standings

      Cim Bom Bom are the champions!

      Team Tot W D L GF GA Pts
      1. Galatasaray 34 26 5 3 82 - 34 83
      2. Fenerbahce 34 25 6 3 90 - 34 81
      3. Besiktas 34 15 9 10 52 - 39 54
      4. Trabzonspor 34 15 7 12 51 - 42 52
      5. Kayserispor 34 15 6 13 59 - 42 51
      6. Genclerbirligi 34 14 9 11 47 - 39 51
      7. Konyaspor 34 12 10 12 39 - 43 46
      8. Sivasspor 34 10 13 11 34 - 44 43
      9. Rizespor 34 10 11 13 35 - 44 41
      10. Manisaspor 34 11 7 16 52 - 61 40
      11. Erciyesspor 34 9 13 12 36 - 47 40
      12. Gaziantepspor 34 10 10 14 34 - 50 40
      13. Ankaragucu 34 10 9 15 43 - 48 39
      14. Ankaraspor 34 9 12 13 44 - 51 39
      15. Denizlispor 34 9 10 15 41 - 50 37
      16. Malatyaspor 34 9 9 16 34 - 50 36
      17. Samsunspor 34 9 9 16 45 - 62 36
      18. Diyarbakirspor 34 8 5 21 31 - 69 29

      * Turkish Men's Basketball

      Team Tot W L PF PA Pts
      1. Ülker 30 25 5 2412 2013 55
      2. Efes 30 24 6 2333 1992 54
      3. Besiktas 30 23 7 2395 2165 53
      4. Telekom 30 22 8 2488 2253 52
      5. Banvit 30 21 9 2373 2152 51
      6. Fenerbahce 30 18 12 2379 2220 48
      7. Tekel 30 17 13 2357 2221 47
      8. G.Saray 30 16 14 2314 2280 46
      9. Darüssafaka 30 15 15 2222 2284 45
      10. P.Karsiyaka 30 13 17 2230 2320 43
      11. T.Pilsner 30 11 19 2179 2240 41
      12. Büyük Kolej 30 10 20 2131 2257 40
      13. Beykoz 30 9 21 2070 2317 39
      14. Mersin BB 30 9 21 2478 2604 39
      15. Erdemir 30 7 23 2181 2432 37
      16. iTÜ 30 0 30 1712 2504 30


      Quarter Finals

      Ulker wins series against Galatasaray 3 - 0
      Banvit wins series against T. Telekom 3 - 2
      Efes wins series against Fenerbahce 3 - 0
      Besiktas wins series against Tekelspor 3 - 1


      Ulker lead series against Banvit 2 - 0
      Efes and Besiktas are tied in series 2 - 2

      * Turkish Women's Basketball

      Team Tot W L PF PA Pts
      1. Fenerbahce 22 21 1 1766 1435 43
      2. Besiktas 22 20 2 1695 1379 42
      3. Ceyhan Belediyesi 22 17 5 1725 1565 39
      4. Botas 22 13 9 1597 1556 35
      5. Mersin BB 22 12 10 1687 1664 34
      6. istanbul Üni. 22 12 10 1586 1560 34
      7. Bursa Yildirim 22 8 14 1623 1728 30
      8. Migrosspor 22 8 14 1414 1466 30
      9. Ted Kayseri Koleji 22 6 16 1622 1781 28
      10. cankaya Üni. 22 6 16 1463 1646 28
      11. Erdemir 22 5 17 1475 1663 27
      12. Burhaniye 22 4 18 1552 1762 26


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